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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 1, 2018 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is the interview news live from berlin pulling back from the brink of a trade war u.s. president donald trump postpones a decision on steel and aluminum tariffs until next month but is it just kicking the can down the road. also coming up israel steps up efforts to scupper the nuclear deal with iran the country's prime minister benjamin netanyahu presents evidence he says proves tehran is lying about its nuclear program critics said it's old news and question that yeah it was time. as countries around the world mark
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international labor day we look at the efforts of one former worker to fight for his rights in china. and in football munich face an uphill battle against real madrid in the champions league tonight they have just ninety minutes to turn the semifinal tyra. i'm sorry so much going to good to have you with us well they were just hours to go before the deadline expired then u.s. president donald trump decided to delay a decision to impose controversial steel and aluminum tariffs on the e.u. and canada and mexico critics fear such as the import duties could spark an international trade war the us has now extended discussions for another month. four more weeks u.s. and e.u. representatives now have gained a one month reprieve as they try desperately to reach an agreement preventing the introduction of punitive towers but the u.s. washington says it has been unfairly treated when it comes to trade with the e.u.
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and it wants concessions from the block the munich based evil institute for economic research study to terrorism five thousand products to compare how the e.u. and the u.s. tax each other the result that considerably higher barriers for u.s. products entering the e.u. than vice versa on average the institute says the europeans charge a five point two percent levy as opposed to just three point five percent by the americans u.s. beef is particularly hard hit it's taxed at sixty eight percent that's to protect farmers in the e.u. meanwhile the u.s. charges the forty nine percent levy on european tobacco products and twenty two percent on trucks with the same aim of protecting farmers and vehicle manufacturers over their experts suggest lowering import duties on both sides while that would reduce european customs revenues would certainly be cheaper than starting a trade war. or. it's an error to think you can fight protectionism with
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protectionist policies it's like china to tackle stupidity with stupidity. and if the conflict intensifies it could result in lost jobs. all right so certainly a lot at stake there are business editor have you got to get us is here with us that have i imagine a lot of people in germany this morning sign a brief a breath of relief for now at least at least for now and specially because yesterday since the german government hadn't heard anything specifically everyone pretty much assumed that we would see the tariffs enter into force today so actually we do know that we will have to wait one more month but it's going to be a difficult month and actually to analyze this i am now joined by helen pickering senior economist at bear and back to joining us from london this morning to morning to you callan thank you very much for being with us today what do we make of this situation now it has been a long wait it will keep being a long way to do just kicking the can down the road.
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well you certainly don't kill the world of an evil by adult teen get but when it comes to trade it looks as if donald trump is trying to create some leverage over the e.u. that may work with smaller markets but it's like the e.u. along with china with the begin to know markets won't succumb to the pressure as easy as say mexico or counted toward. however we do know that trump once things to change and as we saw in the piece we do know that the e.u. has higher tariffs for u.s. products do you think trump will end up getting what he wants anyway. in the end after creating the little storm in a teacup donald trump may indeed find the e.u. in the u.s. lower tariffs remember there was a plan for that already it was called but that last moment when donald trump became president so it's likely in the end we may see modestly lower barriers but they certainly won't be as extensive as if it would have been followed through in full
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now some say that these threats that we've continuously seen are just a strategy to actually get from the e.u. to somehow lower the tariffs without the u.s. necessarily doing the same do you think that strategy in general is smart. what certainly is goal trumps a strategy isn't it create some chaos through you could be very very aggressive and then hope the other side concedes again i stress with smaller economies this possibly works but with the e.u. with its big internal market again if you tried this with china the chances all the e.u. could simply retaliate i don't think it will i think the diplomats on both sides will work hard to deescalate these tensions so in the end we may see a little progress but that is after we've already seen the economic damage we've already seen the confidence effect in the market effects of these threats and it will certainly continue to be a tense situation there thank you very much talent pickering been back for the
