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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm CEST

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lemon. law. league. player. playing. this is g w news live from for lead the world awaits us president trump's decision on the iran nuclear deal. never ever in my life advice to any transaction showing competently negotiated as our deal with the red. sea has long said that he plans to scrap the obama era agreement to curb iran's nuclear program what he decides will be revealed just hours from now we'll look at the potential fallout also coming up the war in syria has left thousands of
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children with disabilities this ten year old girl is one of them an airstrike changed her life forever and we will check in for guarding how she's coping. plus from protest leader to prime minister a cold caution yakovlev demonstrations that forced arminius former leader to resign last week now the crowds are celebrating as he is elected to the country's top job . and in this hour living on the edge of a volcano people in hawaii tom have lava fountains in their backyard scientists saying that there is no way to predict when the eruptions will stop the current plus this video that has whipped up a storm. childish gambino tackles gun violence and racism and his video it's called this is america our social. media team will tell us more.
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i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. u.s. president dull trump is expected to announce his decision on the future of the iran nuclear deal later today trump has repeatedly said that iran is violating the terms of the agreement meant to curb tehran's nuclear weapons program now trump has resisted pressure from european partners who want to save the deal she insists that the agreement must be changed for the u.s. to stay on board slamming the nuclear deal with iran has been one of donald trump's fiery asst mottos before and after taking office urantia was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think
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you've heard the last of it believe me on monday the u.s. president announced on twitter he was ready to deliver his verdict whether he will call for the end of the deal or push for every negotiation is not clear under to twenty fifteen agreement iran was to limit its nuclear program specifically its uranium enrichment in exchange for relief from international economic sanctions the deal struck under the obama administration united global powers as well as the u.s. china russia germany france the u.k. and the european union put their name to it now the pressure is piling up on washington to say india court if the united states. the door on it to put it mildly the united states will be in material breach. oh when agreement that had been endorsed unanimously by the un security council
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on monday the u.k.'s foreign secretary boris johnson arrived in washington in last minute diplomatic efforts to deter the us administration from scrapping the deal. we think we can fix or working with our european friends because it would be tough on iran but not throw away that the whole of the deal which is all about stopping them getting nuclear weapons with european leaders say they're open to finding compromise but the existing framework must remain untouched but in spite of europe's promises to address tromso complains many feared the us president has made up his mind. so what exactly has the twenty fifteen nuclear deal achieved let's have a look tehran cut its existing uranium stockpile a material that when enrich can be used to produce nuclear weapons it also dramatically cut its number of centrifuges which are used in the investment process
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in return the united states the u.k. germany france china russia they all lifted international sanctions which have been crippling the iranian economy the un's nuclear watchdog the i.a.e.a. says that iran is complying with its side of the deal but the us president still isn't happy is particularly critical of the fact that some of the restrictions placed on iran's nuclear program can be lifted in twenty twenty five also he says that it fails to deter iran from developing a list six missiles so let's get more on this now we're going to bring in i've nonce about to buy he's an iranian expert who is joining us this afternoon from welcome to you and i'd like to begin by first and foremost asking you how big a threat iran really was before this deal was reached and how did the deal change that. in fact what the what the deal did was to
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increase the. mechanisms as you say the transparency of iran's nuclear program while at the same time reducing the scope of it sold the words making the world a safer place with regards to the possibility of the wrong. and i think this has been the key incentive of the of the partners to sign this deal with iran we heard about those concerns and you know coming in twenty twenty five when the deal expires how big do you see it the threat that iran could have nuclear proliferation is that a valid credible criticism of the deal. look if you if you want to enter the. arena of speculations that everything is possible unsinkable particularly in this volatile part of the of the world in this group of all those region with is that you have verification measures that would not stop altogether up to the agreement iran has signed it is no protocol of the of the n.p.t.
