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this is d w news live from berlin plans for an internet tax hit a roadblock the e.u. accuses companies like apple and google of avoiding taxes with member states fail to agree to the idea of a tax that would apply everywhere also coming up a terminally ill british toddler at the heart of a legal battle has died alfie evans had a rare brain disease judges agreed with doctors that life support should be withdrawn against his parents' patients. and russia says its floating
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nuclear power plant is key to opening up the arctic but as its maiden voyage begins environmentalist's warn it could become a floating chernobyl. i met her and it is good to have you with us and european union plan to tax internet giants has run into resistance the e.u. says online giants like amazon and facebook google apple haven't been paying their fair share in taxes and the companies earn money across the block but report their profits in just the member states with the lowest tax rates for the pros three percent tax that applause throughout the e.u. members worried and at a meeting in boulder area to discuss the proposal even germany appeared to shy away
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from its previous enthusiastic backing has more on that plane. when journalists at this press conference in severe use google the company makes a profit in bulgaria the search engine though pays its taxes elsewhere usually where there aren't many to pay some say in tax havens anyone knows that it is a big moral question that the because companies of the times i'm not really. contributing to the public duties we have to follow the digital giants are not being the same if you want to explain that to the citizen. google kills its european profits at its headquarters in ireland apple paid a fraction of its profits in taxpayer in twenty fourteen the european commission wants digital companies above a certain size to also have to pay tax when they make money smaller states are
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skeptical. so it's a quite complicated so we're on the cautious side. only e.u. countries in this digital tax will have very little effect. but if the e.u. does impose the tax that could lead to further strain ties with the us with it expected to generate relatively low returns some in the bloc are asking if it's really worth it. well is to look down at some of the stories making news around the world thousands have taken to the streets of kabul in spain they are protesting after five men accused of raping a young woman twenty sixteen running of the bulls were convicted of the lesser crime of sexual abuse the case has sparked anger given increased reports of sex attacks at the event. archaeologists have uncovered a mass grave one hundred forty children in peru dating back to the fifteenth century wounds on the skeleton suggest the children were sacrificed along with
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hundreds of baby lamas archaeologists say it may be the largest ritual killing of children in history. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has arrived in saudi arabia is the first stop of his middle east tour where he'll discuss the iran nuclear deal with leaders there he's also expected to visit israel in jordan on his first official trip in the world. well the terminally ill toddler at the heart of a long running legal battle has died in a british hospital. had a rare brain disorder that doctors said was incurable his parents took the case to course after children's hospital decided life support should be withdrawn against their wishes. a tiny boy a short life a big impact. these liverpudlians have come to pay their respects to alfie evans.
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he was less than two years old and suffering from a degenerative neurological condition. when doctors concluded no more could be done for him alfie's parents wrote a series of legal battles to keep him alive in the end the court agreed with the doctors there with your life support on monday now a heartbreaking announcement via facebook from alfie's father tom my gladiator laid out his shield and gained his wings at two thirty absolutely heartbroken many of the tyler supporters believe the doctors gave up too easily. could somebody do something. corrupt government full of or not. didn't do something. like i'm sorry. i think the whole little bit was softened by the news this morning they've been subsumed by everyone that's gone on really by the by the way today and the fact
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they wouldn't have to take them with them let me take the little boy you. think is it safe to be called to god i times like this is a shock to me and i was she just. so yeah obviously it's all in harboring a boss but it's share with that that was you support them as a city as. the case attracted international attention with the pope weighing in and inviting father to the vatican. i wish to repeat and strongly confirm that the only master of life from the beginning until the natural and is god. really it is our duty. it is our duty to do everything to nurture life. case has sparked a fierce debate in the u.k. over who should make decisions for
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a child's health but for hundreds of people in liverpool on saturday it was time to come together and remember an all too short life. and for some more on this story children bill from the age of you news desk is joining me here in the studio surely there's been really unprecedented huge publicity about this case vocal support keeping for keeping alfie alive coming notably from the vatican what about the debate has this really is a case that grabbed whyld wide attention i mean this is every parent's worst nightmare first of all to find that your young son suffers from red to generative neurological condition and then to have to enjoy months of ego battles back and forth over whether or not life support can be withdrawn from him yes indeed the pope is one of those that's that's waded into this battle he's expressed his support on several occasions for the family and in fact he's tweeted this morning shortly afterward on the wealthy and at the last his fight the pope right i'm
