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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is g w news live from the nobel prize for literature will not be awarded this year tarnished by sex abuse and finance scandals the swedish economy says that the decision and regained public trust it is the first time in decades that the annual prize will not be handed out. also coming up u.s. president donald trump heads to dallas to support the gun lobby he's speaking at the national rifle association's annual convention less than three months since the high school shooting in florida. and could be the this could this be the woman who
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could be turkey's next president. auctioneer emerges as the main challenger in next month's election but she faces a tough battle to unseat president branch of type there don't want plus the colonial legacy dividing cameroon the country's english speaking minority are in no revolt against the french speaking authorities and the result is violence for oppression and communities cut into we have a special were formed and hundreds of people on hawaii's big island evacuated their homes after the killer whale volcano comes to life ash and lava have reached a residential area. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us the swedish academy has announced that it will. not award the nobel prize for literature this year the
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institution is in crisis over its handling of sexual assault allegations against the husband of one of its leading members the scandal has seen a string of board members leave in recent weeks the prize has crowded the world's best writers has crowned rather the world's best writers for more than one hundred years but will be absent from the literary calendar until twenty nineteen. it's not unprecedented but it is rare the swedish academy has postponed the twenty eighteen nobel prize for literature. we have decided not to watch the prize this year and we did that after a long and intense discussion. before but we reached the conclusion that the confidence of the academy is so low in the world of the moment and that was the deciding reason why we know refrain from awarding the projects. that the body was plunged into crisis last november when a swedish newspaper published testimonies against this man. he's married to swedish
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academy member catarina frost and son the jew i will significant influence in sweden's art world eighteen women accused of sexual misconduct the accusations include an incident in which he allegedly touched sweden's crown princess victoria in appropriately denies the claims the revelations and the handling of them so deep discord among the academy's members a wave of resignations followed including permanent secretary sorry danny us. all clear now. i'm leaving the academy it was the wish of the academy that i should leave my role as permanent secretary to get out. of the ouster of ms dani has prompted an outpouring of support regarded by many as a case example of a woman taking the fall for a man's bad behavior. care into natural health says huge scandal
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internationally norms will sound that will truly it's him. and then it's unbelievably symbolic when the first woman to hold the post as permanent secretary is forced out when she tries to sort things out that worrying it's a true in the capital. the nobel prize for literature will be postponed until twenty nineteen when the academy will name the laureate. and for more let's bring in dave that he is very own karen helm shot who has been following this story closely for us and karen i mean this is really an unprecedented situation here many layers to it what is there a why there has been such a strong reaction now well essentially sarah just simply because the economy is in such disarray i mean we just heard there people have lost complete trust in this institution and it says that in this situation it can't really make a credible decision so the academy has eighteen members in a normal situation and they are elected for life which means that when these people
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step down their chairs are literally left empty until their deaths so they need twelve members to be able to make a viable decision and they're only working with ten at the moment and so because of this diminished academy situation and the fact that public trust is so low they've decided they need to take this time out to work on things. also out of respect for the laureates past and future but it's really bad news for writers this year especially those that are getting on in years yeah and you know it's quite interesting because there has been such a good reputation of this institution we know centuries long history we actually have a look at that reputation now and then we'll get your reaction after we have this. go prize in literature in award to quote denote the most outstanding work you know and standing direction that conferred the greatest good on mankind that was alfred nobel's wish when he founded the award one hundred seventeen years ago over the past century it has been given to people as diverse as thomas. ernest hemingway.
