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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2018 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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looking for action artistry. edge of the seat drama. joy and jubilation. we've got it all loosely going. to go. w. . everyone is welcome to our highlights edition with the best picks of the week here's a look at what we've put together today. a playful picture is the wiki close of an instagram tool from screen. beautiful buses the convention for the
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classic on the bus collectors. and blossoming but the flower festival on the portuguese island of. the photo sharing site instagram has some seven hundred million subscribers so to make a name for yourself or to get your photo seen by the masses you either have to be a really adorable cat or you have to do something to stand out well i know davis and danielle raid seem to have figured out a formula for getting recognized this couple from spain plays with patterns shapes colors and perspectives and now they're getting commissions from advertising and p.r. agencies. and orange chiles becomes a fried egg on the wall. two balloons combined with a red dress create a smiling face. red stripes pose
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a danger to anyone who can't run away fast and. there are photos by ana davis and. the spanish artist you are sets up these little masterpieces with the simplest of resources like an accomplice. to this you must if i had to describe our work in three words they would be creativity fun and minimalism i think that conveys our work pretty well and color true for words. and i know publish their pictures on the internet to instagram channels have more than half a million subscribers. the photographs often play with perspective all present amusing scenarios. the holes in this ball become giant raindrops falling on amazon bella. she and take most of their pictures during their holiday travels. they live in valencia where
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they work together at home on their ideas. their huge success on social media came as a surprise. but it's not that they've got to it's crazy to think that we just did it for fun when we started now it's practically our job. i think what people like about our work is that they are highly structured pictures with clear lives and composition but above all we try to make them entertaining always with new creative ideas. and i first met during their studies he is an architect she is an illustrator but neither of them works much in an actual profession a growing number of companies have taken notice of the photographs and send the couple products like watches or clothing to be staged creatively for ad campaigns.
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like this wind breaker from a french fashion label thank want to use the theme of color hide and seek their idea is to put danielle in a cone of light the same color as the jacket to make him disappear. and leave. it all seems very simple. but it isn't. there's a lot of detail involved. we have to find the right materials so it looks the way we imagined it you know making a photo is an elaborate process. part of that is finding the right location but then three years old quarter with its flamboyant architecture is usually not suitable for you i prefer minimalist buildings with clear geometrical forms. which is why the two head for an unattractive industrial area on the outskirts of town. near the highway they find what they're looking for any
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conspicuous dark gray facade in a sign street. all we have to do now is put up the set and wait until the light gets softer not so direct the shadows are too intense. they say but again that's the sun is always shining. with tape and yellow cardboard they assemble the flash light cone in which danielle will disappear but. the shadows are still too strong two hours go by before the sun is at the right angle for the perfect photo. back home and i'm donald combing through the four hundred pictures to choose the one they like best a few small corrections and it can be posted on instagram. they have a simple strategy for getting as many reactions as possible. we only publish things we're really convinced about. it all takes too much work and that
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shows up in the feedback. people only react when we give it all we've got that's how we improve our technique we get better and more ambitious. photo was worth it within a few days it garnered thirty three thousand likes from instagram users. ana and danielle already experimenting with new ideas short vertical video. suitable for facebook that people can watch on their smartphones there are so many clever and i'm using the stories waiting to be told. i'm so waiting to get thousands of clicks with my cats all right well for fans of all vehicles there are all sorts of vintage car events for of the year here in europe last weekend however there was a very special gathering right here in germany the european meeting of historic buses now these old vehicles normally don't interest me but these omni buses are
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true design classics. some of these buses have put more than ninety years behind them now they cruising the back roads of the us sex and. electives from all over europe have brought some of the most elegant and valuable city buses still on the road to disparage special been teach vehicles mate. i thought maybe it's just fun to fool around with these old things and to drive them keep on going after all there are pieces of cultural history it's. just going to describe it i lived and died for old cars. while the first of all everything rattles all over and second you need some muscles to move them around who were very good. about a hookah of riots in the past by german comic up brenna ball from nine hundred
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twenty eight the oldest european boss to take part in the meet in the late one nine hundred twenty s. and thirty's the boss carried passengers on its route from bad broughton failed as railway station to the center of town it can be quite a challenge to navigate today's traffic with yesterday's technology. you don't get there should be it's hard to steer and shifting gears is complicated you have to double click. china doesn't have any single measure hears that's good answer shifting isn't easy you have to know or during your it'll shake rattle and roll up or does. this one has come the longest way from bristol in england it still has something of the feel of the nineteen eighties about as stuart shelton has been on the road in europe with it for three days so far in motion on. the road i have to concentrate on the driving when you're driving you always walk up the road. or in the mirror. and no matter
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how pretty the girl is all that has to do see the look out. one by one the antique glasses of arrive at the museum grounds in a total of seventy entries if come from all over germany as well as england switzerland belgium and austria the organizer of the maze is the new p.s. vita automotive museum its collection has more than one hundred historical vehicles all carefully restored by hand including this nine hundred twenty seven buick city pass. now it's time for a very special event on the program a convoy through the countryside to the one time imperial benedictine abbey of cool be a unesco world heritage site. told the buses make the eighty some kilometer round trip without mishap even ex-pirate chief
