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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin russia detains opposition leader a luck sign of on the again and anti-government protests as they ramp up authorities arrested no vonnie and an estimated three hundred fifty other protesters and rallies against president vladimir putin across the country two days before he's due to be sworn in for a fourth term we'll go live to moscow. also on the program for kind of corruptions but hawaii on high alert hundreds of accu wait as the killer way a volcano spews lava and a powerful earthquake shakes hawaii's big island. and its blastoff for
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a new mission to mars not launches and unmanned spacecraft to peer under the red planet's crust and look at how mars was formed. waiter thanks for joining us russian opposition leader alexei and the vani has been detained at an anti putin rally and moscow police seized him after he called for a nationwide protest ahead of president vladimir putin's inauguration for a fourth term as president of on the is one of putin's fiercest critics he was barred from challenging putin in the march presidential vote monitors report that up to three hundred fifty demonstrators were detained along with him the protest in moscow was just one of numerous rallies underway across russia which authorities declared illegal. and d.-w.
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family sure when it's at one of the protests in russia's capital moscow or bring her in now emily what is the message that the protest protesters want to send. well my other stretches just taking place under the water that somebody declared out of the protest and that is he's not. this protest is very much directed act which in the head of his inauguration and the head of the head of the project. basically said you know who should be able to move us like a king or not his peasant. people came out today really to fight for their rights as citizens they told me they said that they're sick of the restrictions that the state is putting on them the restrictions on freedom of speech on the media on the internet and they hear there were a lot of arrests and people were also chanting against what they see. is the police
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as the police state here and now people have been burned by by the police but protesters seem to have returned to the main square to pushkin square at a kind of gathering around. statue there are the pictures we're looking at now make it look pretty rough now of all the sort of in the linchpin in all of these protests has his attention had an impact on the mood there was a pretty much expected. well his arrest was certainly to be expected in fact i saw on social media several users sharing the information that now finding had come to the protests had arrived at the protests and basically writing ok the countdown now starts when he's going to be arrested after all of this is not the first. protest that's not by any has a range this year he also writes some ahead of the elections and it was it wasn't
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unusual for him to be arrested at those protests now the mood did shift a little bit after he was arrested it seems to me that the police presence got much larger after he was arrested and the police started dispersing people surrounding the crowd pushing them sort of off the main square but it does seem that people have returned there now he said people have returned after being pushed out how large are the crowds of this point now that it's been going on for a little while and are people scared of the police or are they pushing forward. well certainly the crowds now are much smaller in fact i would say usually the crowds were fairly mixed but there were certainly several hundred people baby even over a thousand it's hard to judge of course. how many exactly and now it's. just perhaps a hundred or. so protesters that remain at it or they don't people who have come back but of course you know it is intimidating if you see the police president
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present here and people were being even pushed by the police the crowd who really pushed with a lot of force various police units out here on the streets riot police special police forces as well and they were widespread arrests i thought of basically blasting people out of the crowd and putting them into police cars just as they walked along. emily sure went for us in moscow thank you very much for your reporting. the u.s. space and it's a nasa has launched its latest probe to mars a powerful atlas five rocket is propelling the mars insite lander to the planet's surface as we speak the journey is expected to take six months upon arrival the pro will be looking deep under the planet's crust for clues about how it was formed with. the inside lander will be the first to examine the internal structure
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of the planet mars scientists have been eager to gather data on the red planet's interior for decades. we know a lot about the surface of mars we know a lot about its atmosphere and even about its saw on a spear but we don't know very much about what goes on a mile below the surface much less two thousand miles below the surface down to the center this heat probe should be able to fill in some of those gaps developed by scientists at the german aerospace center it will measure the temperature of individual underground layers and determine how efficiently these layers conducts heat to do this the probe will have to grow deeper into mars surface than any previous drill. another instrument will monitor how much mars north pole wobbles as it orbits the sun. and for the first time a seismometer will measure seismic five gracious on mars surface caused by
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earthquakes and meteor strikes the data acquired by all three experiments will make it possible to make new suppositions about the inner structure of mars and the information will help scientists to reconstruct the early development of rocky planets such as the earth mars venus and mercury. this will allow them to look back in time to when the super heated elements separated according to their densities and formed layers in the young planets. the structure of the planets consists of a dense missile. less dense mantles and a rocky outer crust formed as the planets cooled. on mars this process appears to have been faster and indeed earlier than on earth there even today we can see the traces of do certainly development things on the earth these
