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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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starting in may thirteenth on g.w. . this is. from berlin six more years of the kremlin today glad to be a putin was sworn in for a record fourth term as russia's president before. world leader makes big promises to the russian people but for the west to know sometimes that putin plans to change his course of confrontation also coming up more death and destruction in
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yemen at least six killed in airstrikes as the saudi led coalition tries to dislodge rebels from the capital city and in lebanon hezbollah supporters celebrate big election games with almost all the votes counted the iran backed group has taken more than a third of the scenes in harlem. i'm bored gough it's good to have you with us only the soviet dictator juve's of stalin had more staying power today vladimir putin was sworn in for a record fourth term as president of russia in his inauguration speech he pledged to turn russia into one of the world's top five economies based on high performance and exports campaign with practically no rivals and he won with three quarters of the vote his critics accuse him of corruption and of silencing opposing voices.
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the start of mr putin's day was carefully stage managed. russian state t.v. broadcast his long walk through the corridors of his office on his way to the ceremony. eventually he arrived at the car waiting to take him on a short trip to the kremlin hold. ten the grand entrance. and the war continued. all choreographed to maintain the suspense some five thousand invited guests waited for putin to be sworn in lose the us is just really. the race is going to get us putin promise ritek the country and serve the russian people. he praised russia's return to the world stage is what he calls a strong and influential voice when he talks about the importance of making economic and technological progress to benefit the only russians like.
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a new quality of life the wellbeing of security and health of a person of the most important. these are the issues at the center of our policy focus is russia for the people as a country of opportunities for self-realization of everyone. that all the build up from bombast few believe mr putin's next term in office will bring much change he's already said that he wants incumbent prime minister dimitri meant that you have to stay in his post putin himself has been in power as either president or prime minister for almost twenty years. most young people have no no other lita and there's no sign of a successor. joining me tonight is constantine for nader if he is a russia analyst a columnist and a former b.b.c. moscow bureau chief this different it is good to have you on the show you know we
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just heard there in that report that vladimir putin stands for stability and keeping things the way they are so is that was that his platform is that what was the reason why he won the election. well i think that you can't even say that you won the election because it wasn't an election in the. well sense in which it is seen in western democracy it was rather a column ation not even of a president and but of a god head of the commandant of fortress russia that stands up to the west that is today mr putin's main claim to authority and legitimacy inside the country and as for the rest it's all completely secondary if you compare it to his speech six years ago during the third unlike the ration it's pretty much the same saying we're going to make life better ok you have a sense that life is going to do what's right lots have
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a lot of economic progress but we've seen a lot of confrontation with the world and i think that this is what mr putin will continue to base his legitimacy on well how do you explain his immense popularity in russia is it because this state has you know complete control of the media and that the voters are getting a constant pro putin message. well that is part of its of course another thing which is very important is debts mr put this spend the last twenty years and it was kind of right and said he at least starts to write it stalin only stalin actually at least in terms of his time oh well another thing is that he is. right he has trying to. basically live in the eighty possibility of any serious opposition that he made i have to say this was he's one big success he actually cheated the opposition is disparate. to see first the q.
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did what. it was it's so this stability that he plays all the time. pointing to people to the post calling the scales of the ninety's and saying that he saved them then he's good to save them again and i think that these ideas sensually the three reasons he still stays in power of ideas for his real popularity well we've never tasted it and never tested it because you can never do fox any serious competitive election mr funny let me ask you do you think though that these are his final six years the constitution has been changed before in russia to accommodate mr putin do you think that it maybe could happen again or could he become prime minister again i mean will he leave office and leave power for good in two thousand and twenty four. oh god i think that he will leave office but he will not leave power and i suppose that some kind of constitutional changes or probably something dition to the constitution may well be worked out in
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six years to preserve mr putin as a kind of you know as greedy as the power behind the throne when it was good to be the next president but if he will leave russia is not ready for president full life yet although you may say that he's already kind of president for life but again we have to go through the six years and i have to say that a year is a very long time yasha is six yes i can find yes things here can be an eternity in politics that's for sure constantine finagle joining us tonight with his insights on the next term for what i'm reporting thank you thank you. and here is of the other stories that are making headlines around the world italy's president sergey oh my to read law has called on the country's deadlocked political parties to back a temporary neutral government more than two months after inconclusive elections matter rather says that italy cannot wait any longer for leadership the country's
