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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin tonight marigold tells trump the iran nuclear qward is not enough to curb the islamic republic's nuclear ambitions after talks at the white transfer says that the deal has slowed down the wrongs of nuclear activities but she says it's not sufficient. to this this means that she has not convinced to change his mind development even also coming up the leaders of north and south korea pledge to bring the korean war to end they also confirm their commitment to a nuclear free korean peninsula but will actions follow were. performing
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together again it was about record two new songs for a virtual tour and the t.v. special and we already know what the titles will be. it's good to have you with us the german chancellor angela merkel has returned to the white house for her second visit with u.s. president donald trump miracles first trip to washington to meet the president was marked by many all cord moments but this time trump went out of his way to ensure that miracle received a warm reception he greeted the chancellor by calling her an extraordinary woman and then the two got down to almost two hours of talks that focused on iran trade border security and berlin's military spending. afterwards miracle in trunk
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appeared before the media the press conference finished up just a few minutes ago german expectations of a breakthrough on topics divisive topics reload going into the talks and truck maintains his hard line on iran after meeting american take a listen all right to me as our producer do we have a sound bite coming or not florian can you give me some advice here. ok so i understand we're waiting for that sound bite so let me pull in or is foreman here at the big table he's a professor for political science at bard college here in berlin bourses good to see you and in washington we have claire richardson she is standing by for us there near the white house players good to see you as well so let's talk first of all about what came out of these talks merkel can't come back to germany saying that
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she achieved much kanchi. yeah but i don't know if that was really the expectation i mean in the german newspaper it's true there was a lot of an emphasis on birkin's visit to the u.s. in the u.s. if you looked at the mirror times and other newspapers today korea seem to be the much bigger headline so this was a talk that was meant it's the exceptions were managed beforehand merkel was trying to to go at this low key because mick rule was unable to change terms mines yeah. probably i mean this is in part we don't really know right i mean the great thing about these kinds of talks that just happened is that we will see effects on may first is the deadline for for the steel tariffs there's still an element of the minimum terms may twelfth the deadline for the pulling out of the year round deal by the u.s. so if they have they were successful we will see what they were trying to do is suggest trump has the final decision and he will have to make it ok claire let's
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talk a little bit about what we heard in that press conference at the very beginning the first point that trump made was the money point saying that members of nato continue to not spend the two percent of their two percent of their g.d.p. that they have promised to you on defense how did that go down with the german chancellor. this is a longstanding grievance of trumps that is the two percent of g.d.p. g.d.p. spending toward military defense among nato allies and trump has always said that nato does not pay its way and that c he referenced poland saying thanks thanking them for meeting more than the suggested contribution in their defense now it's hard to say how chancellor merkel responded to that this is something that we've heard from trump before i think what's more significant coming out of this press conference is that we didn't hear any reassurances from him on the two big issues that america had really come to d.c.
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to try and sort out of course she was here on the heels of french president and the new on the visit earlier this week and the idea had really been that she could perhaps seal the deal after we'd seen butter up trump to try and form a good relationship and try and get him to see eye to eye with europe on issues like the iran nuclear deal and of course securing a long term exemption on steel and aluminum tariffs but in this press conference we did not hear tell mark all of that they had reached a decision when asked by journalists after the fact to clarify she and he both she deferred and said that the president of the united states would ultimately have that decision so it looks like she's going to be coming home empty handed on those two points and we're going to have to wait and see what he does on monday. the german chancellor was also asked about a comment that she made in during her campaign last year when she said that the u.s. is no longer a reliable partner in the germany and europe was taking its destiny into its own hands her answer was interesting she said i'm quoting here we're maturing germans
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must learn to take more responsibility were emerging from the after effects of the second world war so it sounded like she was using history to avoid answering the question she was using history and she was using his story i mean she was really trying to point out that the kind of pollution points over trump. as intact as she supporting his his his demotion in the question the fairtrade of defense. of well she reminded him that many germans live in the us and my vote in the midterm elections that was sort of some sudden step she also reminded him that the tax reform was nice for german investments so there were a couple of points but it was overall an attempt to point out the common denominators in the relationship between the u.s. and europe but trump he doesn't he doesn't try to be that diplomatic the first point he made was that you're not spending enough money that's true but i think there has been a shift in the position of trump and maybe it was a success by mccaw and ended by of america which is up to now he was talking about
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international relations as a zero sum game this is about we win and you lose there is no win win situation what he was saying today is that there well the u.s. has to take leadership in the role this is something that you are shipping the world this is an old one hundred year long tradition in the u.s. but he had turned away from it so maybe there has been a shift in that on that position ok what about the critics say you're going to have people looking at this press conference and saying that the german chancellor is not standing up for those things that she says she's she supports here in europe why is that i mean she could have answered that question she could have said well the policies of president trump have made things more difficult for us but she did say that well she's a strategic thinker and i think she knows that in two weeks' time nobody will talk about this fence anymore and this is about establishing a channel to the white house and a working platform and i think this was the sort of trait of at the same time she's
