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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2018 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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you're watching the news from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site www dot com thanks for watching. the. clock. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they can sponsor. africa on the road. the stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation and their continent of africa on the
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move the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hams going to be w.'s new multimedia series for the first. d.w. dot com africa on the move. and you thought the greek debt drama was finally over think again eurozone finance ministers are staging another round of wrangling over debt relief for greece and the new german finance minister has taken over the role of the old man the bad guy . get ready for personal flying taxi battery powered helicopters finally seem ready to revolutionize mobility in cities. and ramping up production as beijing wants to lift restrictions on foreign investment comic gearing up to conquer the
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biggest market in the world. this is your business i'm good how the office welcome finance ministers of the eurozone meet in bog area today with greek debt high on the agenda again some countries want to relieve greece of the last least parts of its debt others insist on full pay back germany being the most vocal european commission president john clode i was in athens the day ahead of the meeting and optimistic about the country's prospects last year greece achieved a subclass of seven billion euros that's much more than expected. it's the beginning of a new iraq screech prepares to wave goodbye to a life. arriving for talks with his eurozone counterparts in the both kerry and capitals of fear germany's finance minister appeared upbeat. today the outlook on greece is far more optimistic than it was
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a few years ago. and he wasn't alone in his optimism euro group president mario centeno pointing to greece's better than expected performance in twenty seventeen. times from the. piece called. primary soap of four point two percent to twenty seven. point five times but the fact that in the program greece has received a total of two hundred sixty billion euros as part of three bailout since two thousand and ten its latest and most likely its last bailout runs out in august. the loans have come in exchange for sweeping and highly unpopular public sector reforms which saw pension slashed and a freeze on recruitment we gain economic autonomy would be a major political achievement for prime minister alexis tsipras who's a short european commission president john claude younker that he won't backtrack
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on reforms in the post bailout era. for us barbara the first round of talks is finished what can you tell us. this seems to be really large a consensus emerging finance ministers of the euro group want the greek crisis after eight years of drama and absent downs they want it off the table and the word here is we want to create a success story in greece it's prepared probably significant that the new euro group president is the finance minister from portugal he has done it his country has gone the same way and he now wants to sort of recreate the same palace in greece and so ministers seem to be quite adamant in saying and now we have the package on the table and this whole thing is just going to run down the review will be finished the last review will be finished in june and we will talk about an exit
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payment for greece so there you have a national buffer and then we are ready to go and august twenty years greece will be free to fly they will go back to the financial markets and they will be their own country again of course with certain strings attached that's the general aim here and the foreign minister and the finance ministers here they simply don't want to talk about crisis in greece any more. germany is in the firing line for bringing nothing to the table what's behind that. there is a problem because the finance minister all of shots was greeted in the most friendly manner of course we welcome the newcomer in our rose but then nothing happened he didn't bring anything he didn't have a plan didn't have a programme he didn't say yes or no to anything so far and what's behind the scenes obviously is that will shortz needs to talk to uncle america the german chancellor
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and sort of figure out how they are going to deal with this will they go with the flow will they go with the majority among the euro group finance minister or will they sort of reopen the box and start having a new goals and glories and sort of stop proceedings so that is not quite clear so things are not as smooth as they could have been and there might even be a certain sort of lifting of some eyebrows here about how can the german finance minister on a fall in the euro group come here and not really have something something planned and something to sort of to the proceedings sounds quite embarrassing actually very briefly barbarous trade going to be on the agenda as well. of course trade is on the agenda on the sidelines the french finance minister came in here and was very clear and repeating what he has said before we will not be blackmailed by the united states and we will be ready to talk once the exemptions to the duties and
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the customs have been sort of made permanent but other than that we will not be pushed against the wall and it seems that the french finance minister takes over the new role that the german finance minister used to have in the past telling people what song. in sofia thank you. but i also bored to tears with all that talk about electric cars well then you might want to look up because an electric plane might take you to your holiday destination in just a few years and you might catch a flying taxi to the airport much sooner it's not just need manufacturers who are looking at electric flight the big guns like looking into that technology and honest now. fossil fuel still ruled the skies here at the eye away but advances in electric powered flight could soon change that modern batteries are
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already producing enough energy to get airborne something startups like full of cops are taking advantage of creating lightweight computer piloted aerial vehicles they hope will soon replace your trusty taxi and help cut down on congestion in the world's major urban centers. first of course in the third dimension there is a lot more space so you're not all moving at the same flight level it means that we can really use a lot more space and it'll go in stages so we won't solve the whole traffic jam problem in just one day but will be the ball of copper and taxis they will be part of the transportation ecosystem in the major cities over fifty companies are trying to get the first electric air taxi to market. including airbus it may be still in the drawing board but airbus plans the first city air bus test flight later this year. the aerospace giant says the air taxis propulsion system is already up to the
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challenges of urban flight. but electric flight isn't just confined to fringe industries rolls royce siemens an airbus are working on prototype hybrid electric engines for commercial jets which promises increased fuel efficiency some people here are calling it the third aerospace revolution new technologies like an aerial vehicles become smaller greener and even more autonomy and while it may seem that many of them aren't quite ready yet to hit the skies experts here assures they'll be here sooner than you think. until their reports in berlin actual with the chinese government plans to ease restrictions on foreign business ownership in china also make a choice to take advantage of the massive chinese market german companies like v.w. timeline and be b.m.w. are preparing to ramp up production without chinese joint venture partners looking over the shoulder. audi unveiled a stretched version of its luxury q five s.u.v.
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a big hit with the affluent middle class it's fun to drive and offers a good ten centimeters more leg room in the back seat china's been a billion dollar market for audi for many years now though it has to share happy earnings with chinese investment partner f a w. l we are a good part this year of its joint venture structure of thirty years. i think it is very important with the size we have in our business that you really have local partners and that we aim for that many foreign carmakers see the opening up of the market as a publicity stunt. and joint venture contracts with state owned companies are long term something german manufacturers have had to deal with for years now. you have a global footprint is a strong presence in china. and in the u.s. of course we appreciate free trade having said this is thanks to our production
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strategy we have met we flexible to adjust you know example porsche whose cars are all made in germany faces high import duties in china ranging from twenty five to one hundred percent depending on vehicle type in class but the government says it will also be easing back here as well import tariffs on cars could gradually become a thing of the past. we watch what will happen in the market and a few weeks ago i was asked about the situation in the us and i told we will watch and wait what will happen and we do the same in china on. the announcement of better trade facilitation is a first step but that's all it is because beijing still decides who can do business in china and who can't. the richest man in the world just got a tiny bit richer jeff bezos the founder and biggest shareholder of online retailer
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amazon has seen another eight billion dollars out as to his personal net worth overnight because she has an amazon have jumped by seven percent after the company announced first quarter profits more than doubled compared to last year on the list say a rise an online shopping and increased demand for the company's cloud services drove the numbers up the results come as i was in faces intensifying scrutiny from politicians who use it of having too much market power. and that's it for me on the business team here but then thanks for watching. the to. cut.
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cut. cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut. cut cut. cut off like the big football game or simply. the countdown to the world cup is all on. our reporter all checks out the teams one group per week. the favorites the dark horses and what else we can expect. ali's more comfy. public. laundry international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week i'm going to matalin in my new book news washington this week for meetings with the
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president trying but i probably is also going to snowball senora adventure in german leader all the pretender from france for more pleasure a good show for. sixty minutes. as you accidentally shed some trying to get. the trophy. time in the field. how can you. get out. with him. this week. and i think one day there's. certainly. every man woman and child. and if the enemy invades. russia here which is it.
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