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this is g w news live from berlin and from protest leader to prime minister caution young led demonstrations that forced our manias former leader to resign last week now the crowds are celebrating as he was elected to the country's top job we'll go live to the capital also coming up the world awaits us president trump's decision on the iran nuclear deal and never ever ever in my life by steve any transaction so incompetently negotiated deal with
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a rare. he has long said that he plans to scrap the obama ever agreement to curb iran's nuclear program what he decides will be revealed just hours from now we'll look at the potential fallout plus people living near the killer whale volcano in hawaii are in for quite a sight as lava keeps popping up in their backyards scientists say there is no way to predict when the eruptions will stop. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program are many as parliament has just elected opposition leader nicole pasha jaan as prime minister it was the second vote in as many weeks supporters of posh and john gathered outside of the parliament in the capital ahead of the announcement last week he came up. eight votes short after the
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ruling republican party rejected his bed for office clashing yon's election room marks a significant change of power in the former soviet country and it comes after weeks of mass protests that plunge the country into crisis and force the country's longtime leader to resign. for more let's bring in correspondent nick connelly who is standing by with the latest from the capital and nic as you mentioned a big decision for our mania tell us what's going on because we can see the energy there on the streets behind you what is this likely to mean for the country. well sarah this is an extraordinary atmosphere here in downtown and maybe you can see behind me there's a still scale snow fight going on on the square now where he has already given speeches left now sports is just letting the head down some guy has brought a truckload of snow down from the mountains and people are really letting rick we expect
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a proper. meeting of the supporters and speeches this evening but for now is talking to military leaders and of the top decision makers of this country to establish let's get them out people the arab on the streets is it possible to get anywhere on the streets to traffic jams lots of people out waving flags taking selfies and very curious about what what what what. absolutely a lot of people really fired up there in fact this has been called a peaceful revolution what message does passion young victoria sends to neighboring countries and what message is the sense of the people of armenia. with this violence the street the ball that is being accompanied by hands up gesture open hand gesture with justice has been at the core of the success has managed to get significant numbers tens of hundreds of thousands of streets in the country just three million and frankly given how small this policy was before.
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these events he's had very little jolts of get into power by any means of this is being very impressive the barrage of justice having children old people people bring their pets their young children out on to the households of the streets and as you can see the atmosphere is very very relaxed there's no real sense of fear now well before people seem to really lost their fear of the government and its repressive machine of the police the army going forward he's made clear that this is an internal army and massey said this is not about i mean it's geo political place in the world and most likely it's very close ties to russia he said this is about internal affairs corruption and bring in more prosperous the future of the country so for that so it's all russia's been keeping care of this and has not intervened and i think people here seem very happy that's how start up and just briefly do we know what kind of leader he will be what is he sat for. he's a former journalist the best adjourns himself he's come out in the streets the way he was very emotional think of
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a lot of he wasn't one of the old boys club one of the establishment he's being criticized the boss being very vague about talk about freedom and about a new kind of life romania but today he sets out very specific group plans things he wants to implement his first priority is a new voting system to make it more fair to small parties and restore trust democracy but we'll have to see where he goes in the next weeks and months and so far as we can see that people there at least the people who are on the streets right now they like him nicolas connelly but the very latest from the army capital thank you. for now and some other news u.s. president donald trump is expected to announce his decision on the future of the iran nuclear deal later today trump has repeatedly said that iran is violating the terms of the agreement meant to curb iran's suspected nuclear weapons program trump has resisted pressure from european partners who want to save the deal he insists that the agreement must be changed for the u.s. to stay on board. slamming the nuclear deal with iran has been one of donald
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trump's fiery asst mottos before and after taking office iran you know was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered and frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard the last of it believe me on monday the u.s. president announced on twitter he was ready to deliver his verdict whether he will call for the end of the deal or push for a renegotiation is not clear under to twenty fifteen agreement iran was to limit its nuclear program specifically its uranium enrichment in exchange for relief from international economic sanctions the deal struck under the obama administration united global powers as well as the u.s. china russia germany france the u.k. and the european union put their name to it now pressure is piling up on washington
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to saney a court. now for four different we remain convinced that this agreement will make the world a safer place and we are afraid that failure will lead to escalations and that we will retreat into the years before twenty thirteen something which no one is interested in doing if the united states. the door on it to put it mildly the united states will be in material breach all one agreement that had been indorsed unanimously by the u.n. security council. on monday the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson arrived in washington in last minute diplomatic efforts to deter the u.s. administration from scrapping the deal. we think we can fix all that working with our european friends because it will be tougher on iran but not throw away that the
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the heart of the deal which is all about stopping them getting a nuclear weapon. european leaders say they're open to finding compromise but the existing framework must remain untouched but in spite of europe's promises to address tromso complaints many feared the u.s. president has made up his mind. and a reporter theresa tropper is in the iranian capital she spoke with fahd as saadi a professor at the university of tehran about the importance of the nuclear deal. u.s. president donald trump is threatening to pull this country out of the nuclear deal how is that seen here in iran very negative i think people are somewhat surprised to see the united states government so easy in the violate international law because then the nuclear activity is part of a you have the. international atomic energy agency has. nine times already.
