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this is the w. news live from berlin pulling back from the brink of a trade war u.s. president donald trump postpones a decision on steel and aluminum tariffs i'm told next month but is it just kicking the can down the road also coming up here's the third most senior figure in the catholic church now a judge in australia has ordered cardinal george pell to stand trial on charges of sex abuse he denies the allegations. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu presents evidence he says proves tehran is lying about its nuclear program critics
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say it's old news and question his timing. and in football byron munich face an uphill battle against real madrid in the champions league tonight they have just ninety minutes to turn the semifinal tie around or risk their troubled dreams ending in tatters. i'm sumi so much gonda good to have you with us the european union says there is no justification for a controversial u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum and that it wants a permanent exemption the e.u. was responding to president donald trump's decision to delay the imposition of such tariffs just hours before a deadline was due to expire the e.u. says it has noted the move by trumpet that the postponement is prolonging uncertainty for businesses. a sigh of relief for the steel industry at least for the moment for the next four weeks the e.u. can sell steel and aluminum to the u.s.
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without additional tariffs then negotiations will come to an end with says washington no more extensions in march trump announced plans to slap levies of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on alan minium imports to the u.s. then two weeks later he granted the e.u. and six other countries a waiver that ends today washington says it's been unfairly treated in trade with the e.u. it wants concessions from brussels a comparison of tariffs on five thousand products shows the europeans charge on average a five point two percent levy compared to just three point five percent by the americans. on tuesday the german government said it had duly noted the extension and expects a permanent exemption from the tariffs but to prevent a trade war between the e.u. and the us negotiations must now continue apace. the u.s.
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is neighbors mexico and canada have also received a month extension meanwhile south korea has already found a long term solution as part of the free trade agreement with the u.s. the details that's not a not yet clear. all right so certainly a lot at stake there are business editor have yet to give us is here with us that have it i imagine a lot of people in germany this morning sighing are breathing a breath of relief for now at least at least for now as we special because yesterday since the german government hadn't heard anything specifically everyone pretty much assumed that we would see those tariffs enter into force today so actually we didn't do know that we will have to wait one more month but it's going to be a difficult month and actually to analyze this i am now joined by count pickering senior economist at bear and back to joining us from london this morning good morning to you callum thank you very much for being with us today what do we make of this situation now it has been a long wait it will keep being
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a long way going to do just kicking the can down the road. well you certainly don't kill the world of an evil by adult seen get but when it comes to trade it looks as if donald trump is trying to create some leverage over the e.u. let me work with smaller markets but it's likely that the e.u. along with china with the begin to annul markets won't succumb to the pressure as easy as say mexico or canada would. however we do know that trump wants things to change and as we saw in the piece we do know that the e.u. has higher tariffs for u.s. products do you think trump will end up getting what he wants anyway. in the end after creating the little storm in a teacup donald trump may indeed find the e.u. in the u.s. lower tariffs remember there was a plan for that already it was called the tape but that last moment when donald trump became president so it's likely in the end we may see modestly lower barriers
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but they certainly won't be as extensive as if teach it would have been followed through in four now some say that these threats that we've continuously seen are just a strategy to actually get from the e.u. to somehow lower the tariffs without the u.s. necessarily doing the same do you think that strategy in general is smart. what certainly is dull trumps a strategy isn't it create some chaos threaten you could be very very aggressive and then hope the other side concedes again i stress with smaller economies this possibly works but we deal with these big internal market again if you tried this with china the chances all of the e.u. could simply retaliate i don't think it will i think the diplomats on both sides will work hard to deescalate these tensions so in the end we may see a little progress but that is after we've already seen the economic damage we've already seen the confidence effect in the market effects of these threats and it
