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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin marching for a different future thousands of armenians heat a call from opposition leader in equal parts to go on strike and demonstrate against the government the parliament rejected his bid to become prime minister but how much longer can it resist the public's calls for change also coming up palestinian leader mahmoud abbas comes under fire for saying that europe's jews themselves were to blame for the holocaust we'll bring you israel and they use response to those remarks. embarrassing news from germany only four of the nato
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members one hundred twenty eight year old fighter jets are fit to fly missions that's according to media reports here as the country grapples with the tight defense budget. plus the deadly cost of poisoned air the world health organization says the air pollution now kills seven million people per year and it's poor countries in africa and asia who are worst affected. and who will join real madrid in the champions league final year concocts liverpool travel to the eternal city to take on brokaw for a place on soccer club a club soccer's biggest stage. i'm sumi so much got it good to have you with us tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the armenian capital yet avant to join a general strike opposition leader nicole pasha yon urchins supporters to bring the country to a standstill after a failed to secure enough votes in parliament to become prime minister was the only
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candidate and he had expected a different result. hangry opposition leader nicole push union calls for must civil disobedience earlier after a day long session in parliament the votes just didn't stock up for him the ruling republican party was not prepared to let him become prime minister. with a new day push union supporters heeded his call they started blocking some of the main thoroughfares in the capital here over thousands of people were back on the streets here and in other cities. two weeks ago no one thought this was possible but the people of on the nia took to the streets for nico because they believe in him we want i want the creche in this country we don't want to be ruled by just thirty people who are gaining all the power all the money of the country and we want to have the pressure want to all work to be our. poll question in one of the
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government not to deploy troops and saddam in his political crisis could not be sold by force if the government did send troops to the capital to quell protests he said all the soldiers will come to us and join us parliament will try again to elect a new prime minister next tuesday asked if he will be a candidate question wasn't giving much away we will sink and go straight he said. let's go right to w.'s nick connelly he is in the armenian capital yet yvonne heinecke we saw thousands of armenians shut down the capital in a show of defiance today what have you been seeing and hearing from people on the ground. get off the news sumi well it's been a pretty extraordinary day here in yerevan still going left our hotel and came across a group of students dancing all one of your bones normally busiest crossroads we went a bit further we saw small children with them others also blocking another street
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and then we have the surreal juxtaposition of someone in their bentley coming to see what was going on followed by a number of construction workers on their trucks so really does seem like this is a very mixed bunch a very wide selection of i mean sites coming up the streets the blockade the streets and also the airport is now finished and it will streaming into centrally have on into republic square behind me now for a demonstration planned full seven local time starts in just over an hour make us we heard in our report of the iranian parliament is set to elect a new prime minister on may rule we see fair elections by. oz so this is a public election in parliament they the ariens don't get to post have votes in private this is all out the open overseas you can argue and question on sports often he would say about the composition the palmach they say that previous national elections have not been free and fair and that as a result the m.p.'s represent the ball and that's probably represents the truth of
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the public but what is clear is that the system does allow for open voting in this kind of. electoral vote in column and should they fail to find a new interim prime minister then off that will have to step elections make you know armenia as been an important anchor of stability in the caucasus what do you think that this instability could mean for the region. obviously there is the fear here that you know internal conflicts between different factions within i mean such you could also reignite conflicts i was by john that the neighboring countries that may like us but in the havoc on the woman could use that chance having said that so far it's. like people are very keen to tell you here as a foreign journalist that this is about internal matter this is not about i mean this place in the world sort of i mean his relations to russia that's what they say that whatever happens here who have us becomes prime minister those close ties with russia will stay but this is an important case this is
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a question of whether this kind of peaceful protest can achieve long term change and it's also an interesting example for all the posts of a countries many of which is stuck on that transition from communism to free prosperous countries which have seen decades of stagnation economic nation high immigration weather and this kind of crisis can actually achieve lasting change that's something that will be watched very followed very closely in georgia and ukraine and even russia and it just briefly if you can what is the ruling government strategy here. so far they're keeping very tight lipped there are lots of rumors going on about what exactly they're doing behind the scenes they've now made sure these elections will take place on next tuesday that's the latest possible date that they could by the constitution that gives them a bit of leeway but time from the nuva ring so far we've been hearing voices saying the need for dialogue the question union needs to come and talk to the republicans and other established parties and discuss what he plans to do but so far they haven't suggested their own kind of date or any radically different options so they
