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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Sergey Ryabkov  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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national treasure. i. think you're smart t.v. smarter. what you want. to do extraordinary. like some find out what. it's no secret that the west is angry with russia on a whole range of issues but the feeling here in moscow is decidedly mutual my guest this week is russia's deputy foreign minister sergei riyadh cuffe what are the chances of halting this current slide in east west relations or is there worse to come.
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up gulf welcome to conference on the russian government condemned in the strongest possible terms the combined western attacks the recent western attacks on syria but your foreign ministry spokesperson said something else as well she said smart missiles should be directed at terrorists not against a legitimate government what exactly is legitimate about the syrian government that gases tortures and murders its own people i do think that you will agree with me that president asad and his government are elected by their people the history of their. struggle against terrorism is quite tragic and we don't even know how this situation would unfold in terms of if it would be possible to preserve syria's internal carve the country so you have
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certain for instance a politician here who's elected he murders and tortures people you continue to confer legitimacy on him i find that hard to believe mr i didn't manage to answer a question sir yes i will do it now and that is we don't have any evidence whatsoever that president assad and his troops and his forces have done anything of what you have told us or what the collective west has done. really you haven't read the u.n. reports for instance from the office of the high commission we did it doesn't impress you we did read everything we have a number of. issues to criticize this reports in terms of the work of the so-called joint investigative mechanism which the western countries killed last year because they didn't want to change anything in its modus operandi they claim
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you killed it yes and we claim they did so and there you just go into our endless gigabytes of explanations that no one cares about everyone in the west tends only to hear himself or herself and disregard what the alternative view ease this is one of the most problematic trend in the world development of so-called western democracies would be no such thing as a democratic international order if people don't want to hear an alternative view so you dismissed you dismiss everything that the un's chief human rights official has said about president assad he called for syria to be referred to the international criminal court last month he said the government was guilty of massive human rights violations and in february twenty sixth in a report from his office said the syrian government had committed the crimes against humanity of extermination murder rape torture and in forced disappearances
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among others but you dismiss all that minister and i'm curious as to why they got it all wrong i don't know what they're talking about look we saw in recent years a very troubling development were what's supposed to be what was supposed to be a universal international tool that should you know enforce order and move forward agendas that are based on would face and compromise quest for compromise all these has been you know developed into the tools of geopolitical games played by the group of western countries led currently by the us by the united kingdom by for. france who simply don't want to hear anything but their own views and i'm talking about annual report here illegally reports they're not compiled by the usa britain and france with and yet you just met with some other founders wow we don't dismiss anything we spend hours and days to
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explain why those conclusions and those contents of these reports are wrong in many ways if you have so little regard for the reports of the united nations why bother with the united nations why bother with the human rights mechanisms when they get it so disastrously wrong in your view why bother. we use the platforms which are there we don't have alternatives to eat we constantly present our points at all committees of relevance in new york engine even the human rights council is one of those and we will trial asli and endlessly work towards correcting what is a very biased and politicized approach why should it be biased and politicized by i don't know nations wonder why why should it because they just sit around and make
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these accusations up no i think they are just so dependent on the so-called strong guys around who in turn don't believe in anything but their own views i thought you were one of the strong guys around in the united nations or one of the permanent five members of the security council you're one of the strong guys who uses your visa you can see your veto consistently to protect they are sent regime we use our veto consistently and will do so also in future to protect international order as set forth in the un charter to protect to protect international law which is so blatantly being breached by the u.s. u.k. france and many others who don't care about anything but their alliances and their you know shared values and they say the same about your protection of assad i'd like perhaps you to answer the question if you would that donald trump put to russia what kind of nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent
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men women and children your answer why does russia wish to be associated with a country that does those things firstly i don't believe any politician in the us is in his or her right. to put this type of questions to anyone else after what was done by the us over years and. along the lines as just described without any explanation that's playing the what about the game want to bash the us well i'm asking about this specific aura instance well we do think that the government in damascus is a legitimate one which continues its fight against terrorism and protects its people from scored off geopolitical engineering that is being played introduced and pursued by the very same people who now try to a fuse damascus and moscow. in all sorts of mistakes and scenes that's very
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wrong i think also it's very in lightning to see how popular it's been for a while already for people in the u.s. and elsewhere to talk on who is on the right or who is on the wrong side of history and come back to that if as if the us itself is history you support the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons we do and we are one of the most responsible and active parties to the convention and thus we support this organization we think it's a well deserved noble prize that these organisations received in twenty thirteen for very collegial and cooperative efforts to desire in syria in terms of removal of its chemical arsenal completely and the very strong international involvement the very precise and thorough international control well let's talk about because
