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well to the us. let's see if there might be some kind of similar strategy on the side of merkel in order to get some of the points across last time it didn't seem to work very well though because of our nominee in washington just on the point of trade germany could be lose lose here in any sort of trade war with the united states because of course germany's car industry as an imported into the us but also as an exporter of b.m.w.'s and mercedes out of u.s. plants. absolutely. would be would be bad consequences for german industry either way the other point is of course that donald trump generally looks at the relationship with germany and looks at germany's trade surplus with the united states and is not happy about it he blames unfair trade activities by the e.u. he has by now understood that he cannot strike
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a bilateral deal with germany because trade in the european union is the product of all the negotiations over trade agreements is the progress of the e.u. commission but of course he wants germany to use its influence on the e.u. commission to make concessions to the u.s. but that's very hard for america to do and also she can on german producers to be less competitive or german consumers to buy more american products so i think he's asking a bit too much you cause of phenomena and i thank you so much and but it's fallen from. bad colors thank you. this is now with monica jones of the financial world is what watching those talks in washington but as you can imagine obviously it's been mentioned already terrorists would have big implications on certain industry sectors so far the markets have been u.s. trade policy in their stride but how long will this cool go on for let's cross over to an advise for standing by for us in frankfurt so this is how if this is actually
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handing this tariff uncertainty especially with this looming deadline of made the first. yeah it is kind of an interesting one because nobody is really very much alert and afraid we have seen a rather benign market today so it seems that investors are not overly varying about a looming trade war it is an interesting fact that even on wall street people are divided on whether they read it think that they have we're heading into a scenario we're going to see more protectionism which than words global economic growth and also the earning potential of companies on a tramp is just bluffing for now so we don't know the u.s. president is not very predictable but what we know is that if the europeans well are those terrorists with terrorists then we are heading clearly into
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scenario form with more protectionism which then all through would hurt most likely equity markets and investor sentiment we have seen that back then when china was introducing its counter measures that the market really was selling off and that's something we should keep in mind perhaps that's something be going to see at the beginning of next week right and that is my spot from the profit stock exchange thank you. finance ministers of the eurozone has been meeting in the bulgarian capital sofia with the greek debt high on the agenda again some countries that want to relieve greece of at least parts off its debts while others insist on a full payback with germany being the most vocal. it's the beginning of a new era as greece prepares to wave goodbye to its arriving for talks with his eurozone counterparts in the both kerry and capitals of fear germany's finance
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minister appeared on meet. the incremental so today the outlook on greece is far more optimistic than it was a few years ago. and he wasn't alone in his optimism euro group president mario centeno pointing to greece's better than expected performance in twenty seventeen. times from greece. italy on the piece called crawl and believe the primary surplus of four point two percent three point three seven pm these two point five times what brought you back to the program greece has received a total of two hundred sixty billion euros as part of three bailout since twenty ten its latest and most likely its last bailout it runs out in august. the loans have come in exchange for sweeping and highly unpopular public sector reforms which saw pension slashed and a freeze on recruitment we gain economic autonomy would be
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a major political achievement for prime minister alexis tsipras who's assured european commission president john claude younker that he won't backtrack on reforms in the post bailout era. for more on that let's cross over to our correspondent who is at the eurozone finance ministers meeting in sofia for us what's the latest. we've seen something quite unusual here of when european finance ministers the euro group finance ministers are talking about greece there was a lot of you demand unanimity usually there was a lot of fighting and struggling but now they really say we're sort of ninety percent of the way now we want to see this through basically we could say that the euro group finance has won the greek problem off the table for more than eight years they've seen crises and dramas and shouting behind closed doors and now all this is supposed to end on august twenty years and they want to smooth the way so
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they really seem to be of one mind to say we want to sort of make them go out we want to make them leave in an orderly manner they will be free however of course there will be couldn't dishes for the time afterwards greece has seen an astonishing you cannot make recoveries throughout the last two years there is some gross that there's also a budget surplus now the conditions are good research is supposed to stay on the route reform pass they need to be there needs to be further or continued austerity in a certain way however we will help them there will be an exit payment and so the ministers were really largely of one mind and the problem now is mainly the out waiting for bullen because all of shorts the new finance ministers came here and he brought nothing he had nothing to put on the table and of course the contentious issues still is debt relief how is that going to be structured what is going to be to look
