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the jump started when thirteen on g.w. . this is already news live from burning coal meets trouble the german chancellor goes to washington to save the iran nuclear deal offered to talks at the white house i'm going to marco says the deal has slowed down iran's nuclear activities that recognizes it's not sufficient so what leverage does she have now also coming up. the leaders of north and south korea praised for committing so peace at their
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historic summit will they avoid the mistakes of the past. and a terminally ill british toddler at the heart of a legal battle has died out. a rare brain of these judges agreed with doctors that life support should be withdrawn against his parents wishes to bring you the full story. from helena humphrey thanks for your company in washington a german chancellor angela merkel has held talks with u.s. president donald trump now it was the second face to face meeting between the two americas first trip to washington since being reelected she's trying to persuade him to stay in a landmark nuclear deal with iran which he has threatened to pull off it was just one issue a differences between them a proven difficult to bridge. as chancellor merkel met president trump at the
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white house the focus was on style as well as substance. after a frosty first meeting last spring in washington this time there were signs of a thaw no handshakes persist on this occasion and there were kind words from president trump that we have a really great relationship and we actually have had a great relationship right from the beginning but some people didn't understand that but we understand it and that's what's important but very extraordinary woman and it's an honor to have you at the white house for people. but the cordial tone couldn't hide differences on the issues at hand trump has threatened to pull the u.s. out of the euro nuclear deal once to save it. does this it remains as anything but perfect it will not solve all of the problems of iran is one piece of the may say one building block that we can improve upon the money all phone con on the
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issue of trade mechelle got no assurances that the trump would continue to exempt the e.u. from steel and aluminum tariff states instead trump bemoaned the u.s. trade deficit with the european union has it's been unfair and i don't blame the chancellor and i don't blame germany i don't even blame the european union i blame the people that preceded me for allowing this to happen. there's no way we should have a trade deficit of one hundred fifty one billion dollars me on a coast pending trump revived an old grievance with europe we're protecting europe and yet we pay by far more than anybody else the nato is wonderful but it helps europe more than it helps us and why are we paying the vast majority of the costs thank you very much everybody even though max is meeting with trump lasted only a few hours it followed a three day visit by french president emanuel not calm neither leader was able to get trump to change course on iran or trade it's
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a sign transatlantic ties could remain troubled. joining me to discuss this further now is nicole and then that she's an associate fellow at the german council on foreign relations now nicole no actual achievements that we can necessarily put all finger on at the moment perhaps a warm up in a relationship between merkel and trump a mugging how significant is that woman reception to the transatlantic relationship it's certainly very important because you know he reaches alt's in iraq a constructive atmosphere and if the mood and the atmosphere is guided by a more positive spirit that already helps that at the end of the day this visit will be viewed on the basis off the successes and the chancellor had very concrete ideas of what she wanted to achieve in this meeting and we have to see young may second if she reach the goal for example with the exception off the european union
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from the terrorists u.s. it's going to impose yes let's pick up on that a little bit more because you mentioned the exemptions for the e.u. when it comes to tariffs there was also the iran nuclear deal that was a conversation that the leaders were keen to have as well because we also sort of course the french president a man who i might call go to washington before machall needa back home or manage to draw out commitments on these issues to do. if the e.u. have any leverage going for it you know sometimes the process is a process where certain steps have to be taking one after another and the visit of my troll prepared the ground for further negotiations and what i thought was very interesting about the visit of merkel is that she admitted that the nuclear deal is far from perfect one of the issues is said you know it has a certain time limit to it and the other issue of the us is complaining about is that the ballistic missile program is not part of the deal and she said we have to
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improve the deal but it's a good base to further negotiate in this is the european position they consider the deal as a big success for europe and they also see it in strengthening the more reformist in iran so for for the u.s. president to listen to the european leaders and to understand or trying to understand what they have what they can put on the table is an important step right now when we look at the visits of merkel and michael can you see a kind of game plan emerging from these two in how they deal with trump absolutely i mean one of the positive signs that came from the two visits was the european union now wants to show we are we stand together now we speak with one for as you know a criticism that has been heard over the years over and over again and the telephone exchange between my call and. on friday morning already showed that they are really you know working hand and hand the results however we don't know what the
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outcome will be and that is all still to play for a vote from the german council on foreign relations thank you for your insights. well the international community is praising the leaders of north and south korea for working to formally end this state of war between their countries this comes sixty five years after the end of fighting in the korean war and friday's historic summits north korean leader kim jong un and south korean president one day and said they would sign a formal peace treaty by the end of this year and work towards a nuclear free peninsula and they insisted they don't wish to repeat the mistakes of the past. an extraordinary moment in korean history after decades of hostilities and the threat of a nuclear confrontation can john on a moon j. in embraced a new era of peace in the peninsula. the leaders
