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this is the w.'s lie from bob and i've got to stop i'm not a doctor to these suicide bombings wrong kabul's diplomatic corps leaving journalists company's offices amongst the death and eleven children are killed in the sacraments attack in the country's south also a look for. hiring perscribe from serious notorious prison system. the former inmates are speaking out about torture. also coming up the e.u. says it is ready to react to u.s. tyrus german chancellor i'm american it was the very same stuff related to the
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president trying to exempt the e.u. due to solid steel on collar many and not germany france and britain cited that move quickly in head by these potentially crippling legs so how much of a trade war europe's french economy. i'm still got a welcome to the program. at least twenty five people have been killed and scholes enjoyed in back to back suicide attacks in the afghan in the afghan capital kabul blast in the country's south left eleven children dead nine journalists and full police officers are amongst the dead in kabul as they attended the same if the initial lex pleasure of policing the first bombers on a motorbike the second time for disguised as a journalist bombs exploded joining russia on the diplomatic quarter the city is not a state says. a freelance journalist to hear d.n.a.
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joins us on the line from kabul welcome to detail islamic state claimed the first two attacks in kabul and the taliban the third of these two groups likely to be coordinating their attacks. i don't want to tell you all right i mean i know all of you that a lot of you are not coming here are like. things that the right for i care i hope you are right or for peace for the day i'm for can it be fair you know when the birds are back and of course on an old ladies and gentlemen and you get the impression. due to break the don't break the. ice and loads of people can work more on the away and come work on the ground thank an autograph and if you're a. fan going to we believe that you call it the uk and journalists because it's
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a practical level of you know kind of between a david and kind of finding between the two big illusion so how could you know some of all our very amazing brave cumber i mean photographed bird and journalistically call it up like the plague or kind of the day one of the journalists one of the victims in kabul was a friend of yours and i have a photographer there i tell us about him. well we have also we are hurting a lot of good a soul and create today of course sean where i was not and was not the first and we have lost in the past has really low quality of if you will recall doesn't brains and moment here in afghanistan now the train days when you leave your home in the morning you leave and a piece of paper if you have god or a small children or family has it's like by forty four years and you may never come back so far as i'm working off line bottom in like afghanistan is exactly the same
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song i was afraid of graf or everybody knows when you're in afghanistan and. handing pictures in was media and only couple of days ago we look at this with the act around he has written that you can use shadow i'm never knows that he might die someday which of course is a lie today that is now the kind of thing that below that is what we hear own look at the kind of court alongside him we lost some great cameramen and reporters from you know the building and the channels as well. this attack happened inside the city's diplomatic corps which supposed to be secure what's going wrong. well i think when afghanistan if you remember for example when you say that the whole afghanistan is under siege couple of months ago and the taliban the amount springle fighting there is only three days ago on as a result we are seeing now a serious and changeover pack across afghanistan very very simply a fact the one you know on the voter registration couple of days ago which we lost
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some people more than the people so incompetent alone you know even those up in the air is cold so at this particular area it's still all chords because of you know been patrician of color or the so-called are you because you are now operating in afghanistan as well but the taliban before the end of the day will be taken with a incredible pocono belli down to the to be generous of our people for his actual harm ok so here today in kabul thank you a take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the u.n. security council delegation has arrived in minima to investigate allegations of ethnic cleansing to bring him to muslims the jews made to leave the al assad some cheap before financing rakhine state an estimated seven hundred thousand to hinge fled to bangladesh from the area following an obvious crackdown. britain has a new interior minister the son of pakistani immigrants. used to end the
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immigration deportation scandal. as resignation on the run stepped down after inadvertently misleading parliament about its illegal migrants and followed outrage or her interior department threats to deport many legal migrants britain's former colonies. monitoring group says twenty six people have been killed in missile strikes on the tree facilities in the north of syria the blasts are reported to have kids in syrian army barracks where iranian backed forces also stationed iraq has denied reports that its base in the country was. added as prime minister just to trudeau has joined thousands of mourners in remembering the victims of the toronto attack people lit candles and how hanson's a vigil killed more than twenty who were injured when a man drove a van into a pedestrian walkway last monday. the human rights groups estimate that more than
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seven thousand women are behind bars in syria in syria is that the tourist prison system exact figures are no reports of female prisoners who escape are disturbing to talk of systematic humiliation regular beatings and the use of electric shocks the w correspondent yulia ha because the city has the outer speak with a syrian refugee who says she spent several months in syrian presence. a few put a plastic bag over my head to impeach me. but then he had me up by my feet from the ceiling. how much story is hard to listen to. in the end i said once he came and said i've got a present let me show you. yet she still wants to share it. canada it was a stun gun and that's going to go all the details. right when he asked me
