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this is the abuse live from berlin could there be a new friend nuclear deal a little each will training party toes the manly handshake and the drone and trump heading off to have the white house that is down to business with president trump talking about a possible new deal also coming up. the world gathers help rebuild syria the united nations wants nine billion dollars germany's foreign minister pledges an additional one billion euros. and protesters returns of the
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streets of armenia's capital euro bond they got rid of the prime minister and now they want to house the governing party they say it goes completely corrupt. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us at the white house the american and the french presidents have made a public display of friendship at a state dinner but behind all the camaraderie president trump offered few concessions to his french guests so where does that for example leave the iran nuclear deal we're talking about that after this report. pomp and ceremony at the white house french president emmanuel macro is on the first state visit by a foreign leader under the presidency of donald trump. please don't mess out proclaimed friendship was on full display time. and time again.
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but we do have a very special relationship in fact i'll get that peace and then. there is no peace we have to make them perfect is perfect situations and that's with many friendships opinions on several key issues deferred simply on iran hundred deal signed in twenty fifteen tehran agreed to limit its nuclear program which it maintains was for peaceful civilian purposes in return for an easing of economic sanctions. it's a bad deal it's a bad structure it's falling down should have never ever been made i blame congress i blame a lot of people for but i will say if iran threatens us in any way they will pay
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a price like few countries have ever paid we're going to meetings today we crawl in proposed a solution relationship between our countries you can see did they could you consider the around deal to be a bad deal for a number of months i've been saying it's not a sufficient deal but it has enabled us until twenty twenty five to have some sort of control over their nuclear activities we want to work on a new deal with iran. the iran deal is not the only source of disagreement possible u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum for the european union the paris climate coast and washington's decision to recognize to restrain mr capital of israel trump and macro also discuss the upcoming summit with north korea with regard to the war in syria from thanks to macro for france joining the u.s. and britain in strikes often alleged chemical attack earlier this month however the outlook on solving the syrian crisis differed macro favorite pushing for a new solution to end the war there is trouble stressed his exit plans. i
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would love to get out i'd love to bring our incredible warriors back home they've done a great job we've essentially. just absolutely obliterated isis in iraq and in syria. after a day with a big agenda the leaders rounded things off with an official state dinner at the white house. well after those hints of a new iran deal in washington i asked forest foreman of bard college here in berlin if mccrone is succeeding in bringing president trump over to his way of thinking well perhaps it looks like that i think it's also a story of it's a question of face saving measures trouble be able to back down without any kind of damage to his political capital at home of the congress elections are coming up so he has to maintain his stature as a strong leader but what i think mccall is suggesting is that there can be
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compromise that is a face saving measure which keeps the. current deal in place perhaps rename it in order for it to look different and then at other measures to it so that trump at home can say well he did what he promised. that was boris foreman of bard college here in berlin talking to me earlier. on top item on the two leaders agenda has been syria with a major donors conference for that country now underway germany has pledged an extra one point two billion dollars in aid for syrian refugees both inside the war torn country and in neighboring countries now that pledge came as governments aid groups start the second and final day of that donor's conference the e.u.'s foreign policy chief frederick marine is called on russia iran and turkey to halt the fighting and to do all they can to stop the fighting in syria as well as drumming
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up aid organizers hope the conference will revive the stalled u.s. led peace goals it's. let's go straight to brussels now and our correspondent there beyond riegert a bat germany's the single biggest donor in the syrian crisis and for mr iko masses announced another billion euros that's one point two billion dollars from germany what's behind that high level of german aid. the main purpose of this donor conference is of course to drum up as much support as possible for the syrian people it's much much money as even possible and the self proclaimed goal was six point five billion euros and the conference is well underway to achieve this goal in germany is giving the biggest slice of that and that is not out of just. gratitude is also a surf interest because germany is interested to to keep syrian refugees as close
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to syria as possible in the neighboring countries and in syria of germany and they you want to prevent that syrian refugees come to europe and therefore they pay the united nations agencies and aid burkas to feed syrians in syria or the neighboring countries and that's why the amount of money that is paid is so high that not only germany but also the united states drumming up support they paid more than last year although president trump threatened not to do that you know agencies get more from the u.s. from the e.u. and germany and others ok now as you mentioned germany and all of europe have a lot at stake here on the eve and policy chief has picked up on that federico mcgrane is calling for a new political push let's listen to what she had to say. syria is not the chessboard for a big player this city belongs to the syrian people and here today we will mobilize
