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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 2, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin tonight the gaping budget hole in europe being created by bright sifts after britain leaves the e.u. who's going to feel that. the european commission wants major economies to contribute more to its budget and it says it's ready to cut funding to countries who violate democratic freedoms also coming up after a day of strike action and mass protests are signs of a breakthrough in armenia's political crisis the ruling party says it will back this man nicole the former prime minister but under certain conditions.
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i burnt off it's good to have you with us tonight you're preparing to write a check to pay for a life after breakfast today the european commission unveiled an ambitious new budget to follow on from britain's withdrawal from the e.u. now spanning from the years twenty twenty one to twenty twenty seven it's worth close to one point three trillion euros an increase that has ruffled the feathers of member states he will be asked to contribute more to the european kitty. the e.u. has a pretty big budget hole to fill britain's departure from the bloc will leverage about twelve billion euros less well off a year the man responsible for drafting up a spending plan says member countries are going to have to cough up more to fund
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investment in the following areas. migration integration border control and management. more development aid to tackle the causes that could underlie the next decade waves of migration. cybersecurity we need to invest in new areas to show that europe as a whole is capable of acting more efficiently and successfully than each member country is on its own. the biggest spending hikes are planned in the areas of defense and security the only major cost on the cards is to the agricultural budget which the commission wants to slash by five percent. another proposal that's raise eyebrows is a plan to withhold funds from countries deemed not to be respecting the rule of law . we're proposing to strengthen the links between the european budget and respect for the rule of law this is an indispensable prerequisite for financial
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management and for implementing the budget effectively. the new mechanism will protect the budget from risks arising from violations. truly. the budget has to be approved unanimously by the remaining twenty seven member states ideally before the european elections in may of next year. i list look at the numbers one of the main issues with the next e.u. budget is of course that breaks it budget shortfall now the overall budget breaks down to around one hundred eighty two billion euros a year now that used to be shared between twenty eight member states in the e.u. but britain the each use a second largest economy is leaving and the brits are going to take their budget money with them under the new budget that would have amounted to at least twelve billion euros annually twelve billion euros that the european union is not going to
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be getting from london any more i talk about that i'm joined by our correspondents in brussels barbara vai's of good evening to you barbara so yeah i mean this is these are tricky numbers here we've got no money from the u.k. coming in after bragg's it but a bigger e.u. budget overall so who's going to basically pick up the slack here. one country that is going to take up the slack of course is germany and berlin has already conceded and said yes we are willing to put more money into the kitty and there in was about four to five billion. e.u. budget contribution paris's also already said yes we are willing to pay somewhat more it will be not quite as much but there will be a big force coming from paris and so it goes around about those countries that pay net into the european budget and they don't take out like most of the eastern
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european countries still do and some of the southern ones so it's a it's a game of redistribution and of course behind this is a political message the european commission brussels says we are shrinking in the way that britain is leaving us however we're not shrinking and tacit obligations for the future and we want to be politically strong yeah exactly i mean if we're not talking about just the number of euros year we're also talking about how these euros are going to be earmarked to the budget priorities are shifting north. yes absolutely and that needed to be done i mean that's been talked about for years and years and years and the last time the last budget already there was talk we need to spend less on agriculture that for instance was one of the great bugbears of britain but however that's over they're not on at the table anymore. spending is supposed to be kept however we always see the same phenomenon once the budget talks
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begin already paris is holding in protests and saying no we can't have that our farmers need the money prices will rise if they don't get to the subsidies from brussels and so on and so forth so the whole road it is very difficult to redistribute but theoretically and politically it really needs to be done the european union needs to move to the future to research to artificial intelligence to other huge technologies and not sort of put its money into the soil and into the cattle on european in european countries and we're talking about twenty seven states here that would all have to approve this budget can we talk about that being an easy process moving forward here we talk about winners and losers. we can of course talk about losers farmers will be among the losers some eastern european countries will be among the news because they for received so much regional eight structural aid throughout the last years and many of them don't need that anymore and so many i was in bridges have been financed by european funds them must be an
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end to that that is the one aspect and of course certain industries universities and institutions will gain the research budget is supposed to be doubled so that's one aspect a level also on the other hand it's going to be this this is the starting shot of the great carpet bizarre of the european union there will be so much haggling infighting and slamming of the door isn't all night and the negotiations that the mother of all fights in view opinion and in the end of course friend there will be a compromise but it will be very hot. my goodness bob if we listen to you we may actually get scared. on the story tonight in brussels as always barbara thank you. we're here in germany the country's government has presented its budget for the current year and it's set to spend thirty eight point five billion euros on its armed forces now that may sound like