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all reacting so far to his to his efforts and so far they seem to be a bit on the back foot and trying to find a way of presumably keeping in power without angering this huge crowd behind me all right calmly reporting for us from yerevan thank you nick. now to some other stories making headlines around the world authorities in libya say at least six people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack on the electoral commission had borders a spokesman said the bomber was among a group of militants who set fire to the building in tripoli the electoral commission has been registering voters ahead of elections in the country. donald trump's former doctor says a letter giving him a glowing bill of health in the run up to the two thousand and sixteen elections was dictated by trump himself harold bornstein as letter said trump would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency whose quote visible strength and stamina are extraordinary previously said he had met. french police arrested
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more than two hundred people after an artist smashed a shop windows and torched cars that a may day rally in paris authorities have warned of possible clashes with far left groups after a call on social media for a revolutionary day elsewhere thousands took part in a peaceful march against government policies. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has attacked palestinian president mahmoud abbas for making anti-semitic remarks at a meeting of the palestinian national council on monday abbas suggested that the genocide of european jews by the nazis was because of the jews role and money lending rather than because of their race or religion netanyahu said the palestinian palestinian leader was quote still a holocaust denier and he called on the international community to condemn what he called a boss a severe anti-semitism. let's get more on the story now with mark springs is the director of the konrad adenauer foundation in ramallah that's
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a political foundation marc thank you for joining us on our program you were actually on hand for abbas comments what was the reaction like in the crowd. actually it there was no quarter retching that then the crowd are even at that in the i don't know and others. as you know it was already mentioned there's beach other comments or two plays in the frame up the palestinian national council and the fact that it was largely white and discussed among palestinians i think also say a lot about the relationship between their policy on leadership and its own people trust and there is no believe in a political change that this leadership and i think for that policy and simply do not follow up on the speeches that the president is giving yet he is the president and do these comments reflect how sees the larger peace process say oh sorry the correction was that we how do these comments reflect how mahmoud abbas sees the larger peace process. i mean for be what international relations i
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think it's important to stress that. because he represents the ideas of two state solution nonviolence recognition of israel all of this that we want to see become a reality in this role and in the esteem territories but i think what you might which of course is completely unacceptable also portrays the dilemma in which the international community is now or are captured because he in a way wanted maybe to gain legitimacy among his own people. and the same time it didn't didn't work out so he of course committed inside to the peace process but i think the whole event plus the national council not fails because everybody is only portraying to sequence without referring to the other initiatives that he that he was referring to in his speech so i didn't find much resonance i mean how common are beliefs like the remarks that abbas made in the palestinian territories. i mean
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of course there is a certain sense for conspiracy theory but i also cannot speak about every corner of the palestinian territories that what i can see is lost because i don't know and asian in the christian churches so they in which two thirds of people that we have clearly distinguished between jews and israelis so apparently people have a more sophisticated differentiation when it comes to this very sensitive topic and maybe president of us was wrong here maybe he thought that such a statement can gain support but at the c.p.o. it michael should say at the same time abbas also reaffirmed his commitment to this two state solution in that speech and his desire to live together in peace given that statement though can he still be a reliable partner in the peace process. well the question of course is who
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could replace him and this is i think a very difficult question to answer given that many people who might be in the position to look for peace and in the president we might speak what the language of the street and this is a narrative that speaks more of a popular resistance maybe even of art of violent resistance so i think the dilemma is now on the table that you made a very few as they pointed to it today also criticizing this had only about what a mandate in times of lack of other partners i think it was very important bring it back on track to back on track and make clear that these statements are unacceptable if you want if you want us to stay the partner that he used to be in the past. friends there from the conrad an era foundation thank you very much for your analysis and clinton's. you're watching news still to come on the program in the aftermath of a controversial court case the need to movement makes its voice heard in spain