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and winston churchill for their contributions to world literature. but it's more than just a celebration of the world's literary canon the nobel prizes often help more obscure authors who find wider readership. and this huge academy that oversees the prize has also been accused of taking political positions as well like with the selection of which russian journalist is a prominent critic of russian president vladimir putin and was selected for nonfiction works the collapse of the soviet union. the decision to award the prize to bob dylan twenty sixteen for his lyrical work caused controversy especially when the american singer songwriter seemed to ignore it for weeks afterward one member of the academy reportedly called him rude and arrogant while the nobel prize for literature has had its detractors throughout its history it's still remains the most visible and relevant literary prize in the world. so
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a very big decision here and you know it will probably have implications for the academy and its reputation absolutely this is utterly devastating i think at first glance because this was a globally respected institution was founded over two hundred thirty years ago and has always had a stellar reputation as we know the prize has been. has been postponed for usually for war reasons sometimes because they also have an allowance in their rules that says they can postpone if there isn't a right or that's meeting the criteria or something that that's only happened a number of times over the last seven decades so this is really quite crazy it's of course devastating for sweden as a nation especially because it's a country that's that we've long seen as being so progressive in terms of. gender equality and politics so this is definitely a blow for them but they cademy itself for having this great reputation has also on the inside people sort of in the know know that they're very well known for being
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extremely old fashioned sort of you know quite straight laced very very secretive and close. stories about. gun frog about how they're doing things so quite self-important in fact and some critics are really skeptical that they can ever actually get back the credibility and the reputation that they had to be counted ultimately about should we really be surprised because in the past year we have seen so many institutions so many executives so many prominent individuals that have been toppled by scandals like this aspect i mean we're seeing need to essentially hit some of the world's largest institutions we can look at what happened just yesterday in the u.s. across the pond obviously it took a long time for the academy of motion picture arts and sciences to make these decisions but they finally decided to expel. convicted actor bill cosby and of course the director roman polanski. were basically seeing an awful lot of fallout
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and it is accumulating and this situation of course really shakes trust in the sense that you just know this sort of thing is everywhere there is nowhere that sort of you know. lying under the under the rug the cannes film festival next week and we can put our hands in the fire here today that need to be based on all of these things and based on what just happened with the academy in l.a. me too will be a part of it what do you think i mean beyond can and beyond those those those individual expulsions obviously here i mean you're you're a culture correspondent you've been following this really from the very beginning of the way that all disc annals have really rocked especially the world of culture what do you see as the wider implications going forward. i think essentially that. we're looking at in the case of the of the of the academy obviously there's there's a modernization need for modernization there but i think essentially what we're
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seeing is a massive need for transparency everywhere i mean we've got social media that allows us to be. critical right away when we see these things and there's a new acceptance obviously since the since the need to movement has started of women stories of women women are encouraged to come forward those stories are now being accepted and there's really wider and wider spread pressure coming from the general public to to see to it that these kinds of power abuses and predatory behaviors. simply are not seen as acceptable anymore it's it's still going to take so much work obviously i mean when we see this kind of thing but i'm sure we haven't seen the last of it you can't get away with it anymore. probably a lot of people shaking in their shoes i'm sure i'm sure there are as i'm sure this isn't the last karen thank you a pleasure now in other news more than
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a hundred palestinian protesters have been injured in fresh violence close to the border between gaza and israel dozens of them wounded with live ammunition others suffering from tear gas inhalation thousands of palestinians gathered on friday for a sixth week of protests there demanding the right to return to their homes seized by israel back in one thousand forty eight. and palestinian president mahmoud abbas has apologized for remarks that he made about the holocaust earlier this week it had suggested that the persecution of european jews was because of their roles as bankers and money lenders rather than their religion or race in his apology he condemned anti-semitism and called the holocaust the most wretched crime in history . partial results from local elections in the u.k. suggest british prime minister theresa may has been spared the wipe out some have predicted her conservative party has lost control of some key councils but maintained but managed rather to gain ground and gregg's at supporting regions.
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you're watching data of you news still to come on the program called marks he is one of the most divisive thinkers in modern history and the revolutionary philosopher is turning two hundred for at least the anniversary of his birth there so how should he be remembered we will have a look. but first it is over to helena humphrey now we are heading to the united states where some big charges have been issued yes that is right u.s. prosecutors are doing what germans prosecutors couldn't they have charged folks fog former boss martin been to court for his part in the diesel gate emissions scandal will they say martin even to comb conspired to mislead regulators and violate the u.s. clean an act media reports say that stuff at b.w. support the u.s. charges against the former c.e.o. general prosecutor's name all say their investigation into vinta court is ongoing and will not affect the affected by the legal process in the u.s.
