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tv   Reporter - The Book Savior of Belgrade  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2018 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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driver with the most points at the end of the season takes. more racing may not have the same glitz and glamour. but it's on the cutting edge. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is thrift shop and history started on talent so much so poor in your creation of the trinity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger promising journalists who are now making names for themselves all over the horrible . song live along the way some might follow some with continue.
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their experience of freedom in a sense is like a few minutes of the day you'll care visits but your call comes back home. my name is you're from florida and i work there you know but. make sure lozenge loves books. his dream is to build the biggest library between vienna and istanbul. in serbia's capital belgrade. so he's collecting and preserving as many books as he can. he receives no state funding and has only a small number of assistance but what he lacks in staff he makes up for in passion although not everyone is happy about plaza just plans.
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storage crates as far as the eye can see this is victor lozenges book warehouse located in the air raid shelter of a school in belgrade. the passages are so narrow you can barely squeeze through them. this is a perfect place for hiding. miles it has already collected over one million books but it will still be some time before he reaches his goal of assembling the region's largest library. victrolas attended this same school when he was
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a child over the years he remained on good terms with school officials and that's why they let him use the basement to store his books today the collection fills for large rooms. a lot of these books and magazines date from before the break up of yugoslavia. but they're running out of space. some books will have to go but it isn't easy for his colleague stefan to choose which ones you know about you can still use all of these but look carefully firstly with your will. always this can all go well. it would have something valuable gets thrown out it's going to be your fault and sometimes you really get on my nerves and yeah. a few years ago seriously injured his back lifting so many crates. today he has a few assistants. still moving the books around is
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a real challenge. here the worst moment one of the worst in my life for was when we received some huge of the nation both five trucks of books one whole library plus collapse and they kicked out the books and we took them over it was i don't even know how many boxes i guess about two thousand boxes in one day. and if we didn't have enough workers to do this job it's. possible and what why did they invited all my friends neighbors even people on the street just passing by we were being then you know to help us to bring it in here. victor's colleagues stephens or on health care if you crates up from the basement. the books are being donated to a prison in belgrade. the
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crates will be loaded into this old car which often breaks down. but laws it can't afford a new car. this is the home of laws that just parents a few hundred metres from the school. in two thousand and ten this is where he founded the association idli got the cornerstone of the library project the association sponsors a book and travel museum. he doesn't earn any money from it as it is a lawyer by profession and invests almost everything here in this project. he also inherited a large sum and he put that into the book project to. well as it could afford to live comfortably but he spends his money on books his parents don't quite understand that it's love for books and culture and literature and believe that
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they are doing something that is truly important not only for this country but. it has even bigger importance broader importance for the world and at least for this region. was a just project now receives financial support from a few wealthy donors the extra money could help the museum grow to ten rooms. was it conducts guided tours through the collection. he wants the project to become a cultural beacon for the entire balkan region or the follow up without his collection already rivals that of the country's biggest libraries. nice pregnant. yes but little change over time. syria's government institutions don't seem very interested in was it just work in fact they've ignored it. some visitors have criticised that like culture journalist even though
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much of it. you have written to be why are the collections of famous artists like the actor to publish the search all the famous poet near drug publish it under splay here and not in the national library or the national film archive. but if they're in safe hands here and visitors can see and touch them which is very unusual then why not. this is a refugee shelter in bhagavad sixty kilometers south of belgrade laws which will occasionally drop off some books here most of them in foreign languages. here are some books. books offer a welcome diversion from the monotonous daily routine at the refugee shelter. fatima from shiraz in iran is pleased to receive a book in her native language farsi. even hundreds just his place has
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its problems. but we can try to make the most of it by keeping busy with things like reading without the one used. more than a hundred refugees live at the shelter many are from afghanistan or iran. doesn't receive a lot of books in farsi but when he does he brings most of them here. you know it is very important for intellectuals and also for children to have a touch with their own culture with their own invented it also makes them feel more about come to hear it makes them feel like at home. so i think it is very important for them yes. hello picture lozenge who's calling.
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hello can you hear me. a little later liz it returns to belgrade he's trying to secure an unusually large donation of books but he has to be faster than the public libraries and he is most of the time but if he doesn't move quickly the collection will be given to another institution. or the books may even end up in the garbage dump. so this is the nation mark on the books in it well this was one of the extremely famous. t.v. and theatre critic so there are there are excellent books about t.v. of both theatre are. amazing. was it just staff are just as crazy about books as he is. they earn only one euro forty per hour that's just
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a bit more than serbia's minimum wage plus they work overtime and put in irregular hours. was a chance been working on his book project for eight years no. word about the project has spread and he's getting more and more calls from people who want to donate books that had belonged to deceased relatives. his schedule is pretty hectic . whenever he needs a break laws which likes to come to this meadow near the belgrade fortress. it's one of his favorite spots in his hometown. from here he has a perfect view of where the server river joins the danube. he's enjoyed visiting the park since he was a teenager when he came here to meet girls. well it's
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a place where i spend most of my teenagers for school my school is in nearby we would come here and i note here so i have a lot of nice memories. was it his house is also his office and a place to store books but the fact that he's put all of his money time and energy into the book project has had a negative effect on his personal life three years ago his fiance left him they'd been together for some time but she said she just couldn't take it anymore. because there was no money not only for workers there was no money for fuel if so on the nice books would you know put the books in the power and would not have enough fuel to bring them. here and there was nothing of money even for food i mean . we weren't actually hungry but it was always you know problematic if
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it will be enough for everything or not lozenge believes that his book project is carrying on a family tradition his great grandfather loved books and some of his ancestors even founded the library but the fact remains that he no longer has much room for himself in his own house. still that doesn't bother him i give everything i have and most of the people you know the god the father even the workers they actually have to invest themself to keep this project running. at this reception they're celebrating the addition of some new storage rooms. has made a name for himself in literary circles. guests here include several prominent writers and other well known people it's networking for a good cause preserving books. such as.
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something. has taken another step toward his goal of building a huge library but he also knows that he's got a lot of work ahead of him each year term up. from. the world's most expensive kind of hollywood is harvested. in a sea level rise is fine thousand two hundred years old but still going strong thanks to that. then most of the policy concepts and disclosed up to date a single day chocolate in the face up to. three times on the next on live.
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