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a lot but the defense ministry is up in arms saying it needs far more to modernize germany's fighting forces as pressure grows on the country to fulfill its obligations to nato. a german euro fighter taking to the air something of a rare sight these days germany possesses one hundred twenty eight of the jet work plates but only four are reportedly mission ready that could leave the country unable to fulfill its commitments to nato germany needs to modernize its armed forces the bundeswehr but there's no consensus on the cost. conservative defense minister was a left under lyon says she needs an additional twelve billion euros by twenty twenty one to get the military back in fighting shape but she's only receiving two point five billion extra she's taken the extraordinary step of filing an official letter of protest. and a terse statement from the line played down the conflict but stressed germany's
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military responsibilities. somebody has to make its contribution here not just for security in germany but for our common european security as well here too germany's voice is needed. but finance minister says priority is a balanced budget not a state of the art bonus there the social democrat argues that military expenditures have been growing recently. let me show you a chart of how defense spending has developed in the last few years. you can see the huge rises that have occurred. is this as a forest defense spending is concerned things have really turned around that. germany's military expenditures have gone from thirty three billion euros in twenty thirteen to a projected forty two billion for twenty nineteen but that still leaves germany
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well short of the nato target that members should spend two percent of their g.d.p. on defense and the bonus there says far more money will be required to keep its troops ready. action. and here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world global military spending has risen to its highest level since the end of the cold war that's according to the swedish institute for peace research most of the increase came from higher outlays in asian countries especially china india and saudi arabia russia sold the biggest decrease in spending down twenty percent from last year u.s. president has made his first visit to the state department to attend the swearing in ceremony for his new secretary of state mike hump a oh ok it was officially sworn in last week after being confirmed by the u.s. senate he has promised to restore what he calls the department's swango. officials in the u.s. to say at least five people have been killed after
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a military cargo plane crashed near an airport in the southern state of georgia the c. one thirty aircraft was on a training mission carrying national guard members from puerto rico it's not yet known what calls the graph which. was a night armenia's ruling party has agreed to support an opposition candidate for prime minister after a day of strikes and street blockades paralyzed the capital now opposition leader c m i think there nicole should be on suspend the strikes and called for a day of rest this after the ruling republican party said that its members would support a tried to destroy candidate nominated by one third of lawmakers and that the party would not call for its own candidate the moves have prompted celebrations in the streets of the capital. are going to go now to your vaughn and our nick calio standing by good evening to you nick is the ruling party i mean it looks like
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it's doing a one eighty here is it. has brant in berlin can you hear me. yeah. i can ok now you. ok good let me just ask you about the ruling party there in armenia it looks like the ruling party has basically changed its mind and done the one eighty is that the is that the case. well that's what people here on the streets have been telling us that they believe happened they say that the governing party is being shocked by the numbers that have come out of the streets that are still out on the streets behind me celebrating the success as they see it it's days strikes today citizens having said that we have seen this before just last weekend before we arrived in there about it seeing as they were implying slightly less explicit they have to say that they would support russian yeah and that they wouldn't say
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get in his way they wouldn't vote their candidate and then yes they we had that night nailbiting session of parliament that just went all in on all of it all and late in the evening they finally denied him this the votes the seat that he needed to become prime minister and that was what creates this huge disappointment shock among the thousands of people on the topics way so i think it's not over yet we still have to wait but tuesday and see what kind of brinkmanship this go ahead and nic i know it's very loud there weren't where you are but let me just try to get one more question to you do you think that the ruling elites in parliament are they prepared to loosen their grip on power to help diffuse the tensions in the country . that sold this city the million dollar question it would seem extraordinary that it's. twenty years of republican policy republic body rule would end so quickly having said that you had the resignation of sesac you sound previous
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prime minister took everyone by surprise so this is really these also you weeks have been full of surprises for even the local people who haven't seen this coming it's old but it does seem now that these numbers these tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands marching in says all historic for all media for a country of just three million people and that's given this proven ability to bring about the streets and to really powerless yerevan nothing those streets work in the f.o. was closed people were dragging their suitcases and on the brooch much weights it's the apple today that they will have to eventually fold with conditions and also they're trying to do some behind the scenes deals now to at least try and maintain some of that influence some of that that presumably some of that assets but that's not something they're going to be sharing with us. but we will be there when and if there is change our nick connelly in the armenian capital tonight nic as always
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thank you very much. you're watching t.w. news live from berlin i'll be back on the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i can see you there. is for celebration group cruise freedom day may third on day to.


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