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. it couldn't have come at a worse time for volkswagen the announcement that its former c.e.o. martin venter corn was indicted by u.s. authorities it came soon after v.w. shareholders meeting where its new c.e.o. old spoke about regaining confidence. most volkswagen must become more honest more open more truthful so that we don't make ourselves more vulnerable again. model but is still vulnerable the indictment of ventre core now has many asking whether the carmaker has done enough to investigate its senior executives according to u.s. authorities in two thousand and fourteen the former c.e.o. was informed v.w. cars produced lower emissions during tests than they did on roads but it is unlikely event of corn will face charges in u.s.
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courts germany doesn't extradited citizens to nine countries still the former c.e.o. could be implicated in ongoing diesel gate investigations in his home country german prosecutors are looking into the involvement of senior management in diesel emissions cheating and there are lawsuits pending from both shareholders and consumers so why an indictment in the united states is opposed to legal ramifications in germany first is a financial correspondent. the easy answer to that in the quick answer to that is that the united states authorities were quicker than the german ones the germans have been taking a long time but as we just heard in the report there they will be ready at some time to put in the diet but if the facts that they have are in their view strong enough another thing is that the u.s. authorities just have a lot more leverage with the laws they have to levy high fines and high prison
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penalties in cases like the w one like mars inventor corn what he did and what volkswagen did there is considered a criminal offense in a much inventor cohen is found guilty as faces up to twenty five years in prison plus i have to find and you'd never see that sort of penalty or that sort of prison sentence for such a transgression here and in a german court and the matter at hand is also different in the united states there were much stricter standards and o x much stricter than in the european union and in germany so any any prison penalty here or any penalty here will be for that reason alone also probably much lighter. a financial correspondent that we bought several u.s. unemployment figures are else in the good news but not quite as good as some had expected in april while the job list rate fell to three point nine percent its
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lowest level since the year two thousand some twenty four thousand new jobs were created in manufacturing there was also some strong growth aided the services and healthcare sector analysts say the figures are signs of resilience and with the recent stock market chaos and fear is a trade. well talking of a trade war talks between a top level u.s. delegation to china and chinese representatives of wraps up with no real solution to avoid a trade war tariffs remain the main issue but washington also accuses beijing of systematically infringing u.s. copyrights statements from the u.s. and china after the talks were polite but it seems the dispute is far from over. perhaps chinese state television wants to avoid adding fuel to the fire trying to play down the current trade dispute with washington this news anchor says both sides are interested in stable and healthy economic relations but appears to be the official version of events after the first round of trade talks between china and
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the u.s. but behind the scenes big differences remain reuters reports that beijing has offered to lower import tariffs on u.s. cars and agreed to increase exports from the u.s. to china whether that will be enough to pacify donald trump is still to be seen but as the u.s. delegation leaves the country the war of words continues at the chinese foreign ministry this spokeswoman says that many people around the world are against a u.s. led trade dispute showing a letter from american economists. and they warn trump terrorists are even for his country's economy and she's beijing has its own warning to washington trade barriers heard both sides but they might end up pressuring you more than us. air france care limbaugh says no margin iraqis stepping down off to start project to pay off
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a good ending months of strikes well the news comes on the same day that quarterly figures show the company incurred further losses unions have been holding a series of one day strike since february dead amounting a five percent raise to compensate for a fight you pay freeze strikes a planned the next monday and tuesday. venezuela's economic situation has been critical for years but until now basic services were still provided by the government now along with restricted access to groceries and medicines people in venezuela are suffering without electricity because power stations are out of order struggling anger against the socialist government. they has only the flicker of a single flame to cook by even candles are lucky we nowadays said the mendoza family use one at a time as a feeding themselves wasn't complicated enough and they can't store any fresh groceries they do manage to buy fridges run on electricity. power cuts are
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a regular feature of daily life here in america. and they're lasting for ever longer periods. and actresses he is very important in a hurry because of course you need the fridge and food for children and condition is in your photo extremely hot here. but we have to keep everything closed because there are a flies which carry diseases. but i said americans we have to close our doors and we need electricity to make food. it's absolutely essential for us. but i don't know. it's been like this for months in venezuela here at the power station in maracaibo only four of the twenty four turbines are still operating lack of proper maintenance has left much of the facility in disrepair. on state
