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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CEST

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two stories of people who ended up killing. women were first starting research on g.w. . this c.z. wus lawyer from making the case for a harder line on iraq the us six years state michael meets with israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu and says the u.s. is willing to walk away from the a wrong nuclear deal if it isn't changed also their coming up. north korean leader kim jong un offers
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a step forward for deescalation on the korean peninsula he pledges to dismantle its nuclear weapons testing site and allow foreign media and experts to observe. and it's going down to the wire the rocksand of the german plane disney this weekend things got physical between a hamburger and volkswagens they fought for survival and it was no different than five workers carlo desperately tried to avoid relegation. and have a home free thanks for your company u.s. secretary of state mike is taking aim at the iran nuclear deal on his first tour of the middle east since becoming the top u.s. diplomat his latest stop is israel for talks with prime minister binyamin netanyahu who is hopeful pay you a quote true for a if israel were to set their priority was to prevent. from developing nuclear
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weapons. well home buyer us president donald trump's willingness to withdraw from the three year old iran deal which he says doesn't go far enough take a listen to what he said this deal is very flawed he's directed the administration traffics it and if we can't fix it he's going to withdraw from the deal it's pretty straightforward. unlike the past administration president trump has a comprehensive iran strategy that is designed to counter the pull of array of threats emanating from tehran. as part of the president's comprehensive iran strategy we are also working to counter the broad set of the nuclear threats france missile systems its support for hezbollah. the importation of thousands of proxy fighters into syria and its assistance to the hutu rebels in yemen the new u.s. secretary of state that might pump a while for more let's go to some recycle now correspondent in jerusalem sami as we just heard that the u.s.
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secretary of state might pompei are accusing iran of the studies stabilizing in time middle east stressing that unity in the gulf is needed can we expect netanyahu to to respond to that. well i think it was just this symbolic that at the end of the meeting that the conducted together in the collective at the military headquarters it was my poem sail who came out with a statement and it was just standing next to me was listening he was watching and he made no remarks and of course there weren't any questions at the end but this just goes to show you that on this question over iran these are the two leaders see i and i this situation they see iran as as as was mentioned trying to dominate the middle east as destabilizing the middle east and this is something these are the talking points in
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a funny hour has been talking about for years he's been trying to convince the obama administration he failed with the obama administration and now it comes trumpet ministration he has people who see things are really on this issue the same way well that will no doubt the music to netanyahu is of course the comments there from pompei are can we then expect netanyahu to. pull the u.s. it's in needs that deal. indeed this was the main topic over there and conversation a pumpin himself said at the end of the meeting that either we this agreement is going to be six or it's going to be next and this is in line within the ows a position and i can tell you that the israelis as are concerned about in about iran the strength in the middle east they feel that this kind of an agreement is in agreement that lou let
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a ron develop economically and that it will spread its influence in the region we're talking about its influence in iraq in syria in lebanon and in yemen and the fear is that it will further expand its influence because of the low skill of the u. raney and economy during this period and this is the of the concerns on top of course of the fact that the iranians are not having basis military proxy in syria there are medium and long range missiles that the and that have been used also in saudi arabia and israel a few years of them to seventy second injury seven thousand days after a historic summit between north and south korea pyongyang now says it's prepared to shut down its underground nuclear test site this according to officials in the
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south korean capital seoul it's one of the first steps expected to be taken off to north korean leader kim jong il in south korean president one jane pledge to officially and the state of war between that country's. friday's summit was long on promises and binding but it was short on specifics about how to achieve the grand goals discussed. goals like the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and quieting the threat of regional war now the first specifics on shutting a nuclear test site in the north. as that site it's made up of a series of tunnels in the mountainous north east of the country has reportedly seen six nuclear tests since two thousand and six the last in september of last year. it will be closed down in may according to remarks by kim jong un quoted by
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the south koreans the shutdown would be transparent with international experts and journalists on hand including those from the us kim said if a summit with u.s. president donald trump takes place it would be clear he is not a person to fire missiles toward the u.s. . kim also told us why would north korea keep nuclear weapons if we get talks with the us more regularly build trust reach an agreement to end the war and receive a non-aggression pact. for his part trump told supporters saturday that his proposed meeting with kim jong un is in the works and we are doing things that are good i think we'll have a meeting over the next three or four weeks ago to be a very important meeting trump's tone was cautiously optimistic but he added whatever happens happens. now some of the other stories making news around the world the syrian army says it's counted a string of villages from u.s. backed kurdish forces in the country's east clashes between the two sides read the