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we'll have more from our social media team on the fight for women's rights there. and in sports firing the next quest to win the trouble is over that's after the bundesliga titans fail to overcome around the dritte in their champions league clash on tuesday morning that team game coming up. but first there are and new numbers out in the euro zone today and they certainly don't look very good ben tell us more about that not all sunni growth in the euro zone are staging a shop slowdown in the first three months of this year the economy grew by less than half a percent in twenty seventeen the economy expanded by a steady zero point seven percent from the second quarter through to the end of the year but initial results by the european statistics office show that the first quarter of this year reveals a slump to zero point four percent last week the european central bank warned the protectionist dangers were affecting the monetary blocks recovery it's made up of nineteen e.u. states that use the euro so how bad are the numbers i asked our financial
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correspondent ali bot see if this is just a blip a dip or something more serious. well it certainly is a dip i don't know if it's a blip i think it's a trend that's too serious for that and there are a lot of economists that are predicting a less growth this year than last not least because of of course rising raw materials prices but also because of the possible fears of the effects of protectionist policies mostly emanating from the white house and the president on the trunk and the e.c.b. has already warned about other economists as well so it doesn't really come as a surprise to the people who observe these developments very closely into these people include the people in the financial markets and the reaction here was practically not a reaction the docs for the german trend went down just a little bit but it's recovered sense and it's going up quite nicely. people hope that it will be an improvement in the next quarter or in the quarter we're at now
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one of the arguments for that is that one reason for the growth in the first quarter so that's much lower that's much more favorable for exports you use the book trend but then you go on to say we could see some sort of improvement in the following quarters i mean germany may be slowing but there are quite a few member states of the eurozone that look quite favorable. that's right and that's why it's it's possible that it's a downward trend from the high numbers we saw in the year before and for germany perhaps not the german figures come out in two weeks but if you look at other countries there is a clear improvement you look at italy or portugal or even greece they're doing a lot better spain also than they have and that's also making its mark in the labor market now the labor market is not yet something to write home about the overall rate and the rates in some countries still very high but certainly improvements
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there so the picture in the euro zone as a whole mixed but of course you need a strong friends of. you need a strong germany to pull and for that you need protectionism to stop and you need free trade for the eurozone to really get kicking zero interest rates in the eurozone make a case for that all that growth we're seeing is not that it's that substantial and not sustainable given fears and hopes from frankfurt there with all the bad thank you. european commission president says he won't be held hostage especially by an ally he's refusing to talk trade with the u.s. while it threatens the e.u. with tariffs cast a cli described president donald trump one month reprieve on juvies for european metals generous but if no deal is reached the terrace will be back on the table analysts say now is the time for the european union to take decisive action the german government says it's julie noted the extension it expects exemption to
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become permanent four years his watch had to say a short while ago. so we've taken note of the decision but i'd like to reiterate here the appeal for the exemption to be unconditional and permanent. we believe that the measures taken by the us can't be justified based on national security interest on that this should not happen between allies so we're calling plainly and simply for their withdrawal we shall continue our negotiations with the united states but we refused to negotiate under threats. of the negotiation. let's pull in tito portman executive director of the v.d.m. a germany's mechanical and engineering association picking up on that point of national security you are calling the u.s. so called allies he does have a point they is is that the legal argument the e.u.
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needs to be taking to seoul for this do you think. well we believe that mr juncos quite dry and not being happy with what mr trump opposes on us talking about tariffs all the time but on the on the hand that gives him the opportunity to start again talking about a certain free trade agreement to get rid of one time and for all of tariffs and technical barriers and to solve the problem for a long time so we also would suggest to grab that opportunity to start a negotiation after the ace mechanical engineering within close to eighty percent export share is of course very interested in free markets and are not interested in customs in tariffs and in trade various eve got to convince trump first though where a long way from free trade right now a lawyer told us today europe may not win
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a w t o battle. the fact being that the contact of system is technically an even an unfair no matter what the reasoning a you able to gauge where the talks are at the moment because as i say we're far from anything like free trade. well as far as c.w. cio is concerned i believe that as of agree open issue. telling people that terrorists are necessary because of national security is to my mind not true and not right but that will be proven in the w t o thing they will look at this but i don't agree that we are very very far from free trade agreements we had a discussion like that which was with oversized and overloaded and could not be finished in the obama area but now in the era of president trump i think we can we can tackle that thing and bring it to
