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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm CEST

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the dangerous battle for images five women. five exceptional stories. one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing streets full moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to other stories of people who ended up killing. women more photographers starting may third on d w. o from berlin good to have you here again well hope today we are taking a ride stopping at these stations. beautiful buses the convention for classic on
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the bill collectors. a stronghold a visit to edinburgh coffee and scotland's capital. alex film fanatics a couple from germany travelled all over the world to reunite famous movie seats. for friends of all the codes there are all sorts of vintage car in a year here in europe this weekend however there was a very special meeting in lower saxony the european meeting office toric boss says the highlight was definitely the big amoebas prate. some of these buses have put more than ninety years behind them now to cruising the back roads of lower saxony. collected from all over europe and brought some of the most elegant and valuable city boss is still on the road to do. very special in
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teach vehicles mate. possibly it's just fun to fool around with these old things and to drive them keep them going after all there are pieces of cultural history this color just can't describe it i lived and died for old cars. while the first of august everything rattles all over them second you need some muscles to move them around who were eager. about a hooker overrides in a bus by a german car make up brenna ball from nine hundred twenty eight the oldest european boss to take part in the meet in the late one nine hundred twenty s. and thirty's the bus carrying passengers on its route from bad broughton failed as railway station to the center of town it can be quite a challenge to navigate today's traffic with yesterday's technology. you they don't get there she is hard to steer and shifting gears is complicated you have to double clutch and it doesn't have any synchromesh gears just good answer shifting
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isn't easy you have to know where to during a little shake rattle and roll up there does. this one has come the longest way from bristol in england it still has something of the feel of the nineteen eighties about it stuart shelton has been on the road in europe with it for three days so far in motion on. the road i have to concentrate on the driving when you're driving you always look at the road. or in the mirror. and no matter how pretty the girl is all i see you see look out. one by one the antique glasses of arrived at the museum grounds and i make a total of seventy entries diff come from all over germany as well as england switzerland belgium and austria the organizer of the made is the new p.s. vita automotive museum it's called. action has more than one hundred historical
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vehicles all carefully restored by hand think looting this nine hundred twenty seven buick city pass. now it's time for a very special event on the program a convoy through the countryside to the one time imperial benedictine abbey of cool be a unesco world heritage site. told the buses make the eighty some kilometer round trip without mishap even ex-pirate chief riddle all commands old buick. hardy who pulled off the vision are by their clutch jerks a little but that's just an inconvenience not sad story but when you get hold of a vehicle like this it doesn't run and i have to make a road worthy of that and that's really quite an experience. there's. a vintage bass fans take the opportunity to trade stories and information where can
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they get this or that spare pot who knows a specialist all who can get a rare historical detail back in order. in their garden are going to find the lords these people are dying out in the future are many left are going to restore old printed vehicles live rather. a preserve boss needs a lot of love a lot of time and a lot of money to keep it going and if we can't have a lively membership then it will die out. expanding the numbers of vintage bass fans shouldn't be quite as hot the owner operators here are old men but among the spectators at events like these up plenty of women to. innocent of him on the air more and more women are driving the big reg trucks and it's quite possible that one of them might eventually take up this hobby. you found women are becoming emancipated so you might see them in buses like they sent me lemons over i will say this really interesting to drive a. bus like the it's true the drivers are mostly men but i got my driver's license
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on an older model an old mercedes three zero three so it's nice to see antique vehicles like these. together the fans here are doing what they can to make sure these historical buses will be preserved the future generation. we continue our journey not by boss but by the you know max express to brussels because that is where today's news from all over europe starts. to boil greenhouses of lake in the north of belgium is capital brussels have opened their doors for three weeks starting april twenty first the invitation to the public is a tradition dating back more than a century in addition to the thousands of plants including exotic flowers and palm trees the architecture is also which allowed for visitors with some fourteen
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thousand square metres of space the greenhouses count as the world's largest and the palm garden is an architectural masterpiece of glass and steel king leopold the second had the greenhouses built in one thousand nine hundred seventy four. an exhibition featuring the works by a french sculptor. opens at london's british museum this thursday the show includes such world famous pieces as the thinker and of the kids. was considered one of the great masters of modern sculpture in eighteen eighty one he made his first visit to london where he was inspired by the parthenon sculptures on display at the british museum. in the northern swedish town of sami herd is a driving hundreds of reindeer to this summer pastures the annual event has a long tradition and offers a unique spectacle for both locals and tourists. they want to be big. other
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there were foreign changes direction and the others followed and then we have to show them the right direction but. the reindeer will graze on their summer pastures until the end of september. when we just violinist ham sing started playing when she was just two years old she gave her first concert when she was just six and she wasn't just playing for family and friends were no performance was in front of the royal family at their job eleven she was on stage with the four orchestra and now she's making a name for itself around the world her debut album features a very special piece and we were there at the premiere. she's waited a long time for this moment the premiere of an almost forgotten work of music.
