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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  May 2, 2018 12:02am-12:30am CEST

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it's nuclear intentions just minutes later u.s. president donald trump praise the announcement and again condemned the iran nuclear deal tonight tehran is accusing israel and the u.s. of a conspiracy to wage war i burnt off in berlin this is the day. the time of peace and run is if you strike you will be struck. back i believe is setting off missiles which they say a few television purposes i don't think they know that you think and it's a hot military conflict they will get down. this river at least ten points city five that iran has fully complied with its commitments that it on the rest assured that americans and the rest of us like them will be friends out of this region.
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also coming up tonight how the proletariat quickly become an enemy of the states tonight a report on what happens in modern day china when the welfare of workers gets in the way. we do official unions do not represent with his interests on the contrary as soon as someone stands up the unions try to muzzle that person. or we begin the day with revelations regarding yesterday's so-called revelation yesterday israel's prime minister presented evidence to the world which he claims proves iran has never been on this about its nuclear weapons program us president trump praised benjamin netanyahu announcement and hinted again that he will pull the us out of the iran nuclear deal later this month now there was immediate reaction from iran foreign minister is our reef accuse netanyahu of lying tweeting . that the boy who can't stop crying wolf is at it again he then wrote that you can
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only fool some of the people so many times he then aimed at u.s. president trump accusing him of rehashing old allegations already dealt with in order to nix the iran nuclear deal how convenient he added writing that trump's reaction to netanyahu is announcement blew their cover wednesday we learned that netanyahu zweig's the actual t.v. announcement was apparently not the first time that he had shared the information with truong netanyahu reportedly informed of the intelligence during a visit in washington on march fifth now that has added weight to claims that trump has already decided to kill the iran nuclear deal despite efforts by europe to work with the president to salvage it today the european union said that so far israel has provided no evidence that iran has violated its obligations under the nuclear treaty which is known as j c p
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a way. that the nuclear agreement is based not on assumption of fate or trust it's based on. concrete commitments they fixation mechanisms and very strict monitoring of facts done by the i.a.e.a. the i.a.e.a. is released then reports city find that iran has fully complied with its commitments and we have that and it's misplaced let us dress eventually concerns that again i have not seen from prime minister netanyahu arguments for the moment known violate a no compliance meeting by elation from the end of. the maintenance on that they knew that the. that is the take from europe let's take the story now to the united states i'm joined by jason isaacson he is with the american jewish committee mr isaacson it's good to see you again today there is more talk thank you there's more talk about an impending war between israel and iran is that what netanyahu is
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presentation yesterday was intended to do to prepare the world for a military conflict. i wouldn't go that far for and yes there is the possibility of conflict on the on the border there is a possibility of further action by the iranians to embed themselves militarily in syria which poses a direct threat to israel security iran has already tried to penetrate israeli defenses with with drone and and has been building up its military capabilities in the syrian territory so i think that there is that possibility as things heat up but i don't think that's what yesterday's announcement yesterday's revelation by the president by the prime minister was was really about i think it was about a nuclear deal between the world powers and iran that as this integrally says yes iran has been complying with elements of that deal but there was one key element of the deal with which iran just lately not been complying and that was to
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reveal the facts the truth of its previous what was described as a possible military dimensions of its of its of its nuclear program and in fact as we saw yesterday this was not possible or potential or presumed military dimensions this was a very well thought through very well executed over a period of years military program to not develop military nuclear capability what do you do mr isaacson let's say then that's correct let's say that they weren't completely honest about what happened before the nuclear deal was negotiated let's say truck pulls the u.s. out the deal dies then you have no inspectors going into iran to to check what is going on what kind of situation do you have then how do you stop iran then without military action. that's a situation we would very much like to avoid and that's why it's so important for
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the european powers for germany for france for britain to join with the united states in efforts to close down some of the open doors that were created by this joint comprehensive plan of action what with the j c p a way the nuclear deal did was significant but it wasn't sufficient and it's important now for the european powers with the united states in this very powerful alliance to work together to fix the problems that were created by the j.c.b. or that were not addressed by the chase e.p.o. what isn't that once the german chancellor and the french president were in washington last week offering the u.s. president to maybe even negotiate at least an addendum to the deal to thinks the deal instead of to kill it. yes that is the way it was described and let's hope that the the details can be worked out sufficient to to meet the very justified demands that the president put forward when he spoke about this issue in january the issue of the of the missiles that iran is developing why are they
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developing long range ballistic missiles if not to put into clear warhead on it and and how can we prevent them from for all time moving ahead with a military nuclear program that they started and very elaborately developed until until they put it put it in a warehouse where israel found it i want you to take a listen to what the president's press secretary said today about the iran nuclear deal take a listen the problem is that the deal was made on a completely false pretense iran lived on the front end they were dishonest actors and so the deal that was made was made on things that weren't accurate and we have a big problem with that. particularly sure particularly the fact that iran's nuclear capability were far more advanced and far further along than they ever indicated. mr ives isn't what is the message or the takeaway that you get from that . book iran lied repeatedly shamelessly
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at every level of its government and continues to lie the full nature of its of its nuclear military program the takeaway that i that i get from that is that we need to get very serious about preventing iran for all time from moving ahead with that program they just think they put their plans on the shelf they didn't bring them they didn't destroy them they didn't they won't even talk about them but they're there and in fact some of the same people who were in charge of that program years ago are still working for the iranian government that are still in plans to move forward so we have to make it sure make make it clear the united states in alliance with our partners that this cannot be tolerated that the good elements of the joint comprehensive plan of action should be carried forward indefinitely. i took that sound bite and let other people listen to it today and a lot of people said that the message they took from the press secretary is that.