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therefore you in fact have the continuation of control measures which reduce the threat posed by. i want to talk a little bit more about that on the diplomatic front because we know that the europeans for their part they have been lobbying trump not to abandon the deal they've been talking about a possible compromise do you think that there's a chance we could see a compromise today. i actually think one of the trump strategy might be another in-between solution so he may not waive the sanctions you supposed to to wave but not also with the say i'm withdrawing from the agreement in the that to the procedures that are then to follow i think his strategy of keeping everyone in there both will continue because that strategy has proved to be. effective and the europeans have not managed to to bring him back on track with regards to the us and if he does not keep the situation and limbaugh saying he
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takes it one step further toward you know potential withdrawal here say that he reinstates sanctions or he allows them allow them to go through against iran how do you see that playing out. in fact with iran will do is to complain about us noncompliance to the joint commission which is the political level of service of observer observer in disagreement and then we have a thirty forty days period in which talks on the highest political levels in the parties of the removed will take place and depending on how that will play out whether iran feels it is isolated in the corner or backed by the remaining. signatories to the agreement you want to vent think about in fact responding to u.s. withdrawal by for example starting in richmond to high levels that is allowed to but that will very much depend on how the europeans the russians do this my niece reacts to a possible u.s. withdrawal i've done by iran expert joining us thank you
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for. and we have more background and analysis on the iran nuclear deal you can head to our web site t w dot com we will also be covering trump's announcement live this evening but first we'd like to turn to some other news because the conflict in syria recently entered its eighth year the united nations estimates that more than four hundred thousand people have been killed children are particularly vulnerable to bombs falling on residential areas thousands have been killed in government airstrikes and many others left with permanent disability our reporter yulia han met one young victim in the city of ghazi untapped in southern turkey now this ten year old lost her right leg after an airstrike in eastern aleppo and she has since learned to walk but every day has become a struggle. moggi does stays start very early. and they're exhausting. in front of
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a big citizen in the house some children when they wake up they just jump out of their beds wash their faces get dressed take their bags and go i need an hour to properly put on my leg and if it doesn't work i need to ask my mom for help. in twenty thirty in the family fled syria to turkey with five years old at the time and her brother ebro him only two she still remembers the escape from the net very clearly and the day of the attack. we were in a pickup truck with ten other people when it happened. just after we got on the truck a plane fired on us. suddenly everything was burning. and everything was black around us. can the one. that of
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a plea on why when i regained consciousness i saw my daughter and her leg was gone . my son was on fire and he had open wounds on both of his legs there were dead bodies and burned people everywhere these images still haunt me it was like hell had opened up with all you know if you had combat your when we left the hospital there were many covered dead bodies outside and one body was uncovered. my sister closed her eyes and she didn't see it but i saw that body and i wish i hadn't looked because i cannot forget it. because it almost looks good and detailed well. if you know it does not hurt. us here a little but if you don't needs to go to the clinic every couple of months the check up is uncomfortable for her but the scar on her leg doesn't bother her any
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more and that's very important. margi to his more fun exercising she has made such progress that her prosthetic leg is hardly noticeable only climbing stairs still proves difficult. for her physiotherapist it's important that she keeps her head up she shouldn't think of her leg at all but how do. we want our patients to feel comfortable with the procedures so they can do everything in their daily lives without limitations. that include walking on different types of floors and services such as sand and gravel as well as steep slopes and stands we train all of that. stuff the mantra is brave and she has a strong will. so that's why she learned so quickly.
