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would be fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of war here's what's come out. my. own code use the freedom superhero on a mission to change attitudes smart women smart smart. decent by no means missed out on the brink recently dangerous times. welcome back to your mad straits to have you on board again from fantastic photos to delicious dishes that's what's coming up in today show. playful pictures were
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the photos of an instagram girl from spain. the famous germany in all its glory. highlights the brandenburg gate is our favorite landmark here and berlin. there are so much seven i'm not really an instagram users worldwide so it's not that easy to make a name on the social media platform good quality of pics alone was not enough but another this and eda have made it for their pictures every little detail in advance the spanish do a play with patton's shapes. the results don't just look good they often put a smile on your face as well. an orange trash becomes a fried egg on the wall. two balloons combined with a red dress create a smiling face. red stripes pose a danger to anyone who can run away fast and. there are photos by ana davies and on
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the other zero eight of the spanish artist you are sets up these little masterpieces with the simplest of results says mike tate incompetent. but not anything like this to most of us if i had to describe our work in three words they would be creativity fun and minimalism i think that conveys our work pretty well and color true for words. on and i now publish that pictures on the internet that to instagram channels have more than half a million subscribers. the photographs often play with perspective all present i'm using sonar years. the holes in this ball become giant raindrops falling on his umbrella she and danielle take most of their pictures during their holiday travels. they live in
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valencia where they work together at home on their ideas. huge success on social media came as a surprise. but it's not that they got a it's crazy to think that we just did it for fun when we started now it's practically our job. i think what people like about our work is that they are highly structured pictures with clear lives and composition. but above all we try to make them entertaining always with new creative ideas. danielle and i first met during their studies he is an architect she is an illustrator but neither of them works much in their actual profession a growing number of companies have taken notice of the photographs and send the couple products like watches or clothing to be staged creatively for ad campaigns. like this wind breaker from a french fashion label think want to use the theme of color hide and seek their
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idea is to put danielle in a cone of light the same color as the jacket to make him disappear. so that. it all seems very simple. but it isn't. there's a lot of detail involved. we have to find the right materials so it looks the way we imagined it you know making a photo is an elaborate process. part of that is finding the right location of volunteers old quarter with its flamboyant architecture is usually not suitable for your prefer minimalist buildings with clear geometrical forms. which is why the two head for an unattractive industrial area on the outskirts of town. near the highway they find what they're looking for any conspicuous dark gray facade in a side street. all we have to do now is put up the set and wait until the light
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gets softer not so direct the shadows are too intense for. me but again that's real until the sun is always shining. with tape and yellow cardboard they assemble the flash light cone in which danielle will disappear but. the shadows are still too strong two hours go by before the sun is at the right angle for the perfect photo. back home and i'm donald combing through the four hundred pictures to choose the one they like best a few small corrections and it can be posted on instagram. they have a simple strategy for getting as many reactions as possible. we only publish things we're really convinced about. it all takes too much work and that
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shows up in the feedback. people only react when we give it all we've got that's how we improve our technique we get better and more ambitious. photo was worth it within a few days it garnered thirty three thousand likes from instagram users. and already experimenting with new ideas short vertical videos suitable for facebook people. kyra so many clever and amusing at least stories. and here's some. news from around europe. the german record industry says it's scrapping its annual income usable show in its current form this year's echoes event was overshadowed by controversy surrounding
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the award for refuse. in the hip hop category the two men were accused of the anticipated lyrics and number of musicians announced they would be heading back echoes one india's past the awards organizers say they plan to restructure the event to stop it from becoming a platform for artists to promote racist was such a mystical homophobic ideas all glamorize funds in their lyrics. architect. turned seventy five on thursday his trademark clear lines high quality materials and close to nature building style are always in tune with the surroundings his designs have been praised for their sensual sensibility they are found all over the world among the most impressive is the brutal class chapel completed in two thousand and seven it stands in the middle of a field in the eiffel region in western germany. has won a range of awards over the years among them japan's prime. and the pritzker prize
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the nobel prize of architecture. the cathedral of note in paris is set to get a sixty million euro facelift over the next ten years two thirds of the cost will be covered by the french state the rest by the church it's launched an international campaign for donations. rain wind and pollution have taken their toll on the perfect masterpiece constructed between eleven sixty three and thirteen forty five this will be the first major make over since one thousand thirty five to date not for them is one of the most famous and most popular landmarks in paris around thirteen million people visit the building every year. germany is known as the country all the sausage the voice and to be honest it's not
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a cliché it's true there are said to be one thousand five hundred types of the meaty treat some even have protected status on the lol which is so jeremy we've got vyse was bach was stealing i cannot be a was the list is endless in germany the us has not only called its culture we look for the perfect sausage with an expert and a false yeah well he's german too. the word voiced has been around in germany for one thousand two hundred years and you don't have to translate it almost everyone around the world knows what divorced is and both knows more about german sausages than most. because the first has such a beautiful form of dialogue sculptures it could be works of art. but get your money is an art historian and sausage ologist he spent three years