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analysis. thank you. and so we will of course continue to follow up the situation and the negotiations that we'll probably see under way throughout the month you haven't we heard calum there say that donald trump is trying to create a little leverage over the e.u. does the e.u. actually have a common strategy here well yes and no the e.u. has a very clear position on tariffs in general however we do know that from likes bilateralism has talked to germany talked to friends individually but the e.u. is in doubt now actually figuring out a strategy to negotiate as a bloc we will see if they actually succeed in doing that as you said having a story we'll continue to cover and we'll see you back a little bit later in the program thanks have you. moving on to some other news now in israel says it has new proof of a secret iranian nuclear weapons program on a prime time t.v. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu presents presented what he called evidence that iran had lied about its nuclear ambitions analysts say the move is
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designed to pressure u.s. president trump into abandoning the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal here in europe germany is defending that agreement and has called for an immediate investigation into netanyahu claims. using language his american ally would understand. iran lard big time benyamin netanyahu delivered a piece of political theater presenting what he called evidence of a secret uranium nuclear project a few weeks ago in a great intelligence achievement israel upturned half a ton of the material inside these walls and here's what we got. fifty five thousand pages. another fifty five thousand farls on one hundred eighty three. netanyahu
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referred to files israel says prove secret nuclear facilities and plans to develop atomic weapons exist incriminating documents incriminating charts incriminating presentations. incriminating blueprints incriminating photos incriminating videos and more. iran maintains it has never sought a nuclear weapon and never had one even before netanyahu spoke foreign minister mohammad javid serif had dismissed the claims in a tweet the boy who can't stop crying wolf is at it again undeterred by cartoon fiasco at the u.n. g.a. you can only feel some of the people so many times. netanyahu speech came on the back of a visit to israel by u.s. secretary of state might pump a zero. and i noticed suggest it was time to pressure donald trump into withdrawing
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his support for the twenty fifty nuclear agreement world powers signed with iran. if that were the intent it seemed to have an immediate impact as the largest democracy and prime minister netanyahu just gave a very i don't know that everybody seen it but i just got to see a little bit of it and that is just not an acceptable situation and i've been saying that's happening they're not sitting back i believe is setting off missiles which they say for television purposes i don't think so you know office in the past week german chancellor angela merkel and french president manion mccrone have made second visits to washington to arch trying to remain in the agreement but trump has threatened to withdraw from the deal unless it's renegotiated he used to decide by me twelve will be discussing. and we can speak to eric randolph he's a journalist for the news agency a.f.p.
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he joins us on the line from shiraz hi eric how has a rainy and president rouhani responded to these allegations. i don't remember three months or more i don't recall trevor mcchrystal. saying not to you know. we've already us very experienced before you. and we've heard that this is old news accusations that we've seen before what about the documents though that israel is presenting these secret nuclear files what does iran say that they actually show. well there on his own was denied that it was seeking a nuclear weapon and it says that these documents are fabricated and a deputy foreign minister actually said this morning that the idea they were keeping sensitive documents when
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a band and well housed in the south of tehran is. very much sticking to the line it was which was that they never service and then create a weapon as a supremely good as. i can have a seeking weapons not just optional but i did come across a two thousand and three when he talked about the. we had a report out the words there from donald trump you know how concerned is tehran that this could push the u.s. to finally abandon the nuclear agreement. the only interest to situation. in actuality it's already. been through the nuclear deal because there's essentially expired in the sense that america has walked through most of the trade and investment potential that they were hoping to get from the nuclear deal the uncertainty you don't know trump has created around business and investment in iran is going in to the freeze any money coming into the country they
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are worried about losing their homes but it's not clear that donald trump will be able to convince the chinese and the russians and the indians to stop buying uranium in the same way that the karaka bomber was able to to create that consensus in the international community it's a very much a wait and see but. who in iran is actually going to benefit if the u.s. does abandon this deal. another of. the hardliners in the conservatives who says the brawny the president should never have trusted the americans and they are going to be vindicated with america prove after this to you and i'll make a lot of hay out of that. as i said a lot of. a lot of the argument has already been made because iran feels america how can thing to thing to its commitment to normalize trade in relations with iran so they've already been arguing. in the heart of the american value to make good on
