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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin tonight america will meet strong the german chancellor goes to washington to sing the iran nuclear deal after talks at the white house on going to medical says that the deal has slowed down your brand's nuclear activities but that it doesn't meet every requirement does this mean that she has given in to truong also coming up that the leaders of north and south korea pledged to bring the korean war to an end at their meeting today they also confirmed their commitment to a nuclear free korean peninsula but will actions follow words and. performing
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together again at last expect two new songs and a new tour but not the kind of tour you may remember from the nineteen seven. and bring gulf it's good to have you with us until american has returned to the white house for her second visit with u.s. president donald trump her first trip to washington to meet trump was marked by many awkward moments this time went well which both say better and we understand that mr trump went out of his way to ensure that medical received a warm reception and u.s. president greeted the german chancellor by calling her an extraordinary woman in the two got down to almost two hours of talks focusing on iran's trade and military
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spending. afterwards miracle in trump appeared before the media german expectations of a breakthrough on divisive topics were low going into the talks and trump maintained his hard line on that iran's nuclear deal take a listen iranian regime fuels violence bloodshed and chaos all across the middle east we must ensure that this murderous regime does not even get close to a nuclear weapon and that iran and so it's proliferation of dangerous missiles and its support for terrorism no matter where you go in the middle east wherever there's a problem moran is right there all right i am joined now in the studio here at the big table a book by boards for him he is professor of political science at bard college in berlin and in washington our correspondent clear richardson is standing by clare let me start with you your impressions i mean how was this second meeting between
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trump and. well as you say was in some ways a lot warmer than expected and we saw him welcome her with kisses on the cheek it had been widely expected that this was going to be a very stiff meeting that it was going to be all business no pleasure for chancellor angela merkel and her flying visit to d.c. really stands in stark contrast to what we saw earlier this week from french president and then you will not cry on she's only here for twenty four hours after that press conference she'll be going to it's the residence of the german ambassador and then back on a plane to berlin. before a dinner time and that really is a far cry from the kind of lavish pomp and circumstance that we saw earlier this week and so they're really trying to show that there is some kind of working relationship that still exists the two leaders were cordial we heard we heard her in the press conference say things that were in some ways quite deferential to trump say that ultimately he would be deciding some of the biggest issues that she
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came to negotiate namely the iran deal and securing a exemption on a tariffs and so while not a warm visit it was at least cordial and they could have gone a lot worse worse they both spoke about the real deal trent doesn't want iran to get close to a nuclear weapon as he made it clear. she wants to stick to the deal she called it part. so people are asking you know how much do they really disagree they'll well i mean think of merkel. trying to play down the way we're looks like trump can have this but still there is. the developing development there their direction i mean iran and the nuclear deal was a big item also during the primary complaints during the election campaign it's been one of his big promises he wants to stand firm on the policy and i think that's something that merkel mccoy have realized that they have to offer him a way out that's
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a face saving lives that goes through he doesn't want to lose face on any of these issues. and that includes nato and the defense spending of the us allies i mean that was the first point he brought up in the press conference today what do you make of the comments that we heard i mean it comes on a day when germany announced that it is still not spending two percent of its g.d.p. on defense yeah but at the same time announcing that it will and it's moving towards that goal i mean in part there is a discussion going on in germany and europe where politicians seem to have realized that security policy might be a way of holding the e.u. together there's still a deep schism between the north in the south of the e.u. the eurozone crisis isn't really over yet and so some of the security policy in the common. or the defense policy could be a way of forging european integration is a very good point what also came out today was trying to blame in europe in germany for the american trade deficit take
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a listen to what miracle have to say to that i'm just wondering if you've been given any assurances that the european union will be exempt from steel and aluminum tariffs come tuesday the may first deadline that the president trying to tell you what he may or may not to thank you. the position the president will decide that it's very clear we had an exchange of views on the current state of the fast out the negotiations and the respective assessments on where we stand on this and the decision lies with the president. the decision lies with the president so clear what does the u.s. president what does he want america. well there you go you say you're walking away from what has been ultimately a whole week of a european charm offensive with mark over at the end trying to seal the deal out of empty handed without a serious promise from trump that he's going to give a permanent exemption or even attempt another temporary exemption to the european
