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this is you don't use a line from berlin to vote for me or face the consequences the leader of antigovernment protesters in armenia burned just lawmakers to give him the job of prime minister and a vote in parliament today if they don't he warns weeks of peaceful protest could turn violent also coming up in a judge in australia orders cardinal george pell to stand trial on charges of sexual abuse tells a third row senior figure in the catholic church he's pleading not guilty and israel of ledges iran live prime minister benjamin netanyahu makes
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a dramatic case alleging tiran is not complying with the nuclear deal but provides no evidence of iran's noncompliance and since the deal came into effect with no smoking gun critics are questioning his timing. great to have you along everyone i am leyla her rockwell hope is running high in armenia right now that a new era is about to begin that the country's parliament is slated to elect a new prime minister today the only candidate is opposition leader and he called me on who had days of protests that prompted the previous prime minister search to resign last month. on has been speaking in parliament ahead of this critical vote warning lawmakers of what he called a political tsunami that after they failed to elect him all aposhian has the support of all the opposition parties in parliament but also needs votes from the
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governing republican party to win. all right one bring up to speed with some of the other stories that are in the headlines right now reports from nigeria say dozens of people have been killed by suicide bombers in the northeastern city of move residents say the two bombers detonated their explosives at a mosque in a market the attacks bear all the hallmarks of the islamist militant group boko haram. an abandoned highrise building in so paulo brazil has collapsed following a huge blaze the video uploaded to social media shows the building as it fell at least one person was killed the building was frequently occupied by squatters and it's fear that there may be more casualties. in the capital of the philippines manila thousands of demonstrators have burned in effigy that depicted president
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really good the third day as a demon the protest was part of may day marches they were protesting to their days failure to keep a campaign promise to get rid of short term employment contracts. a judge in australia has ordered the country's highest ranking catholic cardinal george pell to stand trial on multiple charges of sexual abuse hell is the most senior member of the catholic church to be tried on such charges details about the allegations haven't yet been made public but police say they are store full sexual assault charges dating back several decades bell has pleaded not guilty a date for the trial has yet to be set. well with me in the studio now is over her own religious affairs correspondent martin martin good to see you the vatican's treasurer to face trial how damaging is this for the catholic church well it is
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clearly you know it's a stain on the vatican at least in terms of sort of public appearance but at the very same time i mean it's sort of the fact that was released to the australian authorities are released to defend his name in the court of louis no straight shows about any sexually willing to put very very high ranking people. in front of national authorities how unprecedented is this put this into context it is absolutely unprecedented for somebody of this disruption to be facing national authorities furthermore the church has been systematically reluctant to present documents or to present evidence to national authorities prosecuting persecuting sexual abuse or cover up charges however the does not mean that they have not done it they have not done it willingly once again for somebody of. the stage of his career ia this writing his actually something really quite remarkable refresh my recollection who is cardinal pell and what is exactly being accused of bill was the
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highest ranking figure of those trillion church he became one of the most important conservative cardinals within the cardinal school and he is. an ambiguous figure in relation to this bulb i mean he's somebody that was very close to the nerd circle that minister to the inner circle but he took actually a very open position against the pope reforms and in fact he actually supported people that directly criticise a pope within that within the cardinal school i mean including including some very very very conservative voices. this could also be read as an opportunity for the pope to farther he said to reforming the cardinal and the so the core of the catholic church or this could also be the vatican leaving this cardinal out to dry very much so indeed this is so disappointing the point is that in fact this is somebody that in many ways is sort of part of the brand so it's something that he's
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looks like you know central attacking somebody very much in the core but at the very same time as somebody that is very closely associated with groups you know wanted to essentially preserve a study of schools so this is not necessarily a bad. you know moment for for this purpose of. religious affairs expert thank you so very much thanks my pleasure it's. going to take you back to our top story our media is only candidates an opposition leader and he call partially on lead the days of protest as you might recall that prompted the previous prime minister search of his young to resign last month the question has been speaking in parliament ahead of this crucial vote warning along makers of what he called a political tsunami if they fail to elect him while that all important crucial vote is ongoing as we speak. we can get you the very latest now with that new colleague is that at the scene nic a good to see you you are in the central
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a year of on in the republic square where supporter have gathered head of this vote give us the state of play where you are what's the mood like are his supporters optimistic that he will be elected prime minister today. well in a word lately it's getting more tense the day started off in very celebrated remove people were out with their kids with their elderly parents out basically expecting a celebration by the end of the day that would bring their candidates to power in this extraordinary one candidate election in palm and but as this drags on with every hour that passes people getting more nervous you see people in cafes glued to their phones listening to the live stream walking past cafes looking at the t.v. and so far there's no real end in clear sight we were expecting the vote to have taken place by now but actually the ruling party lawmakers decided that they would