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television the minister for energy refuses to take responsibility for the nation's power cuts. he says subbuteo has have tried to bring the country's electricity supply to a halt. the student body part of a systematic attack he would have us with the government refuses to publish information about the power outages and their effects but there's no getting away from the evidence on the streets in magic long lines of people wait for banks to open but to no avail no power no cash. oh it's back over sarah now as we stand by for that news conference in washington and so they were actually heading to the u.s. state of delaware believe it or texas rather where dallas is the city where u.s. president donald trump is scheduled to speak shortly at the national rifle association annual event he is expected to throw his full weight behind the
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powerful gun rights lobby and the address that comes less than three months after the high school massacre in parklane florida which sparked nationwide demonstrations demanding gun control trump have briefly vowed to quote fight the n.r.a. at the time but this speech is expected to align with his republican base that strongly supports the organization. and the u.s. vice president mike pence is currently speaking at that conference right now and we will bring you donald trump when he takes the stage live a little bit later on this program but first we're going to head to lebanon where voters will be voting in their first parliamentary election in almost a decade on sunday there are hopes that it will and prolonged political gridlock and the read vote postponements forming a government could take months or longer due to the country's complex party system which is organized primarily along religious lines. and india is bracing for more
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wild weather a day after dust and thunderstorms killed more than one hundred twenty people in five states and injured another two hundred many of the dead were sleeping when their houses collapsed after being struck by lightning or gust of wind. this saturday marks the two hundredth birthday of perhaps the most divisive political and economic thinker of modern history called marx he argued that capitalism would only make the rich richer and the poor poorer today some view him as a visionary others revile him for inspiring authoritarian communist regimes allow reporter hit the streets of berlin the city where he was educated to find out what people here think of a book. monk says i'm doing is spot revolutions those aren't is a originated here in berlin and they continue to resonate in the city. in eight hundred thirty six the eighteen year old come august came to study at berlin's
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university. he started studying law but soon found he was far more interested in philosophy and history quote in the entrance hall of the university of tribute to its former student. marks wrote the for most of his heavenly interpreted the world in various ways the point however is to change it mocks didn't just want to theorize about the state of the world he wanted to do something about it he wanted to shake things up. it was the tone of the industrial age and while in berlin marx witnessed the plight of poor because. it was then a cause that marx took up his theories of eliminating social injustice by empowering work has started revolutions and changed the map of the world. his ideology was the basis for modern communism and socialism the defining philosophies of the cold. war which ended up dividing the world and this city.
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in former east berlin a launch of a new still bears marx's name the boulevard was built as a propaganda project by the socialist regime by the workers for the workers. the last military parade to celebrate the achievements of the self-styled workers and peasants state was held here just a month before the berlin wall fell. but what does mark still mean to people here that gadhafi had a kind of different idea of how society should work. he wrote a lot of good stuff capital for example which is still valid today goodness i started reading the communist manifesto but you've got to have quite a bit of concentration for the can do you know this man black comics of course karl marx he was a great thinker in this time of course unfortunately things didn't quite turn out
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the way he predicted because see invoiced is a. clever man and a way to book definitely good. things that are really just as worthy of discussion today. especially now considering the split in society between rich and poor because of his use by them through. communism as a political system in germany might have fallen with the berlin wall but for some of the people here. have lost none of their relevance. the football world cup is just weeks away and fans in the host nation of russia are finding new ways to enjoy the beautiful game football enthusiastic and kaliningrad have come up with something called atomic football let's have a look. all you need are fourteen players fourteen balls and two teams how do un easy be the first team to score fourteen goals with the added challenge
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of playing in tradition over lanky boots and your flap hats. i think the uniform represents our national identity it's not easy to play football and felt boots but we see the game was very successful i think it's very interesting and fun to watch while some locals are enjoying football by the seaside kaliningrad stadium is still under construction and despite being one of the smallest arenas ever used at a world cup seeing only thirty five thousand will be hosting big football nations such as spain england and belgium fans are buzzing their gas prices that this is a great football experience there's a positive and good mood people are happy and content this is cool if it was cool might not be the right word to describe your flat hats but they're fun and with six weeks ago before kick off we might have already found the next with us. you're watching the news we're standing by here because u.s.