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will certainly continue to be a tense situation there thank you very much helen pickering been back for the analysis. thank you and so of course we'll follow up on the story and especially on the negotiations that are still ahead have you we've been talking about europe here but what about the other countries that have been threatened with terrorists well yesterday with the announcement that the terrorists would be forced phone to the white house also announced that at least australia argentina and brazil have let's say a permanent solution so they won't have the tariffs but they didn't say which details they negotiated with them it could be a model for the e.u. to follow we'll still see those details ahead in the coming days all right our business editor javier gave us thank you have you will be talking about later in the show thirty. now to some other news a judge in australia has ordered the country's highest ranking catholic cardinal george pell to stand trial on multiple charges of sexual abuse alison most senior member of the catholic church to be tried on such a charge as details about the allegations have not yet been made public but police
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it say they are historical sexual assault offenses dating back decades how last pleaded not guilty. and let's bring in did have his daughter herman who is standing by for us in sydney with more on the story hi dieter what do we know about the allegations against cardinal pell and the charges that he's facing. unfortunately unfortunately it's not very much we know because the public was not in court within the last couple of days and when the decisions were made we definitely know that a couple of charges have been dropped and we know that the main charges date back until the seventy's of the last century when when when hell george pell was a priest in the city of bell or that's about one hundred twenty kilometers west of melbourne and as a priest he sexually abused a couple of boys at the public swimming pool that's what we hear and later on about
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twenty years later when pelle was already on the ship of of melbourne yet again obviously abused a couple of boys sexually that's at least what the what the what the commission told us today. this is a man who has risen to the top ranks of the vatican does this court decision spell the end of his career. yes most probably yes he was number three year in the vatican he was a personal advisor to the pope and he was a kind of treasurer to the catholic church worldwide last year he came back to australia last year he stepped back from office and it is very very likely that he will not have any important position in the catholic church in future. peter what a strangely instinct about this case well
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a lot of australians were applauding today where it became clear that's paul will will be charged due to his wrongdoings and. the deaths do is a number of supporters that's very interesting i would say between ten and twenty percent of the australian sit still support him but the the vast majority of australians very very clearly once the catholic church become clear of problems like those that are now palace always maintained his innocence how has the vatican handled this affair the vatican actually according to the information i have did not do anything the pope himself did not talk about it did not mention it so it looks very much like the vatican is waiting and hoping that time would go by and that people will forget for pal here in australia the
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situation is a bit different his passport was taken from taken from him he is not allowed to leave the country and he will face court in the very very near future. is due to hermann reporting for us from sydney did you get to talk to you. now to some other stories making headlines around the world funerals have been held for dozens of people killed in three suicide bombings in afghanistan yesterday includes nine journalists who were killed in kabul and several children killed and come to harm media watchdog reporters without borders has appealed to the united nations to create a special envoy to protect journalists. a u.n. delegation has arrived in in mars' rakhine state to investigate the rohingya crisis an estimated seven hundred thousand rohingya muslims fled the country to neighboring battle days following a military crackdown last august the un called the action a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. north and south korea have begun taking
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down loudspeakers on their borders that are played propaganda for decades the move fulfills a promise made at in the stork summit between the two countries' leaders last week south korea has also asked the united nations to verify north korea's planned shutdown of a nuclear test site and young koum the founder of the instant messaging giant whatsapp has left his job at parent company facebook whatsapp was acquired by facebook four years ago and boasts more than one billion users worldwide but also had high profile disagreements over user privacy issues. israel says it has new proof of a secret iranian nuclear weapons program israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu presented what he called evidence that iran had lied about its nuclear ambitions analysts say the move is designed to pressure u.s. president trump into abandoning the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal.
