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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  May 2, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing fecal moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell the stories of people doing it and. women more photographers starting research on g.w. . not since the cold war has the world spent so much money on the military tonight the world in a race to arms is this what the run up to another war looks like i'm burned off in berlin this is the day. misspending at one point seven trillion dollars is. high for the ninth straight year weapons exports are
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a major source of jobs in the united states china has increased spending for the twenty ninth consecutive year do you need a new venue priorities such as europeans of france so the country itself is basically coming for all of western europe especially i want your money just to make its contribution not just for the sake of german security and the trumpet ministration committed itself to increasing military spending has seen as he came to office. also coming up the digital native who doesn't hide her analog past the one hundred five year old blogger who's up to date on big data and big decade. if i go one day without writing anything on my blog everyone immediately thinks i'm dead. we begin the day in a world that is spending more of its money on defense just as the warning signs of war are blinking brighter by the day now to tell the story we need astronomical
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numbers one point seven trillion us dollars for example that is the entire expenditures of the entire world on all militaries for just last year or the day the stockholm international peace research institute released its annual military spending report and the figures paint a picture of anything but peace china for the twenty ninth consecutive year increased its budget for defense with expensive knock on effects for its neighbors india and south korea also upping their spending the united states appropriated more last year for defense than the next seven highest spending countries combined the budget six hundred ten billion dollars remains unchanged from the year before and in the middle east saudi arabia led the increase things to that historic weapons deal that it signed with the u.s.
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after donald trump became president but russia russia ran in reverse its military budget twenty percent smaller in twenty seventeen than the year before and nevertheless moscow's aggressive moves in crimea have prompted nato and the e.u. to push for budget increases increases not seen in decades. a german euro fighter taking to the air something of a rare sight these days germany possesses one hundred twenty eight of the jet work plates but only four are reportedly mission ready that could leave the country unable to fulfill its commitments to nato germany needs to modernize its armed forces the bundeswehr but there's no consensus on the cost. conservative defense minister was a left under lyon says she needs an additional twelve billion euros by twenty twenty one to get the military back in fighting shape but she's only receiving two
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point five billion extra she's taken the extraordinary step of filing an official letter of protest. and a terse statement from the line played down the conflict but stressed germany's military responsibilities. family has to make its contribution here not just for security in germany but for our common european security as well here too germany's voice is needed. but finance minister says priority is a balanced budget not a state of the art but it is fair the social democrat argues that military expenditures have been growing recently. let me show you a chart of how defense spending has developed in the last few years. you can see the huge rises that have occurred. this is a forest defense spending is concerned things have really turned around yet.
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germany's military expenditures have gone from thirty three billion euros in twenty thirteen to he projected forty two billion for twenty nineteen but that still leaves germany well short of the nato target that members should spend two percent of their g.d.p. on defense and the bonus there says far more money will be required to keep its troops ready. for action. for. our chief political correspondent melinda crane to do some analysis on these numbers good evening to you melinda let's this pick up the germany story here we know that u.s. president has repeatedly called on germany to increase its military spending the chancellor angela merkel she was reminded of that last week when she went to washington wasn't she. indeed she was reminded she went there actually with two other objectives in mind namely to talk us into staying with the iran
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nuclear treaty and also to talk to donald trump about lengthening the exception for european union countries when it comes to those aluminum and steel tariffs but instead he talked to her about german defense expenditures the reason for that as you say it has been a constant refrain from him if we think back one year to the nato summit where instead of the usual demonstration of solidarity that's the conventional thing to do when the us president goes to brussels for that summit he lectured the other nato members saying that twenty three twenty five nato member countries are paying much too little into the budget that the u.s. is still bearing the absolute lion's share which is true and that this is not fair and has to change now as you mentioned there is that two percent target germany has been saying particularly since the pressure has has increased under president trump
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that it does want to get to that target and in fact the chancellor that was clearly some sort of bargaining chip that she felt she could offer there in in washington on trade there's not much she can do trade is an absolute competence that is in brussels but clearly you know the subject a did come up as a kind of linkage with the president and yet if we look at the numbers in this new german budget germany will be nowhere near that two percent mark yet nowhere near the two percent mark and in the government there is disagreement about how much to spend why. this is very much a matter of both party politics but also of german history let's take the party politics first we have a new finance minister now here in germany. he is from the social democratic party many people thought he was going to bring about
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a big change when he took over this ministry from the very conservative very strict . christian democratic conservative who had held the ministry for years mr shargel was very attached to the idea that germany should not ever increase debt but in fact should seek to to reduce it and people thought will social democrat he's surely going to want to spend more in fact mr schultz seems to be as attached to what is known here as the big black zero as his predecessor was and if he is willing to spend money it clearly is only on social programs social expenditures and that of course would be consistent with being a member of the social democratic party the christian democrats the conservatives they are absolutely against the amounts that he has designated for the military saying as we saw in that report this will not bring the military up to where it
