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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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they will never come back to those places these real seventy years may twelfth on t.w. broadcast times online. this is day w. news coming to you live from russia's vladimir putin makes history as he was sworn in for his fourth term as president of the k.g.b. officer turned world leader holds total authority in russia we're looking at live pictures of thirteen here rather for his for his inauguration ceremony in moscow. also thrust the kremlin into
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a new rivalry with the west will be going live to moscow for the inauguration to take them to take a look at what the world can expect from putin's next six years also coming up. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with we begin in moscow where events are underway for the swearing in ceremony of a russian president president vladimir putin going to go live now ceremony there we see president putin arriving for his ceremony as inauguration ceremony being greeted by their guests. will begin a historic fourth term after securing an expected landslide victory in presidential elections held in march his staff is reportedly planning a fairly low key inauguration this time and effort to avoid any bad publicity we
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are indeed looking at president putin arriving to the warm reception i think gathered guests of the ceremony here follows a weekend of putting protests in several russian cities with police arresting more than fifteen hundred demonstrators yeah this inauguration is being described as a more subdued affair than the previous one but it doesn't really look that subdued . from the pictures we're seeing here. beautiful color shot here on the red carpet the gilded halls in moscow and so obviously a lot. joining a lot of people there who showed up to gradually the president on his next term putin is sixty five years old this is the fourth time that he's being sworn in
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again as president he's been in power already for eighteen years having sat out one term as president and serving then as prime minister until he could come back in he's a very controversial figure but powerful nonetheless forbes magazine has named him the most powerful person for the past four years. running. but to me putin rising to the podium to begin the official ceremony swearing him in for the fourth time as president of russia he will take the helm for another six year term. let's cross over to our correspondent in moscow emily share when she's standing by there for us watching the ceremony live with those of course i believe the ceremony does seem spectacular enough but i'm told it's subdued compared to putin's third inauguration six years ago why.
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well as you say there was of course all this pomp during the ceremony we see him we just saw him walking through three halls in the kremlin palace he was greeted by the presidential regiment he's now up on the podium swearing on the constitution of the russian federation so there is of course there are motions to go through in the ceremony but it is as it were not as much pomp as the last seventy in two thousand and twelve during that ceremony putin actually rode in a motorcade from the head of the white house the seat of the russian government where he was then serving as prime minister to the kremlin and people discuss those pictures because he was basically riding in a motor crate kade through empty streets and people sort of saw it as the find that
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he wasn't close to the people now in comparison to that ceremony it's interesting to note that at this ceremony there are far more gas there is around five thousand guests in comparison to around two thousand last time so it seems that they're trying to show putin as kind of a man of the people we just saw him at the beginning when he started his his trip as it were to the kremlin kind of putting on his jacket really you know we're showing him getting his hands dirty he's he's working he's continuing his work as the president here. only we saw protests over the weekend ahead of the inauguration what's the mood in the rose show with respect to putin's leadership. will state t.v. i hear this morning has been reporting that around fifty nine percent of people will be watching this inauguration ceremony it's hard to say whether that's true of
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course it's a nor. more working day here and it does seem to me that the mood surrounding this inauguration is rather muted after all it's his fourth term in office that's set to begin now and as you say ahead of the inauguration we saw protests across russia under the motto he's not ours are obviously referring to this inauguration ceremony with all the gold the palm the music the kremlin regiment and so on but after all it's worth noting you know putin won the last elections with over seventy five percent of the vote basically want a landslide and surveys that have just come out by the independent levada institute have said that around fifty percent of people here feel that putin restored russia russia status as an important and great power in the world so just to remind our viewers that we are looking at live pictures from the inauguration ceremony for
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a lot of mir putin he's being sworn in for a fourth time as russian president we're talking with our correspondent in moscow emily put in this third term was more of an increasingly assertive war so some would say aggressive russia exerting its influence on the international stage what can we expect from in this time. well it's hard to know but observers have said that we can expect more of the same there's been some talk of there perhaps being a new foreign minister of love or off passing on the baton but people have been saying observers here have been saying that even if someone else takes over at the post as foreign minister that we will most likely see more of the same when it comes to foreign policy we'll have to wait and see who is a member of the new government that's going to be formed in the coming days and weeks but of course his aggressive foreign paul. the sea as you said you know is
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kind of part of what has made putin popular and in fact part of what has perhaps allowed him to be reelected for this fourth term his antics ation illegal an extension of the crimean peninsula is by is seen by many here as a huge victory and as kind of restoring russian national pride and of as writing a historical wrongs one thing also is very clear when it comes to this next term when and when we look back at this last weekend we saw these russia wide protests and we saw really a huge crackdown on them as well over one thousand five hundred people were arrested on the streets during the protests that opposition politician called for so it seems that this this during this next term during these next six years put in and his government aren't likely to tolerate any dissent in this really what is
