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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin and russia detains opposition leader alexei no phone the again as anti-government protests ramp up authorities arrest dozens at nationwide rallies being held against president vladimir putin two days before he sworn in for a fourth term we'll go live to moscow also on the program. its blastoff for the newest mission to mars nasa launches an unmanned spacecraft to examine the red planet structure and how it was formed. and volcanic
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eruptions put hawaii on high alert hundreds of back you wait as the killer whale boat came. and a powerful earthquake shakes hawaii's big island. i'm michelle henery thanks for joining us russian opposition leader alexei novotny has been detained at an anti putin rally in moscow he was seized by police after calling nationwide protest against president vladimir putin's inauguration for a fourth six year term as president most of the rallies underway across russia has been declared illegal by authorities including in moscow and st petersburg there are reports that dozens of demonstrators have been arrested putin is due to be inaugurated on monday in a kremlin ceremony. go to our correspondent in moscow
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shortly but first the u.s. space agency nasa has just launched its latest probe to mars the mars insite lander is being propelled to the red planet by a powerful atlas five rocket which blast off from ben burtt air force base in california it's a suspected to take more than six months for the lander to reach mars i'm beginning to explore the deep interior of the planet. the long awaited launch comes after a two year delay due to equipment problems which also pushed up project cost to more than eight hundred million dollars the solar and battery power at lander is designed to operate for twenty six earth months or one year on mars. the inside lander will be the first to examine the internal structure of the planet mars scientists have been eager to gather data on the red planet's interior for decades. we know a lot about the surface of mars we know
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a lot about its atmosphere and even about its so i honestly are but we don't know very much about what goes on a mile below the surface much less two thousand miles below the surface down to the center this heat probe should be able to fill in some of those gaps developed by scientists at the german aerospace center it will measure the temperature of individual underground layers and determine how efficiently these layers conducts heat to do this the probe will have to burrow deeper into mars surface than any previous drill. another instrument will monitor how much mars north pole wobbles as it orbits the sun. and for the first time a seismometer will measure seismic five gratian on mars surface caused by earthquakes and meteor strikes the data acquired by all three experiments will make it possible to make new suppositions about the inner structure of mars and the information will help scientists to reconstruct the early development of rocky
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planets such as the earth mars venus and mercury. this will allow them to look back in time to when the super heated elements separated according to their densities and formed layers in the young planets. the structure of the planets consists of a dense metal core less dense mantles and a rocky outer crust formed as the planet cooled. on mars this process appears to have been faster and ended earlier than on earth there even today we can see the traces of this early. development phase on the earth these traces have been almost completely obliterated. we're turning to our top story now those anti putin demonstrations in moscow. really sure
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one is one of the protests in the russian capital. emily thanks for joining us can you tell us what the atmosphere there is like how many people have gathered there behind you for the protests. but i'm here at pushkin square which is one of the main squares in the center of moscow and i'd say there's certainly a few hundred protesters here out in the center and initially they gathered here and there were also members a few members of the so-called national liberation movement that's a a patriotic a pro putin movement and they were kind of shouting against each other the protesters here shouting against putin and those few demonstrators shouting for him and it seems that that was maybe an attempt to provoke a fight shortly after that the arrests here started there's a huge amount of riot police there were columns of them sort of behind me standing along the street and they were arresting people in the crowd and the opposition
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leader now behind me. was also just arrested here in moscow now this protest in the center of moscow was not authorized officially by the city authours these protests are taking place across the country as well in. ninety cities and some of those protests were authorized but there were arrests across the country today and not that novelli has been detained what will happen to him will the rallies continue. will people still are here out on the streets and i think their their message here and not by nice messages well is that. well the motto of the protest is that he is not our czar that's the motto i had of putin's inauguration on monday he says look at putin can't rule us like a king that was his magic message in a video that he recorded and posted on you tube ahead of these protests and really
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the protestors here want to show that yes putin was elected with a huge majority but there are some people who are against his policies and against him and they say that they have come out to fight for their rights to be citizens as it were they want to fight for the for freedom of speech for free media and for free internet as well so you use a kitchen was elected with a massive majority and during the elections in march yet there's all these protests going on across the country today what can you tell us what's going to happen once he's sworn into office just how much opposition is he going to face. well i think first of all. now i need to they showed that his office is across the country can be activated for these type of protests in the future as well but bloody mayor putin was reelected for his fourth term with