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at least try to most twenty of them would give speeches and some of those have dragged on for a long time lots of being very critical of question and saying that he's not ready to be prime minister so having promised in recent days and weeks that they wouldn't stand in his way they would even maybe give them his support they now seem to be willing to pull back from that so we're still on tenterhooks here as your van gogh's from often thieving see what actually will happen right in the crowd is massive i mean we've been showing pictures as you been reporting now in a speech to parliament to fashion an earlier warned of a political tsunami if he wasn't elected a prime minister how did that go down with a lot makers. so far they have the government lawmakers haven't really respond to that directly obviously that is a not very veiled threats to their authority should they not let him take over as had been expected obviously the real the real issue at hand here is that having
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rather surprisingly quite quickly seems to go along with his agenda. resigning very quickly people expected this to be more formality how exactly how be handed over and when you elections be cool if off to having races expectation they then show themselves willing to hang on to power at any price we can expect this to yeah than the mood to turn people. out here and people will be told you've said that if he's not promised but in the evening they're going to stay out they've been out in recent weeks the numbers have been growing and there will be no immediate end to these demonstrations and nick as you've been reporting this was supposed to be just a formality it now looks like it's dragging on when can we realistically expect a result. i think no one here in this where over ten thousand people behind me can actually say that we're really trying to guess that but the procedure so far has time time again being subverted deadlines have been missed but obviously the expectation here and that the crowd is
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expecting an answer by the end of the day so we're going to stay out here and keep on it but if anything if it also doesn't go by the ruling party is not going to let him become prime minister in any hurry when without telling the country why they think he's not suitable and why they think he shouldn't become leader of this country right and nick before i let you go and just to mention to our viewers we're showing live pictures of that massive crowd there where you are how much support does he have in parliament. so his party his own party is very small it's only has about seven deputies of just over one hundred but the entire opposition which has just under the majority sunda half the vote half the seats of all the other had said they would vote for him then the question was always whether the governing republicans would also vote for him now it seems like that unity amongst the opposition parties the current opposition
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parties is also under threat once if he's come out saying that he's not going to vote still you can abstain just think russia is suitable for office. on the streets if he does mass support but in politics bit more difficult and one thing it's becoming to princeton is his refusal to get to make deals or to have negotiations in province so this could go down to the wire and this could go down to the wire and thankfully you are on site you'll keep us posted we'll be checking in with you a little later on nick ali reporting from euro five armenia thank you. all right now to other news the international atomic energy agency says there is no credible evidence to suggest that iran is currently working to gain nuclear weapons or that it's had any such program in recent years all this after israel's or prime minister benjamin netanyahu unveiled documents in a dramatic presentation yesterday which he said show or was that iran lied about its nuclear intentions in the past and has not stopped its weapons program today
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while the u.s. is backing israel the secretary of state my pompei o says israel's information shows the west's twenty fifteen nuclear deal with iran a was quote built on lies. some observers are believe netanyahu is presentation is an attempt to encourage u.s. president donald trump to pull out of the iran nuclear deal but what do iranians themselves think didn't use teresa tropper has been talking to said dick. a prominent politics professor at the university of tehran u.s. president donald trump us threatening to pull this country out of the nuclear deal how is that seen here in tehran. people are very concept and have all of this if. all the native people who are really feeling. their body the pressure.
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ness of the sanctions and many if any and feed that if the os the ordinary people would feel. the pressure. of the sanctions you've already mentioned that there would be a reaction from tehran if the trunk would terminate the deal how could it look like other than. restarting. their nuclear in this industry. i really don't see any of their very reaction that. that the islamic government will be able to do what are they going to do so again if the. united that have every right to bomb the u.s. ally in the region what are we going to do. what do you think with the influence be on iran in domestic policies of the nuclear deal was terminated no on
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fortunately. the draw of united states. from the. we need more sanctions would be more beleaguered. foreign policy towards the war with the. euro war the united states it would mean that the hardliners in your own would fund. would gain more all work so that that's why i say that you're looking to see human rights will suffer as a result of any confrontation and i hope the general people of the. government there realize that you don't. you don't you're not being punished because of something that they haven't done anything wrong. in the media.
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dispute between all the there is. president from thank you very much. and that does it for us thanks for watching. we make up of what we watch as a whole week and out that you might be on december seventh with. the want to show you the continent's future to be part of it and join the youngsters because they share their story dreams and their jobs and you see the seventy seven percent of these platforms for africa jordan.


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