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this is the line from making the case for a harder line on iraq u.s. secretary of state mike pump a lease with israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu insists the u.s. is winning and to walk away from the wrong u.k. deal if it is unchanged coming up. north korean leader kim jong un on board for deescalation on the korean peninsula euthanasias to dismantle its nuclear weapons testing site and allow foreign media and experts to observe. and it's going
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down to the why of the rough and all of the german born does this weekend things go physical between humbug on both baseball calls the bible and it was no different to cardboard. desperately trying to avoid relegation. from head of the humphrey thanks for your company u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was taking aim at the iran nuclear agreement on his first tour of the middle east since becoming the top u.s. diplomat his latest stop is israel way he's been warmly welcomed by prime minister benjamin netanyahu the two shared his taina for the twenty fifth deal it was intended to stop iran's international isolation in exchange for a verifiable end to its nuclear weapons program but the two said it hadn't put a stop to iran's ambitions. that. handshake
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and a hug and that's when you know says he's proud of the new secretary of state has made israel part of his first officials who are the two established a quick come rod rian front of the cameras. in their press conference they seem to be on the same page especially on one of netanya as favorite agenda topics iran and dismantling the iran deal welcome you. to the president's and your position on stopping the wrong question to you about aggression is going to many people trying to be really you know the people voted the wrong direction to be voting record as a result of science to do the opposite. to be wrong to try to go along with you know that you are going to stop this quest for nuclear bombs you stall this aggression. were committed stop you're going to go. during the election
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candidate trump about to quote cancel the iran deal it's something the rest of the world has stood against and that and you know greatly favors. the announcement of come peo a secretary of state may offer israel a way forward on this action of. america that is that we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous course the rest is rule of the region and iran's a vision to dominate middle east the way. the united states is with israel in the vice president were very clear this deal is very he's directed mr visit. and i guess if that is their approach it's pretty straightforward iran deal as it stands to do years of delicate negotiations this straightforward solution may produce new problems. days off the historic summit between north and south korea pyongyang now says it's prepared to shut down its underground nuclear
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test site this according to officials in the south korean capital seoul as one of the first steps expected to be taken off to north korean leader kim jong un and south korean president and jay in pledge to officially end the state of war between the two countries. friday's summit was long on promises and binding but it was short on specifics about how to achieve the grand goals discussed. goals like the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and quieting the threat of regional war now the first specifics on shutting a nuclear test site in the north. korea's that site it's made up of a series of tunnels in the mountainous north east of the country has reportedly seen six nuclear tests since two thousand and six the last in september of last year. it will be closed down in may according to remarks by kim jong un quoted by
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the south koreans the shutdown would be transparent with international experts and journalists on hand including those from the us kim said if a summit with u.s. president donald trump takes place it would be clear he is not a person to fire missiles toward the u.s. approach has a month kim also told us why would north korea keep nuclear weapons if we get talks with the u.s. more regularly build trust reach an agreement to end the war and receive a non-aggression pact is. for his part trump told supporters saturday that his proposed meeting with kim jong un is in the works and we are doing things that are good i think we'll have a meeting over the next three or four weeks are going to be a very important meeting trump's tone was cautiously optimistic but he added whatever happens happens. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. the third of four of the largest u.s. mobile telephone networks have agreed to merge german owned team obama and japanese
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and strength aimed at su creates a new company that they say will be much stronger much stronger competitor a market dominated by giants eighty and t. and arise and the deal now faces scrutiny from regulate. the syrian army says it's captured a string of villages from u.s. backed kurdish forces in the country's east clashes between the two sides are red for years both have largely avoided each other syrian government forces also announce the recapture of key districts in the south of the capital damascus. army is governing party says it will not put forward a new candidate for prime minister on this his team's resignation a week ago the move is seen as a bid to ease tensions when we weeks of anti government protests opposition leader nicole is now the only candidate in parliament will make its election on cheesed. the australian government says it will spend almost four hundred million u.s.