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now where's your heart. here i said and he electroshock i'll not have to write in there. for months i was locked up in history in detention center for the third and i saw a woman with her daughter into she cannot forget what happened there. then that is this cell was very small and dark the girl cried all the time because you could. kind of the come out and try to catch them like below the door. mourners thirty two years she's been living in turkey because the untaped has become a place of refuge from many syrians. likes it here in the busy markets she doesn't attract attention. in syria she used to teach music
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but in twenty twelve she was arrested because she joined the protests in there is sore against president assad. she was released after a while but then detained again and brought to damascus to military intelligence branch two one five detainees call it the held branch because torture there is a daily routine. a look if you order that was what i told you is only half of what happened in that prison especially to women there many rape victims i many have been tortured some are tortured to death all the people in the world should know about these things he loves them hard that he. was released in an amnesty decree and managed to escape to turkey but thousands of women are still in torture prisons says fired it up to her knee he documents human
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rights abuses in syria now all sides in the war use violence against women he says but not to systematically as the syrian government ashara listservs forces target women to intimidate opponents and spread fear. so using the woman or captured a woman or a being or doing sexual harassment against them this is not individual this is a strategy actually and when she goes to speak to the society what's happened to her that will deter the society to do anything to even to speak one word against this kind of of a regime this is the regime plan more know how much experienced all of this she wrote down her story and she's collecting the reports of other victims of torture she runs a support group where she helps women from syria she calls it project recovery.
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a serious are going to put them on the fact that some women refuse to talk about their arrest. they don't want to talk about anything that happened to them and present the side of the heart of others break down and cry all the time. that. we try to convince these women that they are strong and what was done to them is not their fault. i tell them start in your life was them back so how does it work better higher than this to the. moon as new life is here in turkey but one day she hopes she can help bring her torturers in syria to justice. with a report was from what you hear hon but joins us now welcome. hametz who we just saw in your forty's collecting accounts from other victims in order to do what with
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them that's kind of her mission probably a more in order to publish them at some point she also told me she has become something like a contact person for families inside syria who who's a daughter or sister is wives are missing because many women are actually missing their families don't know. what happened to them are they in some kind of detention facility are they still alive these families don't know about it and of course there is a hope that these testimonies testimonies like moon us could potentially be used as evidence in some kind of future war criminal trial to hold military officials to hold government officials police men accountable for their crimes right now there is not much that can be done as we're seeing the u.n. the international criminal court all these institutions that are there for seeking justice off pretty much power as. so human rights lawyers are trying to seek other
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other ways and they're heavily relying on testimonies and i witness reports human rights groups of also being have been publishing books about torture in serious prisons what sort of pictures emerging horrific picture actually all these reports rely on eyewitness reports on people who went through everything amnesty international for example published one brief shocking report where they say what they say up to thirteen thousand people have been executed in the in famous had night prison near damascus thirteen thousand people and thousands more have been killed through torture or the innu main conditions in these to detention facilities and such rights groups are calling these crimes crimes against humanity i'm confronted with these sorts of tests and it is the sorts of charges it is that the syrian government respond well bashar al assad called his particular amnesty reports fake news he says nowadays it's so easy to fry briquet to any kind of
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evidence that's his reply so probably you would also dismiss the moon as account and as propaganda against his government but on the other hand he has never to my knowledge never allowed international observers to visit these prisons and detention facilities and many torture victims say that there are even secret prisons secret detention facilities that we don't even know they exist. thank you for the. governments around the world are getting ready for a possible trade war with the united states washington prepares to decide whether import duty is still an element in it come into effect tomorrow german chancellor angela merkel. money will not call it bugs the national league is being the u.s. president on recent days trying to win exemptions for the new germany now says it