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using language his american ally would understand. iran lard big time binyamin netanyahu delivered a piece of political theater presenting what he called evidence of a secret uranium nuclear project a few weeks ago and a great intelligence achievement. israel obtained half a ton of the material inside these walls and here's what we've got. fifty five thousand pages. another fifty five thousand farls on one hundred eighty three c.d.'s netanyahu referred to files israel says proves secret nuclear facilities and plans to develop atomic weapons exist incriminating documents incriminating charts
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incriminating presentations incriminating blueprints incriminating photos incriminating videos and more. iran maintains it has never sought a nuclear weapon and never had one even before netanyahu spoke foreign minister mohammad javid serif had dismissed the claims in a tweet the boy who can't stop crying wolf is at it again undeterred by cartoon fiasco at the u.n. g.a. you can only feel some of the people so many times. netanyahu speech came on the back of a visit to israel by u.s. secretary of state mike pump. and i noticed suggest it was time to pressure donald trump into withdrawing his support for the twenty fifty nuclear agreement world pyres signed with iran. if that were the intent it seemed to have an immediate impact democracy prime minister
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netanyahu just gave a very i don't know that everybody saying it but i've got to say a little bit of it and that is just not an acceptable situation and i've been saying that's happening they're not sitting back idly they're setting off missiles which they say of a television purposes i don't think so. in the past week german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel mccrone have made sacred visits to washington to try to remain in the agreement but trump has threatened to withdraw from the deal unless it's really go she to he is due to decide by me to go see. let's get the german perspective on this now we have our political correspondent hans broad following the reactions here in germany for us hi howard thanks for joining us in our studio how is the german government responding to these israeli allegations well the official response has been very brief and very reticent germany has simply said that it takes note of their tone ya less information
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allegations and that these should be immediately sent to the international atomic energy agency in vienna that is the united nations organization that actually of a sees this agreement and oversees nuclear developments all around the world and that this organization should in fact as quickly as possible examine this evidence and see whether it is contains anything new whether these allegations can be made to stick or not this is germany standing behind the independent investigations but can those actually determine whether iran is sticking to this deal well the international atomic energy agency in fact monitors iran since this deal was made of monitors iran iran around the clock there are cameras installed there are inspectors in the iran all the time iran's nuclear facilities are being monitored all the time in one of the most tough such investigations such monitoring that exists in the world and regularly the. reports on these investigations and most
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recently in early march said that it was convinced iran was in fact sticking to this deal that it was keeping inside of the bargain is it fair to say that germany and other international countries were naive in signing this deal with iran that is what washington asserts they would say that they were in fact every anything but you know even this proved. by the fact that these very tough continuous inspections are going on in iran and that they pushed iran in fact to allow those tough negotiations those tough investigations that are continuing they would say that in fact because such tough negotiations took late to this deal. the deal in fact has been made to stick quite quite well if the u.s. does end up abandoning this deal what will we see germany do you take a leading role in continue with a new agreement of sorts i think germany the european union and we have to say russia and china which are also involved in this as permanent members of the united nations security council they will try to make the deal continue they will try to
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persuade iran not to pull out of the deal from its side and for these inspections by the i.a.e.a. to continue and full the lifting of sanctions from the side of the european union and other countries also to continue so they are similar i think to the climate agreement the paris climate agreement where the united states withdrew but the rest of the world said we will continue with this on this path i think the other countries involved in this deal with with iran will also try to keep the keep the deal going right now political correspondent brant following the story for us thank you had three. you're watching news still to come workers rights with chinese characteristics as many countries mark international labor day we look at one man's efforts to set up a trade union in china. and in sports bar in munich face one of their toughest tasks out the season there in madrid ahead of their champions league clash against gray all they need to turn around the first leg deficit in order to survive.
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but first some good news for the greek economy have yours back with that story that's right really because greece is finally getting some credit but not the normal kind of credit after a painful recession the european commission has actually praised the country for making encouraging progress on its debt reduction giving it a positive growth outlook that's good news for the country's finances and for greeks who've long struggles in the shadow of financial insecurity greek prime minister elect presidents good reason to smile he's received time praise from o.e.c.d. secretary general and head for his country's impressive progress and reforms even though they were not voluntary and sometimes against the will of his people resist reform efforts are paying off. the greek economy is growing and. we think this year it's going to grow to brazil. perhaps next year two point three percent. that's why the country intends to leave the program by the summer and
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stand on its same two feet in order to achieve these goals the o.e.c.d. feels that greece needs to use reforms to further reduce its debt members of the euro group have even hinted that greece might receive debt relief although germany would be against the native. if you want to eat fresh fish from the oceans in the future some things will have to change experts say three quarters of fish stocks in the e.u. waters are being overfished in order to allow stocks to be replenished the e.u. fishing minister has set stricter catch quotas that's likely good news for the fish but bad news for local fishermen. it's nearly six in the morning and the sun is rising over the western baltic sea fisherman on this look and his colleagues have been on the water for three hours they barely notice the sky instead they're busy heaving nets full of herring up on board it's back breaking work because main