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certified that iran has been complying with me could actually met and the other side talked at ministration this threaten to leave their team and so people are dismayed and so forth so it makes that decision how would the reaction from tehran look like what do you think an option that iran has is to also get out of the need for the election because if u.s. gets out then. it would be more or less used because the majority of sanctions that iran was facing with american sanctions and other option and some people advocating is that you don't should use. the current situation that we have some people are going to sacrifice that the u.n. has made and this situation that we have dictates not only should get out of the new treated like human you know it should also get out of the nonproliferation treaty well together. and for more background and analysis on the iran nuclear deal
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you can head to do you dot com and we'll be covering trump's announcement live a little bit later this evening in the meantime we like to bring you up to date with some other stories that have been making news around the world agree court has found five volunteers who rescued syrian migrants from the sea not guilty of people smuggling prosecutors have charged the defendants including the boat's captain dean with illegally bringing migrants to the island of lesbos the accused claims that the authorities had put them on trial to discourage migration to europe. police in india's jharkhand state have arrested fifteen people in connection with two separate cases both involving teenage girls one of the victims died when her home was set on fire after she was attacked in the other case the victim was raped and then set alight by her attacker she's being treated in the hospital. and i jury is military says that it has helped rescue more than one thousand people held by the islamist militant group boko who rob the hostages were rescued from villages in the
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northeastern state of borno most of them are women and children as well as young men forced to fight for the group. well now geologists in the united states say it is impossible to predict when a volcano in hawaii will stop erupting the killer whale volcano on hawaii's big island started spewing lava just like this last thursday as you can see here behind me the hot flows of lava they really stop at nothing some thirty five buildings have been destroyed and more than seven hundred people evacuated police have also warned other residents that they need to be ready to leave at a moment's notice. where when why resident keith brought kryten to his home on sunday he was not expecting to see this in his backyard.
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like others in his neighborhood he was allowed to go back briefly to pick up belongings up to being evacuated last week. he later said the sound was as loud as one hundred trains and that the ground was bouncing up and down beneath his feet. this most recent activity of hawaii's kilauea way who've ok no began last week. a new fish opened up and began spewing hot lava and poisonous gases. scientists say that i'm able to predict how long the current eruption will go on well i think what we can say is this is not over. the seismicity continues. there's still magma within the ribs and so i think that's foreseeable future this eruption is likely to continue to. the site of lava moving slowly down the street makes a curiously compelling viewing. this speeded up video shows
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a car being almost entirely in gulf. but it's also a disaster in the making. eruption and the floods of a confined to a small area why speak on and a place where homes are really to be cheap because of the closeness to the volcano . now the people who live. as a lot of consumes everything in its power. well now to some sports news and in french soccer it will be a tale of david and goliath tonight in paris a tiny club from western france at least every day they take on european powerhouse parts for a month in the french cup final they say every day are a third division team from a town of fifteen thousand people their players practiced at the start of france today well aware of the task that they face against ph a club with a budget of well over five hundred million euros. budget is about two million.
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where of how lucky we are to be able to practice on these famous grounds we're trying to savor the moment and simply make the best of it. and i think that it's a spectacular final honestly because it brings together all the football the amateur side and the professional side and often we have the tendency to divide them into oppose them but it's this final there will be football with a capital that. they can go if meantime byron munich winger frank rebury has extended his contract with the german champions for another year the frenchman has been with biron since two thousand and seven in that time he has won eight one display the titles and won champions league despite thirty six we very still plays a crucial role for the club you have scored eighty goals in nearly two hundred fifty week appearances. a quick reminder of our top stories here at g.w.
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are many in protest leader nico caution young has been elected as the country's new prime minister in victoria has drawn huge crowds to celebrate in the capital the site of the mass protests that forced the prime minister to resign last week. after a short break this is coming up with monica johnson we'll find out what germany is planning with record tax revenues. and dortmund. to get your favorite teams to go all the best goals we've got all the action the job is the home the german football share the experience every match that. someone does leave the weekend here g.w. .


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