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like and so there will have to be field talks about that. i mean you mentioned there already is one sort of speciality there because we're used to the fact the germany is taking the lead to also in particular when it comes to the eurozone finance ministers meeting and and there is a shift now i also understand that the issue of you import tariffs was or still is maybe a talking point in sofia. it's a talking point of course it's on the sidelines because it's not the center of finance ministers business however of course everybody thinks about it and we have seen again this remarkable picture that we see from the government that they really push that they really take each and every initiative so bruno lemaire the french finance minister came up here and he said ok i do chose the european line we will not negotiate was our with a pistol to our head so the terrorists need to go off the table the exemption needs
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to be made permanent however afterwards and that is the use that we offer the american president to talk about the whole w t l about the whole international trade system there in consistencies there there are problems it has shortcomings and we can put it all in the table and talk about it so he is really reaching out to trump was a rather far reaching offer and that is something that is really unusual i mean that we have not seen and used before where the roles were reversed and the germans were in the lead but as you said now have different times and different play also talk at the meetings off the euro group finance minister is it different times different players there for us in sofia thank you so much. and coming straight from the eurozone finance ministers meeting it's money money money as it is thank you
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very much monica thank you shocking news for the world of music abba arbat yes you heard right the iconic swedish pop group back together again for the first time in thirty five years on their official instagram account they say they have according to yourselves the message signed by all four members when they got into the recording studio it was like time stood still and we'd only been away for a short holiday broke up in one nine hundred eighty two after a seemingly never ending string of popular hits in the night in seventy's of the new music they say we may have come out and we may have come of age but the song is new and it feels good to have a fans young and old have welcomed the news that generations of dancing queens have taken to social media to found them for the new music one posted welcome back can't wait for your new songs neither can my mum and here's another please tour for real i grew up with your music and it continues to bring me joy sadly some fans are in
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for a shock the groups as they won't be performing in the flesh songwriter bjorn ulvaeus says he and bandmates benny had yet to and at a freed have been scanned and digitally d. aged to look like their nine hundred seventy nine selves the digital alter egos will perform the new hits in a t.v. special in december and then go on tour so let's take a look back at apple's low long career. nine hundred seventy four waterloo catapulted the swedish group to international fame almost overnight. thanks studio albums and around thirty smash hits followed benny andersson and the only obvious wrote most of them together in the studio to stockholm.
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it was. something that we wanted to make the record. we spend a lot of time making them sound great as we thought great. ninety's seventy two anderson and his girlfriend and the freak being stirred teamed up with bjorn ulvaeus and his partner back need school to form. the. two relationships broke up so did. the band and ceased to exist in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. packets of always dreamed of a reunion and hopes were reignited when in twenty sixteen the four members appeared on stage and sang as an invitation only event. now that they have reunited in the studio the question is whether they were also performed together by.
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the. reminder of our top stories at this hour the leaders of north and south korea have agreed to seek a formal peace treaty or than sixty years after the korean war ended in a truce they've also declared that. the korean peninsula. of nuclear weapons. it's just a chance i'm going to survive to the white house for talks with president donald trump the two leaders are expected to discuss the nuclear deal u.s. trade tariffs military spending and chancellor and president too much from not to press for not meeting i'm told the press will bring that to you live here on. and i don't know about set you up to thank all of the talk of the.
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golf my. football personally. the countdown to the morning cup is all on. our reporter all the mood checks out the teams one group per week. the favorites the dark horses and what else we can
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ten year old man she does cut down artificial leg she's a refugee from the civil war in syria now she and her family i mean intent she's also getting help in on succumbing to invisible. to children of war. reporter on d w a a. to.
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kick off life heads to russia to take a look at a well cup host nation. woke up comic. books playing football in the russian league.


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