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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2018 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. interactive content to inspire people to take action global audience the series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. kick off life heads to russia to take a look at the world cup host nation. coming home was playing football in the russian league like. the fine now we visit this man police young brown for.
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my biggest release still to play for a man who. brings a form of german youth international to russia. and why would someone support f.c. buy in from far off russia oh. and one step further why would someone support labor queues in from russia. by all of this funny feeling like this club needs. to go starts off with a new series where we preview a new world cup group each week i wonder who's got. the key and big predictions about every group oh it's me let's start with group i. the world cup is coming the biggest tournament in football kicks off in russia on the fourth think that you so who are the big. what are the biggest story who's
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going to fall flat and who's going to show the world. so join me. big predictions about every great. the first group russia take on south american qualify as europe wife along with egypt and saudi arabia so how will the hosts get on against some top attacking talent. russia can't wait for the world cup to get started and neither said his last kristie projects the sochi winter olympics didn't go so well remember the whole doping scandal thing that made the country a pariah in the sporting world. security needs the world cup to be a roaring success he needs the national team to put on a show impact believing stadiums and tens of thousands of foreign fans to fall in love with russia.
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but there is a problem with that plan in fact there are several we're going to tell you why this twenty eighteen world cup will not be the proudest moment putin's ten year in fact it's going to be one of his biggest embarrassments. and i think of russian football i think it andrei arshavin almost singlehandedly destroying the netherlands but russia through to the semifinals of euro two thousand and nine place precision and some phenomenal finishing might then the surprise of the tournament. the thing is that was ten years ago. and it's been pretty much all downhill since then they haven't made it out of the group stage in a major tournament in that time not exactly encouraging. touched on its love judge itself has a serious challenge on his hands. as for the players at his
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disposal there isn't much force behind very few of them play outside of russia just three in the last quarter and this time there's no andrei i shall be on some star quality. the likes of legal action and you reject have plenty of experience but jack of his getting a bit long in the tooth and back in favor of has a tendency to drop the occupying out so i don't need more than that. strike if you're a small of his probably the best he scored five goals in eight games for his country last year so at least using good form. midfielder alexei miranshah is the bright young hope for russia but still there's a reason most people outside of russia haven't heard much about these guys. so if putin and co expecting to cheer their boys on to glory this summer they might want to take a look at that squad and think again in fact russia currently the luckiest ranked
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team in their group which means we nicely to their opponents. starting with these guys luis suarez and in-sync avani will be leading the line for your guy in july and you can press to find a better parent outlets all and we all know about suarez right he's the country's top scorer of all time let's just hope he can avoid chomping on his opponents for a few weeks keep in c.t. itself luis. has forgiven him he's been in great form for p.s.g. piece the top scorer in the french league just imagine what he'll be able to do without neymar stealing penalties often with these two up front challenges. and they're not alone in bringing quality to the squad. kept indiegogo dean is an absolute gloria and he's got a club team mate from outlets are going to dread alongside him at center back in josé maría jimenez. has plenty more experience in players like now. christine
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and keep a phenomenon as larry. and it's not just a year ago i will pose a serious threat as also egypt. you. know when we think of egypt as one nine that springs to mind mohamed salah the food is quite simply one of the most dangerous attackers in the world right. and he's definitely the best african footballer you're looking at the reigning african player of the year he looks good in a tux to. the award was well deserved after finishing an impressive spell at rome or so has taken the premier league by storm and become a huge hit at liverpool. he's twenty five and he's in the form of his life the stage could have been more perfect than to show the world what he's all about. more importantly he knows how to do the business for his country to. be scored twice healthy egypt to the final of the african cup of nations last year before an
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agonizing defeat in the final. three more goals in twenty seventeen all in qualifiers against congo and uganda secured egypt's place at the world cup. so he's on fire and the whole squad is sure to be pumped up for the tournament because it's the first time says nine hundred ninety they've appeared at the world cup and only the third time overall but doesn't mean they're crap at international football well enough. in fact they've won the african cup of nations seven times more than any other country. that's sure to be valuable experience of the world cup too they know how to win an international trophy. so rather than writing them off and making them my dark horses for the tournament. egypt's neighbors across the red sea saudi arabia provide the hosts with their.
