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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the nobel literature prize will not be awarded this year tarnished by sex abuse and planted scandals the swedish academy says the decision was made to regain public trust as the first time in decades that the annual prize will not be handed out also coming up u.s. prosecutors charged. for his part in the company's also a cation of admissions data they say he knew about the cheating. tomorrow marks the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of karl marx and he's one of the most
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influential and divisive thinkers in modern history we asked people here in berlin what they make of the founder of communism. well i'm terry martin good to have you with us the swedish academy has announced that it will not award the nobel prize for literature this year it says it will instead award two prizes and twenty nineteen the institution is in crisis over its handling of sexual assault allegations against the husband of one of its members scandal has seen a string of board members leave in recent weeks. for more of the story let's bring in d.-w. cultural correspondent jefferson chase he's standing by at our berlin studios jefferson the decision not to award the nobel prize for literature this year that's been made what does it mean for the economy and its reputation. well terry of
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course it's a huge huge embarrassment for the academy you know the and we talk about the nobel prize for world literature here this is a very austere very prestigious very cultured award and they've been basically dragged into a sex scandal which is kind of comparable to the one that engulfed charlie rose in the us or or bill cosby it goes back allegedly twenty years it involved involved the husband of one of the members of the committee who is alleged to have you know abused molested. a number of women so i mean this is a major embarrassing embarrassment the acting head has said that it's that's an absolute disgrace and cultural commentator since we've sweeney are saying that this could be devastating for the academy so jepson you say the scandal goes
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back quite a long time so it's been building over time what was the deciding factor in the end to not award the prize this year. well i mean the decisive factor was the fact that seven of of the committee members the eighteen committee members resigned including the head of of the of the academy who was a who was herself female so to actually left without enough members has to make a decision so they had no choice but to postpone the awards so they're going to obviously have to reconfigure the internal structure of the academy itself if they are to proceed next year ok reconfigure well the academy itself does say in a statement there's a need to evolve what could that entail. evolve is one of those words that people tend to use in situations like this the academy says they're going to
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conduct a thorough internal investigation i think you would have to see a completely new executive set up there obviously there's going to be a lot of pressure to have a lot more women involved in the in the executive. and after that it's really up in the air of the i mean this is a scandal that's unprecedented in the history of the awards and it's reached a level that even the king of sweden himself says that he may get involved to take care of this so obviously they've got to put together a new team as the academy has said they want to win back the trust of the public but as people like charlie rose can tell you it's easier said than done to win back the trust of people when you're struck by an affair that this tawdry and that's been going on for this long jefferson thanks for filling us in the w. cultural correspondent jefferson chase there. now let's catch up on some of the
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other stories that are making news around the world today film director roman polanski has been expelled from the academy of motion picture arts and sciences for decades after he admitted to unlawful sex with a thirteen year old girl the organization that awards the oscars also voted to oust comedian bill cosby convicted a week ago on three counts of aggravated indecent assault an erupting volcano in the u.s. state of hawaii has prompted authorities to order over a thousand residents to leave their homes fishel say from the killer whale volcano poured out a crack in the road and began moving towards residential areas eruption follows series of earthquakes in recent days. and the new u.s. ambassador to germany richard grenell has been sworn into office posts had been vacant for more than a year reynolds is one of trump's most prominent gay appointees is confirmation
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there had been delayed by democrats opposed to his conservative positions and alleged derogatory comments about women want to look at the preliminary results from local elections in the u.k. suggest that british prime minister theresa may has been spared the white house some had predicted her conservative party has lost control of some key councils but managed to gain ground in breaks at supporting reach the vote was the first test of public opinion since last year's general election. u.s. prosecutors have charged bokes wagon's former boss martin been calling for his part in diesel gate they say he conspired to mislead regulators and violate the u.s. clean air act a federal grand jury in michigan indicted been a court as part of
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a probe into the scandal which has plagued the company for nearly three. the former c.e.o. of one of germany's best known and most successful companies could now face prison time as much as twenty five years. u.s. authorities have charged winterkorn with conspiring with other senior v.w. executives and employees to defraud the united states and v.w. customers he's also been charged with violating the clean air act and was committing wire fraud in connection with the scheme w's wall street correspondent. said the court's indictment was unprecedented i'm working on wall street for about twenty years and i've never seen a dead the c o r former c.e.o. of a company the size of wagner has faced similar charges that said it is not unusual that u.s. prosecutors start and then work their way up the rings last year to