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its commitments and iran it should never trust that then and should be all of them out of the conversation any side of the president may be lose on the vast right about how to deal with their own economy domestic unrest even with the social event in the country and the nuclear deal is just another act that. challenges that iran is nice to have a vibrant journalist eric run round often the news agency a.f.p. speaking to us eric thank you by adding to our washington correspondent cassava phone naaman to tell us more about the response there to netanyahu presentation. president trump himself today in a press conference said. prime minister netanyahu today told the international public confirm that he was always right in his skepticism about iran and the nuclear deal otherwise there has been a rather muted reaction i guess
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a lot of people are just waiting to see you know how all credibility evidence that mr netanyahu presented really is before making judgments but people have noted the incident after mr pump aoe was in the middle east and the israeli prime minister went forward nates this announcement in a special appearance on israeli t.v. one interesting point i just read that reporters talked to the american defense minister general mattis and apparently he met the israeli defense minister last week on thursday and mattis apparently told reporters that he had not discussed iran with his israeli defense minister and also apparently had not been told the bald this new evidence. fred that's the view from washington let's get the german
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perspective on this now we have our political correspondent who's been following some of the reactions here hi hans thanks for joining us how is the german government responding to israel's allegations the official response has been very reticent very brief the german government has said that these allegations need to be taken to the agency that is responsible for this agreement that's the into town international atomic energy agency in vienna that oversees the this agreement and is saying that these allegations need to be checked by that agency as quickly as possible but germany says independent investigations must continue but can they really determine if iran is sticking to this deal well they are very regular inspections and there are meetings by the various parties to this agreement every few months the i.a.e.a. this international agency in vienna that oversees the agreement last in march early march said that iran was in fact sticking to this agreement that the inspections
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that they do continuously have not shown any violations in other words according to the agency that oversees the agreement everything is fine on that on the other hand that washington is kind of accusing germany the international community of having been naive in signing this deal i think the parties to this agreement that is the five permanent members of the united the security council plus germany and the european union they will say that they have been anything but naive in signing this they have they have been examining and examining evidence about iran's nuclear deal for many many years and in fact all of the information that netanyahu has presented now according to most experts has been publicly available for quite a long time for several years and was in fact part of the negotiations that would reach that were done to reach this agreement in other words they were saying that they are not trusting iran. they are inspecting iran they are checking iran
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practically every day making sure that it is sticking to this agreement not being naive atoll so they believe in the agreement a lot of will to push it forward what will happen if the u.s. abandon this in this deal what would your money do well at the moment i think germany the european union are saying if. the u.s. leaves this agreement they will try to keep the agreement going they will try and keep the agreement going as an agreement between these parties that are left over basically the europeans russia and china obviously also involved and to try and keep iran from redeveloping or restarting its nuclear program in order to keep the world safe and one has to say there's one caveat to that and that is the fact that iran plays a very decisive role in the conflict in the middle east and syria especially and that is creating a certain amount of distrust towards iran so that there is some sense as the europeans have been saying recently that it might be a message to renegotiate certain parts of the agreement especially with
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a nuclear. missile program in iran's missile program is concerned all right our political correspondent hans bronte following all the reactions for us here in germany hans thank you very much. right at that time to get back to some business news now and have years back and there's some good news have you for the greek economy that's right for the greek economy because greece is finally getting some credit but other kind of credit after a painful recession the european commission has now praised the country for making encouraging progress on its debt reduction giving it a positive growth outlook that's good news for the country's finances and for greeks who have long struggled in the shadow of financial security. greek prime minister alexis tsipras has good reason to smile he's receiving high praise from un has greta the o.e.c.d. general secretary for his country's impressive progress and reforms even though they were not voluntary and sometimes against the will of the greek people reese's
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reform efforts are paying off. the greek economy is growing again. we think this year it's going to grow two percent. perhaps next year don't point three percent. that's why the country intends to leave the aid program by the summer and stand on its own two feet in order to achieve these goals the o.e.c.d. feels that greece needs to use reforms to further reduce its debt members of the euro group have even hinted that greece might receive debt relief although germany would be against the move. if we want to eat fresh fish from the oceans in the future some things will have to change experts say three quarters of fish stocks in the e.u. waters are being overfished in order to allow stocks to be replenished the e.u. fishing minister has set stricter catch quotas that's likely good news for the fish but bad news for local fishermen. it's nearly six in the morning and the sun is