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a successful and your organization warns the tariffs would torpedo transatlantic trade isn't that a bit over the top though considering we're talking about a very small percentage of g.d.p. a very small tariff hike and a very selected sector. unfortunately if you have a discussion about sheriffs' the us starts with steel products like that and then it begins to try on the wheels and tariffs are discussed about the e.u. to put on american products and the u.s. is going to do the same so we don't know yaps where we will end up if tariffs go up from one to another week by bashing each other between us and the you solve in the end this can harm every kind of traits and also mechanical engineering as everybody else so we are very much in favor to stop all this by getting into serious talks
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about getting rid of all tariffs and this is only technique technically possible to do it in a free trade agreement ok thank you very much for your input tino bloat there and optimists and a backer of free trade thank you very much for being on the. the me too movement is now taking center stage in spain sumi has more on that thank you ben what months after women across the u.s. rose up against sexual abuse spain is having its moment of reckoning it comes after five men were acquitted last week of gang raping and eighteen year old girl women fed up with what they see as a culture of condoning sexual abuse are now taking to the streets to social media to settle a score and to demand justice let's bring in live show from our social media desk who's got more on what's being called spain's me too movement hi liz what are women in spain saying. also right now of the women in the spain on social media raising
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their voices that talking about how disappointed they are and of the verdict that was issued so the five men who were accused in this case they have been not founded they weren't found guilty of rape they're only found guilty of sexual abuse and were each given a nine year prison sentence so right now women in spain on social media talking about how they have also have been sexually harassed or abused and how the perpetrators in some cases god away with them and so first of all here we have had from estelle as she says eighteen years old i was out partying i was surrounded by five guys and they raped me they humiliated me they had it all planned i didn't resist to avoid being killed i talked about it they don't believe me and she is using this hash tag went below which means a tell it's encouraging women to talk about what they have gone through this is also what the sat is doing she says i was seventeen that they were for all of us
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all women walking home after prom when a man started following ass we ran to the nearest police station the man kept up and waited outside as we asked to report him of the police replied the problem is that you are to a pretty and a lot of women talking about how they're not being taken seriously when they report such incidents and other hashtags the way that we're seeing a being used right now is you'll see it take rail which means i believe you saw women showing solidarity yet let you see for example saying in this case that we're talking about there were videos and messages imagine when there aren't any and this is their issue really that is upsetting a lot of people of the judges were presented with a video because the man that had raped of this woman had actually filmed themselves while assaulting this woman they had also bragged about it on social media but then the judges said that in the video you see the woman with her eyes closed and that
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for them is a sign that the woman had given concent let's you know we saw the me too movement take down several powerful men in the u.s. what can we expect now in spain. well right now lots of people are calling for a change in the judicial system there is a petition online that was put up just a few days ago already more than one point three million people have signed it they're calling for the judges who ruled in this case to resign we have a tweet here from the mayor of madrid she says the judicial sentence says can and should be criticised and judges cannot be isolated from society this sentence does not respond to women's demands for justice and i hope it will be revoked by the supreme court and hear a message of solidarity from the police the national police in the spain with a vis hashtag they say no means no they have posted twelve times to really show that when a woman says no then you should not get involved with her sexually and that they
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want also of the rape laws and of the country to change and that is something of that the government says it is looking into right now all right lis show from our social media task list thank you very much. officials in the u.s. have begun processing a small number of asylum applications from a group of central american migrants camped out just across the border in mexico the migrants traveled across mexico in march aided by political activists u.s. president donald trump has described mass migration as a threat to national security and he's called the caravan a provocation and warned they could be denied entry did up is clear richardson reports from the border. these are some of the faces that have invoked the great president donald trump the reason he's threatened to mexico and called for thousands of troops to be sent to protect the border and stop short on their journeys they've set up a makeshift camps into a corner mexico. as you know we're sending many many
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national guardsman down to the border most of them are already there and that's having a big impact most are from honduras they say the united states must hear their asylum case that they left their homes because they had reasons to fear for their safety but again like us they killed my father. or i mean that then what have they because of death threats that's what forced me to leave one of the men pulled out a gun pointed at me and told me if i didn't give him what he wanted he was going to kill me soon all of that battle came up with mayhem at that. they travelled together for over a month my first boss and training. they sought safety in numbers and what can be an arduous and dangerous journey.