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years both sides have largely avoided running into each other syrian government forces also announced the recapture of key districts in the south of the capital damascus. armenia's governing party says it will not push forward a new candidate for prime minister after a stash that k.c.'s resignation a week ago move the seas a bid to ease tensions following weeks of antigovernment protests opposition leader mikko pressure in yemen is now the only town that parliament will make its selection on choose day. yes training government says it will spend almost four hundred million u.s. dollars to help first of all the great barrier reef the reef is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet in recent years it has lost thirty percent of its corals due to rising sea temperatures and caused by the correlating crown the full install fish a u.n. security council team visiting bangladesh has promised to step up efforts to
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resolve the crisis and valving million miles were hinge of muslims the diplomats visited the sprawling camps aboard a points where about seven hundred thousand were hidden have taken shelter they fled to bangladesh to escape military led violence. they want to go home thousands of row hundred gathered in part to demonstrate in part to welcome a united nations security council delegation as they arrived stranded at this refugee camp in bangladesh members of the muslim ethnic minority fled their homes in myanmar following a military crackdown last august they hope the un can help them make a safe return. without armor had to demand justice the me and my military have killed a man and to watch it all women so we want justice for those abuses and what i learned there was. some seven hundred thousand rohingya have fled myanmar using security forces of committing massacres and large scale rape and burning down
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entire row hendrik communities the u.n. delegation is seeking solutions to the crisis some members see me on mars government as the major obstacle and the solution must lie in me and they must be allowed to go in conditions of safety it may take some time but we would like to hear from the government to me and how we choose to work with the international community and we will do everything we can the security council as to support progress and trying to come together to take decisions that help there we think at that point the delegation will spend four days in the area meeting with refugees as well as with me on mars leader aung sun suu kyi while suchi has been deeply criticized for allowing the persecution of rohingya the un is visiting on her invitation she has promised to allow thousands of her hinge a to return to me on mars.
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former one champion lewis hamilton has regained the lead in the driver's championship off to winning at tempe lent as a vision grown prater's who raced lead of a teddy bear test staffa a blowout to elapse from victory how wilson took his first checkered flag of the new season for mclaren miss eighty's ahead of ferrari's kimmie reichen with said japan as of force india close behind sebastian vettel lost ground late on to finish fourth with collison jr in a fifth in a crash ridden race on the streets of baquba redbull lost both cars at once when done a regular took out next for stop and ten laps before the et well in the early sunday bundesliga game ites pulled off a commanding three nil up sit set win over all the leipsic minds have been hovering just above the relegation zone and these three points adjusts what the doctor ordered leipzig meanwhile have been in the slump and now have only a tenuous grip on the europeans boss. well when he gets he's going down to the wife
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of clubs and locks it in the relegation scrap hall saturday last place cologne headed to freiburg needing a way to sav any hope of avoiding the drop than with the hosts also fighting for their lives it was not going to be an easy day. this classic six point game got moving fast freiburg smike france but the cross to newspaper since who opened the scoring in the fourteenth minute mohan has no chance. and patterson threatened again marco herger resorting to a foul to stop him penalty but christian gunter couldn't convert one nil at half time soon after the restart cologne suffered another blow pietersen once again fribourg mr reliable reasoning past the many kinds to hit the turn to neil pietersen has scored seven or freiburg last eight goals colognes attack looks toothless until the eighty second minute that is that's when jorge met
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a fed the ball to lay and not open court who volleyed in to make it to one and out of nowhere the billy goats were back in the game. bitten cortez scored in three straight games and he wasn't done yet. to all as he headed in the cross from my cell research. it was now anyone's game and less than a minute later fribourg created a crazy double chance first team horns an idea on a carburetor before dominic moto stopped looked at her there's a rebound on the line that wasn't the last word from fribourg however robin cox header landed at the feet of her five who netted is first one just league goal three to the final score five and important win for fribourg and the six time cologne have been relegated from the bundesliga clock and among the kind of prepared for this off the spending the whole season at the bottom and. but we
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always kept hoping it's a bit of day to day. colognes fans were loyal to the end and next season they'll be cheering on their teams campaign to return to the top flight. another relegation scrap so holes but lose three one at home to hamburg you now have a three wins to four matches but we would spend all ticket in this one for the this is three minutes later there was hope be headed a another one in the second half use it but i kind of free kicks sailed in to give both specs and hope but an added time i blocked penalty kicks fell to the feet of look about schmidt who put the much away. and in saturday's late game still got shocked champions league hopefuls leyva cruz and christian get us out of the game in the visit is faith that we this is something that the sixty seventh minute defeat means that hiker halleck's men sleeping to stay on point behind often high now occupy the last champions league spot got might need one of the ready
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guaranteed and no season in the bundesliga. and reminded of the top story we're following for you ironic was on the agenda as a meeting between u.s. secretary of state's mike compare and israeli prime minister that they you mean it netanyahu in jerusalem and paying countries willing to quit the iran nuclear agreement if it is not changed. based is the news from the bell and plenty more coming up at the top of the hour see them. all to germany spain to gether in one nation from show the money to chancellor all telephone business and. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers . i swear always to bring my own color to bash protect christendom spread to the
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truth. are we going to tell the enemy in time.


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