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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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the news live from berlin a historic encounter raises hopes for rican silly ation for the first time the leaders of north and south korea meet face to face at their common border you're seeing live pictures from south korea right now at stake the north's nuclear program program and a breakthrough to peace follow this moment. also coming up another high profile visit aimed at repairing relations german chancellor angela merkel arrives in the united states for talks with u.s. president donald trump well look at head to
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a meeting that promises to be brief but far from simple. class bill cosby at the actor is convicted of sexual assault prosecutors successfully make the case the once beloved actor had a predatory secret life. and welcome to the program the leaders of north and south korea have been needing in an unprecedented summit at the two countries mutual border you're watching a live pictures they'll come up shortly of kim jong un and moon j.n. the south korean president at a joint appearance at the summit venue the cheerleaders have discussed some of the most sensitive issues dividing the choose sides including shutting down north korea's nuclear program and prospects for a durable peace on the korean. the two koreas have now signed some sort of document
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we saw that earlier and they're not they haven't yet signed a peace treaty following the korean war which ended in a cease fire over half a century ago so technically they're still in a state of war but today is a historic day and we're seeing again live images from that meeting between the cheerleaders the two leaders met earlier in the day of beginning of the day directly at the common border which remains one of the most heavily militarized on earth we're going to go to the live pictures the two leaders are now coming up to a podium we are expecting them to speak shortly as we mentioned a short while ago kim jong un at the beginning of this day in south korea walked across the border he's the first kim member of the family that has done this since the end of the korean war this is a great shift from last year when there are obviously multiple nuclear tests and there was a potential for a brink of a nuclear war and tensions between not only south korea and north korea but the
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united states but that all changed just prior to the olympic games in south korea when north korea made the gesture of potentially participating in those games and they did exactly just that once again you're seeing live pictures of the cheerleaders at the podium in south korea but we're not going to go to our correspondent philip bilski for that in seoul for more on this one. actually has a leader spoken and is speaking now it's about. one of you don't he. just . use your ok i will come back to that with a full description of what's taking place at that conference all go now to our correspondent philip and sol philip bring us up to see this is obviously something
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is happening right now but what's been happening throughout the day on the korean peninsula with these two leaders. well first of all we have just learned like twenty minutes ago that the south korean president and the north korean leader are indeed going to sign a joint declaration so we knew in the morning or it was announced in the morning that that's the plan but we weren't really sure whether this is going to happen so about twenty minutes ago we learned that yes they're going to sign this declaration we've just seen the pictures couple of minutes ago how they put their signature under this document however we don't know yet what is in the document so you can see the live pictures behind me of the south korean president dieting or giving a speech we have more details for the next for the next hour before both of them had planted a tree and they had chosen
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a pine tree and the reason why they chose a pine tree as everything today was highly symbolic pine tree because the pine tree is green in samara and in winter so as a symbol for the relationship between the north and the south they chose this pine tree they have brought soil from north korea and from south korea also they brought water from south and north korea so that was pretty much the last step before signing a document and then talking again and both of them. came joan and the south korean president have talked in privacy again i. i plan to be a tree for about thirty minutes and probably the talk also about the declaration that they have just signed a couple of minutes ago. you mentioned symbolism there fell up with regard to the tree but there's obviously things that both sides want out of not potentially business thing but ones that are coming in the future what are the two governments expecting to come out of this summit specifically. one. where i think
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especially is especially for the south korean president it's really important that both sides are talking again yes as you may know for the last. almost ten years the relationship between north and south korea was really bad the korean president has just been elected not even. twelve months ago and for him it was really important to stop the talks again with north korea and that was really what was on the table year. trying to improve through elation ship between the north and the south also there were talks about maybe further steps towards a peace agreement and what we don't know yet is whether they also talked about the nuclear issue. you mentioned the nuclear issue we're that's what everyone else is talking about in terms of if these two sides are meeting could that potentially be a subject that they roach today or is that something of the south koreans are not
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going to risk. i think we'll know much more after this statement i'm personally i'm rather skeptical that was that that was one of the main issues and also we've talked to experts to the last couple of days whether this will be a big topic. at least whether there will be a big breakthrough doing this this meeting and for instance the. professor we talked to yesterday a professor you know here of you know big university in seoul and he said basically that he doesn't he doesn't believe in a major breakthrough at this summit regarding the nuclear issue. mainly because he doesn't believe that north korea will be willing to give up its nuclear. obviously and there's another summit coming very soon at the summit between. kim drone and president trumbull the united states and in that time obviously the nuclear issue
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will be even further discussed as fast you know right now philip bilsky did correspondent in seoul thank you for your insight for. now some of the other stories making news around the world armenia's opposition leader has promised fresh protests after the acting prime minister refused to hold talks with him and government demonstrations forced the resignation of the prime minister on monday triggering a political crisis opposition leader nicole passé neon says he is the only viable candidate to lead the country. thousands of mexicans have protested after three film students were murdered amid the country's bishes drug war the students were abducted while working in an area being watched by cartels the case has renewed anger over police failures to investigate the country's thirty five thousand
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missing people. newly sworn in u.s. secretary of state mike pale has touched down in brussels for nato talks he's meeting with key allies to discuss ways of strengthening the military alliance from europe to saudi arabia jordan and israel over the weekend german chancellor angela merkel has arrived in washington d.c. for tough talks with u.s. president donald trump merkel landed in the u.s. capitol late last night ahead of a visit to the white house today during a three hour meeting the leaders are expected to discuss the iranian nuclear deal u.s. tariffs and the war in syria is the german chancellor's first visit to the u.s. since march of last year let's look ahead to a meeting that though brief is full of potential conflict. could moments during the first meeting at the white house that still sums up the luck of political chemistry between on going to medical and donald trump.
