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tv   World Stories - Wine from the Gobi Desert  Deutsche Welle  May 6, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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one world champion will return to formula one next weekend for his home spanish crown free. fall down while. you're watching news go back at the top of the hour the in this league show follows after the break with all of saturday's big action thanks for tuning in. such. a blessing. and a curse. placed summer suppose nature and inescapable st. long sometimes the trouble to come first she moved to brooklyn or the song
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of the subcontinent book a source of luck because of enormous destruction it took monsoon to starting may twenty third going to double and. this week on world stories. taking it to the streets in armenia. and one from the deserts of china. but we start in germany where churches across the country are currently providing a sanctuary for some six hundred refugees threatened with deportation but the power of the church in modern times is limited. and this church. in cologne is protecting
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use keeney from deportation. the syrian student must leave germany because she came to europe via italy. german law requires her to apply for asylum in italy user is on the deportation list i hear that's all people back to go back to italy history so if my family lived here i have a right to live with them. the twenty four year old asylum application has already been rejected twice but this lutheran church and its pastor are giving her temporary protection. now she can be near her father and brother who have been granted asylum here in germany. the family was torn apart by war her mother and youngest brother are still in syria waiting for visas to germany. she keeps her family together virtually with a collage she made on her mobile phone.
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and this is it it makes me so angry it's inhumane but stage the right to place itself of a few and rights in this fashion why can't they forbid a family to read you not to. the church protects you sir but the asylum offered by the church is not official legal protection so far the state tolerates this the police doesn't raid christian places or prayer right now about six hundred refugees are being harbored by german churches officials have a problem with this. as a church asylum can only be allowed to exist in exceptional cases if clever lawyers misuse of your original agreement and apply church silence extend the refugee stay until deadlines expire then we cannot accept them can get us out of him for political reasons you says father left syria three years ago he doesn't want to talk about this as long as his family still is in danger the. safe
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i mean. changing from minute to minute. there's no country as. i left syria. user dreams of completing her master's degree in architecture in germany one day she wants to return to syria and help rebuild it after the war is finally over. it's been a week of protests in armenia with people taking to the streets to demonstrate in favor of political change among the crowds traders from the capital's famous bazaar . the hustle and bustle of this
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bizarre in the center of yerevan has died down here dos market used to be known for its affordable prices now only a few vendors remain just as the government officially closed the market nearly a year ago the whole neighborhood is slated for redevelopment authorities say they need this land for government use they plan to build a modern architectural complex here but apartments offices and an underground parking lot for around twenty five years and i hate john had to stand here too since she closed shop she has been living with her daughter and disabled mother on under seventy euros per month in benefits the government wants to buy up the land she lives on as well but she says the compensation they're offering is too low for the central location but when you meet problem how come they have the right to take away my property my child lives here my mother how can then steal your property that's what the government is doing stealing. and i hate and many of the other
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residents here at fear just market think the government is corrupt and have taken part in recent protests. protests in armenia's capital yerevan were sparked by the decision of longtime president sachse to take on the post of prime minister and remain in power that fiend. demonstrators feel betrayed and let down by their government which many accuse of corruption there is demand for the change and this demand is not coming from small people in their lead. i don't know being the government or or or or the opposition party but this is a social demon and the expectations are very high. back on feargus market on the he chose us the land the government wants to buy up. this green oasis right in the city center has sentimental value for on the heat as well the land has been in her family for one hundred years. my boy if you go but my daughter
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says we should just leave all this behind even leave the country but how can i leave this behind a land of cemeteries my father is buried here my grandmother my grandfather why should i only let the government leave instead they have billions. as they wait for construction on fear too smart to begin the locals here feel they have been played by the government for long enough. along with many other armenians they now simply want change. staunchly conservative saudi arabia has been relaxing some of its more restrictive practices of late this also includes making it easier for tourists to visit the country. a lot of history can be discovered in just a multicultural and diverse city in saudi arabia they are from russia germany or
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belgium foreign worker to discover the city of it or not. is to get it my name is i be you i'm going to be your top guy welcome to the hysterical this city is a three thousand t.v. . all area of jet that. a special tour in an ultra conservative country. if i didn't know that there are tours because it's not being promoted yet . so sone arabia is known as a black box the country wants to open up and it has to in order to reduce the country's growing unemployment and state deficit. they have your hopes the changes will also rebranding the image of the kingdom. yes from here to. so the first question is always how do you saudi a pure saudi yes i'm saudi and there are hundreds of ladies like me hopefully with
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all these changes that would have been good the country the west would change the idea about the saudi woman it's not considered decent for women to do jobs who are men and women makes my this is changing to. another year is about to get her certification as the first female tour guide she says she has also experienced a lot of resistance from men that saw her as competition. the tour is about to end the arabic coffee and dates. it's lesser commercial you feel like tourists to this cove lieutenant's and the people are also discovering you as stories the government wants to issue tourist visas starting this month the question is whether and how much tourism will change the ultraconservative makeup of saudi society.
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our last stop this week china. the country is well on its way to becoming one of the world's largest consumers of wine and china's best vintages come from the desert. a vineyard on the edge of the gobi desert and the spring time the grape vines are cleared off after spending that cold dry winter covered in protective soil it takes several weeks to resurrect the vineyard which is artificially irrigated but no one found isn't at all put off by the challenges to wash even though it's expensive and complicated we said let's do this we want to be able to make our own high quality chinese wine. since setting up the canon winery in the new province seven years ago one fung has been granted a number of accolades she discovered her love of wine in germany where she lived for a decade the ventnor and her staff are always experimenting to get tastes just right
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she doesn't have a professional qualification but you don't necessarily need one to be able to identify the perfect flavor so what's her secret. and i wind palate. i love wine. drinking it is my hobby and. if you really love wine and you need to be able to rely on your palate need to be able to say no that's not right. something still missing. one funks father has a winery of his own right across the way one fang you was the first person to cultivate grapes in the region that was fifteen years ago despite the less than ideal climate he was confident that the soil was suitable the retired agricultural engineer and a colleague thanks to the authorities to lease them a piece of land. back then they said nothing would come of this old folks wanting
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to grow wine here. but one thing you stuck to his guns and these days investing in wine has become fashionable even the regional government has and on the game it's invested some eight hundred million euros in the sector today authorities are inspecting a prospective wine growing site investing here means joining a state cooperative group that the fun of one day a premium brand of chinese wines will be produced here. so far small wine growers are the only ones to have really found success here one fung produces eighty thousand bottles a year she's introduced her reasoning to leave a grape from germany she often gets visits from abroad her wines cost between twenty and one hundred fifty euros a bottle. it's a higher price than what you would pay for a similar quality and other countries that have a history of wine growing. but i think it'll settle and it's certainly high quality
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. they're hoping that one day they gobi desert will be familiar to wine lovers the world over. twenty one special on arts and culture from india. of sound. creative types. critical voices. encounters with a new generation of indian artists on. next. european
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how can he get out. with him oh a series. of shifts this week on d w. hello and welcome to art's twenty one. on this edition resound out immune creatives working in germany france and their native india out of the view their vast country with its population of one point three billion and it's fun to thousand year history. to believe me we've put a good bit of movement. and one of these are to.


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