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rising over the western baltic sea fisherman and chris look and his colleagues have been on the water for three hours they barely notice the sky instead they're busy heaving nets full of herring up on board it's back breaking work because main fishing ground is the bay of graph spot the herring returned here in the spring to spawn. here again it's not been thought we are going to leave this catch area now because the herring have finished spawning we can see the dirty unca that they work here is done the area is full of roll and milt. so look ahead to ten minutes further east to cast his nets out the european union has lowered this year's catch quota by thirty nine percent that means that fishermen will earn over a third less income from their core business today look good has caught around two tons of herring that's around nine hundred euros in revenue he's almost reached his
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seventy ton limit so he can only fish for herring one more time this year. from a sick mind to cold i'll have to return to the old cold of one hundred seventy tons to be able to earn a half decent income we're pushing everything to the limit or paint the bolt and clean it and the water only what's absolutely essential we have to save well we can to try and balance the books. but there's little chance of raising catch limits for herring right now in fact the tuna an institute for baltic fishing is considering further curtailments instead temperatures are rising in the baltic making life tough for the fish. until the mid one nine hundred ninety s. reproduction rates were very good but since then there's been a continual decline the only factor involved is water temperature which is affecting various areas. but unless limits increase luka and his fellow fishermen
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who have to hang up their nets soon they'll be no point catching herring they'll shut up shop like a thousand others in the region before them. that's off of business i'm going to head back to sue me now because the immigration debate in the us is taking center stage and have their american border officials now say that they have reportedly let the first eight members of a group of central american asylum seekers enter the country from mexico more than one hundred fifty people have been waiting at a crossing near san diego to request asylum the group has attracted attention at the highest levels of the u.s. government with the white house demanding they not be let into the country. the weeks long journey has ended in limbo for many. quarter officials have let just a few of the migrants into the u.s. to process their asylum claims. the rest are being told the border facilities just south of san diego are too full to accommodate everyone that wants. and that the.
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officials should have a little more awareness and at least support us and cases with serious needs for help we have left home not because we want to but because the situation is very bad and our country's. president trump has condemned the group's trip repeatedly since april first following reports on fox news and buzz feed about the caravan making its way across mexico. the president and vice president pence insist migrant caravans are abusing loopholes to enter the u.s. and then stay as asylum proceedings drag on the simple reality is that this juror. and caravans that have come before are a result of individuals who are attempting to exploited the suffering of people in central america to try and advance their agenda for open borders and to change the laws of the united states of america. but many of the asylum seekers here say
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they're not driven by an agenda but by fears of what could await them back home and they're prepared to wait for the chance to make their case across the border. armenia's parliament is due to elect a new prime minister later today the so candid it is opposition leader nicole passion who led protests that helped push previous prime minister sarah from power in april and question its supporters have been rallying ahead of the vote in parliament they're calling on armenia's lawmakers to back his bid for prime minister which would require votes from his opposition bloc as well as some from the governing republicans many in the former soviet country say they feel betrayed by the ruling party and they're demanding change. and has more. the hustle and bustle of this bizarre in the center of yerevan has died down smock
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it used to be known for its affordable prices now only a few vendors remain so the government officially closed the market nearly a year ago the whole neighborhood is slated for redevelopment authorities say they need this land for government use they plan to build a modern architectural complex here with apartments offices and an underground parking lot for around twenty five years on the heap john had a stand here too since she closed shop she has been living with her daughter and disabled mother on under seventy euros per month in benefits the government wants to buy up the land she lives on as well but she says the compensation they're offering is too low for the central location. my house is one hundred years old it's basically an antique i should be able to determine the price i want for this land it's my lad my property they have the right to take away my property my child lives here my mother how can you steal property that's what the government is doing
