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the german starting may thirteenth gone to w. . this is the w. news live from but a big step forward for deescalation on the korean peninsula and north korea register to dismantle their cyber attack its nuclear weapons and allow foreign media and access to observe also coming up. outrage in spain and baghdad no raid that expounds and take to the streets protesting acquittal of five men accused
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of raping a young woman in the city of no no during the bull running festival twenty sixteen . and russia says it's crazy nuclear power plant is key to opening up the arctic but as its maiden voyage begins environmentalists in it could become novel on on. on how to hold free thanks for joining me days off the historic summit between north and south korea pyongyang now says it's prepared to shut down its underground nuclear test site this according to officials in the south korean capital seoul is one of the first steps expected to be taken off to north korean leader kim jong un and south korean president pledged to officially end the state of war between the two countries on friday. friday's summit was long on
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promises and binding but it was short on specifics about how to achieve the grand goals discussed. goals like the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and quieting the threat of regional war now the first specifics on shutting a nuclear test site in the north. as that site it's made up of a series of tunnels in the mountainous north east of the country has reportedly seen six nuclear tests since two thousand and six the last in september of last year. it will be closed down in may according to remarks by kim jong un quoted by the south koreans the shutdown would be transparent with international experts and journalists on hand including those from the us kim said if a summit with u.s. president donald trump takes place it would be clear he is not a person to fire missiles toward the u.s. . kim also said why would north korea keep nuclear weapons if we get talks
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with the us more regularly build trust reach an agreement to end the war and receive a non-aggression agreement. for his part trump told supporters saturday that his proposed meeting with kim jong un is in the works and we are doing things that are good i think we'll have a meeting over the next three or four weeks are going to be a very important meeting trump's tone was cautiously optimistic but he added whatever happens happens. tens of thousands of protesters have rallied across space you condemn a court ruling which has cleared five men of gang raping a young woman and the twenty sixteen bull running festival in pamplona at filmy instant and then bragged about it on messaging service what some demonstrators say sensing the men for the lesser offense of sexual abuse which carries jail sentences of nine years each is not enough the victim and her lawyers appealing the verdict i the court's ruling has unleashed
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a wave of anger around the spain i was protesters and says to the verdict as to lenient and that too often it felt like the victim was the one on trial i would say there are so many incoherencies of the sentence the justice system is still patriarchal it blames ostrov than protecting us even though the victim was still as we don't want to be scared to go out at night but we always are it's horrible and unfair leaving you see who still get you. i the crime took place during the annual san fermin bull running festival in pamplona back in two thousand and sixteen amid the drinking and revelry prosecutors alleged five men led and eighteen year old woman into a building where they raped her filmed themselves in the act and then stole her mobile phone but judges stopped short of ruling the crime to be raped which requires evidence of violence or intimidation under spanish law. multiple lawmakers
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have condemned the ruling the conservative government says it's now considering changing how spanish law defines great bargain any change so the laws must be well thought out and all political parties must participate in out that's our will proceed he said ah i with protests to continue so too is the court case that's driving them lawyers for both the prosecution and defense say they're going. to appeal the ruling. now some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. secretary of state's mike compare has urged saudi arabia to resolve its dispute with cata in a meeting with saudi kings man in riyadh one player said gulf unity needed to be achieved saudi arabia and many of its neighbors have cut ties with cats are accusing it of supporting terrorism and iran cattle denies it's. a media his
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governing party says it will not put forward a new candidate for prime minister often said sarkisyan resignation a week ago the move is seen as a bid to ease tensions following weeks of antigovernment protests opposition leader nicola. is now the only candidate parliament to make its lection on cheese to. a french museum has discovered that more than half of its collection all fakes police in the town of n. are investigating how the gallery which is dedicated to french pain to edge interior aided up with eighty two counterfeit paintings it paid some one hundred sixty thousand euros for iraq's. government says it will spend almost four hundred million u.s. dollars to help restore the great barrier reef the reef is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet in recent years it lost thirty percent of its corals to to rising sea temperatures and damage caused by the coral eating crown of
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thorns starfish. russia has launched a controversial floating nuclear power plant it's been under construction of the years in st petersburg and its two reactors a jew to be equipped with nuclear fuel little sail to the arctic sea next summer as moscow looks to secure the rich deposits of oil and gas believed to be in the region around the north pole. russia's floating nuclear power plant makes its way out to sea and development since two thousand and seven the academic lemon us off cost around a half a billion euros it's builders say it's safe. well this power plant incorporates all of the best features of traditional nuclear plants it's protected from all kinds of natural and technical dangers was these to be. the ship is said to play a key role in russia's plans to develop the arctic it will supply a vast amounts of electricity and warmth to far flung locations and to power oil
