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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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you know. it's the news line from berlin up big step forward for deescalation on the korean peninsula north korea pledges to dismantle the cycloid as its nuclear weapon and allow foreign media to watch we'll go live to seoul for the latest also on the show . the outrage in spain over gang rape projects thousands take to the streets to protest the acquittal of five men accused of breaking
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a young woman in the studio comp long not during the bull running faster vault in two thousand and sixteen. and it's going down to the wire at the bronx and up to jurgen going to sleep this weekend things got there's a gulf between hamburg as they fought for survival and it was no different in fiber as cologne desperately trying to avoid relegation. and welcome to the show in the latest development on the korean peninsula pyongyang has pledged to shut down its underground nuclear test site next month that's according to south korean officials they say the north would also end by foreign media and experts to the site. to ensure the process is transparent and a groundbreaking summit on friday more korean leader kim jong un and south korean
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president pledge to officially and the state of war between their two countries and rid the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. for more let's go to seoul our correspondent jason strother is standing by jason the north says it's prepared to shut down the nuclear test site in mere weeks what more you can you tell us about this new development. and well evidently during their summit on friday kim jong un said this to president moon that in may he will be prepared to close down the site and invite international observers analysts experts that he will make the dismantlement of this of syllabi live public to the world and what do we know about this nuclear korean site. right well since two thousand and six this is the area that north korea has conducted all six of its nuclear tests there are four
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tunnels two of which seem to be in active right now but there are still two more tunnels there are reports however that due to the most recent test back last september north korea's strongest nuclear test to date that much of the facility was damaged including much of the mountain that is on top of the facility now kim jong il evidently told president moon during their summit that you know despite reports of this area being damaged even reports that it's leaking radiation or potentially could leak radiation that the conditions there are just fine and the other two sites are are are functional jason you mentioned the potential damage speculation about the damage the nuclear site could this be one of the reasons that he's agreed to denuclearize because many people are very skeptical about this decision and whether they'll actually do it. people are right to be skeptical.
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the problem with north korea is that it would never really ask for help there have been many disasters over the years in north korea and you know they have requested aid but very through back channel ways it's a complete possibility that this is something that's on kim jong un's mind and as you know if in fact engagement is serious here and that international observers are able to go in and perhaps eventually aid workers this could be something that would need to be addressed jason strother in seoul thank you very much thank you now some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president daal trump says he expects to hold talks with north korea's kim jong with him quote three to four weeks he made the comment during a rally in michigan the exact date and location of the meeting has not yet been announced this week. i mean he has governing party says it will not put forward
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a new candidate for prime minister after surged in resignation a week ago is seen as a bid to ease tensions following he said anti-government protests opposition leader in a call passion eon is now the only candidate parliament will make its selection on tuesday. a french museum has discovered that more than half of its collection are fakes police in the town of now are investigating how the gallery which is dedicated to the french painter. ended up with eighty two counterfeit paintings paid some one hundred sixty thousand euros for the drawings and watercolors investigators say works by other artists could also be affected. larry harvey the founder of the burning man arts festival has died in the united states tens of thousands of people attend the annual nevada gatherings he started in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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it conclude with the burning of a giant effigy family and friends have called him a visionary mentor who challenged others to view the world in new ways he was seventy years old come with cars for. tens of thousands of protesters have rallied across spain to condemn a court ruling which has cleared five men of gang raping a young woman at the twenty sixteen bull running festival and pump it filmed the incident and then bragged about it on whatsapp demonstrators say sentencing the men for the lesser offense of sexual abuse which carries a jail sentences of nine years each is not enough the victim and her lawyers are appealing the verdict. i the court's ruling has unleashed a wave of anger around spain i was i the protesters insist the verdict is too lenient and that too often it felt like the victim was the one on trial i would assume there are so many incoherencies of the sentence the
