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hughes it's even worse so we have a responsibility but we're confident we'll play well school of film on the edge as if a lazy a.b.a. didn't have enough on a plate the team a fighting relegation from the third division and my turn out there's plenty of optimism in the end why not easy eddie have sold fifteen thousand tickets for the final and that's practically the entire population of the town. of situ up today to more of the top of the hour we'll bring you live coverage of the u.s. announcement on the around the nuclear deal and on the homefront we'll have no business updates next. up blessing. and a curse. for suppose nature and in this scandal.
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monsoon. the tropical first union. there the soon to succumb to. a source of moving. closer to destruction. monsoon starting may twenty third double lives. at the. hands together expecting a record amount of tax revenue in the next time it time to splash the cash you might say think again towards the countries find out ministry also coming up. about a year to live thomson leaving it more profitable than ever but analysts say yes.
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see ballots that could be tough even so i had. to deal oh no deal as we wait to find out whether president trump will pull the u.s. out of the iran nuclear treaty we are asking what would it withdraw mean for all sides. is your business update i'm helena humphrey thanks for joining me now germany's flourishing economy keeps on pumping money into state coffers reading much more tax revenue than previously full cost that's the good news now the bad news for the finance ministry has warned against too high expectations for public spending let's take a look at the numbers while an official report to be released tomorrow suggests that german tax revenue will grow from its current level of six hundred seventy five billion euros to ringing at nine hundred billion euros in the year twenty twenty two that's of course substantially more than what officials in berlin were estimating last november germany's bulging coffers a certainly impressive but they could also fuel further debate on the distribution
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of government funding germany's e.u. plan as a light had to criticize germany's frugality once again and the international monetary fund has made it clear on many occasions that it wants germany to spend more on infrastructure child care refugee integration as well as introducing some income tax cuts well earlier we spoke to the economist father in the and asked him where he could afford to spend a little bit more. so they say they will increase a lot but if you really look at the numbers it's not really so much what we've seen recently with a new batch of coming out from the new finance minister we see even a slight decrease in infrastructure investment and infrastructure investment is really one of the most important things that we need at the moment a lot of public infrastructure is falling apart and has been doing so for the last fifteen years and we even see a decrease in infrastructure spending and this is very sound we basically do is that we have height so pluses take so pluses but we don't use the money effect to do something for i was crumbling infrastructure so german coffee doing well and so
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too is the country's flag carrier twenty seventeen was about. seeing more passengers more call go and more profit than ever before in a c.e.o. cost and school has plenty of good news that he would have been sharing whether the carious shareholders today at the annual meeting but aviation experts say the challenge for the airline will be to keep the good times rolling the oem the end of the year. look transit is flying high on the back of its twenty seventeen annual report germany's leading airline carried more passengers than ever before and it defended its position as europe's largest carrier thanks to higher income in its cargo logistics and maintenance units is looking at the most profitable year in its history the bottom line is that lufthansa saw net profits jump by a third to almost two point four billion euros and its free cash flow which allows
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the airline to maintain its fleet and pay for new acquisitions almost doubled to two point two billion euros. and that's cash left terms and needs thanks to millions in additional costs associated with acquiring parts of defunct air berlin love terms his numbers were also bolstered by lower than normal write offs last year that situation will likely change the airline is also likely to face turbulence in the form of increased competition in its long haul services and an image problem at its u.s. alliance partner united airlines. well at another annual meeting the c.e.o. of germany's coming out bank martin is eelco the lender had a solid start this year the bank posted net earnings of one hundred fifty six billion euros in the first quarter and the cost of laying off thousands of workers this way on profits have come out bank is set to cut seventy three hundred jobs by twenty twenty as it tries to improve its bottom line comments by plans to stop
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paying a dividend again they see it despite slumping earnings in a bid to boost its share price. will call make a stop selling its popular a six and a several models off to discovered what eight cold irregularities and sixty thousand diesel calls the company has told german regulators the models may have been manipulated to bypass environmental regulations adding to the list of german cars with illegal software now this could put further pressure on audi's parent company fox father which of course is already paid out billions of damages in connection with the so-called diesel gate scandal. in the coming hour u.s. president donald trump is expected to announce what course of action he has decided to take on the iran nuclear treaty european union says that the u.s. will walk away from the deal and impose harsh sanctions on tech from european companies active in iran could be pushed to shut up shop there threatening