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they they don't consider the us france germany or the u.k. to be reliable negotiating parties and that they were deceived naive and that they were not staffed with the kind of people who can know the truth that's quite an indictment isn't it to say that all of the all of the negotiators who came before you were actually not qualified to do the job. you know look this is the nature of intelligence sometimes you actually discover things you didn't know before i believe that there were. suspicions based on streams of evidence that were revealed over the last number of years that have now been verified with that with absolute certainty and to hear by the way the foreign minister of iran say what he said about it and that's a yahoo lying yesterday is just the most absurd statement when we can actually see the plans we can see in farsi what was described by the iranian military planners
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and scientists and engineers so. i think we have no choice at this point but to say ok there are very positive elements of a joint comprehensive plan of action destroying the plutonium core of that one reactor of shipping out the enriched the highly enriched uranium lowering their stockpile making some other modifications and centrifuges fine but we have to go far beyond that we have to make sure that the limitations on iran's ability to have a military nuclear capability for all time are eliminated. jason isaacs the nominated jason isaacs and joining us tonight from washington with the american jewish committee mr isaacson as always we appreciate your time and your insights on the day thank you thank you well it is not easy for a western journalist to measure the mood and the opinion of iranians in iran but didn't we used to research is in tehran tonight she asked the university of tehran political science professor sadegh zibakalam what iranians think about the
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possibility that u.s. president trump could pull out of the iran nuclear the us president. threatening to pull his country out of the nuclear deal how is that seen in tehran. people are very concept they have all of this if they all think if people. really feeling. their body weight the pressure. the pretend ness of the sanctions and many and feed that it will be on the ordinary people will feel. the pressure. of the sanctions we've already mentioned that there would be a reaction from tehran if the trunk would terminate the deal how could it look like
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other than. restarting. their nuclear industry. i really don't see any of their very reaction that. that the islamic government will be able to do what are they going to do so again. you knocked it out of anywhere to bomb the u.s. ally in the region what are we going to do what do you think with the influence be on iran in domestic policies of the nuclear deal was terminated no on fortunately. draw of united states. from the. more sanctions would be more beleaguered. foreign policy towards if this wall of. europe was the united states it will mean that the hardliners in the home would fund.
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the game or all of it so that that's why i say that democracy human rights will suffer as a result of any confrontation and i hope genuine people. prove here lies that you don't know and you don't you know not being punished because of something that they haven't done anything wrong. in the media the dispute between all the there is. the president from. thank you very much. it's a night in armenia a political crisis threatens to bring the entire country to a standstill parliament today rejected opposition leader nicko in his bid to become prime minister after the ruling party refused to back him or he was the only
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candidate for the job question ian hasn't been addressing thousands of supporters outside parliament and he says that the ruling republican party has declared war on the armenian people and is calling as a result for a general strike on wednesday. or should be on lead the protest movement last march which resulted in the resignation of the now former prime minister. or earlier i spoke to the w's nick connelly who is covering this story for us in the armenian capital and i asked her i started by asking him to talk to us about the latest regarding calls for a general strike on wednesday. good evening brant well most people have gone home ahead of that general strike call for tomorrow not in the general strike but also he's pledged to block grozny the airport leading to the country's borders so rail all an attempt to bring life to a standstill and ready for this mass the day started off in quite surreal fashion
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we had thousands of people out in the square seemingly very confident that this was a done deal we talked to them about what they thought would happen and for them it seemed just a matter of sitting out long enough until he came back to them victorious as prime minister but obviously as we saw the ruling republican party has been in control of all media from all the two decades now wasn't going to give up its power without a fight and without some surprise on the way yeah and you know for the world watching this story it's hard to believe what we're seeing a nine hour marathon parliament session today. and then the only candidate for prime minister is not allowed to take that position so one of people been telling you i mean are the the angry are they disappointed or resigned. i think it's just a question of confusion now this all happened very late in the evening when now. nearing midnight here and the parliamentary session went on till about nine pm here
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i think people seem willing to carry on to moralise those people we talked to said that they would be out tomorrow blocking streets as already happened in previous weeks i think the thing that you have to remember here is that off to the shock resignation of subset of this john the long present and lastly prime minister it seemed like threw up a good boss he was going to give up its positions without too much confrontation they didn't as you mentioned advance their own candidate and for a while they even said they wouldn't stand in question younes way having said that those observers did say this seemed a little too easy and that's how it proved they didn't last moment pull out this that she session to take hours rather than a matter of sixty one hundred eighty minutes is this the thought. and then at the end of the day throughout that was when aides telling them that they didn't think he was up to the job and they say they don't think he's up for the job i mean do they have legitimate grounds for not endorsing this candidate especially when you consider the fact that there is only one candidate.
