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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 2, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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everyone has the right. to everyone has a right to say. this is news coming to you live from the political crisis in armenia the opposition leader nicole pashtun calls on his supporters to stage a campaign of civil disobedience after parliament fails to elect him as prime minister will the protests stay peaceful. also coming out of these migrants have traveled more than three thousand kilometers to get to the united states and made
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headlines after. they should not be allowed into the country now they're facing an uncertain future. also coming up it's misery for munich in the champions league the germans are. spain's real madrid celebrates making it the final of europe's top petition for a third straight year. hello i'm terry margin good to have you with us through armenia is only edge this morning after opposition leader on earth his supporters to bring the country to a set standstill by staging a general strike call came after he failed to secure enough votes in parliament to become prime minister. was the only candidate had expected a different result he has spearheaded weeks of protests leading to the resignation
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of the prime minister last week. this is not how the vote was meant to go. was was full of enthusiasm and high expectations tens of thousands had come to catch the moment their protest leader became prime minister. then excitement gave way to sorrow. and the only thing we have to win we can't go on like this anymore you. know this is our life they don't have the right to rule that if we don't want them famously all the people are here everyone and they have to trade us. and us they are many years ruling republican party after a day long session in parliament of the writing was on the wall eventually the
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votes where two. the republicans would not back the bearded opposition leader to take the reins an angry nicole push in you want to be with his people. she was met by a sea of support and showered and confetti. a shiny and who has promised to read the country of corruption and poverty culled from ma civil disobedience. modem a. new option no possibility to go backwards we will move forward only forward and the republic and there is no power that can resist you live. last week they toppled a prime minister. they speak they tried to cry in their own beheaded home knowing that next week there will be another for this political stalemate yet one more test
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of our people power. let's go straight over to our correspondent nick conley who's covering this story he's at the scene there in the armenian capital yerevan nick the opposition leader passing on his call for a general strike today in a campaign of civil disobedience is he going to get what he wants. good morning terry well i think you can probably see behind me people dancing on what is one of the busiest crossroads in the center of the arab and empty of cause lots of people out on the streets young people students in their majority seem to follow his call not to go to university to the schools but also older people we know that the roads to the airport have been blocked off as as have roads leading to i mean is border with georgia and iran so it does seem like he is really getting some traction and the people are listening to those calls that we heard on public square last night tell us about what happened on the square there last night this is a potentially explosive situation isn't it. this
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definitely is a story of disappointment and the will demand because it had looked in recent days as if the ruling public apology had to grudgingly accepted that passion young would be the new interim prime minister and they would give up their hold on power at least until he then organized new elections as was the plan they had initially not just decided not to vote their own candidate and then they had said that they wouldn't stand questions way so yes they mourn a rubiks where talking to people they all seem certain that this was a done deal that was just a matter of time before the question and came on to the square as the new prime minister and then as the hours drew on it seemed that actually this wasn't a fait accompli and probably thought it came out with all sorts of reasons why he wasn't suitable candidate for prime minister and then the shock announcement late in the evening that indeed they wouldn't be giving his them his vote him in his their votes and that they would not let him become prime minister. the protests
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that led to the resignation of the former prime minister says they've been so far it looks peaceful they're behind you now but how much can the opposition achieve without resorting to more forceful tactics. well he was very clear yes they have passion and that this is a peaceful movement one of the key gestures of the protesters is the open hand gesture to show that the protests on and indeed these are very diverse protests this isn't just a matter of young potentially more physically able people that you have older individuals pensioners and also people with their young children i think passion yan's calculation so far is that he has the numbers and he has unprecedented because of people out on the streets and that that alone will be enough to pile on the pressure on the government have to remember that the police the army so far is still on the control of the ruling republican party so in that sense he would be
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going for a very big risk really trying to get rid of the current government by force obviously we don't know if the police will be willing to fire or somehow use force against such big numbers of people they were violent protests here ten years ago in armenia which saw ten people die in attempts to bring about the fall from power republican party and i think that is still a very real trauma and people remember those ten deaths ten years ago and are very reluctant to let things escalate. let's hope they don't nick conley there our correspondent in europe on in armenia thank you so much. course we'll be bringing you updates on that story throughout the day so let's take a look meanwhile at some other stories making headlines around the world today an australian cardinal george pell is likely to face two trials on the sex offense charges he's facing a court hearing in melbourne defense and prosecution attorneys agree the allegations against pelle should be split seventy six year old is the most senior catholic worldwide to face trial on sex abuse allegations he's denied wrongdoing.
