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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 1, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is either every new supply from berlin pulling back from the brink of a trade war us president donald trump postpones a decision on steel and aluminum tariffs until next march but is it just kicking the can down the road also coming up he's the third most senior figure in the catholic church now cardinal george howell has been ordered to stand trial on charges of sex abuse she denies the allegations. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu presents evidence he says proves tehran is lying about its nuclear program critics say it's old news and question his timing.
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i'm sumi so much got to thank you for joining us the european union says there is no justification for a controversial u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum and that it wants a permanent exemption they you was responding to president donald trump's decision to delay the imposition of such tariffs just hours before a deadline was due to expire the e.u. says it has noted the move by trumpet that the postponement is prolonging uncertainty for businesses. a sigh of relief for the steel industry at least for the moment for the next four weeks the e.u. can sell steel and aluminum to the u.s. without additional terrorist. then negotiations will come to an end with says washington no more extensions in march trump announced plans to slash levies of
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twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on alan minium imports to the u.s. then two weeks later he granted the e.u. and six other countries a waiver that tends to de washington says it's been unfairly treated in trade with the e.u. it once concessions from brussels a comparison of tariffs on five thousand products shows the europeans charge an average of five point two percent levy compared to just three point five percent by the americans. on tuesday the german government said it to duly noted the extension and expects a permanent exemption from the tariffs but to prevent a trade war between the e.u. and the us negotiations must now continue apace. the u.s. is neighbors mexico and canada have also received a month's extension meanwhile south korea has already found a long term solution as part of a free trade agreement with the u.s.
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the details of that though a not yet clear. now to some other stories making news around the world a u.n. delegation has arrived in me in maher's rakhine state to investigate the world crisis an estimated seven hundred thousand rohingya muslims fled the country for neighboring bangladesh following a military crackdown less august this year when called the action a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. north and south korea have begun taking down loudspeakers on their borders that are played propaganda for decades the move fulfills a promise made at an sturrock summit between the two countries leaders last week south korea has also asked the united nations to verify north korea's planned shutdown of a nuclear test site. and funerals have been held for dozens of people killed in three suicide bombings in afghanistan yesterday that includes nine journalists who were killed in a couple and several children killed in khandahar the media watchdog reporters without borders has appealed to the united nations to create
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a special envoy to protect journalists. a judge in australia has ordered the country's highest ranking catholic cardinal george pell to stand trial on multiple charges of sexual abuse tell of the most senior member of the catholic church to be tried on such charges a details about the allegations have not yet been made public but police say they are historical sexual assault offenses dating back decades alice pleaded not guilty a date for the trial is yet to be set. let's bring it to the views dieter hermann in sydney for more on the story hi peter what can you tell us about the allegations against cardinal pell and the charges that he faces well it dates back to until the mid seventy's of the last century that means about fifty years ago and. at that time george pell was a priest in the community of ballarat that's about one hundred twenty kilometers
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west of melbourne at that time he allegedly sexually abused a couple of boys close to the public swimming pool and twenty years on when he was already the archbishop of melbourne the same thing should have happened again and people say that he again abused boys in the area of the church somewhere so that's the two main points a couple of other points have been dropped but that's the two more main points still on. this is a man who's risen risen to the top ranks of the vatican to these allegations spell the end of his career. most probably yes just a short while ago we received a statement from the vatican the holy see says that the leave of absence that pope francis has granted to pelt is still in place this is of course a very diplomatic statement but it is very likely that powell will not go back to
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rome how is this case being perceived in australia. most of the people and that's not only my feeling that's what i read in the news that i hear from other journalists most of the people here in australia applaud the today's decision there are a few supporters that one pelter comfrey that believe that paul did not do any wrong doing this i guess it's about twenty percent of the population and the remaining eighty percent maybe a bit less because some people on certain most of the of the australians are applauding and are very happy happy this this that this court rulings but go on now . to herman reporting for us from sydney thank you peter israel says it has new proof of a secret iranian nuclear weapons program israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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presented what he called evidence that iran had lied about its nuclear ambitions analysts say the move is designed to pressure u.s. president donald trump into abandoning the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal you may well know that iran using language his american ally would understand. iran lard big time benyamin netanyahu delivered a piece of political theater presenting what he called evidence of a secret every clear project a few weeks ago in a great intelligence achievement israel obtained half a ton of the material inside these vaults and here's what we got. fifty five thousand pages. another fifty five thousand farls on one hundred eighty three c.d.'s netanyahu