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and made such great progress. there was a quadratic at the reserve i'm happy that i have this leg now. at first i wanted to even leave it on at night but my mom wouldn't let me do that. they'd have a club with a little. after suzy oh there's a little time left for my favorite game jump rope. her sara pissed can barely catch his breath. and turn around. for dinner does fathers there as well she doesn't see him very often he's working a lot trying to put food on the table. then it's time for the children to go to bed puts her prosthetic leg away for the night and ebro him crawls into her bed he loves it when his sister reads him a story as he falls asleep it's about
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a boy named tarik a six year old superhero from aleppo but it could just as well be about to have a. really. incredible spirit that she has there well let's cross now to phrenic you joining us from damascus he is the representative of the united nations children front unicef thank you so much for joining us this evening and we just like to begin by asking you what sort of conditions do you see children coping with in syria. thank you for having me well children city are coping we finished kind of chinese are going to maine i mean we have a number of schools destroyed a number of medical facilities destroyed example of the. we have just seen. he said children being in europe by mines will be explosives. more than two point six million kids that are going to splay since you know. similar point of you know their refusal to take choice very challenging the degree of being
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a child in syria and he still in many places the bombs keep falling everything and regarding that family that we saw in our report that very clearly had these. well absolutely children out and we got children remain also if feel they have been lost to the people in the green if i don't wear that i mean. on top of that we have orders to keep those kids that have been literally under under the water legally under the bombing you could only end their n.b.c. jail yes from here it's controlled by come from doing the type of work that you're trying to do to get proper medical proper psychological care so these children in syria well in my family will find the water. if you go it's hard times we have too many challenges to overcome but every single day we are supporting the future strength with every single day we have actually been we are fighting quarter we have corrected it for the kids we have to i mean
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we're going to be something really useful from the least people in every single day we're going to get into school next year and you think it will do medium kids medication again i know what you're doing you see in all the things he's. done now but also you get a sort of. in the north so here's the challenge is if you go where you go and reward right now with many parties and but we are able to overcome something and we thank you so much from a representative of unicef in syria we appreciate you joining us. you're watching news still to come on the program a neighborhood in hawaii is locked in a battle of geologic proportions it is a volcano versus backyard and guess who's winning. on the hamptons that it is not the backyard right helena unfortunately time now for business right absolutely we're taking a look at germany's budget because the german economy keeps growing producing tax
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revenue for the government the question is what should we do with all that extra cash of course which is good news but the bad news the finance ministry has warned against too high expectations the public spending so let's take a look at the numbers well an official report being released tomorrow suggests that job in tax revenue will grow from its current level we're talking at about six hundred seventy five billion euros and it will climb all the way up to nine hundred billion euros in the year twenty twenty two you know that substantially more than what officials in but estimated back in november to jemmy's bulging coffee certainly impressive but they could also fuel further debate on the distribution of government funding and germany's partners are likely to criticize. for galaxy once again and the international monetary fund has made it clear on many occasions that it wants germany to spend more on infrastructure child care refugee integration as
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well as introducing some income tax cuts while german causes a slightly doing well as well as the country's flag carrier twenty seventeen was a bump in the times seeing more passengers more congo and more profit than ever before now. has plenty of good news that he can share with the shareholders today at the annual meeting but aviation aviation experts say the challenge for the airline will. be to keep the good times rolling the on to the end of the year. look turns is flying high on the back of its twenty seventeen and you'll report germany's leading airline carried more passengers than ever before and it defended its position as europe's largest carrier thanks to higher income in its cargo logistics and maintenance units of terms it is looking at the most profitable year in its history the bottom line is that lufthansa saw in their profits jumped by
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a third to almost two point four billion euros and its free cash flow which allows the airline to maintain its fleet and pay for new acquisitions almost doubled to two point two billion euros. and that's cash left terms and needs thanks to millions in additional costs associated with acquiring parts of defunct air berlin love turns his numbers were also bolstered by lower than normal write offs last year that situation will likely change the airline is also likely to face turbulence in the form of increased competition in its long haul services and an image problem at its u.s. alliance partner united airlines. last month germany moved to ban on exports to countries involved in the yemen rule but existing deals won't be affected like the six submarines to some clips still plans to deliver it to turkey despite being a potential threat not just to yemen but to the entire region meanwhile protests