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donald trump's former doctor says a letter that gave him a glowing bill of health in the run up to the twenty sixteen elections was dictated by trump himself carol borenstein his letter said trump would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency orenstein had previously said he had written it. and french police have arrested over one hundred people after an artist smashed shop windows and torched cars at a may day rally in paris authorities have warned of possible clashes with far left groups after a call on social media for a revolutionary day elsewhere thousands took part in a peaceful march against government policies. officials in the u.s. have begun processing a small number of asylum applications from a group of central american migrants camped at the country's border with mexico the migrants traveled across mexico in march aided by an open borders group u.s.
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president donald trump has described mass migration as a threat to national security he called on the caravan called the caravan a provocation and warned it could be denied access to the country clare richardson reports from the border. these are some of the faces that have invoked the great president donald trump the reason he's threatened to mexico and called for thousands of troops to be sent to protect the border. stop short on their journeys they've set up makeshift camps into want to mexico. but as you know we're sending many many national guardsman down to the border most of them are already there and that's having a big impact most are from honduras they say the united states must hear their asylum case that they left their homes because they had reasons to fear for their safety but again because they killed my father. or i mean that's less
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than what they because of death threats that's what forced me to lay for one of the men pulled out a gun pointed at me and told me if i didn't give him what he wanted he was going to kill me soon all of that battle came up with maybe i'm at that. they traveled together for over a month my first bus and train. they sought safety in numbers and what can be an arduous and dangerous journey. with faith it was ugly tiring and boring. is a big get my feet when i was walking and i know god willing or. they travelled some three and a half thousand kilometers all the way from near mexico's southern border with quite a mullah. when they arrived at the u.s. border with one a hoping to request a silence they got stuck. with the right papers it's just a short walk across this bridge to the united states and to california where more
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than one hundred people who say they fled terrible dangers in their home countries are stuck here on the mexican side of the border the united states has not said that it won't hear their asylum claims that would be illegal under international treaties that the u.s. has signed but they've blocked their entrance by saying that the processing center is fault. the united states is bound by law to hear their cases yet although they often face military criminal and sexual violence most people coming from central america lose in the end organizers hope that won't be the case here when. they're hoping they will be granted asylum so they can live their lives for a bit of the violent conditions that put them at risk. their future is a test case for the trump administration's anti immigrant policies to see whether his fiery rhetoric is enough to stop the united states from welcoming those fleeing persecution. the swedish institute for peace research shore see pretty
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says global military spending has risen to its highest level since the cold war broken down this represents two hundred thirty dollars for each person in the world a substantial growth in spending in asia and the middle east military expenditure in asia rose for the twenty ninth consecutive year china is the second largest spender globally behind the u.s. it leads the increase in spending in the region with a total expenditure of two hundred twenty eight billion dollars china is followed by india now higher spending by saudi arabia is driving the increase in the middle east rose by over six percent in two thousand and seventeen saudi arabia had the third highest military expenditure in the world iran and iraq also play a large role in the middle east arms race while for more on the report on defense
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spending i'm joined by peter busy man he's a senior researcher at sea pre with a special focus on the middle east and he's a co-author of that report he joins us from stockholm good morning. mr b.'s month good morning tell us saudi arabia has replaced russia as the world's third largest spender on weapons what's driving that particular development. well of course there's a decrease for russia out of saudi arabia has managed to increase its military spending out in two thousand and sixteen to two thousand and seventy and it seems that it may need to buy it in relation to each regional rivalry you rob so you may be asked fighting a war in yemen iran is also we all think that at a distance giving support to rebels that kind of he served the relation between the two countries and it's very clear. saudi arabia. exists and it's