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deeply moved by the death of little alfie today i pray especially his parents has got the father receives him in his tend to embrace and i think it's important to sort of back at the role of the vatican and it's early in this fight is he in fact granted the citizenship meaning that he could then go to italy easier it is hope to find the easy way for him to to go to the hospital and to the vatican has said that it would allow him to remain on life support it was decided there not only in the u.k. courts but also by the european court of human rights that that wasn't fair on alfie it was thought that that was unfairly prolong his life and it was decided that the. could remove his life the well i mean by the same token there was a lot of unfairness by his family and their supporters about the decision to make to take him off of life support you kind of philistine about how this played out in the public but i'm sure you can imagine emotions have been running extremely high
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throughout the the months of the track to the legal battles throughout this case not only from the family who've been very very vocal in the press the issue very major statements but also from the public as well i mean over the last couple of weeks we've seen protests outside the hospital on monday notably several dozen people tried to storm the hospital they had to be reminded that there are there are a number of other sick children in this hospital and they were to keep calm in fact the situation became volatile of the press the police had to issue a statement a lot of online of the same to the hospital and stuff people to keep calm as this really is a something that's that's got a lot of people in the public very upset there are days it has to be said he really come out in support of the hospital as well they've had to make an extremely difficult decision under a lot of public scrutiny and pressure and they've been those who few priests praised the way right now briefly if you could this is the second time in as many
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years that a sort of you know sick child saga has rocked britain and really the world to think that any changes in how big the n.h.s. or others might deal with such situations could become i think because your friend who is is charlie god he is an eleven month eleven month old boy whose parents were trying to send him to america for new experimental treatments to deal with with his illness it was decided that he will say wouldn't be sent abroad that was despite again intervention from the vatican the parents generally in the u.k. their rights to make decisions for their children are protected in law having said that though if that comes into conflict with what the hospitals believe if they think that the parents are making the wrong decision not in the interest of the child it can then go to the core. the courts have the final say on what's best for that child as painful as it is i think it's likely that we've seen it once we've now seen it twice that that is it's going to remain the case. right charlotte children pill thanks for he's up to speed on what has been a very difficult last few weeks. the russia has launched
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a controversial floating nuclear power plant which it says is the first ship of its kind it's been under construction for years in st petersburg but now it's headed to the arctic sea russia needs vast amounts of electricity to tap the rich deposits of oil and gas in the region around the north pole. russia's floating nuclear power plant makes its way out to sea and development since two thousand and seven the academic lemon us off cost around a half a billion euros its builders say it's safe. this power plant incorporates all of the best features of traditional nuclear plants but it's protected from all kinds of natural and technical dangers was. the ship is said to play a key role in russia's plans to develop the arctic it will supply the last amounts of electricity and warmth to far flung locations and to power oil refineries and
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desalination plants. environmentalists warn of the potential dangers greenpeace has dubbed it a floating chernobyl. its maiden voyage takes it around scandinavia to reach months in russia's far north that's where its nuclear reactors will be fueled late next month next year the vessel will travel ten thousand kilometers across the arctic to pay that in syberia it will provide power to the remote mining town and to oil rakes for now the ship is one of a kind that russia says fifteen other countries are showing interest in the technology. football is something of a religion for many around the world and in argentina one club has recreated michelangelo's famous painting in the sistine chapel in their gym using the likeness of superstars like to come out of donna and you know messi now fans and
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players who worship the football legends can also look up to them. messi narrowed dawna to trade as the iconic figures of adam and god in michelangelo's masterpiece argentina's two football stars already have heavenly status in the country anymore lies in the two on this ceiling along with other argentinian stars is. an effort to motivate the next class of up and comers. a good king at the club now has the top figures in the world of football messy america don't know you and the others who have beside them also excellent players with a very good footwork. him we always prioritize goodwill with the kids he gave me so who better to look at you know the nice play is someone there doing it already know . the sports club paid around twenty thousand u.s. dollars to complete the artwork and its president believes every generation will
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look up and be inspired. to grow old kids ones and the ones that love football want to be like our idols when he played. today the kids who play here have messi. and the adults who come also share our idols. and want to move doesn't come off you look at the sky and when you ask god for helping hand you have so many of them here to choose from on this event and if they did see a merit dawna known for the hand of god won the world cup in one nine hundred eighty six with argentina while messi has yet to win the greatest trophy but could also a sin to the same heights at the finals in russia this summer. germany's top film prize has gone to a film about european icon romy schneider movie three days to go home. and sold seven year old trophies of the awards ceremony in berlin including the process for best film best actress and best director. focuses on
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a candid interview schneider gave to him magazine reporter was undergoing rehab shortly before her death in one nine hundred eighty two. and that's her d.j. views from the law and more coming up at the top of the hour. as long as. you know the banks. and so was the language of a bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for my.


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