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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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business data news live from donald trump who is america's powerful gun lobby the american president promises the national rifle association as he will defend their right to bear arms less than three months after the high school shootings in florida also on the program no nobel prize for literature this year after a sexual harassment case leaves the swedish academy in disarray.
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i feel gal welcome to the program. u.s. president donald trump has vowed to protect americans a right to bear arms in a speech to the national rifle association saddle convention in dallas is addressed to the powerful gun lobby comes nason three months after the high school massacre in parkland florida which box nationwide demonstrations demanding gun control at the time was to trump briefly pledge to fight and all right but today it was fully a message with his republican base. thank you for your time your energy your vote oh and your voice to stand strong for those sacred rights given to us by god including the right to self defense thank you for. that thanks for your activism and dedication you have been
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a ministration fighting to protect your second amendment and we will back. to washington d.c. you had an eye where we joined the w correspondent claire richardson welcome claire tokens for the president some big themes. well trump's message here was that his administration stands strongly behind gun owners and against any sort of initiatives that they would see as infringing on their second amendment constitutional rights to own guns so he called these people real patriots it's a massive convention of about eighty thousand people and the reason why this was so closely watched now is because in many ways it was seen as a test of how much has really changed there's been a big national conversation in the united states since a massacre at a high school in parkland florida back in february we saw a student led movements of walkouts protests with lots of celebrity support and really there was a sense that perhaps this could be
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a turning point where we might see some tougher regulations on guns in the united states now as we heard during the trump speech that he is back in front of the n.r.a. his fourth year addressing the convention and it does not seem that he has changed his tune after what we saw in parklands he said that he wanted to arm the highly trained teachers that they should be carrying weapons in school of course when i was in parkland reporting on that story teachers there said that they would rather have school supplies than to have to also learn how to carry a weapon and use it against a potential shooter but it's interesting to see that we are more or less in the same point at least in terms of the kind of rhetoric we're seeing from donald trump as we were a year ago. well we have elections midterm elections coming up in twenty coming up in november of course and he's really playing to his base at this convention a lot of republican supporters we heard a chance in usa usa people there who love his america first policy and the n.r.a.
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is a huge factor of republican candidates back in two thousand and sixteen they spent fifty five million dollars in the last election to help support those candidates so he is there too he's moving back in line with the n.r.a. to try and galvanize this base and told those people that they need to come out to the polls that they should not be complacent and that he's hoping that they will use their power at the ballot box he did probably some sort of controls on guns after the florida shooting he published a bottle bomb stocks remind us what a where those plans of go up to. that's right well done stocks are devices that allow semiautomatic rifles which are widely popular in the united states to fire like automatic weapons remember this was the kind of device that was used during the las vegas massacre last year where at fifty nine people lost their lives and the ministration has actually said that it is looking into a ban on stocks. but of course that is pretty much where the buck stops we have not
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seen serious federal gun control regulation come into effect since the massacre in parklands except for this one stocks regulation. claridge city washington thank you . the swedish academy has announced that it will know so will the nobel prize for literature this year the institution is in crisis over its handling of sexual assault allegations against the husband of one of its leading members the scandal has seen a string of board members leave in recent weeks the prices across the world's best rise in small nine hundred years but will be absent from the littery calendar until next year. it's not unprecedented but it is rare the swedish academy has postponed the twenty eighteen nobel prize for literature. we have decided not to water prize this year and we did that after a long and intense discussion. but we reached the conclusion that the confidence of
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you've got a new solo in the world of the moment and that was the deciding reason why we know refrain from awarding the products. that the body was plunged into crisis last november when a swedish newspaper published testimonies against this man. he's married to swedish academy member catarina frost and sun the jeweler will significant influence in sweden's art world eighteen women accused of sexual misconduct the accusations include an incident in which he allegedly touched sweden's crown princess victoria in appropriately denies the claims the revelations and the handling of them so deep discord among the academy's members a wave of resignations followed including permanent secretary sorry danny arce. i'm clear on now. i'm leaving the academy it was the wish of the academy that i should leave my role as permanent secretary to get out. of the ouster of ms dani has
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prompted an outpouring of support regarded by many as a case example of a woman taking the fall for a man's bad behavior. care into natural nantz this is a huge scandal internationally and norms. will stand that will truly. and then it's unbelievably symbolic when the first woman to hold the post as permanent secretary is forced out when she tries to sort things out that were using it for true in the capital. the nobel prize for literature will be postponed until twenty nineteen when the academy will name the laureate. more on this from v.w. culture at his account home stats are welcome carol. eighteen allegations of sexual misconduct against the show including our no no are finally years over to ok but no action from the swedish academy until this whole me to issue explodes the room and