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best chance of a victory. the green falcons haven't won a world cup game since one thousand nine hundred ninety four so how can they change their fortunes their hopes lie would strike in mohamad. he was the top scorer in asian qualifying with a massive sixteen goals. for the striker in one kind of form there's no way saudi arabia will be a walkover when they kick off the world cup on the fourteenth of june. so russia not only have a weak team they're also up against some of the best players in the world in group i even if they can manage to win against saudi arabia a disappointing failure to qualify could well be on the cards but that might not be the only embarrassment russia and putin suffer on world cup remember this. the first few days of euro twenty sixteen were tarnished by fighting between russian and english rule against well the english aggressors mostly seem to be a bunch of drunken idiots the russians were reportedly more organized deliberately
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targeting specific groups of supporters so could we see even worse scenes than this at the world cup the brits certainly think so the head of britain's football policing operations has even want the fans who are at risk of an extreme level of violence from russian hooligans now i'm one hundred percent sure that the vast majority of russian people will be an incredible host of football fans from around the world but sadly there's a chance their efforts will be undermined by the hooligan minority. so the russian team is seriously lacking in star power while two other teams in the group are packing plenty of firepower and the hooligans who damage the country's reputation here at twenty six things threaten to ruin the tournament off the page three there's no two ways about it the twenty eighteen world cup could be a serious embarrassment for old lad. here's my prediction for how group i will end up you're a white star strikeforce will take them through his group winners while egypt will . join them in the round of sixteen that means it will be curtains for russia at
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the first hurdle even if they do get some joy against saudi arabia. or have i got it wrong a russia going to surprise everyone and dominate while the who are going to visit my grandma. worked in moscow and violate the can have in common it might be nothing at all if it weren't for a small fine club calling themselves the russian bill tush is a humorous take on the finest pharmaceutical groups. molly incident sky as life practically revolves around by a lady she and the rest of the pill pushers frequently fly to germany to catch mansions she fell in love with german football of the twenty ten world cup and it
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wasn't long before she was into the bundesliga. sometimes i've been asked like why don't do it much for example i was normally answer like doormen have enough fans don't have enough people who care about them by always gave me this funny feeling like this club needs you you know that's something which never never got from. ali it doesn't mind that lay because it is often described as a plastic club and hasn't won a title in decades just the opposite in some club which has a really partial story and also our situation in nowadays because they doesn't have a real lot of fans but when you know one of this. not such a big crowd you feel yourself this part of your own small army.
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gathering in a moscow football talk. the pill pushers are regulars here and never miss so much. it's a team with a very clear if you know what she was very clear understanding of how it wants to develop also a very clear idea of how it wants to work with younger players and it has a concept and it's a very attractive. the game against light signals like this season as a whole up and down for live accusing times i. cut. this time late accusing came out something for one when a lot say that last league result was born the last of the champions league qualification is still within reach. and may be living in a white fixture in moscow next season no doubt the focus should be first in line.
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can both get moving more to get injuries when it was. only just wasn't an egotist it's a lot of. weeks the troopers misplaces or the full width because you got them going to mean you cannot make these through my sleeve while the regime is pulling at the end game is but it's coming weeks visit before wolf if putting it. on at the mo you with the bill this is your duty photosynthesis third work which brought me to perform bore. the shut up. molding body of. these little. i think you've got mine you know a few months for you but it's a good mind you. didn't like upset with yourself let's you know. i was. going to be so off mr football when. chelsea was
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a body a boy or a boy the more difficult it is to go for one because you just build up old bob old body at the top of the devil when. you push the good so since he was young he said i can keep. us from cancun and give wired to you because you think we'll be able to you know that nothing's going to best of he's not supposed. to see the opposite side of the same. thing you might see that be up in the face of mr that it's nothing like nothing better to go to the hustle and shout some broke. about that you may think so that you will for them if they believe your services and also has an.
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order. for there is if mr john we would absolutely said i was one which said i was but i fear somerset as appreciating it but i will go with the little bit of them as i am but as a winding up on guard that i will do for you to the bottom for you on using your. emotional phone call but see if i see oh she will doesn't come to the teams or. on the schedule because the moon will be going to record and use the south bank for the north pole to them got there still to give them much notice of them. i'm about writing a book that is a thank you to weave the plan you will see so then as it does appear there's a few more though i little thought about it though sutil kind of the new book the book the sons of silver was bought for twelve years as a courtship but the movie. is so much as if it is body of. good it's the brother theocrat.
