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tv   Treasures of the World - Delphi - The Power of the Oracle Greece  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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when the poet celebrates the bird in the summer of the dog when the laurel leaf trembles the palm sways the swan sings on the threshold quakes in expectation of him was awaited then the temple will shake locks and gates will shatter and there will be singing and. callin markers of siren. springtime apollo had returned. to the center of the world to delfi. hifi had the prophet task had ended her winter silence.
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as every year at the start of the season the sight of the are a cold was a hive of activity. traders took full advantage of the situation and for a while the sacred site was turned into something of a bazaar. from the eighth to the fifth century b.c. hardly any decision was taken in greece without the article being consulted first. the prophetic ritual of delphic existed for
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a thousand years remaining virtually unchanged throughout that time. before cooling the gods. and will have priests always cleansed themselves in the custody found. then they mounted a procession to the temple of apollo. that assisted by temple servants the prophet has burned laurel branches. now and nothing stood in the way of the god being consulted. descended the steps into the holiest of holies.
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the procession of those seeking advice united friend and fellow. spartans marched in harmony with athenians despite the bitter war that raged between them and then one hundred kilometers away with claiming fresh victims every day. was it the banal question of who would emerge victorious from the terrible conflict or was each side perhaps ready thinking ahead and taking the opportunity to discuss the situation with the enemy. reason and irrationality always lay closer together in delfi than anywhere else in the world. as it still does today the route taken for the procession began at the lowest point
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of the sacred precinct this is where the pilgrims set out with their laurel branches and the o.t. of offering you. see. on the right for more than a thousand years this route was paved with hopes of a positive answer from apollo on a high. on says to personal problems or political decisions affecting the existence of entire nations will be defeat the persians a will they triumphed over us. the path up to the sanctuary of apollo is a trip through the history of ancient greece through its great victories but also
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through its pros has of self destruction as an ensemble of small city states. the monument to lysander all that remains all foundation stones and inscriptions. spartans built what is the biggest monument ever erected in delphine by a greek state to celebrate a victory over its enemies. for the athenians this reminder of their disgrace was a double provocation because immediately opposite stood that temple of statues where they thanked the god for their victory at marathon. delfi then was not only the site of peaceful artistic competition. but many visitors at that time the path up to by thier really must have been akin to running the gauntlet to.
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row upon endless row of votive give to go and ivory and other precious materials that sought to outdo one another in the past splenda. a small number can still be seen today in the museum. the treasure house of the athenians after the battle of marathon athens dedicated it spoils of war from the media's to apollo. according to an inscription this is
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where the trophies from the battle against the persians were exhibited. the victors saw themselves as gods they don't want the phrase with scenes depicting theseus fighting the amazons and the demons of heretics. such unbridled hero worship invited contradiction. the foundation stones of the treasure house of sarich eels diagonally opposite. in sicily here they are experienced the greatest disaster in their history the few who survived the battle had to work as slaves in the mines of syra cuse digging perhaps with a gun which their enemies use to make leaning votive gives. one
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of the irony is a vague and intended scenario thousands of visitors were shown that the gods never let pride and arrogance go unpunished. but the real secret of the power of the oracle was the ambiguity which made its prophecy is infallible. between the eighth and the fifth century b.c. in greece retribution the thirst for revenge and intolerance were very much the reality in public and private life the cities were overcrowded. poverty and despair widespread.
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delfi was the mouthpiece of apollo in the priests or and revered as a young civilized god who recognized the currents of the time well in advance. he gave signs that understood. tolerance delfi always tolerated other gods in his century. mercy the weak were given a chance to show the victors that limitation. justice not to place the power of the stronger.
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the python games were upon the hellenistic games which like those that elin pia took place every four years. they embraced music poetry and there as well as athletic disciplines like the pentathlon and chariot races. in accordance with what apollo would have wished a sacred armistice existed for the duration of the games. within sight of what was a peaceful test of strength the stones of delving became the diplomatic core of. the god ruled over delphine for a thousand years. with that political farsightedness at times his priest esses and priests enjoyed more influence than the rulers yet then names remain unknown.
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one of the last or regular pronouncements from the year three hundred sixty b.c. sounds almost like a statement of abdication by amazon and. tells a ruler that the place so blessed with the arts lies in ruins for a boss no longer has a roof nor a prophetic laurel the spring that speaks has fallen silent its waters no longer. were.
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