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with it was ugly tiring and boring. is big and my feet when i was walking and going go can learn a thing they've traveled some three and a half thousand kilometers all the way from near mexico's southern border with water. when they arrived at the. u.s. border with one a hoping to request asylum they got stuck. with the right papers it's just a short walk across this bridge to the united states and to california but more than one hundred people who say they fled terrible dangers in their home countries are stuck here on the mexican side of the border the united states has not said that it won't hear their asylum claims that would be illegal under international treaties that the u.s. has signed but they've blocked their entrance by saying that the processing center is fault. the united states is bound by law to hear their cases yet although they often face military criminal and sexual violence most people coming from central america lose in the end organizers hope that won't be the case here. claire
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richardson reporting there from the u.s. they're watching to get you do so much more coming up in the next thirty minutes. time for reading. a little book that became a global manifesto activist stefan in a sense addressed the injustices in modern society. and became a hero of the younger generation. time for out rate time to. stefan is a. forty five minute w. . hijacking the news. where i go wrong when the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black
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and white. in countries like russia china church people are told lives that's nothing and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to give me all the smoke and mirrors it's not just about the premier from parents or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was courting golf and i were going to go in. israel seventy. two displaced nations at odds over one homeland and featured in our program. when rabin and our friends agreed on peace but an assassin
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put an end to that train. to return east. it's true the displaced people are still going for their homeland israel seventeen years may twelfth on all broadcast times online. welcome back you're watching news. our top story this hour thousands of armenians have he did a call by opposition leaders. to go on strike and demonstrate against their government that's after the ruling party blocked his bid to become prime minister worsening the country's political crisis. and palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has drawn international condemnation for marks about europe's jews in a speech to palestinian officials he said jews themselves were to blame for the holocaust as long face accusations of being a holocaust denier. a new study from the world health organization has revealed that seven million people die each year from diseases caused by air pollution the
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study also showed that poor countries bear the brunt of these deaths while air quality has improved in european cities low income countries in asia and africa have seen their air become more contaminated. air pollution an invisible threat that affects almost everyone on the planet clean air has become a luxury now the world health organization has described the situation as unacceptable. knowing every ten persons around the wall breathing air that these no so respecting the recommended guidelines of ritual for so he's going to be young the requirement. that's really very dramatic while few have access to pure air air quality goes hand in hand with inequality ninety percent of air pollution related deaths occur in low and middle income areas of the world. and the gap between the rich and the poor is widening while air quality generally
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improved in european and u.s. cities between two thousand and ten and two thousand and sixteen pollution worsened and poor areas such as southeast asia emissions from motor vehicles in bustling cities are a major risk factor as people around the world continue to move to urban areas but the world health organization warns that indoor pollution is also a major killer accounting for around half a fatality. three point eight million that are associated to the flood that many people are on the wall. or very few words for. or light in the houses of the house where the strides have been made recently in green technology but they mainly benefit the developed world the world health organization will hold the first conference on air pollution in october to hasten change of the global level. now to some other stories making news around the world a judge in me and maher has dealt
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a blow to prosecutors in the trial of two reuters journalists accused of possessing state secrets the testimony of a witness who said to have been framed was credible it's being seen as a landmark free speech case for the country. australia and cardinal george palace likely to have two separate trials on the sex offense charges he is facing at a court hearing in melbourne defense and prosecution agree the allegations against powell should be split the seventy six year old is the most senior catholic worldwide to face trial on the sex abuse allegations he's denied wrongdoing. the swedish institute for peace research says global military spending has risen to its highest level since the cold war ended most of the increase came from higher expenditures in asia and the middle east especially china india and saudi arabia russia saw the biggest decrease in spending down twenty percent last year. well here in germany the country's coalition government has presented its budget for the current year in
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a set to spend thirty eight point five billion euros on its armed forces that may sound like a lot but the defense ministry is up in arms saying it needs far more to modernize germany's fighting forces as pressure grows on the country to fulfill its obligations to nato. a german euro fighter taking to the air something of a rare sight these days germany possesses one hundred twenty eight of the jet work plates but only four are reportedly mission ready that could leave the country unable to fulfill its commitments to nato germany needs to modernize its armed forces the bundeswehr but there's no consensus on the cost. conservative defense minister was a left under lyon says she needs an additional twelve billion euros by twenty twenty one to get the military back in fighting shape but she's only receiving two point five billion extra she's taken the extraordinary step of filing an official letter of protest. and