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travelling the length and breadth of germany researching for his book a cultural history of the boston and sampling the best sausages this country has to offer. locals where their passports children best sausages are and when i hear a lot of people recommending the same place i just go down for you somehow but there's. something which is shops are coming every pilgrimage sites like even though it's full in new nick with vice minister or white sausages other cornerstone of a hearty breakfast. very tender. for the declaration of love to the taste buds stick roots my dad used to say the ideal seasoning is lean meat you can only get this taste with fresh veal. the secret to a sound sausage this local butcher says the right plans of ingredients is crucial. this was this thirsty for water as
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a feel for when it's just right time to introduce you can see here that the frankfurters have come out right. the meat has a nice shine and it was really creamy as it came out of the machine the machine. sausages are a part of that they're in culture and there's a huge variety to choose from including some with the ingredients are determined by which branch of christianity. then they cried edifies me. in northern bavaria you have catholic and lutheran sausages the catholic ones are more finely minced the loo three months of margarine and a rougher texture. i once heard of a lutheran butcher saying he didn't trust what catholics put in their sausages. most also reflect cultural phenomena laid out his that is similar to ma today was invented at the residence palace in munich its creator was
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a chef were rife with charles to do electric varia in seventeen seventy seven. as he aristocracy had bad teeth the softer sausage meats were a speciality for aras to crafts they didn't have to buy two hearts and. both humans love of the forest is connected to his love of oh it's. his big feet his and irrelevant wits that depict the world of sausages. the renowned artist couple fishley and vice created these weird and wonderful sausage installations called fashion show. this unary modern artist use of voice was also an efficient. in this early video work he feared some black putting to a felt covered television set. to be certain with looking at contemporary art opens your eyes to an alternative view of the world and enables
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you to discover its true beauty so it's the same with sausages plus they taste good art doesn't lend itself to eating the way sausages do just. germany alone has over fifteen hundred for right is a forced callen airy treasure trove at the same time birches other creasing in number and with them quality sausages. this is all the stupid. i also wanted to document the craftsmanship involved before it dies out industrially produced sausages means alienation between people and product at the same time the region ality in the diversity are also disappearing. is fluid whether you're in hamburg munich or berlin everywhere in germany you get the same product range from the same manufacturer and pulled from the. trend that and they ask us and i will not surrender to the mix around one hundred twenty varieties of sausage this will become a live in. this is a there's
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a fundamental philosophy involved quality ingredients high quality and fresh raw materials are the ideal seasonings to get. the same applies to another trained vegetarianism and we can is a new consumer groups looking for meat free options and it makes sense to listen to the customers. should go to us and. i also think the criticism of excessive sausage consumption is also linked to the ridiculously cheap industrially produced items in supermarkets. for the us it is it's outrageous. so i think people are justified in saying that rather do without. we are off to consume. sausages still taste best in the place they're made as fuck up here one can confirm after his sausage odyssey. in places like germany there are defining element of life as well as an expression of local diversity.
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if it comes to sausages c.m. berlin you have to try the curvy starving of the cities. in the city every year and for most of them a stop at the brandenburg gate is a must in fact it's one of the most visited sites in the country after the building of the wall it formed part of the border between east and west berlin. day after extensive renovation it stands for unification this monument has an eventful history a perfect stop for this week's serious europe's famous landmarks. the brandenburg gate is the german capitals most important landmark right in the heart of the city twenty meters high with a wind gauge on each side it's the culmination of the crumbling. prussian king frederick william the second had the triumphal arch built in the late eighteenth
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century it's crowned by the six metre tall quadriga a team of four horses pulling a chariot steered by victoria the roman goddess of victory when first created victoria was nude but was later given a gallon. historians each approach it has deciphered the structures message. the not often seven hundred eighty eight so a significant event some precious. frederick william the second was able to conclude an important alliance with britain and the republic of the netherlands. to celebrate the event he built this triumphal arch the here and. architect karl got hard long hundreds modeled his early neo classical design on the entrance to the acropolis in athens. was responsible for the quadriga and many of the gates other adornments. easy to project is the author of
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a book about the brandenburg gate she points out some differences from the greek model. good behavior bad sign of the king asked to the architect to make the brandenburg gate as open as possible so that you could look through it to the to gotten puck on this long axis stretching to the western horizon x. . which the investment does investigation. it's fun to six months if you can see the difference clearly by comparing this picture of the compact almost stuck in marble architecture of the acropolis. and the beautiful one point perspective through the brandenburg gate and type aspect and to begin. today the brandenburg gate draws visitors from all over the world. all. through. just the magnificence of the building how tall it is the carvings that are in each individual pillar is quite spectacular i felt so