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on one site political support for a political process and the un also this is the only context in which a political solution can be found for syria the european union has. devoted so far almost eleven billion euros to the syrian people both inside syria and in the region and we will continue to support the syrians. raney their you know a new political initiative that's a very ambitious goal are russia turkey and iran open for example to a new political mission. but the problem is the russians are not on board and they will not be on board on the first cebu future because the assad regime which is supported by russia is on its way to a kind of a military victory in the syrian draw and as long as that happens the russians have no reason to give in and to join any effort to have a political solution in the un circus circular to council is still blocked between
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the russians and the americans and the conference he is preparing for for the long haul for a solution not inside full for many years to come and there's no change inside in syria and the u.s. is on the other side to be only can participate in a rebuilding and reconstruction of syria if there is a regime change and democratic opposition comes to power and that is not inside for for the for the future bad for her life in brussels at that major donors conference for syria are now back thanks very much. let's now get some of the other stories making the news at this hour the leader of germany's jewish community has warned jews to avoid wearing the kepler yarmulke that's the traditional skull cap to reduce the risk of attack last week two young men wearing a kippah as in berlin were assaulted attacked or a syrian migrant shouted and he's medically marks. a chord in the indian city of
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god poor as convicted a high profile so for claim guru of raping a sixteen year old and twenty thirteen us from bob who faces a maximum sentence of life in prison he's also on trial in another rape case in the state of gujarat new details are emerging about the man suspected of killing ten people in the canadian city of toronto. alex maskey and posted a hostile message towards women on facebook moments before careening onto a busy city pavement and striking numerous pedestrians the twenty five year old has been charged with ten counts of premeditated murder. the prime minister of armenia may have resigned yesterday but that is not satisfying the country's political opposition it has launched new demonstrations on the streets of your of on the capital leaving thousands of supporters on a march after negotiations the opposition wants the ruling republican party the
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h.a.h.k. out of power completely because what if it's what it says is endemic corruption a meeting scheduled between the opposition leader and the ruling party has been canceled. let's go straight to the armenian capital now your of on did obvious emily sure when is standing by for us there emily can you tell us what's going to happen where you are today. well what's going on is that the opposition leader and he called question young came out onto the main square today and people rallied there and now they are as you can see behind me they're marching through caravan. and the opposition leader also called for a strike now the people here are marching they're wearing fly they're cheering they're calling for an independent and i mean ok you know the opposition is already docked its main goal the prime minister out what do they want to see happen now.
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absolutely they already got their main goal but currently the prime minister the acting prime minister is actually from the republican party which is the same party that sanish. excuse me was then so the leader that resigned and the opposition says that they really aren't the legitimate leaders of the country anymore the opposition leader is demanding that a candidate of the people as he's calling it take over that interim government and that there be free and fair elections and the people here that i've been speaking to they really just want change they say that it's not enough that the prime minister resigned they want a democratic and a free armenia going forward and there are rallies planned for tonight as well. emily sherwin today on those fast moving developments in the family thanks very
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much. football now in the week's champions league semifinals kicked off with a bang last night as host liverpool defeated rowel five two the reds getting off to a flying start as mohammed salaam continued his remarkable form he struck for two goals in the first half liverpool added three more to make it five nil roma finally found their fighting spirit they scored two in the last ten minutes now those two away goals the drew valuable reverse leg that's next row. well tonight in germany the two remaining heavyweights in the semifinals do battle but this league is by and munich an interim coach your pikas play host to real madrid that's the champions league title holders by owner hoping to end a long string of failures against rio. he guided by into the treble in twenty thirteen and this season you're behind kiss wants to do it again but in
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order to win an unprecedented second treble he needs to be bogey side rail madrid a team they haven't defeated in the last five and counts is behind this is still confident of reaching the final. and the atmosphere here in the team is phenomenal . but an atmosphere like that is also the only way you can be successful or come and that's why i'm optimistic and of these two games of the mistake they'll need to stop christian on the run out of he single handedly carried madrid into the semifinals last season hitting five caused by it over the two legs this time around reality expecting a considerably better performance from brian. made models endeavor moving on to me they seem hungry for success at the moment and of course when you've been knocked out in the semifinals and last year in the quarter final you definitely want to reach the final again that's obvious so we're expecting a revved up and hungry by i mean team from beyond these of whom take on high says
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it looks set to be a big night of football and for your pine case quite possibly the biggest obstacle to winning a second travel with by him before he calls it a day at the end of the season and no forget this more on these and other stories that are a web site that steve have you dot com for now though for me brian thomas of the entire news team thanks so much being with us today. germany is a strong country. we have achieved so much we can do this and if something can do something we must overcome it in the. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w made for mine.


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