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you're wondering why well i think women obviously felt empowered by the me too movement to actually make their voices heard as i say this was going on for over two decades but obviously no one was listening and there were structures in place that were quite effective at keeping things quiet for quite a long time they took advantage of that momentum and as we know many institutions have been slow to react until they get really hit with the bomb and can't do otherwise and we saw in the report that his wife is a member of the committee chair of the committee and without but the committee voted against removing her which seems odd given the what looks like a clear conflict of interest to us all it does seem odd and i can't really tell you why why they did that and why they caused all this ruckus in their own ranks really don't i really don't know how many people do know that i think you have to be a real insider because the swedish academy is well known for being an incredibly secretive group very nontransparent they literally tried to get
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away with keeping this quiet so obviously you know i think we can basically brand this the cademy and it's procedure as relics of the nineteenth century and they need to get with the times people want to know what's going on. aside from this that they had to be has maintained a generally good reputation throughout its hundred a year history let's have a little over two hundred thirty actually let's have a look at some of it for the women. nobel prize in literature in award to quote denote the most outstanding work in an outstanding direction conferred the greatest good on mankind that was alfred nobel's wish when he founded the award one hundred seventeen years ago over the past century it has been given to people as diverse as thomas mann. ernst hemingway. and winston churchill for their contributions to world literature but it's more than just a celebration of the world's literary canon the nobel prize has often helped more
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obscure authors find wider readership. and this major cademy that oversees the prize has also been accused of taking political positions as well like with the selection of which russian journalist is a prominent critic of russian president vladimir putin and was selected for nonfiction works the collapse of the soviet union. the decision to award the prize to bob dylan twenty sixteen for as lyrical work caused controversy especially when the american singer songwriter seemed to ignore it for weeks afterward one member of the academy reportedly called him rude and arrogant while the nobel prize for literature has had its detractors throughout its history it's still remains the most visible and relevant literary prize in the world. how does the academy now go about restoring its reputation well it can start by changing its rules and statutes and. has actually suggested doing this i don't know if you know that the academy has eighteen members normally they are now working with only ten and they
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need twelve to make a viable quorum decision so they need to rethink those rules completely modernize reappoint new members and then rethink their public relations strategy broaden their horizons and just think transparency transparency transparency that's what you have to do nowadays and that's kind of. now to some of the other stories making news around the world more than a thousand palestinian protesters have been injured in a sixth week of clashes with israeli troops along the gaza border seventy wounded by live ammunition far from israeli soldiers others were treated for injuries such as tear gas inhalation. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has apologized for remarks he made about the holocaust earlier this week it suggested that the persecution of european jews because of their roles as bankers and money lenders rather than their religion or race in his apology mr abbas condemned that the
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seventy's and describe the holocaust as the most wretched crime in history. british prime minister teresa mayes been spared the white house subject predicted in local elections in england the conservative party lost control of some key councils but managed to gain ground in the press corps courting regions it was the first test of public opinion since last year's general election. on the football and the blunders league is entering a decisive phase with just two games to go to big teams are in grave danger of being relegated hamburg a second last involves but just two points ahead of them humber have struggled all season and looked certain to be relegated but they have turned things around in recent weeks and they're feeling confident they can avoid the drop. last year about it hamburg in a moment but long faces it was spurred hamburg on a high vosburgh interrupt a very different mood among the fans of both clubs. after three wins in the last
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four games hamburg a conference ahead of the game in frankfurt. the most important things to show the same mentality as we've done in the last few games by mentality i mean the absolute desire and belief that we can win the game does fit a streak of encouraging that desire and belief has given hamburg hope of surviving the draw. coach christianity has made a lot of good decisions since taking over in march he brought lewis holtby back into the fold turning an outcast into a key player hoping he has scored five goals in the last six games. of experience as we're playing football for the first time in four years we keep possession of the ball we have the belief to keep the ball we pressed deep and were dangerous in front of goal. things are very different involves work there on a downward spiral the director of sports was fired before last week's loss to
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hamburg vols perk have only won one of the last twelve games they have the worst record of any team in the second half of the season and now they face a tricky test away to leipsic. i hope will show a bit more courage up front we have to really get into the tackles and we need to do that against leipzig willing. to spot me act so who will be heading to division to hamburg ovals we could find out on saturday. as if you're up to date more fear of the top of the hour was always the website t w dot com in the meantime today star wars stace may the fourth be with.
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