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as most news it's in the form of a clean bill but i don't like the way what he pulled because of all i. read one incident you can. never see him but he's with me because of all i think about like . the people visit body but that i missed. the part that's to go with what i do the most towards it is a little football but it's a boy do you get the idea. of . my first reaction when i did it also from russia first told you ok.
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you show me again you don't. look like the future. strong character in the piece shorts. you showed your face so which. way did someone go. feel. my name's phyllis arose from. yes. in all five years in russia. my biggest dream was or is still to play for real madrid. for now but when a feliciano brown forbes is playing here for. a small russian festival club at nineteen it looked like he could make it to the top he was playing for the german
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on the twenty side but then his career stalled aged twenty one the german costa rican got an offer from russia. that is going to be minus eight degrees. play. russia. can say welcome to russia. yes it's been comforting. to me to be. almost. having problems. for some moments. with veterans well. personally for me i never have problem with this that's only two or three times that would have been quite. preparing even in the game so stop the game
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and. finish with fighting. it was movement crazy. preparations for the world cup haven't exactly gone as planned. just right across the country excitement ahead of the tournament is needed. not least because of the weak russian side. mission of yours more than usual but also with your team winning with all its beauty and on your church the moment in minute the push to mash the news to new growth you were moved from year to year with a cubicle which will departed with much of you mostly good to be sure. lucasfilm. and compound his forbes six club in russia and cups in the russian crimea lake are only allowed six foreigners. so players like him tense and move frequently. he's previously played for and. left
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a rust off. and creamy estimates of. so he knows his way around the country. but he would much rather have stayed with had to buy a lead where he played as a youngster. less in the photo of the crane or. many of all. of this place. seventeen years i played him my first time on this gong. it was amazing i think was sixty thousand. fans was here. in this moment also i knew i want to play here. future comes like this. last summer he almost moved to head to city rivals only on barely even though he
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would have earned less than in russia he wanted to accept the offer. for the transfer collapsed after a few trial sessions with uni on so felicia spends his winter on holiday in the german capital of the russian late took a break during the colder months. this is big brother's recording studio where he spends some much needed quality time with friends and family before heading back to the euro mountains. the significance of this is that the deal. is for the new good morning. i'm the bad boy there is. ok you know that when you go in groups of this league it was last week on the all the top six in the evening you know will. be in the hall of the hall
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when i was a little too old to. do was like it's a good thing it was and. if you come over we are going to get soaked. and that's a nice. because this is the night there's a muslim outrage over the course of the secular. world. this is the last meal before the late game and the journeymen and the team usually stick together none of them see as a permanent time. also many things. like to play in the best league in the world but. i live in the moment i live in the moment because now i have. in front and this is very good is the
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best moment for i show myself and for all of this plus the that's for a play here in the one year and then i hope everything will be good for me and my korea those we have to perform good and to come to a club like senate or sparked of course just play and everything so of course then you will also earn that money you deserve to get to the wealthiest clubs in the lake is such even against your right police side trust me dot com call time eight. russia's league is sick in the us rankings thanks to all the gods financing the top clubs. however the national team is on a sim. level to albania and the kenya fasano in the face the rankings but what. some people do if you don't mind me got bumped up with this movie because it got me
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hooked up with the christine just at the street the most of the girls that just over a scene out of all the jewish mission you know you might you know you know as a. muslim of the public. there is a lots of pressure on foreign clients. if brown forms does not perform well he may need to find a new club in the summer again. things are looking up even in the heavy defeat against cross no doubt the schools his first goal season. i will go my way and give everything and this is the most important. something come some dummy for sure in the future of your vote. maybe i get the nobel photo from russia maybe i like of him all day i don't know but we will see what something.
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good but see you have to work up to those eighty and russia. the be. the be.
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the be. aboard tree guard international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week show you a mouthful in the new omar crawl both in washington this week for meetings with president trump but everybody is asking who's the boss in europe these days the french and german leader or pretend they're from france from. the should.
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business news live from a historic encounter raises hopes. for the first time the leaders of north and south korea meet face to face at their common border at stake the north's nuclear program and a breakthrough to peace follow we have complete coverage. coming up another high profile visit aimed at repairing relations german chancellor angela merkel arrives in the united states for talks with u.s. president. will look ahead to a meeting that promises to be brief.


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