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when tranter simply didn't react as merkel asked him to shake hands thank you. german chancellor i'm going to back calls reputation as the global leader who keeps the world strong men on the straight and narrow simply doesn't seem to apply to this u.s. president who insists on setting the pace and direction of global politics. observers say trump's erratic decision making challenges merkel's political style to confront even partners with very harsh positions to threaten and then to undo and sort of go back into a more co-operative mood and i would say he has kept european partners pretty much on their toes trump upstaged his nato allies by talking about money rather than values twenty three of the twenty eight member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they're supposed to be paying for their defense.
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his willingness to challenge the core values that bind together what is known as the west soon led machall to a sobering conclusion. the size. and in the minds in which we could rely fully on others are somewhat over. for by more than a year into the term presidency germany is still struggling to find common ground for corporation with trumps in a circle merkel second visit is laden with pressing issues. there are three important issues on the transatlantic agenda for this meeting one is definitely trade and the criticism of the transatlantic trade arrangement the second one is germany's contributions in military terms to nato and the third one is the iran nuclear deal. the president of the french republic at the end of his state visit in monrovia called directly criticize trump steelmaking and called on
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the u.s. congress to live up to europe's expectations the united states is the one who invented this middle of dualism your are zero one now who has to herb to preserve and reinvent it. merkel wanted to have this kind of stage for two and a half hour visit is set to focus on working down the list of problems mark or have to leave unresolved with berlin already resigned to the fact that a trade war is in the making expectations are low. for america as dad to convicted felon bill cosby could go to jail for the rest of his life that's following the american comedians conviction for sexual assault case vindicates a multitude of women who have come forward accusing cosby of drugging and raping them in a pattern of predatory behavior that's lasted for decades. the
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ruling sent shock waves around the world but perhaps those most moved by the fed it were in the courtroom itself. some of these women had testified against bill cosby in court outside the sense of a long relief was clearly visible i feel like i fit in humanity is restored and a lawyer representing some of cosby's more than fifty accuses said this was a watershed moment first of all. i want to thank the jury justice has been done. we are so happy that finally we can say. women are believed and not only on hash tag me too but in a court of law cosby was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault the conviction relates soley to the accusations of one woman who alleges
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cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in two thousand and four. cosby left the courthouse with a defiant gesture and his legal team said he would challenge the conviction. we are we are very disappointed by the verdict we don't think mr cross was guilty of anything and upright is not over thank you for your good yes yes yes bush for all the eighty year old actor now faces the possibility of a long prison term the date of his sentencing has yet to be confirmed. now reminder of the breaking news coming out of south korea this hour north korean leader kim jong un has announced the formal end of the two countries state of war the cease fire concluded at the end of the korean war is being converted into a formal peace treaty you're seeing live pictures from south korea of the two leaders this is the venue where they were holding the talks earlier is right on the north and south korean border once again the two sides have signed in
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a suit. peace treaty to end the nine hundred fifty three war more at the top of the hour you're watching the news live from berlin thanks for joining us. we make up oh but we watch as the hospital and the to. the civil service are. the ones to shape the continent's future. be part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges to the seventy seven percent platform for africa majority.


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