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this is. from tonight the downfall of america's justice for bill cosby's accuse. but i feel like i'm. like i'm sure you know he's. emotions running high. be guilty of drugging and molesting a woman the retrial verdict marks the first big celebrity conviction of the me too
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and it could put the actor behind bars for the rest of his life also coming up after the fridge presidents and state visits at the white house this week tomorrow belongs to german chancellor angela merkel and it's hope will be know all word moments like this for medicals first visit with president. good to have you with us tonight we begin with that stunning and emotional cosby conviction the actor and comedian bill cosby found guilty in a sexual assault retrial just hours ago the prosecutor saying that he is a man who has a v.a. did this moment for far too long and that he has been preying on women for decades now cosby seen here leaving the courthouse has been convicted of drugging and molesting a woman this marks the first big celebrity can. shouldn't of the me too movement he
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is out on bail pending sentencing the eighteen year old could facing prison sentence of up to thirty years dozens of women have come forward to say that he drugged and assaulted them cosby's lawyer has failed to appeal the conviction saying that quote the fight is not over. after that verdict was announced gloria all read an attorney representing dozens of cosby accusers held it as a watershed moment for the me too movement. process. i want to thank the jury justice has been. very. happy and proud of. our let's pick up on the story now i'm joined by my colleague here at the big table scott roxboro he is the host of our weekly program keno which looks at the movies and the movie business and in los angeles tonight i'm joined by the entertainment and
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hollywood reporter k.j. matthews to both of you welcome let me start with you this is a spectacular downfall for a man who was loved not just in the u.s. but all over the worlds. yes this is this is the beginning of the in for bill cosby he is eighty years old he's been convicted of three felonies he will likely spend the rest of his life in jail of course he hasn't been since in shit that's going to happen this way another sixty to ninety days but his his image in america is america's t.v. father is tatar is no more there are more than thirty i think fifty some woman who came forward and husing him of sexual assault and it's really just been like you said a watershed moment you know many people in the african-american community initially really stood by him and they didn't want to believe the worst about him but as more and more women came forward everybody pretty much has abandoned. its guns this is
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a this is something that a lot of people wouldn't even imagine just a year and a half ago no i mean the stories both to the bill cosby have been circulating for quite some time but they were downplayed by a lot of people not just the african american community but among his millions of fans world worldwide but it's also i think it's so difficult to reconcile the image that we have of him as america's dad from from the from the cosby show as a as a pioneer for civil rights that to reconcile vast with the facts have come out about his being more or less a sexual predator i'll say it right out that's come out with this case and to reconcile those two images has proved very very difficult but i completely agree i think his his reputation is in tatters he's not going to have about whatever happens legally going forward you know let's just take a listen now to one of his many users who said just moments after the verdict was announced. but you know i feel that we.
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would like her right here right right here like i'm sure you. keep it to me. i feel like i'm getting i feel like i. when you first heard that you are gonna get answered but. yet i feel like i'm living in humanity is restored i mean you know that's a remarkable statement right there for someone to be able to say it k.-j. i mean there are people in l.a. in hollywood are they saying that justice has been served today absolutely and you know one of the most interesting things is this is coming about in the need to move you remember the first trial he had it was deadlocked that was back in july that was before the whole need to movement really got steam got off the ground now the need to movement has really just been huge it's been growing it is dominating hollywood and he may be a victim of that it's bad timing but it's also justice for so many women who have
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been saying this for years and years if not decades so hollywood is really standing behind all the accusers and the alleged victims in this case for sure and we were talking earlier about what he represented. for there was the cosby show but he was also a figure in the u.s. civil rights movement and as you said earlier he has been he enjoyed support from african-americans right up until recently. oh absolutely he has donated so much art and millions of dollars to historically black colleges and universities here in the u.s. he's always been about education for african-americans really trying to help them with scholarship funds but you know ironically it was an african-american male who really bought this to the forefront a comedian by the name of hannibal buress who had been joking several years ago that bill cosby was really a rapist and people should look into it no one took it seriously and still more
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women start coming forward saying this comedian is telling the truth i know because i was sexually assaulted by him and initially it was a lot of blowback after years against dean and a lot of people got behind these women as more and more more and more women that is came forward and they were all of different races saying the same thing that they were drugged and sexually assaulted by bill cosby yet and this is this shatters the image of an icon for many of us who grew up watching him. around the world people normally from the cosby show or from saturday morning you know cartoons i mean you name it he had done it. what is this going to do that when we see this type of icon basically brought down scott. what can happen moving forward well i totally agree i think this is can be seen as the first conviction in the me two era and i think you definitely see the difference from just to just a few months have made the the mistrial how that was seen last summer now post
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me to how how these cases are going to be seen i think a number of men including say mr harvey weinstein will be looking at this case and maybe shaking in his boots because he's also has prospered criminal trials coming up. i think the climate has changed i think hollywood has changed and i don't think there's any any going back and i think this is going to really make a major different. as to not only how these cases are seen but also consequences and and the justice that could come from it and get there we understand that in the courtroom when the verdict was read out today that bill cosby shouted out and showed a very angry side it could that be the last part of this story that people will remember. oh absolutely you know they were discussing the dean this is the district attorney that is why there or not he should be remanded into custody immediately
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since he is now a convicted sex offender and he said to the judge the d.a. said to the judge look he's a flight risk he has a plane he might not show back up in court and that's when bill cosby said up and yelled you know i don't have a plane you a whole expletive and his team had to have to calm him down but he was visibly angry visibly lash out and just really you know i think still in shock about the verdict but very angry and lashing out loudly for him the judge sided with him and said no you know he said his bail and basically he's allowed to go home up until the day that he will be sentenced are the entertainment reporter katie matthews along the this stunning story force in los angeles and right here the big table the to be his very own scott writes for both of you thank you very much. well tonight the german chancellor angela merkel is on her way to the united states to meet with president donald trump her visit comes just a day after french president. addressed to the u.s.