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refineries and desalination plants. environmentalists warn of the potential dangers greenpeace has dubbed it a floating chernobyl. its maiden voyage takes it around scandinavia to reach months in russia's far north that's where its nuclear reactors will be fueled late next month. next year the vessel will travel ten thousand kilometers across the arctic to pay back in superior it'll provide power to the remote mining town and to oil rakes for now the ship is one of a kind but russia says fifteen other countries are showing interest in the technology. ready says one of europe's most populous cities with tourists but many residents say what was once a blessing has now become accustomed he is sick of the huge numbers of businesses who traipse through their city every day saying they disrupt normal life for the locals but not for much longer because the italian city has come up with
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a way to turn back some tourists at peak times and assessing it out they slow holiday weekend. the city of gondolas of canals. and of overcrowding. last year nearly thirty million people visited venice many flocking to see the same famous sites but this week their path may be blocked responding to complaints from local residents the city's mayor has installed automated gates to control the flow of pedestrians through the most well trodden areas. i think it's a good idea for a city we cannot accept mass unchecked tourism tourism should be unintrusive is obvious. although gates remain open much of the time police can shut them to divert foot traffic to other areas when the streets become too crowded but as visitors to venice continue to come in larger numbers the small city is urging tourists to think before they visit. we are advising tourists who want to spend
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a single day in venice to avoid coming on the most popular days. if the mayor succeeds local venetians may win back some peace and quiet. weightlifting is extremely popular in iran but traditionally the sport has been dominated by men now for the first time a team of female weightlifters has been allowed to compete outside the country at the asian hughson junior championships in spec is still on the ship is a record session to radian women and girls who are usually exclude it from sporting events. it's training time in this gym in weston to run which champions have pumped i run for decades the weight just as heavy as they look at four and nasm the other girls lifting them is a dream come true. my dad was a weightlifter i've loved the sport ever since i was a child and i watched every competition hard founding member of us so as soon as it
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was possible i started lifting weights myself. and now as is proud to continue the family tradition and her passion has paid off. she's the strongest of the four girl team so far. the grains behind the goal success has this office just one floor higher than i live what i do he is president of iran's weightlifting association and perhaps the girl's biggest fan he says there should be a difference between men and women in his sport. well don't remove that we have many iranian men who have many championship titles on our record holders in the field of weight lifting. and the word strongest man right now is an iranian that we want to achieve the same with our women. we hope that in the future
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not the far future i'm talking about the olympics of twenty twenty four that the iranian women can add to these glories which are with governing and then one hundred million more. in just a few months it's come a long way. from over. time i mean they don't have any experience yet and next year they'll do very well in competitions for sure these i mean a five year. but for now we just want them to build up confidence. after all this is their first international competition with him with an effect. on them by admitting. the others excited to leave to iran for its biggest it's a historic first for the girls and for iran's female weightlifter us all together. strong women in more ways than one now for me to a race cars sound like my beals whizzing by incredible speeds with the standing for
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electric they're definitely better for the environment and conventional race cars in the championship racing series bearing the same name started back in twenty forty eight and haas and slowed down a bit carry on his european stage the latest e.p.a. and paris and it favorably for one homegrown drive. the pair's a pretty the eighth round of the world championship started off with the electric car pieces flying everywhere after this tight right turn early in the race tom blomkvist score the greenwood suffered the worst of the damage but managed to keep going. no such problems for the french been with the flag on the tail of his car just a record of who started in pole position and was the first to see the checkered flag win in his home race and expanding his championship lead to thirty one points the former f one driver believes erasing has made it mainstream it is the future of the
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moment so or when the time engine that is getting huge and there's not a question of whether it's going to be huge i know it is huge already we have a moment it's like she was involved in a than in any other time in ship. it makes sense. for races remaining this season next up earlier and. now what you can see behind me is not just any wave it's the largest wave ever surfed eighty foot high that is twenty four meters and that little dog well that is good rico kosha he said you world record when he wrote it all the way in is out it will she go to new member last year and now the brazilian stuff has just been recognized for his fate at the world steph league's big wave awards in santa monica california on saturday night now among the other prize winners was britain's andrey kostin he won the white house is the year award off to this whole reform trying to tackle the same wants to wait on the same day in court and wasn't present because it was nice to recovering from injuries he suffered in
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the white house. and senate wish him all the best this is a d.w.t. you stick around for the bundesliga coming up next on how to humphrey in a bun and i'll see you again at the top of the hour of life. just. look. at your store t.v. the smarter with the t w four small. what you watch for the last up to date extraordinary. depth you decide what's on sunday morning. talk column smart people.


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