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existential threat and they find that military capacity is essential for that and to keep iran and back ok the u.s. the u.s. for a second it's been spending less on defense in recent years is that downward trend likely to continue no downward trend actually already and it really in two thousand and sixty which role of troops home and iraq. from iraq and afghanistan the u.s. could decrease in its military spending especially during the obama times things have changed it has stabilized over two years and now troop is very clear he wants to increase and all the signs are that we can see already in two thousand and eighty a significant increase even don't like what the norm is on but still a significant increase in u.s. military spending and well it may very well be that in the coming years that we go
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further it gets what he wants to say ok through them to nato countries because nato countries including germany are under pressure from the u.s. to increase defense spending i can we expect a significant increase there within nato as a whole. yes i think we can see an increase we already see that in a number of nato countries that is not just because of the u.s. or drug administration osprey but it's also because in those countries both and mainly out of both the states there is a growing and branching of what's happening in russia growing affirmation of what russia has done in particular in the ukraine and that we were to have seen significant increases in military spending in central europe and now we see that it has also followed by countries like germany or sweden which have already asked to use increased military spending and have managed to do that also further in the
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future they are ports says the global spending is now at its highest level since the cold war is this spending is it increasing stability supporting mutual deterrence or do you see it actually fostering greater potential for conflict. i personally think that it's extremely important to ask this question because yes there is that significant response search they are regulating actually chan increased tensions and as a result can lead to further conflict and unsettles that of course we could spend money also better with tension on all of these whether that's how or educate a patient or development you name it so i think it's very important that we have this discussion and that we do not just issue not more spending leads to a better future it's. just a bit about thank you so much for talking with peter is a man there from the swedish institute for peace research and he was talking to us
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from stockholm. you are watching the news still to come by and munich's quest to win the trouble is over after the bundesliga titans failed to overcome real madrid in their champions league clash on tuesday more on that game coming up. the international atomic energy agency has dismissed claims by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu that iran is pursuing nuclear weapons the un agency said there was no credible evidence of such a program despite balk at a presentation by that in yahoo based on documents he said showed iran had lied about its nuclear intentions the us backed israel other stakeholders in the iran deal brushed all the claims it has sparked is really siebel rattling and u.s. skepticism but the e.u. said that benyamin netanyahu is alleged truth of the remaining documents and had no effect on the historic twenty fifty nuclear deal which saw iran limit its nuclear
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program in return for the lifting of crippling international sanctions we have. placed what a stress event concerns but again i have not seen from prime minister antonio arguments for the moment. meaning violation from the. despite the documents stemming from two thousand and three your earlier the us has said that he proved iran acted in part fief when entering into the deal three years ago but mcgreevey says that's a moot point that the nuclear agreement is based not assumption of fate or trust. concrete commitments verification mechanisms and very strict monitoring of facts done by the i.a.e.a. the i.a.e.a. is released then reports said to find that iran has fully complied with its commitments but the runs response will have worried those who fear
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a war with israel with a senior n.p.c. in his country would react to alleged is really aggression against iran and syria. the aggression of the zionist entity on the presence of advisors in syria and t's the right of response. and they had a message too for the us whom israel is arguing to prove lho took the nuclear deal . if u.s. economic sanctions returned it would be no justification in the face of a rini in public opinion of the iranian parliament to stay in this deal. the us has said it will make a decision on the deal by the twelfth of may and signs do not look good well the problem is that the deal was made on a completely false pretense i ran a lot on the front end they were dishonest actors and so the deal that was made was made on things that weren't accurate it looks ever more likely that u.s.