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a terse statement from the line played down the conflict but stressed germany's military responsibilities almost are shut off somebody has to make its contribution here not just for security in germany but for our common european security as well here too germany's voice is needed. but finance minister says priority is a balanced budget not a state of the art but it is fair the social democrat argues that military expenditures have been growing recently. let me show you a chart of how defense spending has developed in the last few years. you can see the huge rises that have occurred. this is as a forest defense spending is concerned things have really turned around yet. germany's military expenditures have gone from thirty three billion euros in twenty thirteen to a projected forty two billion for twenty nineteen but that still leaves germany
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well short of the nato target that members should spend two percent of their g.d.p. on defense and the bonus there says far more money will be required to keep its troops ready for. action. champions league soccer now we have jonathan crane from d.d.b. sports to take us through all the action hi jonathan ok so there is one final burst of play for tell us about this liverpool roma match up yet one left off the round druids of course second from their place in the final last night liverpool go into this one with a three goal christians in may but obviously so did boss about entering the last round and rather managed to overcome that so they will be hoping history repeats itself let's take a look. roma have a mountain to climb on wednesday night after suffering a heavy five two defeat in liverpool. but their coach says the team is ready to go
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all out to get a result. believe it or not but we're playing a match a champions league semi final in front of seventy thousand people do you expect us to just field know we'll fight. i want to team that gives everything that it has will. look luckily for roma they've shown just how much they can accomplish when they play their best the italian side turned over a four one defeat in barcelona with a three nil comeback at home now they just have to do it all over again. you know if i did i would do it like a computer or a smart phone copy and paste up performance not only from a technical point of view but also from a mental and physical point of view that this should already. liverpool go into the match with the upper hand but they are well aware of what roma can do with their
4:38 pm
backs against the wall. but. that's the nature of the game the game can turn. in any minute so it's all about us to be active to do what we are good in and we are difficult to play not to forget we are really difficult to play and sounds like clock will send his side out to look for even more goals in rome with a forward line led by england's footballer of the year mo sala it's not a bad plan. it's not a bad plan jonathan liverpool look like they're definitely in control but you think well mark could pull off a comeback rary of writing reimer off because i did that in the last round so it may prove me wrong but i really think this time it's difficult because this liverpool sides are a different proposition really to boston who are really toothless in rome last time out number one have to go for it we know that so that probably have three up front then that leaves them very vulnerable to
4:39 pm
a counterattack and liverpool santley have the players to explore it that we had but most salary in the pace study amounted to mean i between them they scored twenty eight goals and the competition this season that's incredible and if they just get one romany to score four and i think that would really be game over. ok so this match is taking place in rome and security is tell us more about that indeed it has three thousand police officers being deployed around the city and at the stadium now that softer violence really overshadowed unfortunately the first leg at anfield clashes between the two sets of supporters that one found fifty two year old sean culp's critically ill in hospital now we're going to play as a state trained with saying for sure and to show support obviously the violence was condemned by sides but unfortunately this isn't the first time this is happened with roma found there's always a small minority but they are well known for causing problems and i think many people are asking why you wait for hasn't done more to punish such behavior because
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now we have a situation where liverpool. don't walk around the city wearing club colors do not walk to the stadium use the shuttle buses instead so the onus really on the visiting supporters to try and avoid encountering problems well hopefully everything goes off without incident tonight one of these two sides will be joining real madrid in the final in kiev later this month yes remonstrate on course for eight straight after they ended by munich trouble hopes last night in many ways by you can probably count themselves a bit unlucky they had a good shot for a penalty ten down right at the end of the first half missing several key players through injury for one or both of the legs but despite that i think they had plenty of chances plenty of quality on the pitch to make a difference and actually win the game in the end there was unfortunately too cramped his mistakes won in the first leg by ref india and then the second one last night by the goalkeeper he hesitated. not left karim benzema with a very simple tap and he looked distraught i just want to read you actually some
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one of my colleagues last night and he said he was left looking like a man watching the door slam shut off the realizing the lefties keys in the house it was a terrible moment for him terrible moment for bind him once again they often do found a way of getting through of course and that's little consolation to pine because the bottom carriage let's take a listen to what he said after the game. if we have a look at both games it was quite surprised we were the best team but we weren't able to reach the final players in a very disappointed with the result. not of better loss there for byron jonathan there's another bit of socrates i want to ask about the first proposing staging a by any old many tournaments what is this about yes this would be the global nations really now where this is all stem from a late fee for that's a nothing officially confirmed at this stage but it would be a tournament occurring every two years in. twenty twenty one odd numbers and it