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the thing kind of stops little bit this vibration no whatever to call it. where you can just i don't make people just. almost sit at the edge just waiting to hear what's coming next. l.b.o. of him sing from norway is twenty eight years old the world is beginning to discover this violinist and she's giving the world a discovery of her own in the norwegian town of she's performing a violin concerto written in one thousand nine hundred fourteen she recorded it for her first solo album it's warm sounds by composer jamar bork's the room seems so fitting for this landscape this piece deserves to be hurt and for me it was extremely interesting to play a piece that didn't have that many. reference points before and most of those which
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as you mentioned they have been played and recorded thousands of times. more books the room compose music in the style of the late romantic era with a nordic touch and tenzing place this lyrical work with a cool elegance. and it's a very. strong presentation of the musical heritage i come from which is i would say the mix of very near home in the norwegian mountains. tenzing started playing violin at the age of two she made her debut with the berrigan philharmonic at age eleven actually traveling to the concert on skis she later studied in vienna having decided to take her time to mature as a musician. my biggest wish and dream
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is to do this sort of rest of my life and i didn't want to be burned also after two years or not have enough to say. critics say the sound of l.b.o. occam sings violin is somewhere between a few words in the heavens each for bravo each tempo is carefully considered of course her unique sound is also partially due to her instrument a two hundred sixty four year old quad oniony. you're used to that and most first and last minute they end with you know big bangs and you want people to be on their feet applauding hopefully have a boy some you want a very different way you have both of those movements day and very very quiet but just a violin single note and you kind of goes up in the air and you're kind of left with this kind of airy in which.
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to listen to play and with feeling that's the music of l.b.o. can sing. when it comes to music and he would think of scotland you think of back perhaps right for many of the country stones also for all some green landscapes don't forget all the medieval buildings and the scottish capital a must see of course at casa which makes you feel like you're immersed in another word harry potter's folks on pl itself the casa served as a model for what school whether it's true or not one thing is for sure the site is magical and especially popular on instagram and that means it's a part of our serious europe's famous landmarks.
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edinburgh castle sits on of all comic plugs called casa rock the towers over the scottish capital it's one of the most visited historical attractions in scotland and it's a sight that by the locals no visitors can get enough of. american illustrator cassandra hamilton has lived in edinburgh for the past seven years. she often sketches the costal. you know no matter where you are in edinburgh there's the castle you know you could. see it as you're sort of walking between the neighborhoods in between street and between the buildings you know you see it sort of almost sort of following you around. and the view from castle rock isn't too bad either archaeologists have traced human occupation of the site back to the on the edge there has been a royal castle here since at least the twelfth century the complex has been
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besieged destroyed and rebuilt many times over and is now a collection of buildings from different eras like the four hundred year old royal palace. cassandra harrison's favorite place is st margaret's chapel. the oldest surviving building in edinburgh dates back to the twelfth century. you can still get married then today. it definitely feels like you're walking down the walking around the streets of a very old town. you know with the toppling and the different buildings and it's fun to sort of imagine what it must've been like hundreds of years ago wandering around here and i must've been like to live here. in america has also been a british army garrison and houses the scottish national war memorial. it also keeps alive a tradition that goes back to eight hundred sixty one when ships depended on it to
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set their maritime clocks the farming of the one o'clock. to this day a common shelters set off every day except sundays. but no sort of when you're walking around town and you hear the big boom you know after living here for a while you know that's the one o'clock i don't even even though you heard it a lot it's still sort of makes you just but i don't know this is kind of a i think it's kind of a culture dish and. i think it's important to keep these things going some one point six million tourists visit the castle and nearly the great hole was completed in fifteen eleven for james the fourth of scotland but he didn't have much time to enjoy it he died in battle two years later after declaring war on english. the aslan named is the most visited part of the castle not least because it's very many
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euro max viewers have been there and sent as their pictures. you know when you don't go inside. well they saw it from outside lights very beautiful and impressive yeah nobody cities how bright something is or what is it's right in the middle it's easy for tourists to get to a very you know picturesque it's run here like the movies and stuff like that it's the most recognised. place in scotland and. you know you can see it from anywhere. those who leave money to see it when they're back at home and treat themselves to a snow globe one of the many other souvenirs on sale in the many stores. edinburgh castle has inspired many
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a photographer painter and postcard writer harry potter also j.k. rowling famously wrote some of her books while sitting in a cafe with a view of the castle. some draw hamilton turns her sketches into prints and sells limited editions of them at galleries. where he's sitting with a very few outside find out. in a park or in a café it's the face of the castle changes so this is completely different than if i were you thinking and in different kind of town when this vantage point is it just looks like this giant you know placing its way up through the earth looking down at everything. but in brick casal a historical landmark with many facets.