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dollars to help restore the great barrier reef the reef is one of the most biodiversity ecosystems on the planet in recent years it's lost thirty percent of its corals to see rising sea temperatures damage caused by the coral eating crown of thorns starfish a u.n. security council team visiting a bangladesh has promised to step up efforts to resolve the crisis involving me and miles range of muslims the diplomats visited the sprawling camps of border points where around seven hundred thousand have taken shelter if lead to bangladesh to escape military led violence. they want to go home thousands of row hinge of gathered in part to demonstrate in part to welcome a united nations security council delegation as they arrived stranded at this refugee camp in bangladesh members of the muslim ethnic minority fled their homes in myanmar following a military crackdown last august they hope the un can help them make
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a safe return. cut out in my head to demand justice the me and my military have killed a man and to watch it all women so we want justice for those abuses and what i love her was. some seven hundred thousand have fled myanmar using security forces of committing massacres and large scale rape and burning down entire row hendrik communities the u.n. delegation is seeking solutions to the crisis some members see me on mars government as the major obstacle and the solution must lie in me and they must be allowed to go in conditions of safety it may take some time but we would like to hear from the government to me about how we choose to work with the international community and we will do everything we can the security council and to support progress and trying to come together to take decisions that help there we think that that is what the delegation will spend four days in the area meeting with
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refugees as well as with me on mars leader aung sun suu kyi while suchi has been deeply criticized for allowing the persecution of rohingya the un is visiting on her invitation she has promised to allow thousands of a hinge a to return to me on mars. for me that one champion lewis hamilton has regained the lead in the driver's championship off to winning a turbulent as a by john grown pray this race lead about teddy brought us suffer a blowout from a victory will hamilton took his first checkered flag off the new season for mclaren a mercedes ahead of ferrari's kerry reichen with said joe pettis or force india close behind sebastian vettel at lost ground late all and to finish fourth with commissars jr in faith and a crash ridden race on the streets of baquba red bull lost both his cars at once when dani ricky otto took out max for a stop at ten laps before the end when in the early sunday burned his leg
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a mite's pulled off a commanding three nil ups that were win over all the leipsic might have been hovering just above the relegation zone in these three points just what the doctor ordered leipzig meanwhile have been out of the slump and now have only a tenuous grip on that european spot where the bundesliga season is going down to the wife a club's locked in the relegation scrap on saturday last place cologne headed to freiburg needing a win to have any hope of avoiding the drop with a host of us are fighting for their lives it was not going to be an easy day for either side. classic six point game got moving fast mike france with the cross to newspaper sit in the scoring in the fourteenth minutes. with no chance. and threatened again. to a foul him penalty but couldn't convert one half time
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soon after the restart suffered another blow pietersen once again fribourg mr reliable reasoning past many kinds to hit the two near. seventy or freiburg last eight goals attack. until the eighty second minute that is . make it two one and out of nowhere the billy goats were back in the game. in three straight games and he wasn't done yet. to all as he headed in the cross from my cell research. i am it was now anyone's game and less than a minute later fribourg created a crazy double chance first team horns an idea on aqaba before dominic moto stopped look at her there's a rebound on the line that wasn't the last word from fribourg however robin cox
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header landed at the feet of her five who netted his first one just league goals if three to the final score five if an important win for fribourg and the six time cologne have been relegated from the bundesliga. flocking to monday's debate all those who were kind of prepared for this off to spending the whole season at the bottom and but we always kept hoping it's a bitsa day today. colognes fans were loyal to the end and next season they'll be cheering on their team's campaign to return to the top flight. well one team that's never been relegated in the history of the one does he get is hamburg recent years have seen him scrape mighty close to falling out of the first division in this season is no exception on saturday they face fellow strugglers forsberg in the latest attempt to perform a great escape. hamburg fans continue to believe that seeing travel to walsh but desperately needing three points to avoid the drop of
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a foul untouched eto'o gave them a chance from twelve yards in the forty third minutes i probably would convert it to get hamburg and crucially five above the visitors doubled their advantage three minutes later created a hand lewis holtby the simplest of finishes by the germans fourth goal in five games cut them excellent first off a christie and teaches side by. hamburg almost got to third after the break to couldn't catch steals to knowing full cost each in the seventy second minute to keep his team. and the game. finally was buttoned up substitute yosi break hello lash this hopefully free kick the on the fitness you polish back of a. butt hamburg bounce back look at mount schmidt one his side another penalty and added time cost each missed but about schmidt was on hand again to score his first
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of the season by. hamburg celebrates a third win in format just to give fans fresh believes. bruno love of the as wolves on the other hand may soon need a miracle of their own. and in saturday's late game stuttgart shocked the champions league hopefuls leverkusen just didn't get the center of the game in the visit his favor with this company had sixty seven minutes to speak means that hyper hallux men interfere one point behind hoffenheim now by the last champions league spot got me my own really guaranteed another season in the one deceived. now the top story we're following for you iran was a meeting between u.s. secretary of state mike. in jerusalem and payors this is countries willing to
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quit. if it is. based. in the meantime into a website called. the c.d.c. . they make a commitment. they find. africa among. people making a difference shaping their nation.


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