4:42 pm
would culminate in this fee for final eight that would feature the best teams in each of the regions least the five continental confederations three of those places go to europe two to south america so i didn't really leave much space actually for african or asian nations the leagues will beat it according to the fee for rankings and you can imagine the whole thing effectively as a massive latta tournament with promotions and relegations you can see that some of the money involved i mean the whole thing is going to be worth about twenty billion euros of which is cycle the winner of the european federation could bank sixty million just for one tournament incredible it means that there be no confederations cup anymore so this is effectively a mini world cup now the reason fifa wants to do this is to make friendlies more competitive this would effectively replace friendlies make those matches more competitive and increase interest between the world cup but of course there is likely to be criticism from for purists who say the game is already too commercialized and they say it will actually detract from the value of the world cup obviously we'll wait for feature to come from the full details when we get them
4:43 pm
all right jonathan crane funded of these forests thank you very much you're welcome . you're watching the news still to come on the program germany's most successful side fired off their french shut saying has released a new work that looks at the disco pick potential of artificial intelligence. but first one of germany's biggest cities is driving green innovation ben is back with more on the way talking have berg it's going to treat the german port city is switching its entire fleet of nine hundred fifty diesel buses to battery powered it will mean a major overhaul of the existing infrastructure. a quick recharge at the terminus is enough to power this bus all the way back through hamburg the city operates twelve electrically driven busses drivers are retraining and don't miss their old diesels. indy's in boston in these places there aren't any gearboxes of course the
4:44 pm
drive motors amount of directly on the rear axle. that makes it a smoother ride and more pleasant. most of all it's much quieter. in the city traffic you can barely hear them. very little of the new technology can actually be seen. the batteries are mounted on the roof. it's a bit quieter but otherwise i don't see much difference and often a situation i think it's great when there's less noise and it's got to be better for the environment. each of us as was individually built making them almost twice as expensive as diesel versions it's good to know that we've decided in favor of battery technology for the process it's all about getting them into mass production because we can only afford to buy them if they're produced in series we don't
4:45 pm
expect the price difference between diesels and the buses to last over the long term. but the process will also need enough charging stations to be viable so hamburg's building a new central station it will have a direct connection to the local renewable energy provider. i'm going to see if you really want to convert a fleet of nine hundred fifty buses to electric operation you can't just plug a few charging stations around it's a revolution and you need to convert the entire infrastructure of. the decision on which company gets the contract to supply hamburg with its first batch of sixty electric buses will be taken at the end of april. time to take you for a drive through downtown nairobi there is a small revolution happening on the streets of the kenyan capital men once dominated the taxi sector now women are muscling their way in things to write handing out cold little caps customers choose if they want to male or female driver
4:46 pm
. the new era is here understand english self-confident wanted that and to kenya's female taxi drivers the little cabs app allows customers in nairobi to opt for a woman driver. that's becoming increasingly popular so female cabbies are on the rise. with that. you know when you are busy here you are like fifteen. to one hundred into one so far and also you're looking to be more kenya's economy is expanding but the increase in wealth is far from equally shed women still worse off than men. i meet the best. it's the best option for. just sitting at home asking for. anyone. and it was the easiest solution to make.
4:47 pm
the cabbies an around five hundred euros per month. depending on how many call outs they get the feature is a rating system too but for most it's having a woman at the wheel that counts. i'm more comfortable being driven by a woman than a man line and women are more friendly. easy to talk to it makes the ride more enjoyable. the job looks easier than it is the women have to be strong and self-confident partly because many men still see driving as a male demanding harassment can be a problem too obviously expect them to see a very beautiful ring me in this business obviously we will but it's not going to get into it very much you don't want them you give them a warning this time. there's also an s.o.s. but in the rare cases they need more support and one day these pioneers want to
4:48 pm
have their own fleet exclusively for women in. business or books now i have got quite a bit of reading to do my favorite german author has been busy. better start about frank schaeffer thing he's back with a new novel and he's taking on a topic that is ubiquitous in our collective consciousness and fierce artificial intelligence that we have karen holmes that from our culture just to talk to us more about here and sounds like we're in for a side firearm yeah you know if this is a dystopian thriller and it's happening in the present day so we don't even have the culture of kind of considering it to be the future this book is called the tyranny of the butterfly focuses on ai and robotics and of course exploits a lot of the current conversations that we're having these days about how machines could possibly one day make human beings redundant so frank said singh is known best known for his two thousand and four novel the swarm which ben of course has read and which was about hive mentality and the deep depths of the ocean that was
4:49 pm