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friedel all commands old buick. hardy who believed in vision are by their cards jerks or old but that's just a new leaf that is. the vintage bos fans take the opportunity to trade stories and information where can they get this or that spare parts who knows a specialist all who can get a rare historical detail back in order. other this in the garden hard to find you know just as people are dying out in the field there are many left who can restore old vintage vehicles life. on a preserved bus needs a lot of love a lot of time and a lot of money to keep it going and if we can't have a lively membership. then it will die out. expanding the numbers of vintage bass fans shouldn't be quite as hot the owner operators here are. among the spectators at events like these up plenty of women turning. this into
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a mamiya more and more women are driving that big break trucks and it's quite possible that one of them might eventually take up this hobby lobby for women are becoming emancipated so you might see them in buses like these. it's really interesting to drive a bus like the it's true the drivers are mostly men but i got my driver's license on an older model an old mercedes three zero three so it's nice to see antique vehicles like these which i'm not. together the fans here are doing what they can to make sure these historical buses will be preserved the future generations. time now for something to eat and as we have said before you don't have to go very far in berlin to experience international cuisine there are some one hundred eighty nine nations represented in berlin and some of these people bring
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a slice of their native countries with them in the form of calling mary treats well today we're going to try out a special hire salad from laos so born after tea. has been my first memories of berlin where the months that i spent in an asylum seekers home those are my earliest memories i can remember the long haul always the linoleum floors there were many cribs for children and many other people from asia . nguyen was born in one nine hundred seventy seven and now this photograph of her extended family was taken before her birth her father was critical of the government and in one nine hundred seventy nine her family fled to to. island how on nguyen was the youngest of four siblings a year later she arrived in berlin. meanwhile she has her own family sharing meals together with her husband and children is very important to
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her. and as and speak to as you know him in asia plays a very big role host at the center of everything at big family celebrations too there's always a lot of food good food it's always the highlight heighten or even nowadays when there's a family celebration everyone looks forward to the food and of course to spending time with your family when you all get together. how nguyen originally trained as a foreign language clerk. in twenty eleven she and her two brothers opened a restaurant in the noise her under strict upper lip. features dishes from south eastern asia. and it's. been an immense partisan dung my father's name is don yeah officially our last name
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is nguyen because the person who applied for our permission to come here put down the name nguyen which is a very common vietnamese name musician but our real name is don. that's why we decided to use that name for a restaurant and dissing. and shame is a nod to indochina which laois is a part of you know in which my grandfather and great grandfather worked for the french sometimes as cooks that's why we thought it was a good fit that it's cost one time i don't think the six pounds going to go to. a pious salad is a traditional laotian dish which is served in many different ways. but usually eaten with for men to tramp. in an unusual twist the ingredients are crushed with a mortar and pestle. copiah
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salad ism a launch of flavors combining the sweetness of a pio and sugar a salty fish sauce the sour notes of lemon and the spicy heat of chillies. scene is definitely spicy hot as he did this we had many dishes that have some heat to them but they aren't just spicy they all have their own distinct flavor combinations because we also use a lot of her absence spices this is an asian cooking that we tend to use many more ingredients than in european cuisine and it tends to be more expensive because the herb's aren't as widely available so they do const more. fritos tosser is where
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north korean meets berlin's courts back district it's an area that's changed a lot in recent years grains here used to be affordable which drew many young people to the district and that was followed by the rise of a vibrant restaurant scene once a rather rundown area it's now become trendy. zambrano cone is very colorful very edgy and also multicultural. if used to be a bit more of a ghetto i guess you could say as in the area i live in which isn't that far from my restaurant used to be a place where most people didn't want to live today it's almost impossible to find a place here. when the restaurant is busy how nguyen helps out in the kitchen. ever since her brothers left the business her cousin and mother have done the cooking. some idea played some found in the sand said no. thanks very yummy all right
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from food to travel now and we're off to the portuguese island of madeira located on the atlantic ocean i'm a deer is often referred to as the green or flower island because of its vegetation and at this time of year that certainly rings true because a major flower festival is in full swing with a big parade as the highlight. there's a party atmosphere in flint shot in the capital of madeira the portuguese island is celebrating something it has plenty of flowers the highlight of the celebration is a magnificent parade always held three weeks after easter. roberto rodrigo she is taking part with his dance group food as somebody born in portugal he lived in switzerland for many years now he's returned home. to look at what's really fun to be in the plowright it's great to see how people are so happy to see all the
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flowers the dancing our costumes it's wonderful to take part here. past the album it's about. the flower festival was the main topic of conversation and for weeks before the parade floral carpets had been spread out on the main promenade and flowers handed out to visitors. who battle and his team start preparing for the parade in early april it's taking quite a bit of effort. this is our fish really some quality but it's difficult to coordinate all the people the whole team that's here we work under time pressure of course to get everything done everything has to be ready tomorrow it's not just the front where you also have to coordinate one hundred thirty people. on the phone but i think i could mention some courting and. countdown is on with one day to go floats and marchers have to be transformed into bouquets of flowers within
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a single day to make sure the blossom stay fresh the hats made with orchids and third and protests help people get into the party mood before the parade kicks off . the. designer dina trend diving is responsible for the costumes and floral accessories she emphasizes color and authenticity. is flowers from here. and we is this week award this is made here and there is so it's far from our handmade. art craft it's really fun because it's a flow a festival and we live in an island full of color full of nature and you have to project to work with it and that gets really interesting because it's something that you love so that whole is the little touch. madeira is called the island of flowers they flourish in the sub tropical climates even on rocky or volcanic ground so it's the ideal place to celebrate an annual festival of flowers.