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congress he was there to hold talks with mr trump as well merkel took off from berlin for her second visit to washington during tribe's presidency so far it's expected that she will try to keep u.s. support for the german backed iran's nuclear deal a lot of other issues on the agenda during friday's talks are trade tariffs security and energy. i'm joined now by a corresponding clear richardson she is outside the white house this evening to you clear so after trump and show of friendship what will america welcome what could it look like but chancellor merkel's trip to the united states is going to be very much all business and no frills and it's in fact a very short visit it's only going to be about twenty four hours that she's in washington d.c. with just over two hours of time actually spent with president donald trump so when you look at the optics of this trip it's very different from the three day state
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visit we saw earlier this week from french president and manual knock on where they really rolled out the red carpet and gave him a state dinner and a rather a lavish welcome so medical's trip is going to be a short affair it's meant to be i believe coming after the french president's trip it's meant to be kind of the second in a one two punch to try and actually seal the deal on issues like trade and iran and the extension of the e use exemption from steel and aluminum tariffs it's a high priority for the german government what is the u.s. position on this at the moment. well when trump announced these protectionist measures in march he said it was to protect protect united states steel and aluminum industries he also made the case that this was a national security issue so when these exact these temporary exemptions that were given to some united states allies like canada and mexico and the european union
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are set to expire on may first and if the unite if merkel is unable to seek to secure a permanent exemption from them before then we're going to see that her trip and efforts at lobbying president donald trump to try and give the european union a better deal on trade have been unsuccessful. of course is this. french president trying to convince double trouble to keep supporting the things that he. filled. well it's not looking good right now of course we'll have to wait to do a final verdict until after the end of her visit when he was here a proposed what he called a new deal which appears to be a set of separate measures from the existing iran nuclear deal that was agreed internationally in twenty fifteen and the thought there is that it will provide some comfort to some of donald trump's big concerns about the deal while still maintaining the framework of the existing one but whether that can actually stop
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him from pulling out of the deal and extending further sanctions and not extending further sanctions release relief to iran on may twelfth remains to be seen. as almost four fourths of the white house thank you. well tonight kim jong un is set to become the first north korean leader to cross into south korean territory since the end of the korean war in one nine hundred fifty three at a historic summit planned for tomorrow friday kim is due to meet south korean president mungy in for talks focused mainly on pyongyang's nuclear program officials in seoul say both leaders will plant a tree together and take part in a welcome ceremony in the demilitarized zone between the two countries the landmark summit could pave the way to a meeting between him and u.s. president done from later this year. bill amid the diplomatic thaw with north korea
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the parents of that u.s. college student have a launch a legal case against the country over their son's death in two thousand and seventeen other warm beer was arrested and held in captivity for eighteen months on his return to the u.s. he was found to be in a vegetative state the lawsuit states that quote auto was taken hostage by north korea for its own wrongful ends and brutally tortured and then murdered by north korea. here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you the american actor and comedian bill cosby has been talking guilty in the sexual assault retrial he's been convicted of drugging in the last thing a woman in the first big celebrity conviction of the. incomes less than a year after a jury deadlocked in his first trial on the same charges. you're watching the w. news live from berlin will be back at the top of the zero was more world news to
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see than. to. complete. the. top stories followed across social media share your comments and content welcome to . the main news on this day she's gets a little bit on some. of the polls.


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