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a huge majority over seventy percent of people voted for him but observers say as well that he will have to carry out some reforms in these next six years in his next term that could be unpopular for example people have been discussing the fact that the pension age will most likely have to be raised and that could cause discontent i'm going but still i think the majority of people in russia do still support him. overall. and really shown in moscow thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the war. world north korea has adjusted it to the time zone by half an hour to match that of south korea it's the latest in a series of steps aimed at the relations between the two koreas but some koreans remain wary of the thaw with police shutting down moves by activists to send
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leaflets opposing pyongyang over the border. the german town of tree or has unveiled a new statue of its most famous former resident karl marx communist china donated the statue to mark the two hundred anniversary of the birth of marx who is considered the father of socialism in all its forms. the u.s. geological survey says a six point one magnitude earthquake has struck off the philippines the quake hit off the coast of the eastern province of cut it one is there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage from the quake. fresh earthquakes have struck hawaii's big island where the killer whale boat kaino has been spewing lava into residential areas the eruptions have forced hundreds of people to evacuate aftershocks from the series of earthquakes have also been rumbling across the island the u.s. geological survey measured the largest tremor as magnitude six point nine the strongest since one thousand nine hundred seventy five so far there have been no
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reports of injuries or major damage and we're now joined by john tarsem he is a lava tour guide for epic lava based on the island of hawaii john thanks for joining us your base close to the killer whale of a volcano that erupted what is the current situation where you are. yes we're on the east side of the big island of hawaii and right now we are going through a period of time where we just went through massive swelling of the volcano and it's starting to release some of the energy bill in the last couple days what we've seen is lots and lots of earthquakes i think in the last three to four days there's been well over a thousand and in the last couple days in particular they've gotten more intense today they got a little bit you were and we got some active ones like the six point nine that we just described there are fissures that are opening up down on the east drift i
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believe that at the meeting tonight and behold there had been somewhere between six and eight act decisions that had opened up in the last twenty four hours and you mentioned a meeting that you went to on the local council meeting where the situation was being told to the public can you fill us in about what happened there and what they may have advised the public to do. yeah you know they had they had to evacuate a lot of different small communities down there for different threats and belief that people are going to be in harm's way if different things happened so they were really going through evacuation plan and the shelters that people could go to they had representatives from really all of the government entities to give ideas of what could be done people from public works people talking about the utilities people talking about people's pets and the humane society so it was really just an information grab all for people to get together and understand what is going on but
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they also gave them serious pieces of information like the fact that you know the last time something like this happened in hawaii was in one nine hundred fifty five and that particular event lasted about three months long so they want everybody to understand that this is something that's going to be intense if it shut off tomorrow work it lasts for a really long time and so everybody really just needs to make the proper preparations whatever that means to each of them wow so the last time this happened you said if this went on for three months the public that really has no idea when they could possibly return home how did people react when they heard this information. you know. i can only compare it to like two thousand and fourteen when the young twenty seven blow moved towards the exact town where the meeting was to my input. and what i noticed is at that time people didn't really know what was going on they were very unsure as the lava crept closer to town people kind of where very high anxiety it seemed like nobody wanted anybody near the lava
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everybody just want to disappear and of happen. this time it seems like people are very receptive to information and the more information they get the better decisions they can make and i've noticed this time that social media has actually said to take it over and allowed people to get kind of things on the ball in hawaii who are not really over be in the fastest place on the planet and when people on social media can show videos or actual evidence of things happening that it makes it easier for the police the fire department civil defense all those places to make the proper decisions to get into action and go start doing their jobs social media that's with a good way to communicate with the public and for them to communicate with the government john hartson thank you very much for information of well the laboratory guide as a flop based on the island of hawaii. to sports now and the men's ice
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hockey world championships has started in denmark and ambitious germany runners up in february its winter olympics had a tough opening game against the host nation it was a tight affair which went all the way to a penalty shoot out. germany we're just fifty five seconds away from winning olympic gold a few months ago but that success comes with added pressure and host stan mock when determined not to make it easy for them they went ahead early in the second period on the powerplay yes by end sooner than men on target. germany wasted no time in hitting back the loose puck falling to leon and he make no mistake. it still but denmark took advantage of another power play to get back a head back in the driving seat though the home value was short lived. tight the game up again after a nifty move and that was that for regulation and overtime denmark's
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france neeson was the only man to find the net in the shootout the hosts happy if germany deflated it. that's your news rob more coming at the top of the hour thanks for watching t w news. w.'s program guide. dot com highlights. the glazing. and to curse. we spoke nature and in this case the. onset is the critical. missing this.


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