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signed a historic declaration which aims to end the two countries longstanding conflict key points include a plan to convert the cease fire into a formal treaty an agreement to pursue the denuclearization of the korean peninsula reuniting families separated by the war and the follow up summit in the north capital pyongyang this autumn. in south korea reaction to the summit was mixed the unity image could symmetry it would be great if reunification were possible but if not at least i hope that by declaring an end to the korean war we can live in peace. here i think that for elderly people like us who experienced the korean war it is hard to trust north korea because of its past behavior can we really trust them it would be great if we could see what the world thought. in the north the state controlled media was upbeat. one north
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and south korea confirmed the common goal of realizing a nuclear free korean peninsula through complete to denuclearize ation. but despite the groundbreaking summit a history of failed peace or times has some critics wary of the north commitment many wonder whether the summit like the tree the two leaders planted will bear fruit and now to some of the other stories making news around the world archaeologists have uncovered a mass grave of over one hundred forty children in peru dating back to the fifteenth century wounds on the skeletons suggest the children were sacrificed along with hundreds of baby lomas archaeologists say it may be the largest ritual killing of children in history. thousands have taken to the streets of florida in spain they're protesting off the five men accused of raping a young woman at the twenty sixteen running of the bulls were convicted of the
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lesser crime of sexual abuse the case has sparked anger given increased reports of sex attacks at the event. new u.s. secretary of state mike pompei who has arrived in saudi arabia it's the first stop of his middle east two way he'll discuss the iran nuclear deal with need is that he's also expected to visit israel and jordan on his first official trip in the vault. the terminally ill british toddler at the heart of a long running legal battle has died in hospital alfie evans had a rare brain disease which doctors said was incurable his parents took the case to court after a children's hospital decided life support should be withdrawn against their wishes . modern medical science save so many lives but it also creates cruel dialin those doctors have concluded that no more could be done for alfie ever he was less than two years old and suffering from a degenerative neurological condition. inevitably his parents and many supporters
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believe the doctors in liverpool had given up too easily the campaign even took them to meet pope francis in rome. i wish to repeat and strongly confirm that the only master of life from the beginning until the natural and is god. a nasty world will be it is our duty. it is our duty to do everything to nurture life. of his parents for a series of court cases to allow him to receive further treatment by the courts agreed with the doctors his father tom evans finally bowed to the inevitable together we recognize the strains of recent events puppets policy or no wish for privacy concerns. and all of these insights we look we will work for just what this . point with dignity call for thought in its. alpha's life support was withdrawn
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on monday night he continued living for longer than doctors had expected gave his parents renewed hope of the end came early on saturday. one of the blunders league is older traditional clubs is heading to the second division next season cologne needed to win their remaining games and hope for other results to break their way but it wasn't to be billy goats just lost a fiber by a score of three to cementing their fate as the first team to be relegated this season. now let's take a look at one is a good action so far on match day thirty two hamburg boosted their chances for survival by beating roseburg there's that cologne result in high book by munich beat frankfurt head to bellini drew with our spec as did shall go with bloodbath now on friday night hoffenheim beat hanover three one thanks to a a monster class of a hat trick from andres cromartie now the croatian man began with this to tap into
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his sixty minutes followed up with this match of a volley in the fifty eight it's a hot summer time with a delicate love interest. and there are still three games to play underway right now live in a take he wants to got on sunday mines need leipsic and they have been battle dormant. well starting great is set for sunday's azerbaijan and growing pretty fast saying qualifying on the streets back to was for the sebastian factor who secured his third pole position in a row with a lap time of one minute forty one point four nine eight in second place on that great is lewis hamilton of mclaren mercedes followed by his teammate teddy brought us last year's winner in back to daniel ricardo stars from force with fellow red bull driver max for stopper in faith and ferrari's commute i couldn't stick.
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germany's top film prize has gone to a film about celebrity actress romy schneider the film three days in the red on picked up a total of seven mo the trophies you group ceremony including the prizes for best film best actress and best director biopic focuses on a candid interview she gave to a magazine reporter while undergoing rehab shortly before her death in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. painting purchased by twenty five thousand online buyers has been put on display in a swiss newseum is the first major work of art to be owned collectively by an online community the owners of because those musketeers bust paid about sixty five years each in return they can all visit the painting at the geneva modern art museum free all the owners enlisted next to the painting projects organizers said their goal had been to make the art market more democratic.
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