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the director of tourism couldn't agree more. a small flower festival started with an exhibition that's over says sixty years old about sixty three and then about thirty years ago we started with the parade as it is with groups involved which has been growing year by year and this is one of the biggest so in numbers one thousand five hundred people starting with little ones from four year olds. it's sunday afternoon and in fifteen minutes the parade will begin. his club were up until two in the morning putting together and decorating their float now it's ready to move out and the club members pose for tourists. can feel the adrenaline rising it can set off getting really excited you know it's completely normal when you walk and i
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sold the people and everything else here. well now away. i'm sure it'll be a great. show day and. with so much floral spectacle spring can't be anything but gorgeous. and is certain he'll be taking part again next year in the. and will be there to our time now for a sneak peek into someone's humble abode and for that we are heading to the south of france to the port city of set on the mediterranean now this is a house that truly reflects the travels of its owner quite well. on this hill overlooking the city of set in the south of france you'll find the home of ben saeed spacious windows graced the entire facade and suggest that there is much to be discovered inside. the sandstone framing the extension came from the very ground
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on which the i team manager had his house built. with morning welcome welcome in my house. it's doing. the entrance leads right into the open concept living area. covering one hundred twenty square metres it functions as a sitting room kitchen dining room and. the house is a mix of travel stories and when i travel. a lot of feelings of emotion. and they wanted to put this whole thing. inside in one hundred one place. to business men have the house bill to his
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specifications four years ago. he's furnished the living room with design classics like this charles ames lounge chair from one nine hundred fifty six and modern. from here there's a clear view of the port city of set and the mediterranean. in this region we have almost all the year so the health has to be on the same wave so i wanted to have in this house the spirit. because it is a fan of the spanish island of the decorated the bedrooms on the upper floor giving them a typical island style one bright colors give the place a real holiday feel. the room is one of the place you spend
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a lot of time and the color. make make you happy and. the interior design is. a mix of styles. retro accessories design classics and modern furniture. while purists might not approve this president clearly feels very much at home here. also has a passion for recycled materials in the bathroom old railway ties serve as a countertop. and the old wood planks constituting the dining room table were once part of an indonesian fishing vessel. the house also has a wine cellar with a small bar. the color scheme of the retro look paper harmonizes with a british colonial style leather armchair
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a table made from recycled wooden pallets provides the finishing touch it's a home full of memories and atmosphere. here. and his house inset a personal home by very personal experiences. and this cat will get lots of fun. and with that we wrap up another week of your own back don't forget to check us out on social media or follow the show on our website as always for me and the rest of us here max thanks for tuning in.
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the. odds.
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with the. odds. with the. twenty three million people twenty three million homs beating to the rhythm of a fast paced metropolis to a shocking alex give it to me the chinese dream to a everything is hollow. and false to a people keep up shanghai the mega-cities the books.
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come on. come on. a new cause for celebration a world press freedom day may third. on t.w. . the dangerous battle for images. five women. five exceptional stories. sara i want to look in a. way that may be nothing more dizzying one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing sleep for moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell the stories of people who ended up killing. women or photographers starting may third on g.w. .
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as for celebration world press freedom day may third on t.w. . get. on that you want to read it. thank you so much a lot of things experimental. my god my god right right. oh my god. oh my gosh.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin new plans for an internet tax hit a roadblock the e.u. accuses companies like apple and google of awarding taxes but member states fail to agree to the idea of a tax that would apply everywhere also coming up a terminally ill british toddler at the heart of a legal battle one of the die elfie ovens have a rare brain disease judges agreed with doctors that life support should be withdrawn against his parents' wishes.


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