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have been held at another german all of its giant as it prepares to hold its annual shareholders meeting in but then. helped develop a new tank to be built that critics say the company has been blinded by profits and a deal that gives anchor at the latest weapons with no control over. cape town is in the midst of its worst drought in decades and the lack of water is forcing people to take matters into their own hands waiting in long lines for supplies buying truckloads of water at inflated prices or even drilling that own a wells the devastating situation is proving a bonanza for business. stocking up while they can and in the past few people came to this well linda suburb of newlands in cape town but since the drought they've been arriving in droves just preclude water supplies. water use
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has been restricted in private homes and as a result water has become a precious commodity those with money have been digging their own wells pfizer golding hired a contractor to do it for her. today to reach for the tease kind of people you know says it's a speedy high so looking at it as a butt in the future it's actually better to get the ball home because this is now my homework team out of property basically so i'm going to be saving costs. but it's no small investment either depending upon its depths a single well can cost over seven thousand euros in pfizer golding's case the company reckons it will have to drill about seventy metres to access water that's safe to drink. the company has seen a huge rise in demand for wells over the last few months. before he's been very busy but in the last eighteen months since the water crisis has really become
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more severe we have been inundated with phone calls. regardless of how good business is the boss doesn't believe that digging your own well is the solution to the water crisis using the ball wisely means done more to your garden six hours or ten hours a day forget to leave the pump on and think i'll switch it off tomorrow something not that use it are new for me it's the city's. one company that has a long history in the water business is jo-jo tanks its tanks can be found all over south africa and at its plant and western employees are working around the clock to meet demand. a single job like this really challenges speedboats thinking about how they live how they use wood and it does pay off that unity challenge be a bit like putting a play shall we spinning all sorts of or deciding to us the cycling and it does
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create opportunity to business and businesses to people he said. and joe joe has seized the opportunity only a year ago the company was selling less than a thousand tanks a month today its production has shot up by over ten times that amount. just and the united states say it is impossible to predict when a volcano in hawaii will stop erupting. the killer way a volcano on hawaii's big island started spewing lava last thursday and as you can see here behind me the hot flows of lava they've really stop at nothing not even a car can stop them some thirty five buildings have been destroyed and more than seven hundred people evacuated police also warning other residents that they need to be ready to leave at a moments notice. what. where when why
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resident keith brought kryten to his home on sunday he was not expecting to see this in his backyard. like others in his neighborhood he was allowed to go back briefly to pick up belongings up to being evacuated last week. he later said the sound was as loud as one hundred trains and that the ground was bouncing up and down beneath his feet. this most recent activity of hawaii's can away who volcano began last week. a new fish opened up and began spewing hot lava and poisonous gases. scientists say that i'm able to predict how long the current eruption will go on well i think what we can say is this is not over. the seismicity continues. they're still back within the river song and so i think in this foreseeable future
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this eruption is likely to continue. the side of love a moving slowly down the street makes a curiously compelling viewing. this speeded up video shows a car being almost entirely in gulf. but it's also a disaster in the making of. the eruption and the flows of lava confined to the small area of hawaii's big island a place where homes are relatively cheap because of that closeness to the volcano and now the people who live there stands to lose all they own as a lawyer consumes everything in its path. flow. you're watching news still to come on the program have we just seen a peaceful revolution and are many out there. we'll get the latest from the capital you're about where crowds are celebrating the election of opposition leader. as
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prime minister. and walking out for the biggest match of their careers will preview the french cup final i was less f.b.a. they face our son johnny david versus goliath match up. all that more in just a few minutes time i'm sorry i have to cease in. yemen ravaged by three years of civil war thousands have died millions have fled diseases are spreading. nobody is helping and we need help if we need help for yemen means it's been called the world's biggest humanitarian crisis and the world looks away. muso in forty five minutes long t w.
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global inequality is. what this inequality mean in a globally connected well. when differences become a disadvantage is. something done to cities right. close to the media. join the discussion and have your say on the list liberal media form twenty eighteen complaints made from mind to something. called the german screen to gather information from showing the money to chancellor o'toole from dismantling . the history of the journeyings has been shaped for great rulers. i swear on ways to bring my roiling politics that's who protects christendom and suppressed design truth. oh you can see i'm going to kill the enemy and try.
