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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin russia cracked down on the opposition as anti-government protests ramp up police arrest of opposition leader alexeyevna of on the end over one thousand more protest against vladimir putin across the country the rallies come two days before cruise it is to be sworn in for another term. also on the program and its blastoff for a new mission to mars nasa launches an unmanned spacecraft to peer under the red planet's crust and look at how mars was formed. and volcanic eruptions put
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hawaii on high alert hundreds of accurate and the killer whale volcano spews wobble and a powerful earthquake shakes hawaii's big island. yacht . my ass waiter thanks for joining us in russia monitors report that over one thousand anti putin demonstrators have been arrested at a series of rallies across the country opposition leader alexei no vonnie was among them police seized him in moscow after he called the protests ahead of president vladimir putin's inauguration for a new term as president. down with the czar the rallying cry that brought together thousands of russians opposed to president vladimir putin they gathered in city squares across the country voicing their dissent and holding signs denouncing corruption. yeah dude
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who do i think that putin is and where if you're feeding this country has been doing it for eighteen years and has done nothing good for you to. do so i think you're. going to we don't have real competition in the country as soon as real competition appears and put it to start fighting for presidential terms we will finally have real changes in this country and you know i was it was opposition leader alexei navalny who had called them onto the streets. and they had been banned from standing for office in the recent presidential elections. i was here asks the crowd is this the city that belongs to putin i know they respond. only had just begun his speech when he was grabbed by waiting police arrested for disobedience and organizing and unsanctioned rally. novelli was only one of many
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people arrested by police in a weekend of unrest that mars the start of putin's fourth term in office. let's bring indeed obvious emily sure what has been at one of the protests in russia's capital moscow and really good to see you let's go back to say what was the the atmosphere there at the protests today. well the atmosphere i would say was was tense from the beginning even as the demonstrators assembled on pushkin square in the center of moscow there were actually putin supporters waiting for them who basically started a shouting match with them they were shouting for putin and the demonstrators assembling there were shouting for russia without putin and were shouting against putin and soon after that the arrests started there were groups of riot police out in force basically grabbing people out of the crowd and putting them into police
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vans now there was some defiance among the protesters as well after the police cleared the square some of them kind of returned to the square and kept assembling around the pushkin monument on the on the center at the center of the square as police kept arresting them as well now police here say that three hundred people were arrested just in moscow observers say the number is more likely to be around six hundred now it's worth noting that the protest here wasn't authorized but protests also took place in several other cities in fact around ninety cities today people came out in support of not me and some of those protests were authorized but there were arrests across the board. when terms of demographics who is out there process and today was there one discernible young or old type of person who is in red square there pushkin square.
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it's hard to say i think that a lot of the protesters today were young but i also spoke to some older protesters . middle aged forty forty fifty sixty there were there was definitely a mix out but when it comes to those protesters who are rather defiant and who kept returning to the square i would say that those were were more or more likely to be the younger protesters who aren't as afraid of being arrested perhaps and who wanted to show the police their defiance speaking of the police we've seen these dramatic videos of them only being dragged away how did that influence the atmosphere there in the square. of course it wasn't really a surprise that was arrested in fact i saw on twitter several users saying that he had arrived at the protests and basically saying ok the countdown begins now to
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when the police will arrest him what was unusual about today's protests is that the police kind of let him get all the way to the square and in fact the footage shows him kind of being dragged off in front of protesters so it was almost like he was being shown off perhaps as a deterrent to the protesters there but certainly it seemed to me that after he was arrested the mood kind of changed there were suddenly a lot more police presence in the center of moscow and the arrests really started and they started clearing the square even on the side streets just off of the square people were being arrested and being kind of moved further and further away from the square sometimes rather violently and emily sure win for us in moscow thank you very much for your reporting. the u.s. space agency nasa has launched its latest probe to mars a powerful atlas five rocket is propelling the mars insite lander to the planet's
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surface as we speak the journey is expected to take six months upon arrival the probe will be sent deep under the planet's crust the clues about how it formed. a lodge is two years late due to equipment problems which also pushed the project cost up to more than. the inside lander will be the first to examine the internal structure of the planet mars scientists have been eager to gather data on the red planet's interior for decades. we know a lot about the surface of mars we know a lot about its atmosphere and even about its so i honestly are but we don't know very much about what goes on a mile below the surface much less two thousand miles below the surface down to the center this heat probe should be able to fill in some of those gaps developed by scientists at the german aerospace center it will measure the temperature of individual underground layers and determine how efficiently these layers conducts