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it also is europe's famous landmarks we've put together of the ten most popular european ones on instagram and of course they are photo is one of them well the original was certainly not but as fast amenity edition here behind. me with a bit of luck the manager could be your taking part in our competition well it's a really easy opt out of picture on our website showing you in front of your favorite landmark and if you do your name will automatically be entered into our drawer so good luck. you would at schneider and robin laugh and also take photos in special places but not of from of landmarks they look for the cations where famous movie sets been shut. you to night and robin last time shooting a new video for they you tube channel it's the sort of making up for their own usual hobby they reenact scenes from popular levy's in the locations where there was shot. to take another picture this is the picture we're after.
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this scene is from the comedy rabbit without is one of the most successful german language films recently seen for it was shot in a church in pottstown near berlin the couple have to come up from henson for the weekend to stage the scene in the original location but as soon as they arrive they run into difficulties. when they were here at around one or two o'clock in the afternoon so the shadows are going to go almost directly at us so i wouldn't really know what's going on for now you know. they wanted to look just as it did in the movie down to the last detail they even make the costumes themselves. yeah don't know if you will because she's not wearing much just a skirt a cardigan and pantyhose. it's pretty cool today but we're not going to let the clothes stop us well just have to do it as we were just doing. the couple decided to show the process of achieving the perfect image on
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a huge channel they used science fiction films like the hunger games and inception as examples. it often takes a lot of effort to reproduce the same position and it can be difficult even if it looks simple. the pull the inception of the pose from inception was really hard because it's from a movement of the man as we're ending towards the woman and she's tilting her head back we have to hold this position and i have to bend my head down in this strange way of this photo irene next the hunger games mockingjay it was also taken in berlin to get other shots they've traveled halfway around the world. risen here we are in new zealand fjord land and. in new zealand we put together a photo from ten thousand b.c. these were people who had lived ten thousand years before christ. the woman had this huge hood on made of something that was
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a little shiny. a carnival costume serves as a designer skirt here a scene from the us t.v. series six in the city a purple bathrobe imitates an outfit from the british t.v. series downton abbey even the smallest props can make a difference as in the movie alien covenant shot in new zealand but who took the picture the automatic shutter release. the couple shot the photo in potsdam the same way. thus you end of this is the result. for our people get up to and here's some more but design as and i have a serious this week it's all about fern. unique furniture made out of very special materials here are. five things you probably never thought could be turned into furniture. or these chairs are real or just sketches they look more like
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a computer design but are in fact real they're made entirely of wires check artist young pleasure to find inspiration in design classics. and he's number five on today's list. these remodeled us of hoffman's cube chair. and this eighteenth century louis the sixteenth design recreates the contours of the chair using wire. in might not look comfortable but they've won a number of design work. is it a leather or ceramic. know the material used to make these furnishings comes from the ocean seaweed is number four on a list of materials that you probably never thought could be turned into furniture . danish designer eunice edward lives by the baltic sea where there is certainly no shortage of his favorite material he combines it with paper to form
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a less than appetizing dough which he turns into black shades or even chairs the ultimate eco friendly design. this furniture needs no assembly no nails no screws it's held together simply by thread. and it's number three on our list of unusual furniture various pieces of wood are metal are put together and turnover is transforms these into furniture by simply wrapping them in hundreds of metres of thread. even developed a thread wrapping machine just beat up the process. did. now it takes him two or three days to create his colorful designer objects. believe it or not this man is also a furniture designer. and builds covered beds or whatever out of old cars.
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how about a mercedes desk. or a bar made from a few five hundred. he turned a v.w. beetle into a sofa. and is number two on our list of way out design customers either bring their own car or name their brand and year and finds a model. but he only uses cars that are no longer road worthy. this is carpentry like you've never seen it before kevin munroe from britain doesn't build his furniture he harvests it all of his creations simply grow into shape they are an entire plant number one on a list of things you'd never think could be turned into furniture. using wire and plastic frames this furniture farmer decides how the plant will grow to produce
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a chair for example. and it's a case of waiting it takes several years to harvest the final product. well you don't have to wait so long for the next episode of your maxim don't forget to take part in our competition the website will be back here tomorrow along taste it up will be the germans there but a lot of sausages and he has a little taste of that coming up thanks for watching i see you next time so by. the next edition of your own marks german sausage forced to. much more than just. it's a successful global export art historian who. has written a book about the cultural history of the sausage his research involved traveling all over germany for three years in search of good sausages. some astonishing
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things the best forced next time on. the. clock.
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they make a commitment. they find. speier. africa on the inside. story of both people making a difference shaping the nation the food and their continent africa call them. move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands w.'s new multimedia series. d.w. dot com africa on the move. a man whose ideas change the
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world but also develop it how relevant is he today and what influence does he have on politics and general culture on his two hundredth birthday karl marx cards twenty one special and the documentary marks and his curse on e.w. . from.
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the lead.
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this is news coming to you live from berlin french president in bondal mccraw is to address the u.s. congress to do it is a torts of president donald trump and several very public displays of the expression of friendship among the troll is above to address the u.s. kill me because we bring you his historic speech live also coming up. new fears of your.


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