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this is deja vu news live from berlin tonight the downfall of america's day justice for bill cosby's accusers. we'll deal i feel. like there are. no. emotions running the pennsylvania accords that founded calls me guilty of drugging and molesting a woman the retrial verdict marks the first big celebrity conviction of the me too
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and it could put the actor behind bars for the rest of his life also coming up after the french president's state visit at the white house this week tomorrow belongs to german chancellor angela merkel and it's hope will be you know all forward moments like this for miracles first visit with president. and history about to be written north and south korea's leaders will meet tomorrow on the so-called peace walk which divides the korean peninsula is peace real peace on the peninsula now within reach. it's good to have you with us tonight we begin with that stunning and emotional cost be conviction the actor and comedian bill cosby found guilty in a sexual assault reach. just hours ago cosby who is seen here leaving the
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courthouse has been convicted of drugging and molesting a woman this marks the first big celebrity conviction of the me two movement he is out on bail pending sentencing tonight the eighty year old could face a prison sentence of up to thirty years dozens of women have come forward to say that he drugged and assaulted them several victims testified against him at this second hearing cosby's lawyer has vowed to appeal the conviction saying that the fight is not over well after the verdict was announced gloria allred an attorney representing dozens of caused me accusers said that this is a watershed movement for a moment rather for the me to move. first of all. i want to thank the jury justice has been done. beginning in late two thousand and fourteen. we beat the accusers of mr kaspi whom i represented began to speak out and it
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took a great deal of courage in the beginning many were not believe. we are so happy that finally we can say. women are believed and not only on hash tag me too but in a court of law where they were under oath where they testified truthfully where they were attacked where they were smeared where they were denigrated and where they are and there were attempts to discredit them. and after all is said and done . with it we're finally beat and we thank the jury so much for that. are less pick up on the story now i'm joined by my colleague here at the big table scott writes for all he is the host of our weekly program q. know which looks at the movies and the movie business and in los angeles tonight's
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i'm joined by intertainment and hollywood reporter k j matthew used both of you welcome to let me start with you this is a spectacular downfall for a man who was loved not just in the u.s. but all over the worlds. yes this is this is the beginning of the in for bill cosby he is eighty years old he's been convicted of three felonies he will likely spend the rest of his life in jail of course he hasn't been since yet that's going to happen this way another sixty to ninety days but his his image in america as america's t.v. father is tattered is no more there are more than thirty i think the same woman who came forward accusing him of sexual assault and it's really just been like you said a watershed moment you know many people in the african-american community initially really stood by him and they didn't want to believe the worst about him but as more and more women came forward everybody pretty much has abandoned. scott this is
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a this is something that a lot of people wouldn't even imagine just a year and a half ago no i mean the stories both to bill cosby had been circulating for quite some time but they were downplayed by a lot of people not just the african american community but among his millions of fans world worldwide but it's also i think it's so difficult to reconcile the image that we have of him as america's dad from from the from the cosby show as a as a pioneer for civil rights that to reconcile that with the facts have come out about his being more or less a sexual predator i'll say it right out that's come out with this case and to reconcile those two images has proved very very difficult but i completely agree i think his his reputation is in tatters he's not going to have about whatever happens legally going forward let's just take a listen now to one of his many users who said just moments after the verdict was announced. we'll come i feel i feel that i think. you.