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to steer by courageous decisions showed your master we'd never see you through the rose from god. we must do the peace. to germany starting may thirteenth column to w. . welcome back here with g.w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin our top stories u.s. president donald trump is to announce his decision on the future of the iran nuclear deal later today european backers oppose a u.s. withdrawal saying that the deal has successfully halted around its nuclear ambitions. this feud over the nuclear deal is just the latest chapter in the fraught history between the u.s. and iran the two nations have locked horns for decades some low points
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a cia backed overthrow of iran's prime minister back in one nine hundred fifty three and the u.s. embassy hostage crisis after the one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution but efforts in recent years to reach a nuclear deal produced something of a far. research group or travel to tehran to find out how people there view the u.s. today. down with usa it's hard for anyone passing through this busy square in tehran to miss this message it's not only here that slogans denouncing the united states are on display but this is the most famous spot. these moros has been among visit us favorite spots for sneaky selfies for decades but what's really interesting is what lies behind them it's one of the most coveted buildings in all of iran and the one place you need to see to understand the deeply rooted mistrust many iranians have in the u.s. so come on follow me inside. hidden behind this wall is what used to be the
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american embassy in tehran dubbed the den of espionage by the uranian government it's the site where a major international hostage crisis took place today the building is a museum run by the revolutionary guards one of the guides takes us around but he doesn't want to show his face on television on display buying equipment and this bug proof room the cia used back in the one nine hundred fifty s. when the u.s. toppled iran's democratically elected prime minister mohammad most a deck something the guide says iranians will never forgive the american government for or. at the us and being pockets of the vista and country this is the problem for the rainy people for the. us and for each and any of us the king should be.
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not to be selected and powered by divison countries as i'm sure you know about interventions the biggest one was the one nine hundred fifty three. having empowered. with that fee old have problems with these interventions. to prevent another one iranian students storm this building after the islamic revolution and held the embassy staff hostage for four hundred forty four days that marked the end of the two countries friendship once and for all. when the tourism over we pass posters depicting the us as a great satan but we're not allowed to film them. their views presented inside the museum extreme but how many iranians share them after all that was almost forty years ago so how much influence does all of that still have on politics public to find out let's leave this place just
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a few hundred meters away is what's known here as the artist park a totally different world here young iranians enjoy the trappings of the so-called great satan burgers coca-cola and cigarettes their views are more balanced. and i accept that america is an advanced country and i think our country should have a closer relationship and be able to exchange ideas in the field of technology for example but one can't predict the policies of countries. in my opinion america is a country that's breaking apart piece and i think this is all happening because of mr trump. this is a view shared by more and more young iranians these days but that's not because of history but rather current politics one political analyst tells us what is making. the people see the show. and.
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see the problem between us and. right now the down with usa signs don't get much attention here in toronto but if trump scraps the nuclear deal that might soon change. or maybe as parliament has elected opposition. young as prime minister it was the second vote in as many weeks supporters gathered outside parliament in the capital last week he came up eight votes short after the republican party failed to. support his candidacy the legend comes after weeks of peaceful protest forcing the country's longtime leader to resign. from correspondent nick connelly who is in the armenian capital caravan thanks so much for joining us nic there have been protests now for over a month as we've just heard what has the reaction been like there on the streets now that there has been this new prime minister elected.
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you know off new sarah well the reaction has been pretty ecstatic that's been slightly dampened by the deluge you might get see behind me we had tens of thousand people out a little bit square in the last few hours and then suddenly a sort of hurricane like winds came up and the whole thing got very wet very fast and most people were left dodging for cover running to restaurants but we still have people driving across honking their horns and there is dictation that perhaps this evening with there will still be some kind of celebration called so all the public square you know fans because square with the compassion coming to speak to support space so far so very fluid here but the mood is extremely genteel and what we know about are many of us knew outside our prime minister and accomplishing our . he's a journalist by trade he's someone who got into a lot of complications with the powers that be here for his investigative journalism he was even present a short while after he was involved in protests ten years ago when there was
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disputed election he has being on the inside he's not just amount of street he's being in parliament for the last five or six years will be a very small party didn't have much to say and so this has taken over by surprise this man who was a voice of criticism but outside a voice of paula has been able in the space of a few weeks to really turn this country on its head and beginning with small marches with only a couple dozen supporters bringing tens if not hundreds of thousand people out into the streets and become prime minister and has been so dramatic and what has this political drama meant for our man and what are the implications for the wider region what you say. that's the crucial thing here i mean i mean this is a country that gets too much is national attention truly a country of three million inhabitants but it's in a crucial region where the former soviet union states meet the middle east it's a region where lots of countries have seen decades of stagnation have really been