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heat to do this the probe will have to burrow deeper into mars surface than any previous drill. another instrument will monitor how much mars north pole wobbles as it orbits the sun. and for the first time a seismometer will measure seismic five gratian on mars surface caused by earthquakes and meteor strikes the data acquired by all three experiments will make it possible to make new suppositions about the inner structure of mars and the information will help scientists to reconstruct the early development of rocky planets such as the earth mars venus and mercury. this will allow them to look back in time to when the superheated elements separated according to their densities. and formed layers in the young planets. the structure of the planets consists of a dense metal core less dense mountain and
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a rocky outer crust formed as the planet cooled. on mars this process appears to have been faster and indeed earlier than on earth there even today we can see the traces of this early development phase on the earth these traces have been almost completely obliterated. now to some of the other stories making news around the world last floods have hit a neighborhood in turkey's capital ankara injuring six people and dragging cars from the streets dozens of homes and offices were also flooded all residents sought shelter on the top floors authorities said cleanup crews had already started cleaning up the affected neighborhood terrace police have fired tear gas at some protesters during a day of the largely peaceful demonstrations across the country thousands of people
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took to the streets of the french capital to protest government policy is a year after president emanuel now calls election critics say his economic and social reforms favor corporations and the wealthy by abolishing worker protections and increasing police power. voters in lebanon are gearing up for their first parliamentary election in almost a decade hopes are high that the vote on sunday will and prolonged political gridlock but forming a government could take months or even longer in part due to the country's complex party system. locals in china captured the moment when a huge chunk of mountain collapsed into a landslide the rubble a road and blocked part of a river that happened in the southwest processing province of swan no casualties have been reported. fresh earthquakes have struck hawaii's big island where the
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keel away a volcano has been spewing lava into residential areas this is forced hundreds of people to flee their homes aftershocks from a series of earthquakes have also been rumbling across the island the u.s. geological survey measured the largest tremor at magnitude six point nine the strongest since one nine hundred seventy five so far there have been no reports of injuries or major damage earlier we spoke with john tarsa a lava tour guide on the island. so we're on the east side of the big island of hawaii and right now we're going through a period of time where we just went through massive swelling of the volcano and it's starting to release some of the record here in the last couple days what we've seen here is lots and lots of earthquakes i think in the last three to four days there's been well over a thousand and in the last couple days in particular they've gotten more intense today they got a little bit were and we got some massive ones like the six point nine that we just
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described there are measures that are opening up down on the east drift i believe that at the meeting tonight in the whole there had been somewhere between six and eight active scissors that had opened up in the last twenty four hours you know the last time something like this happened in hawaii was in one nine hundred fifty five in that particular event lasted about three months so they want everybody to understand that this is something that's going to be intense it could shut off tomorrow or it could last for a really long time so everybody really just needs to make the proper preparations whatever that means teacher that sports news now and after the penultimate round of masses in the bundesliga hamburg are still in grave danger of being relegated after losing three nails to frankfurt while spurs are also in trouble after a heavy defeat in life seiberg are not safe yet they went down to gladbach and minds have secured their place in the bundesliga they shocked autumn and shaka are now guaranteed the runners up spot they won in hoffenheim last it's just got neva
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who isn't only managed a draw and brian and champions by and be relegated cologne and hand over the. let's take a look at the bundesliga table with one round of matches left to go next saturday by the champions of course shaka can't be caught and second dortmund still haven't secured a champions league spot they face a tough test against hoffenheim next week liverpool's and also still have a chance of champions league football next season down in the bottom half minds are safe could still be dragged into the drop zone how burge must win their last game to avoid being directly relegated will spur girl also still in deep trouble but they play already relegated cologne in their last game next week to moto g.p. and now cal crutchlow will start on pole for tomorrow's spanish grand prix in her as the british rider set a lap record on his way to claiming
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a first pole position sense twenty sixteen question though is fourth in the standings after he won the archon time grand prix it last month reigning champion mark marquez qualified in fifth place for his home grand prix. and he's back karl marx the man considered the father of socialism in all its forms today two hundred years after he was born in germany dignitaries unveiled a huge statue of him in the town it's a gift from the world's largest nominally communist state china the chinese ambassador to germany was there to see the unveiling festivities to celebrate the anniversary have been taking place all day although some have been protesting with the whistle sounded sounding out throughout the speeches. and a reminder of the top story we're following here for you russian authorities detained opposition leader oleksandr vonnie and more than a thousand other protesters during anti-government rallies and moscow and across
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the country the protests are aimed at president vladimir putin two days before he's due to be sworn in for a fourth term. you're watching d.w. news from berlin and more coming up at the top of the hour. those values which are many is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something henderson says we must overcome it. going where it's uncomfortable. that matters w.


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