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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CEST

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this is. donald trump of america's powerful gun lobby was president promised the national rifle association then their right to bear arms less than three months after florida's high school shootings also on the program. dozens more palestinians are injured in protest i think israel gaza border. in an effort to paint that protestors from the front here. and under the
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anniversary of karl marx's birth we find out making the pilgrimage to his hometown in germany and what's driving the journey. i'm michel henery thanks for joining us u.s. president donald trump has made a fresh bound to protect gun ownership rights in his country he was speaking at a convention of the national rifle association the most powerful pro-gun lobby in the u.s. the president urged its members to support his republican party in upcoming fall elections saying republicans are prepared to defend the n.r.a. interests trump's comments come despite his suggestion that he would take on the lobby group after a florida school shooting in february. i president trump knew he was playing in front of
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a home crowd as he addressed cheering gun enthusiasts in dallas he called again for arming teachers to head off future mass shootings like the one in parkland florida in february in which seventeen people were killed ninety eight percent of mass public shootings have occurred in places where guns are banned just so you understand. tragically as we see there is no sean no more inviting to i mare's killer then or sorry dad did clare's this school is a gun free zone come in and take us i ninety eight percent i you know they're cowards i when they know there's guns inside. are going to the n.r.a. has shown its support for the measures even though teachers and security experts have openly criticize the idea. in his speech which ranged across unemployment the
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economy immigration and nuclear proliferation trump made no mention of gun control proposals he'd floated in the past such as raising the age limit for buying rifles the n.r.a. sees that and other limits on gun sales as a violation of the second amendment to the us constitution the right to bear arms. with republican control of the us congress up for grabs in november's midterm elections trump used the n.r.a. platform to return to rhetoric he used in twenty sixteen to excite pro-gun voters warning that democrats are determined to take away america's guns. our correspondent in washington sent us this assessment of president trams latest remarks on gun ownership in the u.s. let's take a listen. the main message we saw the president trying to liver was that his administration stands firmly behind gun owners and will defend them against gun
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control measures that they see as an infringement on their second amendment rights specifically trump again called for hardening schools and arming highly trained teachers with concealed weapons as a way of preventing shootings and the question of gun control has come into the national spotlight over the past few months after a shooting at a high school in parkland florida and the student led protests that followed trump briefly had promised action on gun regulation after the massacre but as he looks to helping republicans in november as midterm elections he seems to have returned to telling the n.r.a. is line more than any post indians have been injured amid fresh protests gaza's border with israel israeli troops fired live ammunition and tear gas up a post in protesters as they approached the border fence it's now the sixth week of demonstrations held at the border with postilions demanding the return of lands they fled or were expelled from in present day israel. smoke billows from burning tires palestinian protesters use the cloud as cover to fling
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rocks across the israeli border then met by rounds of live ammunition and tear gas canisters fired by israeli troops. in the skies israeli drones battle against kites some rick with explosives that have set fields ablaze. it's the sixth week of clashes on the gaza border despite thousands of injuries and more than forty deaths palestinians say they will continue their weekly rallies. people affirm that the protest will continue after may fifteenth until the liberation of palestine and the return to justice and haifa. israel says it is defending its borders and has vowed to continue doing so at any cost. we had several attempts to cross the technical fence and to throw molotov cocktails and other terrorist devices against israeli troops we know of specific attempts to cross into israel
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and a few days ago there were also attempts to doctor an israeli soldier based on our intelligence israel's use of lethal force against protesters has drawn criticism from the european union and the united nations to little effect the clashes are expected to come to a head on may the fifteenth a day after the seventieth anniversary of the founding of israel which palestinians mark as the nakba or catastrophe. basque separatist group atta has formally disbanded after a decades long violent campaign for independence from spain that left more than eight hundred people dead but there are still outstanding issues to be a result thank a series of unsolved killings and the question of what to do about imprisoned at members and the dozens of crew members still on the run. jose back i could see i was shot dead in his car in front of his son he was about
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to drive him to school today should bring relief for his went to rule as a radio but she has mixed feelings about his demise as a policeman the terrorists considered her husband a second class victim. rather that while they and their unintended victims for forgiveness of the people they hadn't planned to murder they've never apologized to me. his reputation was built on the glory of its early years its resistance against franco's dictatorship its championing of basque independence but most of the group's murders were committed after schemes transition to democracy as well as police officers soldiers and local politicians origen repeal were killed each near shore city brought more people out on the streets to protest even in the basque country at his birthplace support greece then sorry much arena has recently returned to this altered society after serving thirteen years in prison for her
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membership of the group she doesn't want to talk about potential feelings of guilt and regret but she says she views the disbanding of eta as an opportunity. i mean but i've been in the business and when i just got out of prison i'm not sure whether reconciliation can really work but i do think we can live together. both sides must work to achieve that that was the conclusion of delegates at friday's peace conference held to mark the group's dissolution. but there will be no amnesty for former terrorists stains prime minister money hand over how he has ruled. the murdered policeman's widow has found her own way it's come to terms with the past five years ago she had a public meeting with a former f.b.i. agent who had new in her husband's murderers they talked and even embraced for a day it was a huge relief. you can't live your life brooding
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if you did you'd eventually go crazy it kills you and i don't regret or did it not just for herself but for her husband he she says always believed coexistence was call simple now to some of the other stories making news around the world fresh earthquakes have struck hawaii's big island with the kind of willful kaino has been spewing lava into residential areas the u.s. geological survey measured the largest tremor as magnitude six point nine the strongest since one thousand nine hundred seventy five hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate no major damage has been reported so far. the u.s. geological survey also says a six point one magnitude earthquake has struck off the philippines the quake hit off the coast of the eastern province of the cutted want us there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage from the quake. the u.s.