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stealing. and i hate and many of the other residents here at fear just market think the government is corrupt and have taken part in recent protests it's not just the vendors here at feared us market and the people who live around it who are dissatisfied in armenia around thirty percent of people live under the poverty line and around twenty percent are unemployed and in recent weeks that has spilled out onto the streets. protests in armenia's capital yerevan were sparked by the decision of longtime president set to take on the post of prime minister and remain in power that the demonstrators feel betrayed and let down by their government which many accuse of corruption there is demand for the change and this demand is not coming from small people. being the government or or all the opposition party but this is a social demand and and expectations are very high. back on fear duce
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market on the he chose us the land the government wants to buy up. i mean i wouldn't give this up for anything. this green oasis right in the city center has sentimental value for on the heat as well the land has been in her family for one hundred years. my daughter. my daughter says we should just leave all this behind even leave the country but how can we leave this behind our land our cemetery my father is buried here my grandmother my grandfather why should i leave let the government leave instead they have billions of the kids as they wait for construction on fear deuce market to begin the locals here feel they have been played by the government for long enough. along with many other armenians they now simply want change. you're watching news still to come
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workers rights with chinese characteristics as many countries mark international labor day we look at one man's efforts to set up a trade union and china. previewing the champions league match tonight by all and fire in your extensions for that coming up in the next thirty minutes. i. want to highlight. at least nico coaches future employers will be happy. frankfurt was crushed when i. time to say goodbye amongst defeated tribe words hands sealed their relegation i take. sixteen.
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global inequality and see. what equality means in a global economic team well. when. different things become disadvantages. something delicious leisurely. go to the media. joint instructions and have your say. going to velez global media forum twenty eighteen plates made some money. out of the german scheme to gather information from show the money to chancellor o'toole from dismantling. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. i swear always to bring my royal politics back to protect christendom and suppressed divine truth. leads to see if i can do good the enemy entire united against concrete just decisions showed your master rehearse you've been around for
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thirty years from god. we must be peace. the germans started may thirteenth on g.w. . buckle back you're watching t w news our top story u.s. president donald trump has delayed the imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs on the european union canada and mexico until next month the decision came just hours before exemptions for these countries were due to expire. and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has presented what he says is new evidence that iran is lying about its nuclear weapons program iran called the presentation stuns the un that nuclear watchdog also said the evidence was old. well not yet his presentation
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is widely seen as a justification for u.s. president donald trump to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal so what do a rainy and think of that possibility that trucker asked university of tehran political science professor sadegh zibakalam. so doctors about us president donald trump us threatening to pull this country out of the nuclear deal how is that seen here in tehran. people are very concept and have all of this. alternative people who are really feeling. their body that pressure. to be tennis of the sanctions. obviously it wasn't fifty years ago or it was five years ago or four years ago so i don't remember and obviously
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it's a nightmare to go back. on the doorstep and unfortunately even though many iranian leaders say that all the are going to shore the united states is going to show the my state that many any and feed it will be it will be the ordinary people who will feel. the pressure. of of the sanctions so they. are hoping that a miracle happens you've already mentioned that there would be a reaction from tehran if trump would terminate the deal how could it look like other than now. restarting. the nuclear industry. i really don't see any of their very action that. that the islamic government will be able to do what are they going to do bomb saudi arabia.
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united up anywhere to bomb their u.s. ally in the region one hundred going to do. what do you think with the influence be on iranian domestic policies of the nuclear deal was terminated no on fortunately. draw of united states. from that the. more sanctions would be more belligerent foreign policy towards the vest toward. europe was the united states it would mean that the hard liners in iran would find. would gain more power so that that's why i say that democracy human rights would suffer as a result of any confrontation between us is there anything you think that could be
8:34 am
done to avoid all of that do you think that's a way to save the nuclear deal even if the u.s. pull out hope that their gemini would keep a little bit of a little bit of honesty and very lives that you're right that the state is is is is really. finding. nuclear business as if that as an excuse. we have a. general. because of something that they haven't done anything wrong.