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expects the tariffs to happen with no word yet from the white house others are hoping that washington will have a last minute change. to brussels and we'll be joined deja vu comes from and. welcome barbara so what's the e.u.'s plan what does it do if the united states does not renew their exemptions that they currently have the plan is to fold really fill because of course the european union will as it has announced to retaliate the list of terrorists against american goods have been out for weeks and they reach from holly davidson to bourbon whiskey however on the other side they will also of course complain to the w t o and go the official way however on the other side they're still hoping as you said for a last minute change of heart or mind whatever you want to see a monster in the e.u. commissioner for trade in brussels is in constant contact with her counterpart in
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washington and still trying to shift things still trying to say we do not want this trade war it does hurt us all but will they see the light we don't know yet a few hours to go and all that national differences behind the use position. yes there are and that is the danger in this whole situation on the surface of course there's great unity particularly among them and also the german chancellor have told donald trump several times we will not negotiate with a gun to our heads they do not want to be blackmailed at the same time there were strong signals from paris and from berlin we are ready to talk about balances in international trade that's the one side however of course the americans are trying to push a wedge between paris and berlin because it is really germany that's on donald trump's agenda trade imbalances from france a really small will say washington and they really huge more than sixty billion
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euros with lynn was germany did the biggest industrial nation and they're the ones that trump was complaining about so it might be possible to sort of push the two sides way from each other at the moment however unity is still holding because they know together they're strong if they're split they really will all be much weaker or a very brussels thank you. economic. dispute from a have a very much for a we just heard how complicated the situation is but if we take a look at the numbers themselves these tariffs on european aluminum and steel would actually hurt the economy that much still companies here in germany are preparing to see their products become more expensive in the u.s. and consumers there will literally end up paying the price trade between germany and the u.s. is booming last year volume grew to a total of over one hundred seventy billion euros with both sides exporting more to
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each other. increased u.s. import tariffs on steel and aluminum won't make much of a difference to that in particular because germany doesn't sell that much steel and i mean him to the u.s. . global exports from german steel and aluminum produces were valued at over twenty three billion euros last year but only a tiny proportion of that went to the u.s. one point four billion euros that spends six percent. and there are also very specialized products and types of steel which aren't even made in the u.s. a lot of u.s. companies are dependent on importing these metals to make their products that means in the end u.s. consumers will wind up paying the increased import tariffs but that prospect still doesn't tell a fee is that the dispute could still escalate and for more on the subject i'm now joined by frank sport to lauri the newly appointed president of the american
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chamber of commerce here in germany joining us from cologne mr sports larry if i understand correctly you just got a point of this weekend so i assume i can say congratulations first of all and thank you very much for joining us for being with us today yes that's correct i got elected on friday at a gala dinner friday evening and saturday the work started because there's obviously been a lot of interest in what's going on right now with trade between the u.s. and germany and i'm sure everyone is asking you the same questions now it's our turn what are you telling companies that representatives do you expect this service to take place do you expect a trade war what are the counterparts. well first the first thing we want to tell anyone as that the tariffs of this type and of this nature make no sense for anyone if this erupts into more than just a minor skirmish an end to a full fledged trade war there must no winners in anything like that. i must say we're still a little bit cautiously optimistic it obviously will depend on what president trump
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decides in the next twenty four hours but regardless of what he decides our message as american chamber is that we need to not overreact to continue to negotiate to continue to make clear how deep the connections are between the e.u. and the u.s. in trade and in other matters and make sure that that is all understood and taken into account when we decide how we're going to resolve the trade issues that are out there and from the sense that you get when you speak to exporting companies for example do you think that there will be a big impact in the economy as such in the end or do you expect stability rather well as we just heard the steel is really almost symbolic when it comes to trade at least between germany and the u.s. and that's why like i say we should not overreact because knowing our proclivity to
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export that's what has made the german industrial base so successful we could very quickly see problems if a real trade war erupts and there's a whole list of things that suddenly are slapped with tariffs and we should never forget the ultimate losers the consumer any tariff that goes out there is a tax on people that are buying the products that are produced in either germany or the u.s. francs or laurie from the german american business up chamber of commerce thank you very much for joining us it's thank you for having me. so corporate news now in a big development in the u.s. mobile telephone sector team mobile u.s. owned by germany's telecom agreed to acquire rival sprint that will combine the third and fourth largest wireless carriers in the u.s. if the deal is approved it will mean the creation of a carrier with one hundred twenty seven million customers that's as much as the population of japan but the merger will be facing an uphill battle in washington