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not known as somebody who has a very strong political profile or that what you know stand in for it in order to make quick quick gains and quick points in the short run she's more of a long term strategic thinker ok we we've got a clip here from trump in miracle talking about trains to listen to that. that's why we must have a fair and re supercool trading relationship with our friends and partners we have a trade deficit in goods with the european union of approximately hard to believe one hundred fifty one billion dollars a year including a fifty billion dollar annual trade deficit in order as an auto parts i'm committed to working with chancellor merkel to reduce barriers for united states exports to remedy these trade imbalances and deepen our economic ties. clear we're the u.s. president there he wants this reciprocity that he keeps saying over and over again
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the german chancellor she also used that word in talking about u.s. european u.s. german trade relations. accepting the functor beginning to accept the fact that these trade tariffs will be a reality it's interesting that using words like reciprocity and working toward it suggests that trump does not see it on those terms to start with and now the biggest one of the biggest and thor certainly thorniest issues that americans facing during has been facing during her meeting with the trump has been a trade germany german carmakers that could stand to really be hurt by trump's policies and speaking about the aluminum and steel tariffs that are it where the exemption for the european union is a set to expire on monday when these were originally announced in march the u.s. line was that these were protectionist measures necessary to protect american steel and aluminum makers in the u.s.
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it had said it that they were also needed it to protect national security and it's not clear that america has actually been able to make a difference in trump's view on that issue. all right in washington clear with senate here at the big table or form and both of you thank you boards will be seeing you a little bit later on the day as well. now to the korean peninsula the leaders of north and south korea today agreed to formally end the state of war between their two countries sixty five years after the fighting stopped at the historic summit and and said that they will sign a formal peace treaty by the end of this year and work towards a nuclear free korean peninsula they insisted they did not want to make the mistakes of the past. an extraordinary moment in korean history after decades of hostilities and the threat of a nuclear confrontation a new era of peace is declared on the peninsula. moments
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before the leaders saying to distort declaration which aims to end the long standing conflict key points includes replacing the armistice with an official peace treaty plans to denuclearize the peninsula the reunification of separated families and a follow up summit in the north this autumn after the signing ceremony in the peace south korea's president made the historic announcement. there you saw me declared together that there will be no more war on the korean peninsula and the new age of peace has begun for years. with his sister in attendance north korean leader kim jong il address the audience
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. oh mothers of any hopes are now being face to face i hope for many realize that north and south korea just neighbors who live separately but rather a family so we who live so close boy are not enemies we must fight against each other. all the farmers who share the same blood line who must unite. even though. it was a day rich with symbolism and surprises this was the moment kim stepped over the border to the side in the demilitarized zone he's the first north korean leader to set fish in the sights since nine hundred fifty three in a show of unity men returned the favor by crossing briefly to the north with kim.
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after planting a peace treaty on the demarcation line maine and kim held private talks on this fifth bridge the same color as the unified korean flag used in sporting events. their spouses were introduced before the banquet where they dined on cold noodles a speciality from the north despite the grain breaking meeting a history of failed peace attempts has some critics wary of the north's commitment the next step meeting between kim jong il and us president donald trump is planned for may or june. are here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world at least seven students have been killed and twelve others injured in a stabbing attack in northern china officials say a man wielding a knife attack the students outside a secondary school in shaanxi province police have taken a suspect into custody in south africa seven people were killed when
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a train struck a vehicle at a railway crossing and tell authorities are investigating the cause of the collision which happened in the same place as a similar accident eight years ago in which ten children were killed armenia's opposition leader has threatened to boycott any snap election if he is not made interim prime minister next week nicole seen on says that he's the only viable candidate to lead the country even though his protest movement only holds a fraction of seats in parliament anti-government demonstrations forced the resignation of the prime minister on monday triggering a political crisis u.s. actor bill cosby has been found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in two thousand and four prosecutors argued that the former entertainer had a predatory secret life during the trial five other women testified that the comedian had assaulted them in the past cosby said that he will appeal the verdict . you're watching live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more
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world news followed by the day i hope you can join us for that. germany is a strong country. that we have. if so much we can do this and if something hinders us we must overcome it in the. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w made for mines. climate change. waste.


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