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and president. thank you very much. for. that today is the first seventy international workers day also known as labor day and it obvious taking a closer look at the situation facing workers around the world we start in china where we met a railway worker trying to find found a trade union that has made him a target of oppression. these tracks do give me a feeling of comfort even if they are just a distant memory. almost every day for twenty years leeway dear drove his train past this point he worked as a train driver until one day while getting off the train he slipped and fell and broke his spine the railway refused to treat the incident as a workplace accident lee believes the company systematically violated labor laws i long sensed that something wasn't right but it always worked so much that there was
8:36 am
not much time to think about things. today he's partly paralyzed he receives no pension or compensation but he's long stopped worrying about just his own fate lead documents how worker's rights are ignored he says it's not unusual for train drivers to work up to two hundred hours overtime each month without pay he's trying to organize workers on line. the official unions do not represent workers' interests on the contrary as soon as someone stands up the unions try to muzzle that person that lee has made contact with others outside china the union invited him to the u.s. in twenty sixteen he was already at the airport and had checked him turned back at the gate he was under surveillance and up to today his social media accounts are regularly blocked. it was someone who needed advice.
8:37 am
or should whether reaches out to me has shown where the boundaries lie and it's threatening and only if you are brave enough to contact me directly to. the police or i someone inform them about his meeting with the join a list a neighborhood policewoman or and a plain clothes officer. he's unable to show his id. leave my apartment immediately. thereafter. the policeman leaves a small victory. to. the policewoman remains she turns up regularly instead of focusing on the foreign reporter leading man she heard him fight for is right here is a constant struggle. what he says. but for the database
8:38 am
my ts village in beijing who products that report i'm a ts how is the only way you're doing now. well after i left he immediately was police or plain clothes people immediately started following him guarding the entrance he can leave his apartment but he cannot. move freely around without being followed at the moment which is why is the government cracking down on people who fight for workers' rights in companies. well i think the government is cracking down on any people who organize themselves outside of those states entities outside of the communist party organizer themselves in movements that are not controlled by the party the biggest fear of this government is any social movement is social on rest so they crack down very early when people
8:39 am
start to found independent rights movements but we also saw elise say that those official state led trade unions were not actually representing workers interests is that true for all workers and why is that. sorry last part is that true for for all workers and why is that. well that's that's. that's the role of these official trade unions in the socialist state this is the trade unions they promote the policy of the party and it's true for workers that their goal is to chew chew to connect the workers to the ruling party so if the party finds that economic growth is more important than workers rights the trade unions have to execute the will of the party that's what they do that's what they're all for in this socialist state committees in your
8:40 am
reporting has there been any official reaction to lee's accusations from the government or from the official trade union. well he's constantly still suing the government or the state run company he used to work for the railroads and he gets reactions in the form that his his demands are rejected. the off issue right away company ended his contract and initially there was some chinese media reporting on his case but they have been quickly silenced so there is a real lack of reaction and the reaction is very clearly no we won't consider your request if you come across other worker activists doing similar work likely is. yeah they are constantly appearing new movements of workers there and geos that try to defend workers however their work is very very difficult there was
8:41 am
a huge crackdown on workers' activists about two years ago where a lot of them were detained and kept in jail for a few days or even a few months so the government is very wary of these people and it's very hard to organize workers in china against the government or against companies that are protected by the government toretto correspondent mathias bullinger reporting for us from beijing thank you mathias thank you. now to the u.s. where workers often aren't granted rights that are common here in europe that include sickly for people undergoing treatment for cancer many people struggle to make ends meet as they deal with serious medical conditions. do you do like. stephanie tucker is a tough cookie she gets chemotherapy once a week her son marcel her company stephanie lives in philadelphia and has breast
8:42 am
cancer but she's not taken sick leave. i put in my time she for this we have to put mark the area no pay which means i won't get paid for today is it a financial strain for her. is concerned i have a mortgage to pay you know. it's time to hoard when it comes to your health. it's something that you have to do to go back to stephanie's doctor goes over the next steps with her she needs to have a double mastectomy after surgery she'll have to take several weeks off work which will mean several weeks with no income so stephanie now forty eight years old has decided to delay the surgery because one month from now she'll be eligible to claim limited vocational disability from her employer children receive sixty percent of her salary and this will have to somehow cover her costs.