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but they have a constitution and they have the majority in parliament although i would say that that majority is not a just but one because they say elections have being have been. manipulated in recent years and that this is patent imposed i mean yet that pressure is brought on civil servants about the government all those kinds of manipulation of the kinds of . they would argue that he's been too like the detail of what he actually wants to do they say he talks about freedom about and you all mean you know without giving very much detail of how he would protect the country and its many conflicts with neighboring azerbaijan and also what to do about the economy having said that this kind of public support on the streets is something we have pressed into to have been here now but they said he never managed to fill the public square that's behind me here this is support on a different level i think it's going to be a question of how he's able to keep going in the next days but he certainly has the
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support right now i mean we're looking at pictures right now of the protests from today that were in front of parliament and we're talking about tens of thousands if not more than one hundred thousand people there so if these people are all in support of having this new prime minister what happens tomorrow then with this general strike. it's a general strike happens then they'll be these closures of roads that in this question of a show of support at the moment think we are at a stage of brinkmanship here. everyone seeing passion on one hand the public and seeing who's going to blink first procedurally the next step will be another vote next week so we could have up for election next week again up against a candidate from the public. to elect an interim prime minister then we'll have snap elections and what is yours says nick i know i know it's very well there where you are despite it being late in the evening but what's your prediction based on what you've seen of who will blink first in this standoff.
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it's very hard to judge so if he's giving no indication that he's willing to step down and he is very clear that yes the mandate of the people and that it's the publicans to go this certainly was a very impressive cross-section of the public out on the streets days this wasn't just a question of young male activists you had old people you had people with their kids out showing that they would stay out of the police or of the state and it's a bit it's cracked down so that is definitely something that is very impressive very striking about these protests the lack of fear the broad diversity of people out. there will be hoping that takes them to the premiership our correspondent nick connelly in the armenian capital you're of on tonight with the latest there on what looks like a country bracing for a general strike on wednesday nic thank you very much. well almost two hundred years to the day since karl marx was born in the workers of
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the world have yet to unite but on this may first labor day workers around the world took to the streets in paris tens of thousands demonstrated at the bus steal against the labor market reforms a president in manual micro orange trade unions organized the march protests were marred when about twelve hundred people in black port of the attack. police used tear gas and water cannon to repel the rioters but not before cars and restaurants including a mcdonald's were looted. well a much different scene in china now the president of china has ordered all members of the communist party to attend special marxist seminars she is reportedly concerned that the party is paying only lip service to its communist ideology well many chinese workers would agree human rights groups say that china's cozy
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relationship with hyper capitalism and growing gaps between the rich and poor prove that beijing is ignoring its own proletariat and for those workers with complaint the only recourse is the country's one official trade w.'s mightiest introduces us tonight to a railway worker whose efforts to promote greater workers' rights has made him a target of repression. these tracks still give me a feeling of comfort even if they are just a distant memory. almost every day for twenty years leeway gina drove his train past this point he worked as a train driver until one day while getting off the train he slipped and fell and broke his spine the railway refused to treat the incident as a workplace accident believes the company systematically violated labor laws along
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sense that something wasn't right but they always work so much that there was not much time to think about things. today he's partly paralyzed he receives no pension or compensation but he's long stopped worrying about just his own fate he documents how worker's rights are ignored he says it's not unusual for train drivers to work up to two hundred i was over time each month without pay he's trying to organize workers on line. official unions do not represent workers' interests on the contrary as soon as someone stands up the unions try to muzzle that person that he has made contact with others outside china the union invited him to the u.s. in twenty sixteen he was already at the airport and had checked him turned back at the gate he was under surveillance and up to today his social media accounts are regularly blocked. it was someone who needed advice.
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or should never reaches out to me has shown where the boundaries lie and is threatened only if you are brave enough to contact me directly. with. the police arrive someone inform them about his meeting with to join a list and neighborhood police woman and a plain clothes officer. he's unable to show his i did. leave my apartment immediately. the policeman leaves a small victory. to. the policewoman remains she turns up regularly. instead of focusing on the foreign reporter leading man she helped him fight for his rights his is
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a constant struggle. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either you news or you can write directly to me brant goff t.v. don't forget to use our hash tag the day on may first is also the day when people in southern germany come together to raise their town's local maypole this what looks like in a show of community spirit now the size of the poll it may be impressive but this year we understand it took thirty local lads two hours before they could get it up we're going to leave you with these images of how one town in bavaria does it and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day.
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the following. reliable. news just in the first place to plug the most. automotive story the front seat. does a football loving country to schools. we'll tell you how the german soccer made it back to the top players in our web special. dot com. football made in germany. israel seventy. two displays two nations at odds over one homeland featured in the i want to program. one room in the face of the green on peace but an assassin put an end to
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that dream a good man to the attorneys who goes to the displaced people who still do for their homeland israel seventeen years may twelfth on t.w. of all broadcast times online. still have you on board again some fantastic photos to the list as this has what's coming up in today so. caliph.


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