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might like her right here right here right there like i'm sure you know keep it's me. i feel like i'm dreaming i feel like i. when you first heard that you're gonna get an answer but. yet i feel like i'm in humanity is restored i mean that's a remarkable statement right there for someone to be able to say k.j. i mean there are people in l.a. in hollywood are they saying that justice has been served today absolutely and you know one of the most interesting things is this is coming about in the need to move you remember the first trial he had it was deadlocked that was back in july that was before the whole need to movement really got steam it got off the ground now the meat to limit has really just didn't she it's been growing it is dominating hollywood and he may be
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a victim of that it's bad timing but it's also justice for so many women who have been saying this for years and years day if not decades so hollywood is really standing behind all the accusers and the alleged victims in this case for sure and we were talking earlier about what he represented you know before there was the cosby show but he was also a figure in the u.s. civil rights movement and as you said earlier he has been he enjoyed support from african-americans right up until recently. oh absolutely he has donated so much art and millions of dollars to historically black colleges and universities here in the u.s. he's always been about education for african-americans really trying to help them with scholarship funds but you know ironically it was an african-american male who really bought this to the forefront a comedian by the name of hannibal buress who had been joking several years ago that bill cosby was really
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a rapist and people should look into it know why he did it seriously and still more women start coming forward saying this comedian is telling the truth i know because i was sexually assaulted by him and initially it was a lot of blowback but after years of gain steam and a lot of people got behind these women as more and more more and more women that is came forward and they were all of different races saying the same thing that they were drugged and sexually assaulted by bill cosby yet and this is this shatters the image of an icon for many of us who grew up watching him. but around the world people knew him that from the cosby show or from saturday morning you know cartoons i mean you name it he had done it. what is this going to do that when we see this type of icon basically brought down scott. what can happen moving forward well i totally agree i think this is can be seen as the first conviction in the me two era and i think you definitely see the difference from just a foot of just
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a few months have made the the mistrial how that was seen last summer now post me to how how these cases are going to be seen i think a number of men including say mr harvey weinstein will be looking at this case and maybe shaking in his boots because he's also has prospered criminal trials coming up. i think the climate has changed i think hollywood has changed and i don't think there's any any going back and i think this is going to really make a major different. as to not only how these cases are seen but also consequences and and the justice that could come from it and gauge are we understand that in the courtroom when the verdict was read out today that bill cosby shouted out and showed a very angry side it could that be the last part of this story that people will remember. oh absolutely you know they were discussing the did this district attorney that is why there or not he should be remanded into custody immediately
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since he is now convicted sex offender and he said to the judge the da said to the judge look he's a flight risk he has a plane he might not show back up in court and that's when bill cosby said up and yelled you know i don't have a plane you a whole expletive and his team had to calm him down but he was visibly angry visibly lash out and just really you know i think still in shock about the verdict but very angry and lashing out loudly for him the judge sided with him and said no you know he said his bail and basically he's allowed to go home up until the day that he will be sentenced you are the entertainment reporter k.j. matthews on the this stunning story force in los angeles and for the big table his very own scott writes for the both of you thank you very much. for the german chancellor angela merkel is on her way tonight to the united states to meet with president donald trump her visit comes just a day after france's
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a man will macron address the u.s. congress and held talks with the u.s. president to go off for berlin for her second visit to washington during the truck presidency so far it's expected that she will try to keep u.s. support for the german back to iran nuclear deal other issues on the agenda during friday's talks are likely to be preventing a transatlantic trade war security and energy policy. and for more on what that visit could look like w.'s thomas sparrow caught up with peter buyer he is the german government's advisor on trans-atlantic relations you spoke of a tandem when it comes to the work that i'm going to call than president have regarding the united states and we already saw what president mccrone did but what he's going to merkel taking with what is her strategy of the for the upcoming trip i think the role that she will take in this ten between mccall and germany towards the u.s.
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president is to really put on the table the gender off the topics that they're starting from the the current tafe turfed conflict then the iran nuclear deal disappear north stream burden sharing there's a lot of tough issues on the quiet on the table and i think she's the right one to really work on it work this out together with the u.s. president. obviously talking about this trade issue the visit has been described as a push to try and prevent some sort of transatlantic trade conflict how confident are you that this can be prevented and i think that nobody has any benefit from a trade conflict or trade war so i think we should give it every effort to do away with this deadline may first that has been put out there from the u.s. side so i think angle americal together with their advisers are in a very close you know according nation with france brussels to get it to convey the