8:43 am
want to. get. into we're headed to move. i think. stephanie is under tremendous strain she's struggling to survive both financially and in her fight with cancer at first it was oh my god how am i going to deal with this. and i can hide it. but never did it cross my mind to not get treatment many undergoing chemo continue working despite its side effects they're afraid of losing their jobs but such stress doesn't help the health of some people we recommend that they don't work depending on their work environment. and if they can such as you know health care some people are work at health care that does put a stress if they have to or there has been days like that that i've caught my supervisor and said look i can't do it too tired. and again depending on
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if i have a sick day or a vacation day it's no big deal but if i don't it's ok i know the consequences of not gone so i just again you deal with it. people diagnosed with cancer in the us have to provide documentation that shows why they cannot work they rely on the support of hospital staff for this. certain employers are more generous about it in certain employers are less generous about it. but yeah it's a constant problem here but we just work with people on an individual basis the nurses who are sort of invaluable in helping sort of people work around the schedules. stephanie gets chemo every friday she has the weekend free and uses the time to recuperate. melanie morgan drives two and
8:45 am
a half hours for her chemo treatments. her daughter accompanies her. they're staying in a kind of hotel for patients it's funded by private donations each room has a plaque with the devil as names the patients can stay here for free melanie is also still working despite the chemo but her employer made a concession and allows her to work from her laptop it's our way of wafa i mean you know i know a lot of people being in the health care profession ourself i know lot of people that aren't as fortunate as me that are unable to continue to work but i mean it's a way of life for us this is just part of blaffer it's not anything that we look at being a burden or anything. melanie's treatment is in little rock arkansas all the medical university here specializes in the type of cancer she suffers from multiple myeloma
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a cancer of the bone marrow the usa m.s. is a renowned research center and treats more milo more patients than anywhere else in the world and if the treatment is not covered by health insurance the hospital offers the help of charitable organizations. it's in general terms of a much more complicated system one additional burden to the patient this that the patients have to navigate. the complex financial work world also in terms of the benefit doctor able to receive and also deal with insurance are sports which can be quite daunting the clinic's own social worker councils melanie helping her to find support melanie salary would not have covered her three week stay at the hotel her treatments sometimes lengthy.
8:47 am
for me it's hard to accept because. i'm a giver. i'm a big giver i'm no i'm not a real taker so. i'm the one that always has to do one for everybody else heart raced for children. melanie knows that none of this would have been possible without her family support she proudly shows photos to her doctor or family and finance are pissed support is essential as there's not a national right to sick leave in america melanie and stephanie unlucky they can take off a couple of paid sick days or vacation days when they're feeling unwell but not all employers provide this benefit it's a fact that's barely protested in the u.s. they feel they can't make a change and they feel like if they say anything against our government. it's terrible you're going to get into some kind of trouble so
8:48 am
a lot of people just accept it and they just say well this is what it is stephanie dreams of a different health system one that would grant the sick the time they need for recovery without the anxiety about their financial survival. to nigeria now where the gambling industry has seen a huge boom in recent years one of the most popular games is lotto there's a growing addiction among people who can barely afford it here's more. right even me. taking a break from work to stop by and to hear he plays at least twice a day every day he regularly bloom's away hof. the largest single amount. past five years. that's
8:49 am
one hundred twenty dollars the chances of winning are very low kingsley is the owner of the shop he says most of his customers are like in their first screen they never plane. kingsley says when he first open shop in twenty twelve he would have just three customers the day but now he has at least one hundred regular customers the local business elite is blaming the more people play the more money for a chance many. shops like this are opening up everywhere. also. as well as online. and the lagos state government seems to be happy about this
8:50 am
because for them this means more tax money. the legacy of lost cheeseboard is the government agency that regulates all forms of gambling in the state the head of the board says they have yet to find a solution to the growing addiction problem. we're working or. giving you know. this. you know. in the evening after work. again before he heads. the government profit from this kind of addiction people with a serious gambling problem basically on their own. there
8:51 am
are no therapy centers or policies in place to help them manage their gambling addiction they spend all the money. on the game the very are likely. to fall in a big match in the champions league tonight we have a. sports to talk us through it highly byron is facing an uphill battle tonight aren't they gets frail they are they need to overcome a two one deficit from the first leg here pinter's of course remains a very optimistic engine it indeed dunn is refusing to let the league get to his head so let's take a look. to turn this tie on its head star players failed to