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you have misrepresented the statements of the p c w on syria not giri i'll give you an example all right well let's go back to last year can shake on right in april washington accused syria of using chemical weapons unconscionable and retaliated against syrian air base or on your ministry rejected those claims because it said on august the twenty. the second the relevant international organization in this case the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons confirmed that syria's chemical weapons were completely destroyed under international supervision write only that wasn't what they said was it what the o.p.c. said o.p.c. w said was something different they said syria's declared stockpile had been destroyed declared not the whole thing but the declared stockpile correct and just a month before you made that statement director general. had voiced serious doubts about whether syria had got rid of its weapons syria's that you're nodding your
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head you knew that i can't tell you the whole story you knew you know you knew that they'll sell your story i was part of it i literally was part of it from the very beginning from the day one when president putin offered to at that time president obama while in some pictures broke not to resort to military power but start chemical design element in syria and every single day since that symptom for the bitters work i am involved in three so i understand minister but you pretended that the o.p.c. double had given syria a clean bill of health when it was in fact anything but clean and the o.p.c. w makes that point to this day they made it again last month they still haven't had satisfactory answers from syria on a number of outstanding questions. well do want me to respond to your question
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or do you want to somehow look into a broader picture which i'd love you to answer the question right so the answer is they declare its chemical arsenal was completely destroyed under stringent international control with very much aerial involvement of a number of countries russia included us included and so on so forth. subsequently in some time the op c.w. and the technical secretary of the organisation started to introduce additional questions and or points which syria was supposed to answer in terms of what they were doing in the research center in bars or how about a number of facilities which were empty bob by that time in terms of hungers and tunnels and so on so forth and what about the number of munitions that were unaccounted for the syrian side the syrian government. for provided
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produced a number of explanations and invited which were found to be unsatisfactory. well by the o.p.c. w. and they wrote that they said it again last month right only to see them the us and others to rocket and bomb down what were supposed to be these facilities with no presence of anything in relation to chemical weapons whatsoever so it's you know as i thought every celebrity of n.c.l.b. an abnormal way to avoid and escape hard talk the police where it belongs at the platforms which were established exactly for that purpose instead of continuing the political process and moving further forward to finalize the whole file and clean up the bill sort of see the opposite w.
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kind of. looked away hell no looked apart from with i thought you respected them you told me a moment ago you respected and now you saying they're looking away right could it be that you are new accept the verdict of the o.p.c. w. when they're called with your views and you're not prepared to listen to them other niggas could it be that they don't listen to our views or the views of others when we make the right points and remind them on how the convention should be followed if we are also with teched to diligent him of the legal part of our own behavior now i'm talking on everyone who is a member of this convention so we completely respect their option w. withing it's highly technical or even ization now it's more worrying because it's now being as high commissioner on human rights of the un as many others as council
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on human rights. they're all against it you begin to look like a victim of a very very cheap and nasty political games. of some within the tone but also be your meter minister you keep calling for facts russia is calling for right but when you get them and you don't like them you dismiss them where other without a stand where are those facts given by the o p c w four and for example let's talk about can she ok the experts at o.p.c. w had major concerns about can shake. the alleged use of sarin on april the fourth twenty seventeen the event for which the americans retaliated let's recall that your defense ministry offered at the time what it called objective data in an effort to prove that rebels had been to blame a scenario that was const comprehensively rejected by the un and the o.p.c. w investigators they had no doubts about syrian government culpability they said in
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twenty seventeen october the leadership panel is confident that the syrian arab republic is responsible for the release of sarin current sheeple. they're facts based on their knowledge their expertise based on something that is being used more and more in terms of a so-called distance investigation miles and dozens of miles away from the very place of incident through the dissemination of some staged shooting produced by so-called white helmets and others who completely up playing into the hands of terrorists without any observation of the chain of const custody of hard evidence without any at tempt to even visit. or out of base from where allegedly the airplane which dropped the bomb was alleged desire in flew away they never went
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there they never visited anything like this and now they try to make the very same trick in dumas fortunately we've been able to persuade. director general drew and the security department of the un security area to let them go there and look for their own what happened after delaying the no we didn't do anything i followed this hourly i know that at every moment there will look ing for green lights for clearance from the un secretary and from the department on diplomatic or what is being called security in new york but first there was a jury duty problems we were told then there were problems with the documents and the press was allowed in the press was on the well i won't i'm not aware of when you problems with the documents that the syrian government and the russian military
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police were ready to let them in from the very first day even before these strikes happened nonetheless we three or four days more well spent. in an ideal position first environment and subsequently in burma schools without any attempt to introduce for all sorts of reasons or we will never agree on this because all this about political games and we perceive this this way let's not talk is that sort of let's not talk about the game let's talk about what's your russia's defense spokesman igor connection cough said on april the thirteenth he said on television that moscow had evidence that the u.k. was involved in organizing the event in duma right we have evidence that proves britain was directly involved in organizing this provocation right what evidence minister. and number of all those who cooperate very actively with the government of great britain produce how many and you at least three year of them starting with