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justice system is still patriarchal it blames oft rather than protecting us even though they think it must kill us we don't want to be scared to go out at night but we always are it's horrible and done fast leaving the scene close to look at here. the crime took place during the annual san fermin bull running festival in pamplona back in two thousand and sixteen. amid the drinking and revelry prosecutors alleged five men led an eighteen year old woman into a building where they raped her filmed themselves in the act and then stole her mobile phone but judges stopped short of ruling the crime to be rape which in changing how spanish law defines break. any change to the laws must be well thought out and all political parties must participate in out that's our will proceed. i with protests to continue so too is the court case that's driving them lawyers for both the prosecution and defense say they're going to appeal the ruling
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. but this league a season is going down to the wire for clubs locked in the relegation scrap on saturday last place cologne headed to freiburg eating a win to have any hope of avoiding the drop and with the hosts also fighting for their lives it was not going to be an easy day for either side. classic six point game got moving fast mike france with the crust and pietersen in the scoring in the fourteenth minutes. with no chance. and threatened again. him penalty but couldn't convert one half time soon after the restart suffered another blow pietersen once again for mr reliable past many kinds to hit the two near. seven or freiburg last eight goals
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attack. until the eighty second minute that is. make it two one and out of nowhere the billy goats were back in the game. in three straight games and he wasn't done yet. to all as he headed in the cross from my cell research. it was now anyone's game and less than a minute later fribourg created a crazy double chance i first team horn deny geonic abouta before dominic moto stopped look at her there's a rebound on the line that wasn't the last word from fribourg however robin cox header landed at the feet of her i who netted his first one just league goal i three two the final score i an important win for fribourg and the sixth time
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cologne have been relegated from the bundesliga. clock and among the instagram photos we were kind of prepared for this off to spending the whole season at the bottom and but we always kept hoping it's a bitsa day today. colognes fans were loyal to the end and next season they'll be cheering on their team's campaign to return to the top flight. colonus out but one team that's never been relegated in the history of the bun displayed is hamburg recent years have seen them straight mightily close to falling out of the first division and this season is no exception on saturday they faced fellow strugglers wolfsburg in their latest attempt to perform a great escape. hamburg fans continue to believe that same travel to walsh but desperately needing three points to avoid the drop the foul on touch oh yeah eto'o gave them a chance from twelve yards in the forty third minute. but he would convert it to
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give hamburg a crucial lead was the visitors doubled their advantage three minutes later eight zero turning creator to hand lewis holtby the simplest of finishes the germans fourth goal in five games capped an excellent first off a christian teaches side. hamburg almost up to third after the break to catch steals denying phillip kostitsyn the seventy second minute to keep his team in the game. finally will spoke turned up substitute yossi break hello left this hopeful free kick the on the fitness union policy. but hamburg bounced back luke about schmidt when his side another penalty and added time cost it missed but belgium it was on hand again to score his first of the season was. hamburg
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celebrates a third win in full matches to give fans fresh belief. bruno love of the as wolves on the other hand may soon need a miracle of their own. and saturday's late game champions league hopefuls leverkusen hosted stood guard and there was a minor upset in the carts christiane getting our settled the game in the guests favor with this thumping header in the sixty seven minute the defeat means the hike a hellish as men slip into their one point behind hoffenheim now occupy the last champions league spot start barking while are already guaranteed. another season in the bundesliga. now let's take a look at all the bundesliga action so far on match day thirty two as we just saw laver couzin lost a car in saturday's late game
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a crucial win for hamburg and freiburg to wrapping it up late with a three two win over cologne munich beat frankfurt and berlin drew with outs for two to another tie between shaka. on friday night hoffenheim had over three one later today mines will face life's a and braman battle dortmund so now let's see what all that means for the bundesliga table for now hoffenheim have taken the fourth champions league spot away from labor who isn't but it's still very much up for grabs in the bottom half freiburg take a big step forward towards safety the same goes for hamburg though for now they're still in the drop zone with already relegated cologne. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you thousands have marched across . the. crime of sexual
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abuse. assaulted and. the victims. of north korea says it will dismantle. the north. sea. which saw the north korean leaders promise to officially end the war between now. and you can always get. all the latest news from around the world. for any breaking news you can also use that to send us your photos and videos. from google play store. the top of the hour with more.
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time for all the latest.


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