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able to make that transition off into communism and it's a process of over evolutions they won't watch very closely in moscow in ukraine in neighboring countries there were demonstrates on streets mostly to say we don't mean in flags opposed to saying if the armenians can do it we can too so this is definitely that has a wider ramifications not just from yours three million people nicolas connelly with the latest from there a van in armenia thank you nic. let's get a quick check now some other stories that have been making news around the world north korean leader kim jong un and the chinese president xi jinping have held a two day meeting in the northern chinese city of yangon is the allies second such meeting in recent weeks she reported they employ support for a plan to summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump that summit is expected to focus on north korea's nuclear program. police in india's jharkhand state have arrested fifteen people in connection with two separate rape cases both teenage girls one of the victims died
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after her alleged rapist joined a mob that set fire to her house while she was inside in the other case the victim's attacker raped her and then set her on fire she is being treated in the hospital. and a greek court has found five volunteers who rescued syrian migrants from the sea not guilty of people smuggling prosecutors have charged the defendants with illegally bringing migrants to the island of lesbos the accused claimed that the authorities had put them on trial to discourage migration to europe. a music video tackling racism and gun violence in the united states is going viral globally and you may have already seen it it is called this is america and it's by the american rapper childish gambino it includes some scenes that are a bit hard to watch one big question for viewers what's the message behind some of what it shows and for more on that let's bring in elizabeth show who is joining us from our social media task to talk a little bit more about this so we have to start with the clip itself of course
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what exactly is getting attention well there are just a bit of background for our viewers so childish gambino and that's the artist's name when he's a musician his real name is a donald a globe or he's also an actor many people may know him from syria's ally community like atlanta he's also india of coming star wars movie and the last year he received a grammy for his song a redbone of but this time around sarah it's the music video to his latest hit this is america that is getting all the attention and the let's just watch some of the highlights from that music video there. that's not. good enough.
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to. look good no. loss of. so you see the sharp contrast there between of the scenes where it is very cheerful there is dancing there is music and then all of a sudden there's this shocking violence that we see there the video has gone viral here i'm just showing you what is happening on twitter right now this is people all across the world either using the hash tag this is america or talking about the artist himself childish gambino of the video came out just two days ago already more than thirty four million views on you tube right now wow absolutely getting so much attention there and we have to take a closer look at the message because as you mentioned those shocking images there a lot of interpretations are circulating about them and that's right and everybody
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is trying to say what they believe the key message is here's one user for example who says that he believes that what's childish and you know is trying to talk about is how easily we forget about the shootings and tragedies and to get distracted by silly dances mean and viral videos he says the video to him was very powerful here's a sociologist from the u.s. she says this is the second day of thinking about this is america i find it interesting that so many said they watched it forty thousand times the fact that the masses have the appetite to watch black people being ironically murdered again and again is itself a devastating commentary on this country so this is the discussion that we are seeing right now on social media ok so a lot of criticism there but you know some other people also calling this a pop music masterpiece what are they saying. absolutely there praising of the
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visuals the artistry and also of the theme and the message and a little bit also the song. and we're also seeing some activists like this black lives matter activists here shaun king he says i think of watch this is america ten times and now it has so many layers and layers and layers college courses could be taught on this video it's art of the highest degree we have the daughter of dr martin luther king he says the video simply left her speech less but we also have critics who say they wouldn't share this on social media because of the graphic content and we would really like ob us to tell us if they have already watched the video what they think of it they can tweet us at d.w. news elizabeth show thank you. you're watching t w news still to come on the program the thriller that everybody knows will raise the curtain at this year's cannes film festival but the opening comes amid a raft of controversies that have dogged the prestigious showcase. but first we
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have to talk about one of biggest takeovers in the farm industry that's right off the months of negotiations the irish company shot has recommended it shareholders to accept a takeover by the japanese drug maker tech tate and now the deal is valued at sixty two billion u.s. dollars and that is the most at a japanese company has ever spent on an overseas acquisition the tecate is hoping to gain better access to the global market as someone less well they're a little bit worried about how much the company is prepared to shell out bearing in mind of course that to kate is currently valued just thirty three billion dollars so considerably lower so earlier we asked our correspondent in frankfurt how trade is a viewing the deal. well they are divided on the one hand very positive their fear that with this with this merger more synergies between the two companies will be possible and of course always very important for investors more cost cutting but yes you can hear some critical words as well some feel that the merger could be too
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big too risky to the japanese drug make it tech caden now the deal is valued at sixty two billion u.s. dollars and that is the most at a japanese company has ever spent on an overseas acquisition educators hoping to gain better access to the global market as someone less well they're a little bit worried about how much the company is prepared to shell out bearing in mind of course that to kate is currently valued just thirty three billion dollars so considerably no i said earlier we also call correspondent in frankfurt how trade is a viewing deal while they are divided on the one hand very positive their fear that with this with this merger more synergies between the two companies will be possible and of course always very important for investors more cost cutting but yes you can hear some critical words as well some feel that the merger could be too big too risky too expensive shyer shares were traded below the agreed price indicating that shareholders yeah they have some reservations the c.e.o.