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it's a big deal and this video featuring the c.e.o.'s of sprint and t. mobile is proof that two wireless carriers are doing what they can to get everyone on their side they say the merger will help them better deliver mobile services to customers in particular the latest and greatest five g. technology imo the system made that america early four g. leadership added millions of jobs in this country and billions in u.s. to a.p. i mean five g. the stakes are even higher just to put this in perspective the different to four g. f. five g. is the difference between black and white t.v. and color t.v. but that may not be the most important thing untied trust authorities may say the deal could harm competition much like they did in two thousand and fourteen and some analysts believe the merger could be subject to more scrutiny because both team obama and sprint owned by foreign companies but germany's deutsche telekom and
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tokyo based soft bank group so t. mobile and sprint have their work cut out for them if this deal is to see the light of day our financial correspondent at the frankfurt stock exchange a little response has been following the story for us will you get to see you again now well will that deal see the light of day how likely do investors think it will be. i think they're a little skeptical at the moment the initial very enthusiastic reaction which share price gains some whopping ones for example for sprint have turned into negative share price reactions in fact u.s. mobile u.s. and sprint are both losing just short of five percent and also telecom is not gaining any more part of that is the skepticism that perhaps the u.s. authorities will say no because they fear a two powerful player but still they will only be number three a t.n.t. and horizon will still be number one and two still more powerful and perhaps if
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there's not a more potent number three willing and able to invest in more technology in fact competition and advantages for consumers could actually be lost so the last word is not spoken it's just starting this process investors a little skeptical but of course big mergers like this can also go wrong with cultural differences with spats between leaders with shareholders complaints there's still a long way to go on this definitely will fall with you thank you very much and frankly you know. and that's all for business and for me for now but we will have and for the one with the business segments later on so back to you so we should look forward to the . sport on sundays but does the guy action a resurgent minds hosted leipsic the red bulls have had a string of poor performances in that champions league aspirations hang by
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a thread and they might even miss out on the europa league spot the host minds have been on fire of late with survival in the bundesliga edging closer. the pressure on both coaches to pick up three valuable points was palpable like sixty moby and i was denied an early goal has rounded renee on but alexander hot made a last ditch block on the line. half an hour in stefan as on coming at minimal contact with your she knew he moved to outside the box and moved to hit the deck in theatrical fashion but a penalty was awarded after consultation with e.a. our. patio de blas is screes in the spot kick to open the starring for his fourth goal in as many games. after the break use of pulse and went down in the mines penalty area the referee checked the video replay but saw no follow relief and xander who was already on a booking mind speight much of the game on the counter-attack and the strategy paid
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off substitute alexander who moxy making it to nil in the closing stages. but mind went quite done yet both a back use crisp finish wrapped up a three nil win a perfect way to celebrate your been mostly a debut in at a time like six misery was complete when navi kato sarek for tactical follow just six minutes after being booked so minds not up a crucial win in the crest to avoid the drop with light sick now without a win in for the games. so let's see what this means for the bundesliga tables and now often hard take of the champions league spot a white from leverkusen but it's still very much up for grabs as is the race for the europa league which goes down to seventh place fallsburg in the relegation playoff spot bringing down that next global definitely be sent down.
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just trying to remind your laptop but stores this out dozens of people have been killed in schools engines three suicide attacks in afghanistan to explosions and copies of diplomatic corps acquired the lives of six journalists and four police officers most of twenty six to the explosion killed eleven children in the south of the country. to germany thrives on britain for stuff that they would react to if efficiency and speed when they trade tariffs and quotas praveen are states washington issues he's due to decide tomorrow whether to impose fifty dollars on imported steel and alabama. to chalk up to ten top will feel at the top of the aisle in the meantime of course source the web site t w dot com how good a. pioneering
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philosopher and an icon. how the anti capitalist became a poster boy for revolution. and what he and is what i mean to us today. hundred plus. a special feature.
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only at full speed. in which china. but always on the move. old movie today and to the future. in sixty minutes. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship and just want to be a shadow and if your newspapers when official information as a journalist i have work on the strength of many can trust and that for all those are always the same fourteen the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. who can afford to stay silent when it comes to
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the defense of humans unseen or microphones who can decide to put their trust in us . my name is jenny harrison and work a day doll and. welcome to our twenty one. this time around we focus on a very famous man with a beard and a vision karl marx the revolutionary thinker and hero of the working class and pop icon he was born two hundred years ago. it would be without much caesar unimaginable head of a completely different west than our. marx denounced the power of capital and lived in poverty he was.


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