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president donald trump is expected to take the stage in just a few moments at the national rifle association event in dallas texas as you can see there the stage has been empty it is sound checked the vice president actually just left the stage a short while ago after giving his own address u.s. president donald trump is expected to throw his full weight behind the organization something that he has done before in fact he said a little bit earlier today on air force one while talking to reporters that the n.r.a. is a great organization that loves the country this of course coming against the backdrop of the shooting in parkland florida and the movement that it has sparked there after it has been inspiring many young people to come out in support of gun control so we're standing by for that or you're watching news we'll have more on that after a short break also coming up after a short break is chirpy ready for change morel action out of marriages as
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a surprise challenger to president recha tie affair to walk in the elections next month. and all that more coming up in just a few minutes time i'm sara kelley in berlin thanks for watching so you can see. european stars deliver a rousing performance or. electro touch only. on one side of the world. or. europe in concert in forty five minutes on a double. of glazing. and
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a curse. placed for supposed nature and in this scheme. monsoons the tropical job force that she believes yada is the cylinder so come to nudge plato source of law and tons of enormous destruction form a plate monsoon starting may twenty third come to double play. israel seventeen years. to displace the mission's. gods over one homeland featured in our program a moment of optimism when rypien an hour of silence agreed on peace look peaceful future for both israelis and palestinians was seen with rage but an assassin put an
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end to. end to the returning news from the history of the displaced people is still a function for their homeland however hopeless it might seem they will never come back to those places israel seventy years may twelfth on t.w. called broadcast times online play. welcome back you're with news i'm sarah kelly and our lead our top story donald trump has traveled to dallas texas to address members of the powerful u.s. gun lobby the national rifle association that's despite increasing calls for gun control in the wake of precent mash shootings including in hartland florida in february. and the swedish academy has announced that it will not award the nobel prize for literature this year after a series of sketch sex abuse scandals and finance scandals it says it will instead
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award to process into a ninety. well now the west african country of cameroon is currently in the grip of a violent secessionist crisis and surgeons in the west of the country have launched a series of attacks on security forces after the government crackdown on a peaceful protest movement the conflict is centered on the english speaking area of western cameroon which we're about to highlight on a map for you but many of the region you see that area actually highlighted in yellow there and within that yellow region there those individuals many of them they want greater autonomy from the french speaking majority of the country and our correspondent krishna went to the area and issued this report. that. is over ninety years old even though one there's
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a lot she can't remember anymore but she'll never forget one day last year. the pain is a constant reminder. the wound move through someone knocked on the door i said is that and i finish it it was the police and they hit me right in the face in the look i'm a bush who. there was blood everywhere i just didn't stop believing. thousands of people in their hometown with taking part in peaceful protests at the time they feel let down somewhere calling for their own state to be called i was there when the government troops responded with why olin's who. was one of the victims there's growing unrest in the region and some of the protesters have since joined pro independence groups but no one wants to speak about it openly. they
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went to the bush because they are fighting for their rights what they are asking for is something they deserve if the government can grant what they are asking for it will be better for all of us southern cameroonians then we won't be neglected the way the government has been neglecting us. we need a well connected independence activist who wants to remain anonymous there are six rebel groups in the forests fighting against governments troops he shows us their training videos. president for the last thirty five years has sold north the protests he says that's why the conflict is now escalating. it is the only option because the people believe that it is through these means that they can force the president into dialogue what they're doing now is simply defending themselves they did not start the file and. almost every week separatists launch deadly attacks on government officials they accuse of
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betrayal the bishop of war many see the church as a possible mediator in the crisis. but in this circumstance this is a very difficult because. because they give conditions for talking to but i think the sort of the problem. and. talking to. the person must be the same with. the government refuses to speak with the separatists despite several requests we are not given an interview with the government representatives. presidential elections in cameroon our schedules to be holes in october this year but many people in the ngo phone region and particularly those in rural areas i wondering how this will be possible this happily any indication that the situation will be