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two largest parties they appear to be rejecting his calls saying that they would prefer early elections double trump says that he will announce his decision on whether the u.s. will pull out of the iran nuclear deal on tuesday of that is a few days ahead of the deadline that he had set france britain and germany have urged to stay in the twenty fifteen agreement which eased saying and on tehran in exchange for curbs on the country's nuclear program clashes have broken out between police and residents in the south african township of so whether you're johannesburg residents had staged a protest after squatters tried to arrest shacks in nearby fields the incident is the latest in a series of flare ups over the contentious issue of land distribution. lava flows on hawaii's big island have destroyed dozens of buildings as ongoing volcanic activity causes new fissures to open almost two thousand people have been evacuated officials say the line of huna gardens area is off limits to visitors due to deadly
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volcanic gases. well in yemen at least six people have been killed in airstrikes by these saudi led coalition targeting who the rebels the strikes targeted the presidential palace in the capital sanaa which is now under hutu control the palace is in a residential neighborhood. the official yemeni news agency said two separate test trikes hit the building many of the dead and injured were trapped under the rubble the truth the rebels who control the palace of forced the internationally recognized government of yemen into exile a saudi led coalition fighting the rebels' aims to restore the government but residents say civilian s'pore the brunt of these latest attacks. has been a fighter jet targeted the presidential office and the neighborhood is crowded with residents it's a work day we went in to rescue people who were trapped under the wreckage we
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rescued two people trapped under a car and a dead kid while we were rescuing people a second airstrike targeted the rescuers. when i worked as an accountant together with my colleagues we just employees we have nothing to do with politics this was a deliberate targeting of yemeni citizens. they had a civilian institution one hundred percent it's not a military barracks they target us in our houses our workplaces our weddings or funerals in our schools and on our roads everywhere but we tell them that we are resilient. too who three leaders are reported to have been inside the palace when the coalition jet struck but it's not clear whether they were among the victims the war has killed more than ten thousand people and displaced another three million leaving much of yemen in ruins. in lebanon the militant shiite group hezbollah has made big gains in the
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parliamentary election with almost all the votes counted hezbollah as more than a third of the one hundred twenty eight seats the bloc led by prime minister saad hariri whilst many of the scenes but he likely to remain in office. the militant shiite group hezbollah and its allies looked to be the big winner in lebanon's first election in more than a decade that's being seen as a victory for hezbollah us back in iran the group says its gains boost its role as the party of resistance against israel you know. the results of the election and the composition of the new parliament and more power to the resistance bloc. can provide a safety guarantee. to western backed sunni prime minister saad hariri so few chim movement has lost a third of its seats but is still on course to form the next government lebanon secular power sharing system means the prime minister has to be
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a sunni. i think the results are in favor of lebanon a free lebanon a free democracy. lebanon has shown the international community its resolve in dealing with refugees. the international community should look at the results in a very positive way. the election has been delayed three times by the crisis in neighboring syria one immediate challenge is dealing with more than a million refugees who fled over the border into lebanon but we've been waiting for this opportunity to improve our economy to make things better because people have had a hard time but that's what i will. now we hope that all the lebanese people will come to the table and work together for the sake of the people. purchase and hoping the new unity government can bring stability and revitalize the stagnant economy.
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they greek court has cleared five humanitarian volunteers of people smuggling in a case that was seen as having major implications for europe's migration crisis the volunteers were standing trial while the greek i would have one of the. the danish national salaam al jean traveled to lesbos immediately after seeing the now infamous photograph you see it right there the syrian toddler alon kirti washed up on a turkish beach he and the other volunteers spent months rescuing refugees at the height of the migration crisis rights groups criticize the case is politically motivated and an attempt to discourage more boats from setting out for europe. well as temperatures across the northern hemisphere rise and flowers begin to bloom homeowners know that it is time to start that weekly sure of the lot but where some people see drudgery others may see an opportunity for some sports allow us to
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introduce you to the. yeah the sport of lawn mower racing. any of its and smoggy but these drivers one wanted any other way to. mastering the bombs and navigating through tight curves i think to have to drive its biggest challenge. in the sport is more painful than it knocks. the championship round. which doesn't seem that. if you're probably going to. tricks to succeed in this tough sport pacing pacing pacing and otherwise drive this risk tiring. in many ways it's not that different from formula one the point system works very much. you get twenty points . we have four races twenty five points eight
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points and the driver with the most points at the end of the season takes the crown and non-moral racing may not have the same glitz and glamour formula one but it's on the cutting edge. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history and talent so much so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger and promising german who are now making names for themselves all over the world. some
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might get along the way some might follow some with continue.


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