8:52 am
dazzle in the first leg and now ray out of the home advantage still even just put three past them here in the quarter final and hunkers is heartened by the memory. not really because that game showed that madrid are vulnerable at home and that they aren't as solid as they look. but right now did make it through against you venters as they did in the quarter final last year i get spoiled for hard because though there is a big difference this time around. why wasn't the coach back then and on tuesday it will be a different team than the one which played last year. the opponents however are saying this starts talent and their coaches confidence also remain unchanged. oh look at the now most important thing for us is to think about winning the match and nothing else. to come onto the pitch and to win the match that's our goal you
8:53 am
not to speculate not to overthink not to step back or do strange things done does have the upper hand but he knows not to underestimate his opposition. by and will not be worried at all and will come to play a great match they're a great club and a great team and we are aware of that. certainly high praise but by now face the difficult task of living up to their opponents' expectations. ok well what does byron need to do here to turn things around goals goals and more goals as specially after you know conceding two away goals you know in the press lake but i think a lot of eyes will be on robert live and off he fit definitely step come out of the shadows and step up this game and secondly by i need to create and convert they didn't even play badly last time they were just me waste this perfect job for example. christiane no one took him out of the game it will be a bit more difficult this time around because they all with robin and boy tang but
8:54 am
on the plus side tina's travel to madrid despite all these preparations you know it's so funny is that more superstitious than usual so they've actually in madrid changed hotels they're not staying at the scene one because they lost ok well superstitions do count for something everybody did a bit of luck exactly so what about for perspective they're going for their third champions league title or world fourth in six years in five years sorry a kid anyone actually stopped them i don't that's how it's unbelievable and i think this is the greatest mysteries when it comes to reanimate dread and much of what makes them so frightening is that they don't even need to perform at one hundred percent but they still can win trophies they can still win so i don't know i mean if they can be stopped by an it definitely have the quality to do so but like i said i mean this riyadh madrid perhaps one of the greatest sights ever but they don't always play like it and they and at the end but that doesn't mean the matter because somehow they still win with pop performances and that's mainly because
8:55 am
that's the story of madrid as you can see like for example christiane although there's so much individual quality on their team that one just has to step up his game and game changer just briefly scoreline for tonight with your prediction and then you're putting me on the spot of i'm going to say oh my god i don't know two one. by and no no reality just coaches it was a two one loss to see what happens there really want to talk you from do you have these four ulema. we just have time for a binder of our top stories that we're following for you u.s. president donald trump has delayed the imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs on the european union canada and mexico until next month the decision came just hours before exemptions for those countries were due to expire and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has presented what he says is new evidence that iran is lying about his nuclear weapons program a wrong call the. a stunt the u.n. nuclear watchdog also said the evidence was all to go figure for watching we were
8:56 am
back in just a few minutes ago above. the best . movie. of the but. the bottom of.
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the tube because the but. thank you for going to sleep gods few at least nikko coaches future employers will be happy to our frankfurt was crushed by the banks time to say goodbye comes to feed the tribe or its hands c.e.o. a relegation the big thank you. double . the dangerous battle for images five women.
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some exceptional stories. one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing fateful moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell the stories of people who ended up killing . women the war photographers starting may third on t.w. . place the book. for the last year i've been reporting from the white house coming for young bushes but i was you know cytomel but the joke that's about focus was your favorite thing. in the book but didn't make the point that mathematics called the drug scene. the champions of free and fair forcing for the last sixty five years d w for mines.
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this is deja vu news law from berlin pulling back from the brink of a trade war u.s. president donald trump postpones a decision on steel and aluminum tariffs until next month but is he just kicking the can down the road. also coming up he's the third most senior figure in the catholic church now a judge in australia has ordered cardinal george pell to stand trial on charges of sex abuse he denies the allegations israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu presents evidence he says proves tehran is lying about.


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