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improving in the next month i think about what it all the same. hopes that peace will return to the region at her age she says she should not have to be afraid of the police and especially not in her own. home. from one cameron separatist uprising let's bring in adelaide krishna you saw there he was the author of that report he's actually joining us this afternoon from lagos nigeria welcome to adrianne as we saw there these began as peaceful protests but they turned violent walk us through how this happened while the whole thing flared up in two thousand and sixteen in late two thousand and sixteen first it was lawyers who started protesting later on teachers went on strike and then there were a lot of people who actually took on the streets even the catholic church in form of bishops from this part of the country protested and wrote
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a letter to the president of the country to paul b. always been in office for more than thirty five years telling them about the telling him about the grievances of the people in this part of cameroon the reaction by the state was well they ignored the letter more or less that was written by the bishops they reacted with aggressive measures against the protests there were mass arrests of demonstrators later on also violence and this of course played in the hands of radical people already called separatists a lot of people now support them because they say we cannot trust the government anymore we cannot trust the security forces anymore and up until now we had hundreds of people say one hundred civilians who were already killed and more than forty security forces were killed krishna's the latest on the separatist uprising in cameroon joining us from lagos nigeria thank you for the latest. it's fun when you're watching t.v. news and u.s. president donald trump is speaking at the national rifle association right now it is a rant in dallas texas he is throwing his full weight behind the powerful gun rights
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lobby are this he is expected to do so he has just begun speaking it's a senate seat is the weaving of taxes so we love the with the governor greg abbott my friend where is he right there over the greco of that he's running and i've already done it but i will tell you right i fully endorse you you aren't doing this you want to thank all of the old saying hey wait you had your water just pouring down on top and you just kept coming and coming he kept calling and calling we need more money laundering money. and you know what we gave it to you the only undoing of the attorney general can tax the tremendous amount of the and by the way can you have my full
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endorsement and sure your wife has my full endorsement she just had a big thank god the senator john warner been with me right from the beginning thank you i thank you for the food and your sister this. ted cruz weighs the with thought the i was the. thank you what i was really rouses. it's a good shot. congressman peter shankman and
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congressman michael burgess great friends. we're also joined by rick day and charlie. diamond and silver of the. mark i read series about. peter brown ally and leslie running. finally i want to thank all of the true american patriots of the n.r.a. who defend our rights our liberty and our great american flag thank you thank you. the people in this hall have never take our freedom for granted and never have. and
8:40 pm
you have never stopped fighting for our love a concious is credible people thank you. you give your time your energy your vote and your voice can stand strong for the sacred rice given to us by ga including the right to self defense. and now thanks to your activism and dedication you have an administration is fighting to protect you our second amendment and we will protect yourself. of the. years sagging the family right. are undersea but they will never ever have to.
8:41 pm
be under sea as long as i'm your president was. i want you. to i was all of us here today united by the say time wise by us we believe that our liberty was a here from our creator and that no government can ever take it away we believe in the will follow. you and we support the men and women of our law enforcers was of the. pride of our house and we sat for our we put our hands on our heart for the play
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a show of allegiance and we proudly stand for the national anthem we are proud of was. was was was was was was was. the. what people what great people. and this is your record crowd you know all time record crowd you do know. thank you thank you of the we love our country and we've really says deserve a government that shows the same. and loyalty in return. for the
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last fifty years that as exactly what we have been doing we are all finally putting america first with the and we are seeing the credible results. as a result of our national tax cuts and everybody's benefiting and everybody's happy . and the democrats are very concerned if you watch how well we do in a. lot of the out of the i don't think the place is over the place. this thing is that when you win the presidency you get complacent we all know the feeling you know the feeling not too many. like ninety percent of
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the time you win the presidency and for whatever reasons you lose this it or we kill it and the word is because places like. you have been watching us president donald trump speaking at the national rifle association's annual event in dallas texas as we heard there him there throwing his full weight behind the powerful gun rights lobby thanking the n.r.a. for defending american rights and the american flag saying that those are god given rights to self defense and the way to protect the second amendment rights as long as he is president. for more let's bring in correspondent claire richardson who is standing by with the very latest from washington d.c. and claire you know when we left that feed he was actually just talking about tax cuts saying how they have benefited all americans i mean this really is pretty typical of trump it becomes sort of the latest hits sort of speech what are we to make of what he said so far. hi sarah he really was telling the crowd exactly what