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president donald trump will deliver on threats to walk away from an agreement he has called the worst ever. some european companies are getting a break at least temporarily in the ongoing trade dispute with the u.s. as the european steel industry in particular is breathing a sigh of relief for now for the next four weeks the you can continue to sell steel and aluminum to the u.s. without additional tariffs but if no deal is reached within a month tariffs will be back on the table. now is the time for the european union to take decisive action the german government duly noted the extension and its effects of permanent exemptions exemption from the. getting both sides to agree on what's reasonable won't be. other discuss this are not joined in the studio by folk a tie is the head of foreign trade at germany's chambres of industry and commerce to welcome to the studio your has ation says that it is happy about the extension
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how can we happy with the situation still remains very unclear we are relieved. happy is exaggerated at least we have a pause for brief. the situation has not been escalated. did you expect an escalation. it's so i'm clear what what the u.s. president is doing and what is in the next tweet and he has in visaged german cars and something else now we are relieved that there is an exemption of the exemption for steel and aluminum the u.s. trade deficit with germany is what it is does donald trump not have a point the different tariff rates the different duties ten percent on cars and two and a half percent on the us side in europe in ten percent is not the reason for the overall trade imbalance. the average tariff on many
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factoring goods we are trading is is more or less the same so that means that's not the explanation there are other explanations one explanation is that there's a lack of productivity in the us in producing manufacturing goods from from their own trademarks and that's the reason for the trade imbalances do you think that the e.u. at the moment is doing a good job there is the job sharing between merkel and mccaw is that is that working you think i do think it's a quite good strategy we are what is the we are not divided and missing my call is maybe is now the good friend of donald trump and mrs merkel is more cautious but she really makes points she's explaining what is going on and has a tense of the us administration now not to impose the tariffs on steel in
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elementary and shows us that at least so far it's a good organized strategy and it's of utmost importance that we really are acting in. you need unity so the undivided speak of unity are not being divided. in europe donald trump always singles out germany as the main culprit in unfair trade relations they're getting much solidarity from across europe first this that's absolutely not true we are part of the european union and the european union has the competence for trade policy so that's first and second is we are part of the euro zone and the european central bank is responsible for monetary policy so that's not not germany it's the other way around we export a c. many. non-tariff barriers for instance stepping into u.s.
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markets when it comes to public procurement think about the buy american slogan it's not just a slogan and think about different standards in order to sell the term and machines to different us states so we have many at and t. be so-called non-tariff barriers. but we don't say that it's unfair that this should be tackled by comprehensive again renegotiations and not by a two to blight so you want another teacher but we need a new start of renegotiations negotiating a comprehensive. f.d.a. and not one single measure and no concession right now. thank you very much. doesn't football for you by a minix quest to win the treble is over after
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a disappointing four three aggregate defeat to real madrid in the champions league yahshua kimmie had given by in the lead in the third minute before two goals from karim benzema turned the game back on the drugs way james rodriguez equalising giving beyond a glimmer of hope but the hosts held on to reach another champions league final literally disappointing for the german champions who fall at the semifinal stage for the fourth successive time the game in madrid was not without controversy indeed obvious sports correspondent public was there to see it unfold firsthand let's hear what he had to say after the final whistle. and.
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you know. overall there was plenty of. handball which many believe that was. the end. at the end. go through four three on aggregate but we'll see how things work out between roma and. playing in. just a few weeks time. and just the top stories we're following for you here today news armenian opposition leader. has called for. a campaign of civil disobedience.
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in his. new prime minister yesterday. and a new arms race in the middle east peace research and. saudi arabia is now the third biggest. in the world. you can always get news. from google. give you access to all the news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news . just send us photos and video. so you news for no we'll be back at the top of the next hour we'll bring you up to date on that developing situation in armenia if you stay with us for.
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