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the white helmets and some others including so-called syrian human rights observatory based in london those people musters of producing for fifty cations in terms of shooting of something that didn't happen this is evidence that this is a little britain created a no no no this is what you said we have evidence but you know it was directly involved the british officials are using all these as the basis for the military attack as do the others that's not quite the same thing that you're spokesman said is it is that you said we have never exactly the proof that britain was directly involved in organizing organizing this provocation how did it organize in this way i do believe that something happened in duma why do you think something at all was there and it was not something that was developed in computers of those people within volman of the british. the first question is not evidence is it minister we
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haven't seen any evidence on your part either on the opposite you just throw these things out there that we have some evidence that britain was involved in organizing this program actually who had so you don't have a sense but you don't have one scrap of evidence you're prepared to give we believe that there is no credible alternative explanation but we have moment of the british gone it's highly likely that the british government is involved in treats highly likely in doing that and that's your evidence but we've seen you put forward irrefutable evidence before haven't you like last november when your defense ministry said it had irrefutable evidence of cooperation between u.s. forces and islamic state militants and it attached photographs apparently to prove its point that these photographs were completely different from what they were billed as a fact spotted by a group of russian into that investigators none of the five photos attached to your defense ministers posting was what they had claimed them to be then. well i would
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be eagerly ready to look into these photos once again and discuss those with our people at the ministry of defense i do think that. what people at the ministry of defense of the russian federation are producing. when they're talking on situations he's number one completely credible number two based on facts and not on empty accusations which are pouring on us from all sorts of sources and number three we do so in thought of coordination between governmental agencies here in moscow so it's not without clearance and knowledge of everyone involved that such things are being put forward and disseminated on the part of russian officials they blamed a civilian employee deleted deleted the tweets on the subject perhaps you should
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also take comments about the poisoning of said gay and usually a script in dealing with also with a pinch of salt you've produced an extraordinary array of counter accusations against britain perhaps britain poisoned the script perhaps it had abducted them perhaps it was holding them against their will a coordinated and well planned campaign your ambassador to the u.n. said with the aim of discrediting and even diligent amazing russia you really think that britain hasn't got better things to do with its time i don't know that's a question to the british side by the way they don't dance or any of the questions which we produce and furnished to them formally through diplomatic notes without resorting to any microphones dozens and dozens of those they count for so-called scenarios that they believe russian government disseminates they started with eighteen then they went up to twenty one supsup subsequently they talk here in most
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. on thirty now they have down to twenty four we endlessly count how many explanations of what has happened with cityscape by them his daughter is being produced from different sources sources in great britain but some sources also from russia as well some seems is also from russia you know one of your two mothers a young of eighteen live many others who worked on the soviet chemical program he said he was going to business school right where exactly the compound that he had helped to develop indeed indeed but that doesn't mean that anything like this happened after the conclusion of the convention and after russia became party to this convention no he said that he said that a similar poison have been used in the murder of a russian businessman in vancouver leidy in one thousand nine hundred i wouldn't you know we've moved to look into what has been. opened up in terms of document
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some files and minutes of this process by the russian prosecutor general a couple of days ago and you know there are no militias so many interesting parts of that story that are being that has been revealed but coming back to those people who worked in she had in the end they'll swear. you must remember that all these people were removed from the russian federation after the dissolution after the demise of the soviet union with the help of the western governments and subsequently they made public all the formulas in relation to so-called family to use the word the title of this substance introduced by the british. confirmed by the o.p.c. it was never confirmed by option w. we are right now these hours talking at opposite w.
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on their failed attempt of the british government to use w as a tool against russia because no confirmation is given in this final report even in its confidential version haven't seen the final confidential report you haven't received only. the british position no no not at all it's only talk and that's all changed as i know from the very beginning from the outset that they only confirm the formula of this for but with no attribution to from where it comes from at least fifteen to twenty countries around the have capabilities to produce these things the british to conclude that something like this was used against syria again you list people must have a reference sample which no one but themselves would develop and synthesize
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so it's it's an open secret we reject the accusation that there is no credible nation but i understand you reject and you've rejected all the points that i've raised which the westons raised where is this relationship going how do you find some common ground between east and west as if you could be very big because we're running out of time raw. i think it's going to get worse i think my personal well in russia the foreign policy is being. guided led guided by the presidential decisions we only introduce this in practice my personal view is that educates track approach to the west are needed on part of russia that is. deterrence slash dialogue on issues which is which are interesting for russia and it should be based on strategic patience over time when people recognize how wrong they were in all their failed attempts to change russia they may move to
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a better understanding of the new world all right said kerry i've got thanks very much for being. a callous thanks. alex thanks. alex thanks. alex.
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i french president has given a risk to u.s. lawmakers in congress mccollum praised the special relationship between france and the us i think but he also warned that international allies including france and the u.s. must work together more closely to confront current global threats and be aware of the danger of creating new wars. iranian president
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hassan rouhani has rejected the u.s. and france has called for a new.


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