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they wanted to hear saying that these were real patriots true americans for their fight to try and defend the right to bear arms so the message that we heard coming from was really his administration is on the gun owners sides we heard chants of usa we heard a highly nationalistic speech in which he spoke of his policy of putting america first and what's most surprising about this or perhaps not surprising but what stood out the most to me about this is how little really has changed in the last few months and in the last few years we've seen speak to the n.r.a. and its conventions for the past four years but there were some thinking that this time around things could be a little different and that is of course because of the shooting at marjorie stoneman douglas high school in february and the subsequent student led protests that have been taking place across the united states over the past four months there is a sense that there might be some changing wins that this activism by the students
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the walk outs the huge marches with lots of a celebrity support could lead it to pressure congress and donald trump into kind of backing off his support for gun lobbyist groups but here we see him really giving the n.r.a. and its supporters his full backing clear what does that say about the state of polarization in the country. well it's interesting because in some ways the democrats still have not coherently rallied behind gun control as an election issue obviously we have midterm elections coming up in november of this year and the n.r.a. spent fifty five million dollars on backing republican candidates in the twenty sixteen elections so it is a very partisan issue it's not necessarily one that we're going to see as a front and forward issue in the polls but trump knows that this is his base this is a massive rally of about eighty thousand people or a massive convention which is really trying to rally his supporters to get them to
8:47 pm
turn out he said we should not be complacent we need to come to the polls and so this is in many ways an opportunity for him to tell these people that he's still with them and clear of course all of this this speech coming today coming against the backdrop of some pretty big happenings in washington this week which we have to talk about and i have to ask you if the president is likely to address them because there's this question of this one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment so-called hush money to this porn star actress stormy daniels trump previously denied compensating his lawyer who made that payment now apparently there's some question as to whether or not he might have actually done one of his new counsels with the giuliani has said that in fact he did read compensate his lawyer for that just walk us through what has happened in this past week and whether or not he might address it. sure i mean it seems you never know with trump whether he's going to talk about a certain issue whether he's going to stay on script or not but in terms of the
8:48 pm
stormy daniels case it's really a matter of a trump and his team getting their story straight as you said rudy giuliani who's kind of the face of his legal team said that trump had paid back this money to his lawyer that he made in payments to keep stormy daniels the adult film star quiet she said that she had an affair with the u.s. president while he was married and was paid this one hundred thirty thousand dollars to keep quiet shortly before the twenty sixteen election and now the question really is whether this was a violation of campaign finance laws it seems like giuliani was perhaps trying to help trump in this regard by making it clear that it was just a personal payment that had nothing to do with this matter but it contradicted what the president had said earlier and that's where he's in trouble never a shortage of action there in washington claire richardson our reporter there with the very latest thank you claire. well earlier this week we brought you the story of activists in kenya fighting for equal rights as in dozens of other african
8:49 pm
countries homosexuality is treated as a crime there punishable by up to fourteen years in jail today we bring you the story of how dating apps are being used to target gay men and lesbians who dare to go looking for love for more let's bring in elizabeth show who has been looking into this for us and she is standing by in our social media desk and liz we know that dating apps that they are as we just heard there they're essentially being used as weapons to go after gay and lesbian people tell us a little bit more about how this is unfolding. well one of the apps that are being used right now in kenya is the app grindr that is the number one on the most popular dating app for gay and bisexual men so what is happening in kenya is that there are people who say they want to catch homosexuals so they get on that app they create profiles they try to look for men who want to meet them and want somebody agrees to meet with them then they beat the person up and even threaten to
8:50 pm
expose them as a gay person so we have actually talked to somebody to whom this thing happened and he has issued a warning written a comment on the travel website lonely planet so this is what he's telling other people who live in kenya's capital nairobi he says it's not safe i met a guy through a grinder and i thought he was ok but when i got to his place i was beaten and held for six hours while they milked my credit card it was scary indeed and i said grinder knows about this problem so it has issued a statement and also safety warning to people who are using the app in kenya saying don't post a picture of your face when you're creating a profile meet people by skype or in a safe location first and if you get arrested never ever confess or add minutes to anything so people right now are being very cautious when using that app ok so some
8:51 pm
warnings there at least but is anything more substantial being done to protect people in kenya. well not much really in fact there are reports that the police themselves are also using apps to try to hunt down homosexuals in the country and what we have right now is activists who are calling for a decriminalization of homosexuality but they're not getting a lot of support from of the kenyan society in fact talked to people on the streets of nairobi and this is what they had to say about this issue here. the other embodies. the. human morals and they should not be allowed in i don't think it's ok. i think it should be talked about. some but it's not something that should be you know. that's that's that's not according to the according to the leader.