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tiny when you are in front of this a mass a building this is like my first time to europe and i've never been able to experience anything such as grand as this war for almost four decades the gate was a symbol of the cold war and german division that lay stranded in the no man's land between east and west berlin after the form of the berlin wall in one thousand nine hundred ninety it became accessible again and a symbol of german unity ticket out of the us is so long that as long as the brandenburg case marked the boundary between the western and eastern blocs. there was also a very special emotional barrier here. the section of the berlin wall here was taken down on december twenty second one nine hundred eighty nine this was one of the last border crossing points that the communist party allowed to open. through on fb i gave my heart. if all that history leads you craving
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a moment of quiet contemplation come to the room of silence in the neighboring gatehouse. this is still little in the silence inside is fascinating and calming it weakens thinking starts to new compared to all the action outside. in the room of science you regain composure and joy in a sentence. the brandenburg gate clearly fascinates many euro max viewers who sent in their own snaps. and if you'd like to take the brandenburg gate home with you you can get a mini version in souvenir shops as a memento of
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a very unique place. of calls there are also a small models of other you have been landmarks the eiffel tower for example just like the minute you hear in the background that could soon be yours all you have to do is go to a website www dot coms that's life stuff up all the picture that shows you in fall of a side of your job if you do you could win a managed by tell us so join in and good luck and by the way you can also find some insist always of all the landmarks of our series on the your max instagram account they also many pictures about other topics like fish and art food and i taped it and that brings us directly to our next report and also is the lox we are having two of the solve a finds today to the port of the city set on the mediterranean coast here's a house that was lax the travels of its own are quite well. on
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this hill overlooking the city of set in the south of france you'll find the home. spacious windows graced the entire facade and suggest that there is much to be discovered inside. the sandstone framing the extension came from the very ground on which the i team at his house built. with morning. it's going. the entrance leads right into the open concept living area. covering one hundred twenty square meters it functions as a sitting room kitchen dining room and. the
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house is a mix of travel stories and when i travel. a lot of feelings of emotion. and they wanted to put this whole thing. inside in one house in one place. to businessmen had the house built to his specifications four years ago. he's furnished the living room with design classics like this charles ames lounge chair from one nine hundred fifty six and modern. from here there's a clear view of the port city of set and the mediterranean. in this region we have almost all the year so the health has to be on the same wave but i wanted to have in this house the new spirit.
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and because every bend saeed is a fan of the spanish island he decorated the bedrooms on the upper floor giving them a typical island style with bright colors give the place a real holiday feel. the room is one of the place you spend a lot of time and the color blue color. make make you happy. the interior design is the. a mix of styles. retro accessories design classics and modern furniture. purists might not approve this president clearly feels very much at home here. also has a passion for recycled materials in the bathroom old railway ties served as a countertop. and the old wooden planks constituting the dining room table were
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once part of an indonesian fishing vessel. during one of my travelling. i saw in one of the many free market guy. made. fish and fish moat. by rogue fisherman and they put all the old goat and make a table. it's wonderful for my health. the house also has a wine cellar with a small bar. the color scheme of the retro look wallpaper harmonizes with a british colonial style leather armchairs a table made from recycled wooden pallets provides the finishing touch. it because it follow me. and used to have.
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he still has parties around that table today except nowadays the wine is a bit more expensive it's a home full of memories and atmosphere. so i really appreciate you when you're here and i think you could buy. harry reid and his house in sept a personal home inspired by very personal experiences. and you want to. more inspired just go to our you tube send the w. interior design and there you'll find more episodes all of us who is the last and also plenty ideas for your home away that we're out of time and also see you tomorrow again. next time only your romance beliefs are not so minor while brown's counter for
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spanish on tuesday connects prices unclimbed some terms are meant to tiny for the great works of art using a surgical scalpel over the years he's perfected a cutting technique to movies are. good leaves a last impression next time on your own. good.
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global inequalities. what does inequality mean in a globally connected well. known to the media player. joining the discussion and how can you cut down each event as a global media forum twenty eighty. a muse i was
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relieved she did not see the unsub. the call to take us out the british council who voiced such bugs. the play put big dreams on the big screen. in the movie magazine on d.w. . the dangerous battle for images. five women. five exceptional stories. i want to look at. why it may be nothing more easy one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the front lines capturing street film moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell the stories of
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people who ended up. playing women for photographers starting may third on g.w. . frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self in the road and rail. located in the heart of europe connected to the whole world. experience on standing shopping and dining off first try our services. biala gast trang food city managed by from a bought. this
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is the wus coming to you live from bali and north and south korea the best for a historic summit the leaders will be meeting in this room on the full or peace line which divides the korean pen and sit out officials have been discussing try this summit from dave is no room for error on this delicate mission or the coming up. after the french president it's not just one chance americans turn to visit the
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white house and it's coax there to be no zero point no months like this funk.


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