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former managers have been sentenced to prison terms here in the us and probably they have helped to form their case against martin going to court. in september two thousand and fifteen u.s. regulators revealed their suspicions that software invented in v.w. diesel cars meant they could detect when an emissions test was being done the programming would then lower the car's emissions to meet the clean air standards winterkorn resigned as chief executive shortly afterwards saying he had been unaware of any wrongdoing but the indictment says venter korn was briefed on the issue at a meeting at the company's voice book headquarters in july during that meeting engine development employees described how v.w. was deceiving us regulators including precisely what information had been disclosed and what had not yet been disclosed they also spelled out the potential consequences of being caught. for months president donald trump denied it now the white house then the white house backed him up but now
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a surprise revelation by trump's attorney rudy giuliani that the president was involved in a hush payment to pornstar story daniels raises new legal questions and presents a crisis of credibility for the trumpet ministrations. another day of presidential g.t.s. overshadowed by the scandal around porn star stormy daniels on terror alleged to fast with donald trump for legal aid rudy giuliani made an unexpected disclosure about a payment of one hundred thirty thousand dollars to daniels and just where it came from that money was not campaign money sorry i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know it's not campaign money no. campaign finance violation so they funnel the through law firm from up through over the present repaid that contradicting trumps initial denial of a teen you anything about the payment you.
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know. thursday however can found on twitter that the money was reinvest to his personal lawyer he wants more tonight the f.x. saying such agreements were very common among celebrities and people enough wealth . in a white house briefing on thursday spokeswoman sara sanders said trump didn't initially know about the payment to stormy daniels and only find out about it nato. air fare . an exciting week of european soccer came to an end with the europa league semifinals the two european heavyweights to let it go madrid at arsenal went head to head for a place in the final following a one all draw last week a first half goal from diego costa was enough to win the tie two one on aggregate for madrid who had bents to their third final at eight seasons the defeat ended any chance of arsenal manager are sending a winning silverware in his final season at the flow. in the other seventy five
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hosted marsay who had won the first leg two nil salzburg forced the toy into extra time with two second half goals putting the aggregate score to all in the one hundred sixteenth minute marsay scored from a rolly awarded quarter the goal stood sees the french side progress into the final against the red which will be played in the all. let's talk capital as to morrow marks the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of coral marx the economist and philosopher argued that it would that capitalism will only make the rich richer and the poor poorer some view him as a visionary others revile him for inspiring authoritarian communist regimes that killed millions a reporter onion shop in north hit the streets of berlin to find out what people here think. marx's ideas spot revolutions
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those ideas originated here in berlin and they continue to resonate in the city. in eight hundred thirty six the eighteen year old car marks came to study at berlin's university. he started studying law but soon found he was far more interested in philosophy and history quite in the entrance hall of the university tribute to its former student. marks wrote the philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways the point however is to change it locks didn't just want to see arise about the state of the world he wanted to do something about it he wanted to shake things up. was the tone of the industrial age and while in berlin marx witnessed the plight of poor workers. it was their cause that marx took up his theories of eliminating social injustice by empowering
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workers started revolutions and change the map of the world. his ideology was the basis for modern communism and socialism the defining philosophies of the cold war which ended up dividing the world and this city. in former east berlin a launch of a new still bears marx's name the boulevard was built as a propaganda project by the socialist regime by the workers for the workers. the last military parade to celebrate the achievements of the self-styled workers and peasants state was held here just a month before the berlin wall fell. but what does maag still means to people here that the government had a kind of different idea of how society should work. it all off was he wrote a lot of good stuff. capital for example which is still valid today is going to
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this is i started reading the communist manifesto but you've got to have quite a bit of concentration for them do you know this man. he was a great thinker in this time of course unfortunately things didn't quite turn out the way he predicted but it was because the invoice. to show my love amount under way to book definitely good. things that's a really just as worthy of discussion today. especially now considering the split in society between rich and poor because of his use by them through. communism as a political system in germany much of poland with a bad name but for some of the people here. none of their relevance. ever forward oh just a reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on d.w. news the swedish academy has announced that it will not award the nobel prize for literature this year after
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a series of sex abuse and pilot scandal says it will instead award two prizes in twenty nine t. . you are watching news from berlin we have another full bulletin the next hour sumi will be with you then thanks for watching. the people of the world over information people fight to the passions they want to express t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch.


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