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of the company viva who became by the way in two thousand and fifteen the first known jeff an e c always stated that they are hoping to be a worldwide leader in providing targeted treatments and also he feels that with this they will have better access to the u.s. american market so critical words but also some positive ones. in frankfurt now u.s. president on child likely won't be pleased about this since he took office in january last year china's sole considered removed goods to the u.s. and vice versa despite the hefty tariffs plans to impose on chinese imports in the doubt one appears to be growing just take a look at our two shopping carts that we have few here on the war you'll see that in the first four months of twenty eighteen china's trade surplus grew to move an ac being in dollars that's around nine billion more than the same period last year . or is back over to sarah now and sarah everybody loves the story of an
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underdog beating all the odds and that's the story have right now in underdog india in the soccer world check this out because many are calling it one of the biggest mismatches in the history of sport and for good reason a tiny club from western france there are less every year they will take on european powerhouse part of stange a man in the french cup final today the underdogs have never played on such a big stage. china will come from a small club perhaps the biggest ever this was after the reach the dizzying heights of the french cup final. now have a david versus goliath battle ahead of them the third division will take on the big boys french giant amaan in a stadium sixteen times bigger than their own. i think it's a spectacular final honestly because it brings together all of the football sites
4:46 pm
on the professional site so often we have the tendency to separate which in this final there will be football with a capital f. . they can go if to put the gap between these two cups into perspective take a look at their finances. and one budget is two million euros and you can barely see it it's just a sliver compared to p.s.g. spike hundred forty million now try to wrap your head around this news is b.s. two million would only cover the salary of the world's most expensive pay and name off for sixteen days anything less than a victory for p.s.g. superstars would cause huge embarrassment. that is what. you have the responsibility to win if you draw it's a catastrophe if you lose it's even worse so we have a responsibility but we're confident we'll play well. it's as if you didn't have enough on the plate the team
4:47 pm
a fighting relegation from the third division but for now there's plenty of optimism in the air and why not. have sold fifteen thousand tickets for the final and that's practically the entire population of the town. meantime byron munich winger frank rebury has extended his contract with the german champions for another year the frenchman has been with fire since back in two thousand and seven and in that time he has won eight well just to get titles one champions league despite being thirty six three various still plays a crucial role for the club be a sport even calls in nearly two hundred fifty league appearances. and barcelona president and joseph are told mayo has admitted holding transfer talks with entente griezmann agent last year let's go but read forward has long been linked with a move to the cattle and giants he has a one hundred. million euro girl release clause in his contract which barcelona say
4:48 pm
that they are ready to pay the french international once his future cleared up for the world cup in russia. the bill gets underway today on the french riviera on the city's famous waterfront promise not to and to the australian born actress and two time oscar winning actress cate blanchett will preside over this year's story which is predominantly female it will also introduce trask trailblazing director ava du vernay and actress kristen stewart and leah layoff. as well. talking with us a little bit more about that is karen who is joining us from our culture desk so tell us a little bit more about this year's all female jury because i mean this is of course coming after me too isn't it that's right and i mean it is definitely
4:49 pm
a bit of a it's a statement and cate blanchett has made a couple of statements on her own to emphasize that things need to change in the film industry she's a great supporter of the time's up movement which of course has resulted from the me too and she said that we are not going back to ground zero in terms of women rights women's rights and that there is much to be done to level the playing field for women so she's got her eye on that she's also come out with the fact that harvey weinstein actually has also been approached inappropriate with her on a couple of occasions. and it's definitely not lost on her that there's still a really absolutely sore lack of female directors represented in the competition only three of twenty one this year so it's going to be very interesting to see i think what happens next year to see if this is any kind of a trend or just a bit of a token statement to the events let's not forget that only one woman ever in the history of the golden palm has taken it home for best film that was jane campion in one thousand nine hundred ninety three for the piano ok so it has been quite