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needs to be we have planes grounded we have submarines that can dive we have a really huge list of procurement issues that the defense minister has put forward but party politics are such that at this point we really have these two parties which are governing together in the coalition facing off against each other but that's only part of it there is not a lot of support in germany for increased defense spending and that has everything to do with this country's past as you remember checkbook diplomacy was long the favored german approach the idea. germany writes checks but it doesn't project military force in the world a majority of germans are still very very wary of seeing german soldiers for example engaged in out of area missions missions beyond nato territory so there is not a lot of support here for a strong increase in defense spending and i think that is very much reflected by
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the finance minister's position on this issue and melinda briefly beyond germany what about the entire european union i mean can brussels afford to take control of its defenses and to do what trump has been hammering about for more than a year certainly brussels is paying more than lip service to that and amongst the proposals that have been put out there by the french president emmanuel mccall at the very top of the list is much more coordination on defense procurement and on planning and in fact we have seen the birth of a new initiative here in the european union known as pes go that is supposed to be essentially complimentary to nato but that would see european countries working together much more closely on defense issues for two reasons one is a sense that the u.s. is not longer going to no longer going to be willing to play the kind of role that
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it has in the past in terms of being a guarantor of peace in europe and the second reason is the sense that this is one project that both eastern and western european countries really can agree on and therefore i think you will see earnest efforts on the part of e.u. member countries to try to bring forward this defense and military cooperation our chief political correspondent melinda crane on the storm force tonight here in berlin melinda thank you. in the united states a small number of the central american migrants traveling in that closely watched care of a and have been allowed to apply for asylum the migrants traveled across mexico back in march and are now camped out at the mexico u.s. border u.s. president donald trump has called the caravan a provocation and he has warned they could be denied entry. claire richardson
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is at the border tonight. these are some of the faces that have invoked the great president donald trump the reason he's threatened to mexico and called for thousands of troops to be sent to protect the border and stop short on their journeys they've set up makeshift camps into a corner mexico. that as you know we're sending many many national guardsman down to the border most of them are already there and that's having a big impact most are from honduras they say the united states must hear their asylum case that they left their homes because they had reasons to fear for their safety but again because they killed my father. or i mean that's less than what they because of death threats that's what forced me to lay for one of the men pulled out a gun pointed at me and told me if i didn't give him what he wanted he was going to
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kill me soon all of that battle came up with made them up that. they travelled together for over a month by foot boss and train. they sought safety in numbers and what can be an arduous and dangerous journey. if it was ugly tiring and boring. as big as my feet when i was walking and glendale god willing over there they've traveled some three and a half thousand kilometers all the way from near mexico's southern border with quite a moment. when they arrived at the u.s. border with one a hoping to request asylum they got stuck. with the right papers it's just a short walk across this bridge to the united states and to california where more than one hundred people who say they fled terrible dangers in their home countries are stuck here on the mexican side of the border the united states has not said
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that it won't hear their asylum claims that would be illegal under international treaties that the u.s. has signed but they've. blocks their entrance by saying that the processing center is full. the united states is bound by law to hear their cases yet although they often face military criminal and sexual violence most people coming from central america lose in the end organizers hope that won't be the case here when you see an endless beta the hoping they will be granted asylum so they can live their lives for a bit of the violent conditions that put them at risk. their future is a test case for the trumpet ministrations anti immigrant policies to see whether his fiery rhetoric is enough to stop the united states from welcoming those fleeing persecution. she joins us now from mexico on the u.s. border good evening to you claire so what are conditions like in the border how
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were the migrants. hi brenda as you can see i'm here in zero one on the mexican side of the u.s. border and behind me is the camp of the migrants who came on the so-called caravan or you can see they're called out of tents up it's been raining for the last couple of days it's mostly women and children here who have been sleeping on the concrete floor off and on threadbare mats to really sleeping rough but despite that i would say that spirits are pretty high most people are fairly optimistic that they're going to get a chance to make their case and although they're in a fairly dire circumstances waiting for the processing center to be able to hear them i would say it's generally a positive in a. positive mood how long do people there say that they are prepared to wait for an asylum decision. well at this point the people who remain are really committed to staying in it for the long haul to stay and told
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they get to have their asylum case heard remember at its peak this caravan was more than a thousand people now we're looking at just over one hundred so the ones who have stayed on who did not choose to stay behind in mexico city as the caravan passed through there or to stay on in other parts of mexico really are dedicated to the idea of getting to the united states and what kind of support. people are watching this storm maybe wondering if. they may have to stay for a while or are they getting support. they're definitely grassroots efforts there is an organization that's been bringing in three hot meals a day we've seen them get clothes and blankets brought by on a volunteer basis but as you can see it's still a pretty rough situation they haven't had any sort of serious support in terms of being housed here and so i would say the general mood in want to is positive but in