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referred to files israel says prove secret nuclear facilities and plans to develop atomic weapons exist incriminating documents incriminating charts incriminating presentations incriminating blueprints incriminating photos incriminating videos and more. iran maintains it has never sought to meet clear weapon and never had one even before netanyahu spoke foreign minister mohammad javid serif had dismissed the claims in a tweet the boy who can't stop crying wolf is at it again undeterred by cartoon fiasco at the u.n. g.a. you can only feel some of the people so many times. netanyahu speech came on the back of a visit to israel by u.s. secretary of state mike pump. and i know this suggest it was time to pressure
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donald trump into withdrawing his support for the twenty fifty nuclear agreement world pirates signed with iran. if that were the intent it seemed to have an immediate impact as the largest democracy prime minister netanyahu just gave a very out another everybody saying it but i've got to say a little bit of it and that is just not an acceptable situation and i've been saying that's happening they're not sitting back i believe they're setting off missiles which they say are for television purposes i don't think. office in the past week german chancellor angela merkel and french president manny on the crown have made second visit to washington to urge strength to remain in the agreement but trump has threatened to withdraw from the deal unless it's really go sheeted he is cheered to decide by may twelfth discussing. today is international workers day or let. these tracks still give me
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a feeling of comfort even if they are just a distant memory. almost every day for twenty years he waits year drove his train past this spot he worked as a train driver until one day while getting off the train he slipped and fell and broke his spine the railway refused to treat the incident as a workplace accident lead believes the company systematically violated labor laws by long sense that something wasn't right but they always work so much that there was not much time to think about things. today he's partly paralyzed he receives no pension or compensation but he's long stopped worrying about just his own fate lead documents how worker's rights are ignored he says it's not unusual for train drivers to work up to two hundred hours overtime each month without pay he's trying
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to organize workers on line. fishel unions do not represent workers' interests on the contrary as soon as someone stands up the unions try to muzzle that person that he has made contact with others outside china the union invited him to the u.s. in twenty sixteen he was already a clear up wouldn't have checked him. back at the gate he was under surveillance and up to today his social media accounts are regularly blocked. it was someone who needed advice. or should never reaches out to me has shown where the boundaries lie and is threatened only if you are brave enough to contact me directly. the police arrive someone inform them about his meeting with a drawn a list a neighborhood policewoman and
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a plain clothes officer. he's unable to show his id. leave my apartment immediately. these are. the policeman leaves a small victory. to. the policewoman remains she turns up regularly instead of focusing on the foreign reporter leading man she helped him fight for is right here is a constant struggle. to fall now an army to trail two one and face an uphill battle against real madrid in the second leg of their champions league semifinal on tuesday well won it all last year and go into the game as favorites but their coach isn't letting that go to his head. by a need to turn this tie on its head star players failed to dazzle in the first leg and now right out of the home advantage still even just put three past them here in
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the quarter final and is heartened by the memory. not. because of that game so that madrid are vulnerable at home and that they aren't as solid as they look. but right now did make it through against juventus as they did in the quarter final last year i get spy and four hundred because though there is a big difference this time around. and i wasn't the coach back then and on tuesday it will be a different team than the one which played last year. the opponents however. the stars talent and their coaches confidence also remain unchanged. oh look at the now most important thing for us is to think about winning the match and nothing else. to come onto the pitch and to win the match that's our goal you not to speculate not to overthink not to step back and do strange things done does
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have the upper hand but he knows not to underestimate his opposition. by and will not be worried at all and will come to play a great match they're a great club and a great team and we're aware of that. well that's certainly high praise but buyer now face the difficult task of living up to their opponents' expectations. reminder now of our top stories here on t w. u.s. president donald trump has delayed the imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs on the european union canada and mexico until next month the decision came just hours before exemptions for these countries were due to expire. and a judge in australia has ordered cardinal george pell to stand trial on multiple charges of sexual abuse how was australia's highest ranking catholic the most senior church official to be tried on such charges the seventy six year old has pleaded not guilty. thank you for watching t w krista first brigade will be with
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you at the top of the hour. a new course for celebration world press freedom day may third w.


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