4:50 pm
a while and probably about time to win it but you know let's talk a little bit more about you know not only the ground to make up there but also controversy yes which there is a lot before things even get going some really interesting stuff first of all the danish director who's very much known as the film he's been allowed back into the fold after about a seven year absence he was declared persona non grata back in two thousand and eleven after his bad jokes about hitler in the nazis and he's been allowed back shortly because he is quite a draw we see him there in touch a lot and with the compromise of his new film house that jack built showing. out of competition now there's also a dispute over this one here this is terry gilliam's latest film the man killed don quixote. as to whether to kill you can be shown the producers are embroiled in a bitter legal battle in the film stars adam driver and scars garden has been plagued. the production of this film has been going on for nineteen years he's been
4:51 pm
trying to get it on the screen this latest issue is being hashed out in a paris court ask we speak so we'll see if it gets its closing slot still to come wow that's really incredible i do have one more thing that i want to tell you about there is an incredible showdown going on with the streaming giant netflix at the moment which wasn't allowed to premiere films in comping knows fire that's a psychological thriller by the iranian filmmaker as a hobby starring european cinemas power couple penelope cruz and have you bought a dam this is the first spanish language production for fun hobby so let's have a quick teaser look at the. monitor. and i want to. thank you.
4:52 pm
a bit so that is a story that we're secrets come home to roost quite dark and desperate under the silverlake is another one it says zany new. thrillers from writer director david robert mitchell now that's it's also got a lot of comedy in there it's starting andrew garfield who you might remember from hex or read she was an oscar nominee as an l.a. hipster who believes that he stumbled on a sinister conspiracy let's have a quick peek if i. one. thing. in the. morning and. before you. even begin. to know what we're going to see.
4:53 pm
in the middle of the night nothing strange about she wanted to leave how does that make sense i don't understand why she didn't tell me maybe she didn't work you because you know you're poor and haven't paid your route. from some kind of code like secret message in bird apartments so you could mean stay quiet you know our world is filled with cool subliminal messages from silver lake to the hollywood hills community it is weakening to the center of the newsgroup there's a message in the music. it's memorizing the words to it and it's really thinking of her vision of pop soon going to three cable when i see it and i'm closer now i find it still here very reminiscent of david lynch i think there's sort of that that's one to watch out for house a little bit and talk about blockbusters of course well it's interesting of course
4:54 pm
because in cannes you know they're trying to preserve their reputation as sort of the serious cinephiles festival so the blockbusters are happening out of competition but this one is sure to generate a lot of noise solo a star wars story that's the latest in the franchise will premiere there and it centers on the young han solo and his getting together with his copilot chewbacca who we all loved well and we're also looking for a lot of i mean there's a lot of action coming up new films from spike lee then vendors a new documentary and film legend well also be there with a new entry so a lot coming up over the next twelve days is going to be best i can tell you all about it has a look forward to it as always care and that we appreciate as you. have a quick. minder now the top stories that we have been following for you here at the u.s. president donald trump is to announce his decision on the future of the iran nuclear deal later today european backers oppose a u.s. withdrawal saying that the deal has successfully halted iran's nuclear ambitions.
4:55 pm
and with that your up to date i'm sara kelly in berlin after a short break phil gayle has more news. before moving. on. to move.
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this is day w news live from the world the way it's total trust decision on the iran nuclear deal never ever ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran in american president has long said he plans to scrap the deal to curb iran's nuclear program not the station is jew in august also on the program. from prime minister to well from protest leader to prime minister called quest.


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