translated into eighteen languages and was an unbelievable bestseller internationally so he does a ton of research for his books. a lot of real elements that makes for really visual immediate storytelling and i'm pretty sure that we're going to be waiting impatiently for the english translation of this one to look. this is how the future looks in advertising computers and robots as service providers slaves who know what we want without even having to ask there is self driving cars that bring us to the destination accident free the world of tomorrow is partly already here today life could be so wonderful about a friendship sings latest novel is prefaced by a famous quote from british mathematician irving john good the first ultra intelligent machine is the last invention that man need ever make. in shit since
4:50 pm
universe artificial intelligence is not a dream but a nightmare. consistently going to the artificial intelligence has developed into another buzzword emptied of meaning one that is now on everyone's lips even though no one knows what it means or that it creates a diffuse fear that has something to do with the loss of jobs but which is also based on child troll ignorance. ensured sings novel a murder case leads the hero to silicon valley where he discovers a so-called quantum computer the machine soon realizes that it's much smarter than its developers and decides to be more independent it's the beginning of the end soon humans become completely superfluous and can be gradually disposed of near us for all that is the thriller writers love disaster scenarios you can really relish
4:51 pm
them doomsday fantasies are great material for literature and there is something to it there is certainly a path in the development of artificial intelligence that could read bound on us. friendship things apocalypse is a digital big bang but truth can be just as disturbing as fiction singh says the current facebook data scandal has moved fred. when the ideas sit out in his book. chilling stuff there care yeah sort of you're kind of wondering where. but there's no english translation of this book you know just to be clear it's not not yet although given how popular his books are it shouldn't take too long the rights of been sold in three countries i think italy hungary and norway if i'm not mistaken and the interest rates are still being negotiated so fingers crossed a lot of people are justifiably concerned about the way things are moving that they're moving too fast that's right you know and i mean these these are the questions of today i mean how vulnerable are we making ourselves by volunteering so
4:52 pm
much information to the public domain who and what can we trust and how much of what we're seeing is even real mark zuckerberg for instance just responded to their latest cambridge analytical scandal out with a whole raft of new developments for face to face book broadening their reach and saying that it only got one percent of their journey which is hardly comforting you know so it's interesting that mitigating this loss of trust is also very very topical there's a chorus of international experts people like a long lost gore or the late stephen hawking who are very concerned and a warning that. into intelligent machines are already fundamentally changing the fabric of our society by amassing all of this personal data making us so transparent advancing science and medicine and obviously there are lots of ways where it is actually making life better but the question is how fast could we lose control of some of these technologies and how easily could they be misused the good side of the concern is the fact that we've seen these ideas being played out in pop
4:53 pm
culture a lot yes of course i mean as they have been since frankenstein i mean anxiety is a is it is obviously a very very fruitful well but it's a question with a lot of the books and films today's to me that were given calling science fiction recife i am wondering if we can even still can include the five sometimes because so much of what we're seeing is actually. not really live fiction anymore like for instance with the very popular netflix series black mirror which looks at the possible effects of technology on society in the standalone parables that each episode starts off in a really normal way and then technology steps in somehow when we're reminded of rare things could be done the eerie thing here is that so many of the episodes are just a bit of a sidestep from reality and from what's already happening simultaneously in the world now another recent techno thriller that was a cautionary tale about the problem with big tech and privacy the circle film
4:54 pm
starring emma watson the that was based on the bestselling novel by dave eggers from two thousand and thirteen but again you know given the recent events with facebook for instance and even with the chinese government plan social credit system are one per argue that reality is actually looking scarier than what we're calling dystopian science fiction. certainly a topic we're going to be talking a lot more about we will not stop talking about this in fact i has already come up with the republic of which is the europe's largest conference on digital culture and society that kicked off in berlin today they're expecting loads of exciting speakers and chelsea manning us will whistle blower actually already spoke today on the dangers of big data and. how much she learning can exploited and how that can actually determine the way somebody is life goes so we'll be reporting on that conference tomorrow so stay tuned we're lots more i looking forward to that karen absent from our culture desk thank you very much closer. we just have time for our
4:55 pm
minder now of our top stories here on. thousands of armenians have heeded a call by opposition leader and he called to go on strike and demonstrate against a government that's after the ruling party blocked his bid to become prime minister worsening the country's political crisis palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has drawn international condemnation for a marks about europe's jews in a speech to palestinian officials who said jews themselves were to blame for the holocaust of us has long face accusations of being a holocaust denier. and you can always get news on the go download or out from the google player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the to send us your photos and your videos. thank you for watching we'll be with you right here at the news desk in just a few minutes.
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mahi. mahi. this is it only news life for a girl and a night howard marching for a different future thousands of armenians heaving a call from opposition leader nicole pushing on it to go on strike and demonstrate against the government parliament's rejects it is rick to become prime minister but how much longer can it resist the public mood also coming up under fire palestinian leader mahmoud.


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