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as trump and merkel meet in washington can the so-called teflon chancellor of germany convince the u.s. president to drop tariffs on e.u. steel and alimony m we've got the analysis also coming up. euro zone finance ministers say the end to greece's multi-billion bailout program is in sight of the country's got plenty of work to do and amazing amazon the company doubled its first quarter profits. also coming up breathing the best hand is the key to finding success in ethiopia. and under winter and this is your business update. germany is a major export nation and that's why trade issues were high on the agenda on friday when angela merkel met donald trump especially u.s. import tariffs they'd have a huge implication on a variety of industry sectors including the car industry here's what's at stake for
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the german economy and only seventy german companies are sold goods to the u.s. worth almost one hundred twelve billion euros mainly cars machinery and pharmaceutical products in the opposite direction the u.s. has sold goods worth about sixty one billion euros to germany mainly computer technology pharmaceutical products and vehicles now that created a trade deficit of around fifty billion euros a bone of contention between merkel that trump the lack of parity in trade will likely remain in the foreseeable future so how are investors handling the tariff uncertainty in the face of the looming may first deadline our frank markets correspondent and that advice had this to say. yeah it is kind of an interesting one because nobody is really very much alert and afraid we have seen a rather benign market today so it seems that investors are not overly varying
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about a looming trade war it is an interesting fact that even on wall street people are divided on whether they read it think that they have we're heading into a scenario we're going to see more protectionism which then who are its global economic growth and also the earning potential of companies or whether donald trump is just bluffing for now so we don't know the u.s. president is not very predictable but what we know is that if the europeans were launce those terror with other terrorists then we are heading clearly into a scenario with more protectionism which then also would were to most likely equity markets and investor sentiment we have seen that back then when china was introducing its counter measures about the market really was selling off and that's something we should keep in mind perhaps that's something we got to see at the beginning of next week greece is on course to end its bailout program there's some
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other reason for celebration perhaps a meeting eurozone finance ministers in bulgaria today but they've got plenty to discuss still greece's debt talks also seeing an opportunity for germany's fresh finance minister to meet his new colleagues. to chemistry between greek finance minister euclid tsakalotos and his german counterpart all of scholtes was cool deal but it wasn't always the case with producer civil can show through tens of billions of euros at stake greece is due to leave its below program this summer and it might be in line for debt relief. if you're in kind of person today the outlook on greece is far more optimistic than it was only a few years ago. charles wasn't alone in his optimism euro group president mario chin tino commented to greece's better than expected performance in twenty seventeen wi fi good times from very. definitely under
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a piece called prime primary four point two percent if you haven't seen these two point five times but the fact that in the program greece has received a total of two hundred sixty billion euros as part of three bailout since twenty ten its latest and most likely its last bailout runs out in august the loans have come in exchange for sweeping and highly unpopular public sector reforms which saw pensions slashed and a freeze on recruitment exactly how the bailout program will be wound down is not yet clear questions remain about any continuing presence of e.u. financial watchdogs in greece as well as the amount of debt relief the eurozone finance ministers will hopefully have some answers at their next meeting in june. and there's something different about the atmosphere at the talks this time around our correspondent at the meeting in sofia is barbara. we've seen something
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quite unusual here of when european finance ministers the euro group finance ministers are talking about greece there was a lot of you know man unanimity usually there was a lot of fighting and struggling but now they really say we're sort of ninety percent of the way in now we want to see this through basically we could say that the euro group finance was one the greek problem off the table for more than eight years they've seen crises and dramas and shouting behind closed doors and now all this is supposed to end on august twenty years and they want to smooth the way so they really seem to be of one mind to say oh we want to sort of make them go out we want to make them leave in an orderly manner they will be free however of course there will be conditions for the time afterwards greece has seen an astonishing economic recovery throughout the last two years there is some grows that there's
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also a budget surplus now the conditions are good greece is supposed to stay on the route reform process they need to be there needs to be further or continued austerity in a certain way however we will help them there will be an exit payment and so the ministers were really largely of one mind and the problem now is mainly they are waiting for bullen because all of shorts the new finance ministers came here and he brought nothing he had nothing to put on the table and of course the contentious issue still is debt relief how is that going to be structured what is going to be to look like and so there will have to be further talks about that. the world's richest man it just got richer jeff pays us founder and biggest shareholder of online retailer amazon has seen another eight billion u.s. dollars added to his personal networks shares in his company have jumped by seven
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percent after announced first quarter profits more than doubled compared to last year analysts say a rise in online shopping and increased demand for the firm's cloud services drove up the numbers but it's not all plain sailing more from our man on wall street yes caught in restaurants on wall street are not so much more pressing at this point of possible regulatory action they're looking at the growth figures and they're pretty breathtaking and what counts even more is that wall street seems to be convinced that amazon actually can repeat this growth number for the current quarter and then expect there once again that profit will more than a double in the stock of amazon and did reach a new all time high in the friday session overall we got a lot of very strong. earnings from a big tech companies microsoft there intel for example but intel even if the numbers of are rock solid actually could not see the stock price increase overall
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after a quiet to turbulent week especially when it comes to the dow jones there was not a lot of action in the friday's session and investors are already looking ahead because the next week we will get for instance the numbers from apple and there is quite some skepticism especially regarding the i phone and ten sales that that stock was among the losers shortly before the weekend. researchers are investigating the genetics of chickens in an unusual farm lab just launched an ethiopian the aim to raise disease resistant climate resilient chicks to improve the attrition and income for farmers in east africa and it isn't just about the research but raising awareness apparently chicken farmers appreciate ott to. they look just like chicks anywhere in the world but they're actually very special the sweet little tweeters are hopefully the beginning of the more hardy strain of
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poultry for east african conditions here at the international livestock research institute in the ethiopian capital addis a baby scientists combine genetic knowledge with traditional animal husbandry skills. if we want. more eggs will grow faster which are more resistant we have to select them from a pool from a pool of diversity and this is why diversity entered the game we saw diversity breeding improvements ethiopia is rich in terms of diverse poultry genes that allows breeders to plant strains. the researchers even commissioned art installations from screens of different poultry heads to a book with details of the human genome to raise local awareness of genetics the global cannot exist. and the local cannot exist without the. the global
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so we have trying to bring that one and use it to send a message to the committee submitted to the development practitioners to send a message to the father metz farmers like sheep some deborah hanna who lives on the outskirts of the city he and his wife make their living raising chickens. says his poultry techniques have improved in recent years ya never got pushed on earlier times our chickens were quite often sick and we weren't caring for them properly and so we used to just let them wander around all day like now my wife and i are giving them all the necessary care and attention they need. we take it in turns and that way we're able to do other things as well. that i can. get behind also sells eggs as well as cox he breeds the income that makes goes in part to buy sheep for the family the aiello right. breeds of chicken will inspire the famous to also invest in poultry as a way of improving their livelihoods. so it's time for us to chicken out from
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the d.w. business team here thanks for watching and have a great weekend. cut. cut cut. cut cut. cut cut cut. cut. cut. cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut. cut.
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