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right messages to donald trump and what i expect is that first of all we shouldn't have too high expectations regard to the results but what i expect it is as a result possible result is to get a an exemption for you know before the deadline after the deadline may first and then start a structured institutionalized transatlantic economic dialogue where all these issues can be addressed because one has to question himself. you know what is next is it just steel and aluminum or what comes next from the u.s. side so i think the agenda is broad and we should really give it all the effort that we can put in to solve these problems but in this specific case what does success look like for a minimum ok we have received today some signals from the new economic adviser larry kudlow advisor to the u.s. president in an interview that he was being given with regard to china but he you
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know there was some language in the interview seeing that you know if from the you use site we will see something some things that steps towards the u.s. side then we really are prepared to talk about a permanent exemption and if this could be done i think this would be really considered a success. and that was page of buyer the german government's advisor on transatlantic relations speaking with us earlier here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world mike pump aoe has been sworn in as u.s. secretary of state just hours after the u.s. senate confirmed his nomination he's now heading to brussels for his first trip in office afterwards you will visit saudi arabia israel and jordan at least nine people have died in flash flooding in israel medical services say that the victims were part of a group of twenty five students who were hiking in
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a riverbed near the dead sea several others were seriously injured in the incident rescue crews are continuing to search for another hiker who is still missing. well now to history about to be made on the korean peninsula south korea is preparing to welcome north korean leader kim jong un for talks about peace and nuclear disarmament will be the first north korean leader to set foot in the south in more than sixty years the peninsula has seen some dramatic diplomatic strides over with the recent weeks and the hope is that this meeting will significantly ease tensions. for messages of hope on the fence dividing the two nations it's here in the border village of panmunjom that kim jong un will make history on friday. when he crosses this border marker to attend the enter korean summit to be the first north korean leader to set foot on south korean soil since the
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korean war ended more than sixty years ago kim has promised to end nuclear and missile tests hoping for a lifting of sanctions in exchange this does not mean that north korea plans to denuclearize. jodan june professor of political science at seoul national university believes that north korea will use its new weapon as a bargaining tool you know tell you it is secure then you have. to think about your economic. issues so yes a good time for north korea to focus on economic issues because it's few ok the security issue or levy handed because he has nuclear weapons some south koreans are skeptical that the summit is good news there don't you go jim john boehner is saying that he will complete denuclearization and close the nuclear test site through the into korean summit but we can't believe it others however see the
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summit as a cause for optimism. don't log is always good talking in person can sometimes lead to a better outcome and that's why i think it's a good idea to go to work so well obviously it will take time we'll have to see whether it's possible for north korea to become nuclear free before that in steps will have to be taken. as officials in panmunjom complete the final preparations for the summit it's clear that achieving any official agreements in just a day of talks will be difficult to say the least but friday's summit is a breakthrough in itself. and if the meeting goes smoothly it should lay the groundwork for something even more unusual talks between north korea and the us. and joining me here in the studio is baird berger he is a senior fellow and head of the asia program at the berlin based think tank the german council on foreign relations mr berger it's good to have you on the program the world watching this waiting for history to be made tomorrow why has north korea
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agreed to this summit to begin with well there are several factors coming together first of all north korea has of course and gauged on the escalation spiral that happened last year which came to the point that there were the belief that they actually have a nuclear deterrent and if not that at least if it did turn conventional ways they can do severe harm and south korea and the other thing is that president moon of south korea has announced that he would go a course of approach and they did that very early in this. campaign and i think all these factors coming together know that up to the point that the both koreas find they can meet again well is this summit that we're talking about tomorrow is it going to be a rehearsal for the summit between kim jong un and us president donald trump i mean can we see it that way absolutely not i think this this summit is actually about the two koreas need to reproach him and the need to have deals how to communicate
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with each other how to perhaps cooperate and economy how to cooperate on the military side but there are of course also define how future talks can happen what kind of formats that will be and what should be discussed so the best case those who prepare this summit with the u.s. so it's more preparation rather than a show of you know we know that north korea has said reportedly said that denuclearization is now on the table why would the north give up its biggest bargaining chip it's not exactly bargaining chip of course of nuclear deterrence is important for north korea for its own security so when they're at the table would both be clear and it needs to be clear before hand that to nuclear recession can only be one part of the process that will be a lot of other. things to be discussed and then the very big part will be security building that means the us needs to provide the necessary necessary guarantees for the north and its security in the deal be the do you think you think kim jong un did it does he believe that if the u.s.