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traces have been almost completely obliterated. now into some of the other stories making news around the world voters in lebanon are gearing up for their first parliamentary election in almost a decade hopes are high that the vote on sunday will end a prolonged political gridlock in forming a government could take months or even longer in part due to the country's complex party system. thousands of people are on the streets of paris today to protest government policies marking a year since president election his critics say his economic and social reforms favor the wealthy and corporations by abolishing some worker protections and increasing police powers smaller rallies also took place in toulouse and bordeaux. north korea has adjusted its time zone by half an hour to mass that of south korea is the latest in a series of steps aimed at thawing relations between the two countries but some koreans remain wary of the thaw shut down activists who tried to launch anti regime
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leaflets over the border. the german town of trivia has unveiled a new statue of its most famous former president karl marx communist china donated the statue to mark the two hundredth anniversary of marx's birth he's considered the father of socialism. u.s. president donald trump has made a fresh vow to protest gun ownership he was speaking at the annual national association national rifle association convention the n.r.a. is the most powerful pro-gun lobby in the u.s. trumps comments come despite his earlier assertion that he would take on the gun lobby after a florida school shooting in february. i president trump knew he was playing in front of a home crowd as he addressed cheering gun enthusiasts in dallas he called again for i'm going to choose to head off future mass shootings like the one in parkland florida in february in which seventeen people were killed ninety eight percent of
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mass public shootings have occurred in places where guns are banned just so you understand. tragically as we see there is no shine more inviting to eye mare's killer then or sorry dad did clare's this school is a gun free zone come in and take us thanks i ninety eight percent i you know they're cowards when they know there's guns inside they're not going to the n.r.a. has shown its support for the measures even though teachers and security experts have openly criticized the idea. in his speech which ranged across unemployment the economy immigration and nuclear proliferation trump made no mention of gun control proposals he'd floated in the past such as raising the age limit for buying rifles
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the n.r.a. sees that and other limits on gun sales as a violation of the second amendment to the us constitution the right to bear arms. with republican control of the us congress up for grabs in november's midterm elections trump used the n.r.a. platform to return to rhetoric he used in two thousand and sixteen to excite pro-gun voters warning that democrats are determined to take away america's guns. are fresh earth quakes have struck hawaii's big island where the killer way a volcano has been spewing lava into residential areas that has forced hundreds of people to flee. their homes aftershocks from a series of earthquakes have also been rumbling across the island the u.s. geological survey measured the largest tremor at magnitude six point nine the strongest since one nine hundred seventy five so far there have been no reports of injuries or major damage earlier we spoke with john tarsa a lava to our guide on the island. we're on the east side of the big island of
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hawaii. right now we're going through a period of time where we just went through massive swelling of the volcano and it's starting to release some of the record in the last couple days what we've seen is lots and lots of earthquakes i think in the last three to four days there's been well over a thousand and in the last couple days in particular they've gotten more intense today they got a little bit were and we got some massive ones like a six point nine that was just described there are measures that are opening up. on the views drift i believe that at the meeting tonight in the whole there had been somewhere between six and eight act decisions that had opened up in the last twenty four hours you know the last time something like this happened in hawaii was in one nine hundred fifty five and that particular event lasted about three months so they want everybody to understand that fish is something with going to be intense if it
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showed up tomorrow or could last for a really long time so everybody really just needs to make the proper preparations whatever that means to each of the men's ice hockey world championship has started in denmark and ambitious germany runners up in february's winter olympics had a tough opening group game against the host nation it was a tight affair which went all the way to a penalty shoot out. germany were just fifty five seconds away from winning olympic gold a few months ago but that success comes with added pressure and hosts denmark we're determined not to make it easy for them they went ahead early in the second period on the powerplay yes by the end sooner than man on target. germany wasted no time in hitting back the loose puck falling to leon and he made no mistake. but denmark took advantage of another power play to get back a head back in the driving seat though the whole live.
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yaseen feel it tight the game up again after a nifty move and that was that for regulation and overtime. denmark's hunch needs must be only meant to find the net in the shoot out the host's happy germany deflated. and our minder of the top stories we're following here for you russian authorities detained opposition leader. and several hundred others at anti-government rallies in moscow and across the country the protests are aimed at president vladimir putin two days before he's due to be sworn in for a fourth term. now has launched an unmanned spacecraft to mars for explore beneath the planet's surface a craft that expected to take six months to reach mars where it's due to spend more than two years earth here. don't forget you can get all the latest news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that'll give you
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