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what has president putin laid out in terms of his priorities for his fourth term he made a lot about the promise to cut poverty in half in the country and to spur economic growth is he likely to stick with that engender and what are is the prospects for actually achieving those goals. for the. well it seems that he is likely to stick to those goals yesterday he was speaking to the outgoing government as it were and he said that it was important for people's living standards to be raised so that does seem to be the main goal going forward as well but we'll have to really wait and see what his policy will be of course the economy. isn't in a very good state and russia has been hit by new sanctions as well. but it is worth
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noting that in recent surveys as well people have been also critical of putin on the one hand they said yes he restored russia as a great power but also just over forty percent of people also said that putin hasn't managed to distribute wealth in a fair way in russia so it does seem that people here want that to happen and we'll have to see whether he can make those promises reality. thank you so much should moscow correspondent emily shore when there was you know these and for the european reaction to this our political correspondent thomas sparrow is standing by force of our parliamentary studios here in berlin told us russia's relationship with germany and other e.u. countries is strange to say the least is there any hope in your prudence fourth term could improve things in that group but well terry i think there is hope in fact if you look at the coalition agreement here in germany the explicit goal when it comes to russia and there is
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a chapter specifically on russia in that agreement is to return to an environment of bilateral trust all to see that it's a stated goal but whether you can turn that into reality that's another matter if you look at the relationship in recent months in recent years most of the words that come to mind do not necessarily speak to an environment of trust whether it's diplomats being. spell those sanctions or the situation in crimea the situation eighteen eastern ukraine all these elements have been very difficult to have seen definitely strained the relationship not only between germany and russia but also between russia and other european partners. german chancellor angela merkel she's been described as one of your pre-teens most steadfast adversaries among european leaders what is the government here in berlin expecting from putin this time around well there are two elements when you look at the german relationship towards russia on the one hundred obviously there is an interest to have good political and
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economic relations that's something that's absolutely clear just think for example of the north stream pipeline on the other hand there is also an awareness that there's two asian and russia is very difficult at the time and again if you look at the coalition agreement you will see exactly what i was talking about the human rights situation in russia whether we're talking about all the conflicts between russia and the west those are elements that the german government is very much aware of and in fact it says for example that the russian foreign policy requires from the german government both awareness and resilience so you can clearly see that that's obviously an interest on the one hand but many problems on the other hand as well when you just remind our viewers we are looking at live pictures of a lot of the uprooting coming from the kremlin he's being sworn in for a fourth term as president and we're seeing also cutaway shots to audience members in the audience there we just noticed a short while ago is for german chancellor schroeder who is
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a personal friend of a lot of mir who teen we're talking to our correspondent told a sparrow here in berlin thomas tell us more about putin's relationship with the current german chancellor angela merkel is this some relationship built on neutral respect or mutual distrust answer to probably a bit of both. terry obviously somebody may have putin know each other very well they've been in power for a long time both of them and they have both relations to the to the other country you've got to be a putin spent some time in in germany kohl's is also said to to know russia very very well so from that perspective it is said that their relationship is built on our mutual respect but the fact that they have been those problems that we've discussed in in recent times do point to the fact that the relationship is also a strain was not only between the two leaders but also between the two governments but again when you look for example that's russia on germany russia on the west it
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is expected that i'm going to michael because he knows me uprooting reactively well can play a very important role when it comes to fostering some sort of dialogue because although germany has clearly stated that he disagrees with some of the policies in russia that judgment element is also a way that he wants to keep tiles of communication open that's also absolutely clear from the german government not only now but also in recent yes ok tell us thank you so much that steve has told us sparrow there talking to us from our parliamentary studios and we have been looking at live coverage of the president proteins inauguration again his fourth term as president he is being sworn in just now and delivering a speech on that occasion just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here on news before we go of course is a lot of the putin has been sworn in for another six years as russian president you are looking at live pictures from the kremlin it will be his fourth term in office
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a disputed election in march saw him reelected with more than seventy percent of the vote the country was struck by a number of tests yesterday and just ahead of the election many were detained in those protests for them. so. your news for now and that is our special coverage of the swearing in of a lot of recruiting for his fourth term as president of russia thanks once. we make up oh but we watch as official and that to. december so focused. they want to shape the continent's future. part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa jarred.


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