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fishing ground is the bait of graphs followed the herring return here in the spring to spawn. we're good at what we're going to leave this catch area now because the herring have finished spawning we can see from the dirty anchor that their work here is done the area is full of roll and built. so look ahead to ten minutes further east to cast his nets out the european union has lowered this year's count quota by thirty nine percent that means that fishermen will earn over a third less income from their core business. she had a look at his caught around two tonnes of herring that's around nine hundred euros in revenue he's almost reached his seventy ton limit so he can only fish for herring one more time this year. for most of my knowledge the cold have to return to the old colt old one hundred seventy tons to be able to earn half decent income we're pushing everything to the limit will paint the bolt and clean it and the
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water only what's absolutely essential we have to save where we can to try and balance the books. but there's little chance of raising catch limits for herring right now in fact the tuna an institute for baltic fishing is considering further curtailments instead temperatures are rising in the baltic making life tough for the fish. until the mid one nine hundred ninety s. reproduction rates were very good but since then there's been a continual decline the only factor involved is water temperature which is affecting various areas. but unless limits increase the and his fellow fishermen will have to hang up their nets soon they'll be no point catching herring shut up shop like a thousand others in the region before them. that's all for business
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it's back to so we know it's international workers day in many countries are celebrating at something and that's why i have a it's also a known as the labor day a day to celebrate workers' rights and we're turning out to the situation in china a day that he spoke to one man who's been trying to set up a trade union and thousand of south targeted by the government. these tracks still give me a feeling of comfort even if they have just a distant memory. almost every day for twenty years leeway gere drove his train past this spot he worked as a train driver until one day while getting off the train he slipped and fell and broke his spine the railway refused to treat the incident as a workplace accident lee believes the company systematically violated labor laws by long sense that something wasn't right but it always worked so much that there was not much time to think about things today he's partly paralyzed he receives no
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pension or compensation but he's long stopped worrying about just his own fate lead documents how worker's rights are ignored he says it's not unusual for train drivers to work up to two hundred hours overtime each month without pay he's trying to organize workers on liners that he has made contact with others outside china the union invited him to the u.s. in twenty sixteen he was already at the airport and had checked him out i was turned back at the gate he was under surveillance and up to today his social media accounts are regularly blocked and. that was someone who needed advice. or sure whether reaches out to me has shown where the boundaries lie and it's threatening and only if you are brave enough to contact me directly.
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the police in iraq someone inform them about his meeting with the join a list a neighborhood policewoman and a plain clothes. he's unable to show his i didn't. leave my apartment immediately. these are. the policemen leaves a small victory. to. the policewoman remains she turns up regularly instead of focusing on the foreign reporter lead the man she helped him fight for is right here is a constant struggle. in football byron made a trail to one face an uphill battle against real madrid in the second leg of their champions league semifinal on tuesday well won it all last year and go into the game as favorites but their coach isn't letting that go to his head. they need to
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turn this tie on its head stop players failed to dazzle in the first leg and now the home advantage still even just put three past them here in the quarter final and is heartened by the memory. not really because that game showed that madrid are vulnerable at home and that they saw it as they look. but right now did make it through against juventus as they did in the quarter final last year i got a spy in four hundred because though there is a big difference this time around. why wasn't the coach back then and on tuesday it will be a different team than the one which played last year. the opponents however. the stars talent and their coaches confidence also remain unchanged. oh look at the now most important thing for us is to think about winning the match and nothing else. to come onto the pitch and to win the match that's our goal not
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to speculate not to overthink not to step back and do strange things done does have the upper hand but he knows not to underestimate his opposition. by and will not be worried at all and will come to play a great match they're a great club and a great team and we are aware of that. certainly high praise but by are now faced the difficult task of living up to their opponents' expectations. and we just have time for a minder of our top stories that we're following for you here indeed have you u.s. president donald trump has delayed the imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs on the european union canada and mexico until next month the decision came just hours before exemptions for these countries were due to expire. a judge in australia has ordered cardinal george pell to stand trial on multiple charges of sexual abuse alice australia's highest rang. catholic and the most senior church official to be
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tried on such charges the seventy six year old has pleaded not guilty. don't forget you can always get date of news on the go with her after get access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications on your phone for any breaking news and you can also use the d.w. app to send us your photos and your videos just download the app from google play or from the app store thank you for watching just any.
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for the palestinians it's the day they lost that hope last. night as he told me a jewish dream arab night creation of israel. in the forty five minutes on d w. comes the germans came together in one nation from show them on to chancellor also from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. i swell always to bring my royal college of best protect christendom spread to the true for. all we took a look at it to the enemy in time. and steered by courageous decisions we must be. playing the germans first starting may thirteenth
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