8:52 pm
and sarah even he have the country's president who are kenyatta he's shrugging the whole thing off in an interview recently he said the gay rights are not of any major importance to the people and the republic of kenya this is not an issue of human rights this is an issue of society of our own base as a culture and kenya is not alone here in fact many people across africa are against homosexuality they say it is a sin they say it is a moral it is unnatural and that is why it will take a while for our perceptions and also views about homosexuality as change across the continent elizabeth show on our social media task thank you. well now hundreds of residents on hawaii's big island have evacuated their homes after the killer whale volcano burst into life and this video you can see here shows lava flowing through a wooded area the volcano erupted on thursday after
8:53 pm
a series of earthquakes and spewed ash and lava into residential areas have a look. it started with multiple earthquakes then a plume of pink smoke that shocked the local residents. ok we just had a huge earthquake and now in the direction of there's a massive cloud of smoke coming up. after days of warning signs to kill away a volcano on hawaii's big island has erupted lava flowed into residential areas of the u.s. island igniting fires and spreading deadly gases nearly two thousand people were forced to evacuate. since it's right there behind our homes we could hear this loud . exploding. right from the house and so you know there is a house going to still be there when we go back over there. the eruption saw
8:54 pm
boiling lava flowing directly from cracks in the ground in populated areas and lasted for about two hours. a mandatory evacuation order remains in place in the affected area and geologists one that eruptions could occur again soon. time now for soccer news and it is the bundesliga is penn ultimate match on saturday and i have jonathan crane from sports to take us through all of the buzz and of course we have to start with the chase for the european place to start so what are we expecting on saturday yes we do two or two games left that so miles or a lot could be decided this weekend some seem to have their dreams realized others will have them absolutely shattered by it and some of the european price is really shallow or impulse position to cement second prize you can see the table that a draw announced would be enough for them to secure a top four place and then consequently a place in the champions league next season it's so exciting behind them don't when looking good so make it seven shampoos make appearances in eight season hoffenheim
8:55 pm
there you see the at me for pointing out are they really on a roll of the moment. nine games on base and. going in the wrong direction and then the. and then light station frank and frankfurt both host relegation struggle is on saturday like this hosting frankfurt hosting have gone wrong for frankfurt ever since. agreed to take over by munich next season they've lost three games in a row and they've conceded a whopping eleven goals in the process so let's talk a little bit more about that relegation battle i mean is it likely that this is decided now this weekend theoretically mathematically yes it could be decided this weekend i do think it's probably going to go right down to the wire now all eyes really on their in seventeenth place they are two points adrift of sixteenth which is the relegation playoff spots now they've been in trouble for pretty much the whole season really and they've beaten for their rivals in recent weeks freiburg. is giving them half
8:56 pm
a chance but they really still do have it all to do and i think really is looking like. wow so a lot of action this weekend a lot really riding on it jonathan crane with the very latest analysis thank you so much you're welcome. and with that you're up to date. after a short break. the
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european stars deliver rousing performances lower leg length truckler touch. play. a love plane trip to. europe concerts in fifteen minutes on t w.
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politics and general culture place among the two hundredth anniversary of his first live documentary marx and his heirs belong to. w. .
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this is do the unions lie from no nobel prize for literature this year a sex abuse scandal infighting amongst the awarding committee on the police financial investigation in the swedish academy takes a year to try to regain the public's trust also in the program. us president donald trump lose the gun lobby promising to fight to defend best second amendment rights . less than three months after the high school shootings in florida.


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