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union on these steel and aluminum tariffs that were announced in march for trump what he says is that he wants to see a fair deal he spoke about working at toward an arrangement that is reciprocal so where he sees a both germany and united states are are being treated equally in any kind of arrangement and ultimately at the heart of his political philosophy is the idea that he really wants to lower the u.s. trade deficit with other major countries and that's how much that would have been a major part of discussions with america during their meeting in this nation of reciprocity we hear that time and time again and everything's a transaction and everything is quite the flyable and we heard today we even use that word as well rested prosody so is he is he actually getting what he was is he getting is shift by germany and europe to where he wants them to be at least rhetorically i think good strategic strategically wise to suggest deal with where we are using your vocabulary we're using your terminology we're also pointing out
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that. there are long term and long standing connections between germany and the u.s. there's an impact the germany might have on the elections or people who identify with germany in the u.s. might have won the election i think also what merkel really do perhaps even more than mccall was to take some of the shrillness of the the tone of international relations i mean what we've seen with the trump of ministration is a lot of volatility and many people in security circles in berlin were afraid that they didn't know exactly who to talk to and yes there is a new investor know but still the state department is basically in the process of being dismantled many positions many functionaries haven't been replaced so there is there is a disjuncture between the rhetoric's and the actions it's a very good point sports for me it's always good to have your insights as well as those from clare richards said in washington tonight to both of you you thank.
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well the leaders of north and south korea have agreed to formally end the state of war between their two countries sixty five years after the fighting stopped at a historic summit kim jong own and said that they will sign a formal peace treaty by the end of this year and work towards a nuclear free korean peninsula they insisted that they do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. an extraordinary moment in korean history after decades of hostilities and the threat of a nuclear confrontation a new era of peace is declared on the peninsula. moments before the leaders signed a historic declaration which aims to end the longstanding conflict key points includes replacing the armistice with an official peace treaty plans to denuclearize the peninsula the reunification of separated
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families and a follow up summit in the north this autumn after the signing ceremony in the peace south korea's president made the historic announcement. there you saw me declare together that there will be no more war on the korean peninsula and age of peace has begun for years. with his sister in attendance north korean leader kim jong un addressed the audience. of a warning sign on face to face homecoming realize that north and south korea not just neighbors who live separately but rather a family so we who live so close boy are not enemies we must fight against each other but the families you share the same bloodline who must unite.
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even though. it was a day rich with symbolism and surprises this was the moment kim stepped over the border to the side in the demilitarized zone he's the first north korean leader to sit fixed in the science since one thousand nine hundred fifty three in a show of unity men returned the favor by crossing briefly to the north with kim. after planting a peace treaty on the demarcation line maine and kim held private talks on this fifth bridge the same color as the unified korean flag used in sporting events. their spouses were introduced before the banquet where they dined on cold noodles a speciality from the north despite the grain breaking meeting
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a history of failed peace attempts has some critics wary of the north's commitment the next day a meeting between kim jong il and us president donald trump is planned for may or june well in this world of money money money where the winner takes it all news tonight from sweden that has dancing queens everywhere shelby mama mia. are coming back. nine hundred seventy four waterloo catapulted the swedish group to international fine almost overnight. studio albums and around thirty smash hits. benny andersson. vs brooks most of them together in the studio to.
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sign something that we want to make the record. we spend a lot of time making them sound great as we thought great. did not use them to choose and the son and his girlfriend and the freak being stuck teamed up with fiona on bass and his partner acne school. when the two relationships broke up. and cease to exist in nineteen and she chose. to always dream of her union cuts when reignited when in twenty sixteen the full members appeared on stage and signed as an invitation only event. now that they have reunited in the studio the big question is whether they would also perform together.
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because their mother now. already in the bonus league friday night game over the line kept their champions league dreams alive but they three one win against hanover andre. was the man of the match the croatians at that the sixteenth minute again in the fiftieth and once more in the eighty six to see all the victory for often hot. you're watching the news live from berlin more news coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site a d w dot com thanks for watching and we will see you at the top of the hour it's. true.
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it's. the. ten year old's manci dad has got you on to show lady she's a refugee from the civil war in syria now she and her family meeting in ten thousand she's also getting help in un succumbing fighting disability. to children of war. because i'm going to end up a nice.


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