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terms of support it's very much at a grassroots level. the general mood is positive. locals there are they reaching grassroots are of the locals making it a point to talk to these people to help them. i wouldn't say it's such a issue for most people i mean where we're over here in what is essentially usually an area where people aren't allowed to congregate just by the border they've also set up fencing around the area where the migrants are staying so the people who do come to offer their support are really interested in this case in particular but certainly i think there is a lot of sympathy for people who have fled hardship they say they've fled a political gymnastic military and gang violence in their home countries and i think a lot of people understand that they should lend a helping hand to those who have been suffering and arrived in their country we
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know that the trouble. what about ordinary americans is there sympathy for the situation. similarly there are some americans who obviously look back to the united states' own immigrant past and say that it has an obligation to let people in and to help those who are suffering and if that is true to american values but it's become such a divisive issue and a real flashpoint i don't know trump supporters are adamant that these people are going to bring dangers that we've seen the way some of the u.s. media covers it calling it an invasion even though it's just about one hundred people here and the interesting thing about this really is that it's not something new we've seen the caravan of migrants come up almost every year since two thousand and ten this is just the first time that it has been unnoticed by the united states thanks to president donald trump's angry outburst about it our correspondent clear
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richards reporting tonight from. clear thank you. french president lost in translation will have a. lip smacking folk hall. and there are two hundred million people on facebook list themselves a single so clearly there's something to do here we are announcing a new set of features coming soon around dating. now this is going to be is going to be for building real long term relationships not just took on. not just hook ups no that is not a cyberspace cupid there that was facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg of announcing a new direction for his company the world's largest social media network is making
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his first foray into internet romanced from like to love of this comes hot on the heels of the cambridge analytical scandal and a major loss in public trust. well who to trust with your private data now there are endless answers to that question right now here in berlin europe's biggest conference on digitalisation and society known as republika got underway today and if you've ever attended republican you will have noticed that the age demographics of visitors well it tends to skew rather young well tonight i'd like you to meet a very senior swedish blogger she says digital as it gets and she was born before analog really got going her age according to her online
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profile one hundred five. it's the same ritual every morning and it can't start with a coffee technique cost an issue of that. i've had his coffee machine since nine hundred fifty one here like that and i remember that exactly because i got married in one nine hundred fifty one and for the second time there was no. scanning the newspaper over her morning coffee is another ritual diagne doesn't like to start her day with eight. hundred and five years old she still loving life. and she's still curious.
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they all talk talk about something that. i live in there now i don't think about tomorrow or that i could die tomorrow i'll die soon enough anyway they don't know. jack me doesn't want to miss out on anything that happens outside her modest stockholm apartment so she spends a lot of time online. her friend the computer keeps her connected to the outside world her family gave her their old p.c. after that dark me gradually began to get acquainted with this strange device after managing without one for almost a century and they all have this i've had the computer since i was ninety nine or one hundred. when you're over ninety it doesn't really make sense to buy a computer. these days though she just has to be online life without her computer
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would be possible but pointless. so although i've got used to it. i can always talk to my friends and i don't even have to pay for the postage. i can read the news a little i think that's very good. but just reading would be too boring that's my dad he also writes the centenarian is a passionate blogger she has her own digital diary called blogger made me blog with me earlier today for first of all i always wanted to be a writer when i was younger but there were so many good books it made no sense for me to add a badly written one to all of those. when i blog i don't have to write about a specific topic i do what i want but i don't think anyone would care about it if i wasn't one hundred five him or dagny may have been alive for more than
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a century but her countless fans spanned many generations. and your. nine year olds leave me comments and say we think you're really cool. i'm really proud of that and then that. these young at heart fans to want to celebrate her achievement we're at lynn university five iris south of stockholm dagny is receiving a price in the gentle logical society her blog has made her a role model for older people in sweden the people who are as young as they feel that's their rationale. dock me all these they love life and loves telling people about hers. if i go one day without writing anything on my blog everyone immediately thinks i'm dead. you know that down i. think. but it's spending time at home in front of her computer
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which is her favorite pastime the comments left on her blog are always polite always complimentary doc never receives abuse although she is aware many have reservations about older people who are active online and the more there are not many who think that there are any old people out there but they do exist. computers keep you young she says and acne feels young even at one hundred and five years old . full day is really dumb but as ever the conversation continues along to find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can write to me bring god t.v. don't forget to use that hash tag and the date and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you back.
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entered the conflict zone prescription sleep mocks this week conflict zone is in this phone kept as though fell asleep. shipley who sits in the u. field fall of one for congress governing see this fall on a. prime minister viktor orban was reelected using rhetoric described as intimidating exit no four but flu food in thirty minutes mo d. w. on google. earth home to millions of species of home
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to. this is due to. the gaping budget hole in europe being created by after britain leaves the e.u. who's going to fill the gap the european commission wants major economies to contribute more. and it says it's ready to cut funding to countries who violate democratic freedoms also coming off them.


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