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department of justice has issued an arrest warrant for volkswagen former chief executive martin what are corn prosecutors have charged with conspiracy and wire fraud in connection with the company's diesel emissions scandal when their corns lawyer has said he will respond quote in due course. today marks two hundred years since the birth of german philosopher and economist karl marx his home town of tree here in western germany is set for a day of celebrations and protests on the birthday of the father of communism the city is due to unveil a gift from china a massive statue of the revolutionary banker but tourists have already been beating a path to the city of his birth. they made their way from paris to luxembourg more than two hours behind schedule. and.
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finally they reached their destination the southwestern german city of trio. this is the birthplace of the philosopher an economist who many consider to be the founder of socialism. the most chinese like karl marx i do two to my heart joy our journey is lovely here i came to see where karl marx was born he is revered by our generation it's part of our upbringing that's why i wanted to visit this historical city but not everyone in the group knows who karl marx was. tell him i'm from taiwan i'm not familiar with him. to be honest i don't know that much about santa claus no matter taking pictures here is a must so is a visit to the house where karl marx was born. or do tell a very a whole he was going to
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a wealthy family but he still thought about all those less fortunate in the world that's why he was a great man to be a way that. there's just time for one more shot of his house. then they're off to a new tourist attraction a five and a half meter tall statue of karl marx. yet to be unveiled it's a gift from the chinese government. not all locals are impressed with this offering something the chinese visitors can understand. single one each i can sympathise with people who have a different culture and religion they have a different perception of karl marx. to litter so that's how it is in every family it's normal for people to have different opinions here. in the crowd so it's understandable that people have different worldviews as well. do you feel easier. while there's no way to know what marx would say about the statue he'd likely cast
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a disapproving gaze over today's increasingly profit driven world. to football now and the bundesliga is entering a decisive phase with just two games to go to big teams are in grave danger of being relegated hamburg are second last and buspar are just two points ahead of how merck have struggled all season and looks certain to be relegated but they have turned things around in recent weeks and are feeling confident they can avoid the drop. lots to cheer about hamburg at the moment but long faces involved hamburg on a high vol spur going to wrote a very different mood among the two sets of fans. after three wins in the last four matches hamburger confidence had a very game at frankfurt today. most important things to show the same mentality as we've done in the last few games by mentality i mean the absolute desire and belief
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that we can win the game. that desire and belief has given her real hope of surviving the drop. coach christian tit's has made a lot of good decisions since taking over in march he brought lewis holtby back into the fold turning an outcast into a key player holtby a skulled five goals in his last six games. we're playing football for the first time in four years we keep possession of the bowl we have the belief to keep the balls we press deep and we're dangerous in front of goal. things are very different to. their in a downward spiral the director of sports was fired before last week's loss to hamburg votes but only one will know of the last twelve games they have the worst record of any team in the second half of the season and now face a tricky test a way to be like stg. i hope will show
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a bit more courage up front we have to really get into the tackles we need to do that against leipzig. to spoil me. so who will be heading to the second division it's crunch time and the bone does leg. that's our news for join us again at the top of the hour thanks for watching the news. listening. into the curse. for supposing the church and in this scheme.


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