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a ron's economy with collapse. the streets of tehran are in a sorry state to go. them and only repairs the very worst sections of road and to do that they need machinery from abroad including cranes excavators and bulldozers when sanctions against iran were eastern twenty fifteen many western companies seize the opportunity to do business including many german companies back in the nineteen seventies iran was germany's second most important export market outside europe after the usa. last year iranian firms delivered goods worth four hundred million euros to germany above all oiled according to the german chamber of industry and commerce germany for its part exported three billion euros worth of goods to iran. the easing of sanctions brought more than just machinery to iran they were also food products and other goods that created
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jobs to a total of six hundred thousand per year since twenty fifteen. but there isn't anywhere near enough a total of half of all females under thirty with high school diplomas and a third of all males in the same demographic are unemployed. a return to economic sanctions against iran will only make the situation worse european countries don't want to resume sanctions and european companies currently doing business in iran don't want to run the risk of countervailing u.s. sanctions if a return. now will or you'll hit eighty ninety or we even one hundred dollars it's certainly been a while since we've read headlines like that but that could also be set to change the oil prices been climbing steadily for months and over the last year is junk save that sixty percent on monday about of brant crude cost around seventy five
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dollars now that's a four year high and analysts say higher demand lower production and chip political instability are behind that rice well of course. u.s. president donald trump's saber rattling about iran is also contributing to the worries iran is the third largest opec producer next say that could send the price of crude over the eighty eight dollars mark now cape town is in the midst of its worst drought in decades in the lack of water is forcing people to take matters into their own hands waiting in long lines for supplies buying truckloads of water at inflated prices and even drilling their own wells the devastating situation is a bonanza for some businesses. stocking up while they can and in the past few people came to this well in the suburb of newlands in cape town but since the drought they've been arriving in droves desperate for water supplies. water use has
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been restricted in private homes and as a result water has become a precious commodity. those with money have been digging their own wells pfizer golding hired a contractor to do it. which means that. this is the state so looking at that. but in the future it's actually base to get it because this is now my. property basically so i'm going to be saving costs. but it's no small investment either depending upon its debts a single well can cost over seven thousand euros in the goldings case the company reckons it will have to drill about seventy metres to access water that's safe to drink. the company has seen a huge rise in demand for wells over the last few months. it's always been very busy but in the last eighteen months since the water crisis has really become
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more severe we have been inundated with phone calls. regardless of how good business is the boss doesn't believe that digging your own well is the solution to the water crisis using the ball wisely means done more to your garden six hours or ten hours a day from get to meet the pompon and think i'll switch it off tomorrow something that uses. one company that has a long history in the water business is jo-jo tanks its tanks can be found all over south africa and at its plant and western employees are working around the clock to meet demand. us into jobs on. really challenges people's thinking. called a loaf how they use will to plan it does apply to all that you need to challenge be a it dog putting a load of flesh always spinning also support deciding devices these socking kind of
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does create opportunity to be near some businesses to give all of these so thanks. and joe joe has seized the opportunity only a year ago the company was selling less than a thousand tanks a month today its production has shot up by over ten times that amount. that's what you're up to date with the latest from the wild all business and more head to our website. for slash business follow us on twitter find us on facebook you can also find me on twitter. humphrey is my handle tweet me and i'll tweet you back right now has a look out for global markets thanks for your company and. the
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world's most expensive compound. it is harvested. the most militarized is fine thousand fluids from him is old but still going strong thanks to that. then also while they seem not counted on to spend up to date
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a single day thomas up to. three times in the next world to dublin. an exclusive interview with the french president. man of the month is stirring up france europe and the world we meet the rising star of global politics the interview made nine phone d.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every living creature the first word clinical nico he's in germany to son sherman who claim was his first why not the little girl. in simple long line on their own mile and a. soft. t.w. zealand in course. maybe you see.
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playing hooky from the white childless round is fake you know but feel so much about who was your favorite team player. and look to the tuning to bring them up to look in your local culture to see the entire country champion free and fearless for the last sixty years just for mines. welcome to global three thousand this week we need to cocoa farmers in ecuador who produce the world's most expensive chocolates. we visit two young herders
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in the sotto who are being given the chance to learn to read and life. but first we head to new zealand dairy.


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