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says you you have the security guarantee from us can he move with that with security and confidence so much so that he can scrap its nuclear weapons program they are becoming more and more difficult especially because exactly that part has failed in the past in the past the u.s. didn't push any bill through congress and senate that exactly would provide this security guarantees a no we've got the iran do now at stake which actually is a deal that went through both holes in the fed as consul there's little to trust about well if if before time if the u.s. president pulls the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal will that have repercussions for any deal with north korea and the u.s. surely if there's no binding deal to be made then surely there would be a new trust in the north koreans are not trust anyone all right there's a bigger senior fellow and head of the asia program at the base think tank the german council on foreign relations mr berger thank you very much we appreciate
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your insights. all right another grilling for facebook today daniel winters has that and all of these business news. so british lawmakers are repeating that call for c.e.o. mark zuckerberg to appear before parliament of a data breach they rejected explanations from chief technology officer mike tripp he told the committee facebook will introduce new measures to boost advertising transparency in britain by june as a crackdown on manipulative political ads and the spread of fake news defended his company's handling of the data scandal as many of. a million british facebook users had their data harvested as they were connected to u.s. users targeted by political consultancy cambridge analytics or. the scandal hasn't hit facebook's yet blockbuster results and solid user numbers sent its share price
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rocketing on thursday his quarter on wall street obviously at least so far neither the users or more the advertising dollars from corporations are vanishing when it comes to facebook it has been a blowout quarter and the stock went through the roof having the best day in more than two years but also other technology companies did to a very a value the semiconductor maker advanced micro devices also a big rival to intel had a very strong quarter and an even stronger outlook of that stock was up in the double digit saw fire this earning season we have not to really see in their strong earnings have translated into a higher stock prices that was different here on the thursday session when finally strong numbers actually saw their stock prices increase them quite
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a bit there's been a lot of discussion that yes the first quarter for us corporations is the blowout quarter the big question remains how sustainable that is but at least for one day wall street focused on what it saw that was especially from the technology field rather strong and therefore the strong reading here on thursday on wall street. and the era of easy money could be ending in the u.s. could hot times lie ahead and vestas looking on with interest as the yield on the ten year american bonds broke through a psychologically important three percent mark this week it means companies will have to pay more to borrow money that'll eat into profits and could cost jobs while pushing up prices of every day goods even worse analysts believe the recent trend in bond yields indicates united states could be inching towards a recession and let's break this down with chief investment officer at alliance
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bernstein fixed income and doug peebles doug thank you very much for joining us so we're getting mixed messages from bond yields good news the u.s. is growing rapidly bad news we're apparently teetering towards recession what's your take on where the u.s. is heading well i i wouldn't quite say that the bond market is teller telling us we are teetering towards recession i think historically a flattening of the yield was consistent with a slowing economy and i do think that. the significant thing that we've seen already is sending some mixed messages from the bond markets but our take is is that that's not really the signal that it's getting ok so basically you're saying that the the yields across several different bonds could be coming towards alignment that's been a sign of recession in the pasta but what's the impact on companies and even the average consumer all of the rising deals in government debt that we've seen this
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week. well let's take the consumer first. consumer has. to interest rates in their mortgage payments and since rates have been so low for so long most us mortgage holders have actually extended their mortgages out to the thirty year space so the actual increase in interest rates shouldn't have a huge impact on the consumer i think more importantly the reason the reserve is raising interest rates is because the economy is doing quite a bit better than has basically since the financial crisis and what they want to do is try to financial conditions. so that their recovery can be adorable one and and really just move away from what was for almost a decade emergency loan interest rates right so consumers are not being backed into
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a corner here it seems now the ten year treasury yield has ticked back. does this mean that we can stop. bombs. well i say don't think that there's going to be a bloodbath in bonds and you know i think that for for certain investors three percent sort of provide some magical level which it certainly doesn't for us here at alliance bernstein i think it's a round number and it deserves some attention but there's nothing that's so different between two ninety five and three zero five certainly not for the economy that's for sure and i think the other thing that we need to do is is not just look at u.s. interest rates right i mean i was looking at my runs this morning and when u.s. treasuries were trading it reefer sense they were virtually three hundred basis points over japanese bonds and that math is pretty simple there because japanese
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bonds don't yield anything. german bonds looks like out of when we're coming in for a rough ride if they continue to go up but that might not happen quite yet the people's for the line sponsored thank you very much for that. thank you. notes by to brand and i thank you very much to know what their short break i'll be back to take you through the day we're going to take a look at the movement from a macro on to america in the white house.
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more intrigue international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week i feel about to lend you money well not crawl both in washington this week for meetings with president trump but everybody is also going to see the ball senor of the states the french and german leader or they don't pretend to be from france joins us from quadriga. margery got sixty minutes on. global inequality.
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what does inequality mean in a globally connected well. known to the media. joining the discussion and how your. digestion as a global media fontaine's easy. to accidentally share some fake news again. try. spending time in the photo bomb. how can you get out. with him because it now is serious. but. shift this week on g.w. . ten year olds marching down has got you on to officially lady she's a refugee from the civil war in syria now seen have found me anything intently
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she's also getting help in us becoming invisible. to children of war. undine temple. the french president left washington today tomorrow the german chancellor arrives after the trump bromance with a state dinner at the white house what can uncle americal expect a possible trade war a handshake and a working lunch i'm broke off in berlin this is the day.


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