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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from the world awaits president trump's decision on the iran nuclear deal world leaders are trying to persuade him to stick with it but reports say that he has decided to pull out he's due to reveal that decision in the next few minutes and we'll bring you gotta live here on the top also coming up. the human cost of the conflict in syria thousands have been left disabled many of them children an ass trying to change this girl's life forever we'll see how she's coming. from process leader to prime minister and he called passionate mean i'm not like
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demonstrations the first time in years former leader to resign now crowds are celebrating as he's elected to take over the government and. the video that's whipped up a storm childish gambino tackles gun violence and racism in his failure this is america a social media desk will tell us more. i'm still going to welcome to the program in the next few minutes we're expecting u.s. president donald trump to announce a decision that is looking increasingly likely to be a game changer in the middle east just a little just a little earlier administration officials reportedly called key members of the u.s. congress to say that mr trump has decided to pull the united states out of iraq.
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nuclear deal he's repeatedly criticized the agreement and accused the islamic republic of violating its terms president trump is required to reconfirm support for the deal which is intended to curb the country's nuclear ambitions and one hundred twenty days he's resisted lobbying from the seven other signature is insisting that it must be changed to keep the u.s. on board. but we will that bring you live coverage of that decision as soon as it is made right now that we bring you coverage from the united states europe and iran the w. corresponding to play richardson is in washington reagan is in brussels and the a.f.p. correspondent eric randall joins us from a tehran so welcome to you all let's start with you in tehran eric randolph this is been in the air for the last one hundred twenty days how has iran been reacting well i'd say the mood in tehran is pretty grim really depressed one person said to
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me today nothing iranians are just tired of all of this thought they heard a lot of the animosity with the americans but i'm there when this deal was done in three years ago and they had so many hopes book trade to pick. iran to lose its pariah status in the world. just building straight back at square one they don't really understand why even people who don't support the regime here particularly wonder why they'd be doubly punished bust by their own government and then again by the americans so. it's a fairly. clear richardson in washington explain to us if you can the president's strategy beyond let's just dump it. hi fellow essentially trampolines that this was a bad deal that was poorly negotiated and therefore he wants no part in it but it's not clear that there is a long term strategy beyond what seems to be the fact that he is looking to scupper
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the deal now he takes issue with some points in a particular essentially he believes it's too weak he thinks that there is so-called sunset clauses that allows some restrictions on iran's nuclear activity to expire after a number of years are no good he's unhappy about the fact that the existing deal does not address iran's support for groups like hezbollah or its support for groups that are fueling sectarian violence in the region in areas like syria and yemen and he doesn't like the fact that he doesn't seriously address the ballistic missile program now the deal supporters say it would be much easier to address those concerns of trumps with an iran that does not have a nuclear missile and of course the parties the other parties that signed on to this agreement in twenty fifteen believe that the deal is the best way to stop iran from getting a nuclear bomb but this is also largely about his philosophy of unpicking anything that was seen to be an achievement of the obama administration it was a landmark agreement and it was one of the key campaign promises that he would do
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obama's deal. so. brussels european close. today in brussels what's the european plan if the united states does walk away from this . well the question is is that a plan because the e.u. three britain france and germany have over and over reiterated that they will stick to the agreement we got as opposed to mr trump is doing right now they met today with iranian officials here in brussels and reassured them that the deal with. iran iran is also drawing from the deal so they were peons say we continue this because there is no alternative the deal has virk so far iran stop its nuclear program as far as united nations inspectors can tell and so that they try to convince mr trump and the administration the last month to negotiate about
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the other points you just mentioned from washington but this these are not part of the nuclear deal. i wonder eric randolph in tehran as far as the iranian government it is concerned if america does walk away from this just that and it just for a second said because it is one of seven eight coast signatures. yes president rouhani has explicitly said in the last couple of days that iran would stay in the deal even if the u.s. holdouts i think they really came to salvage as much as they can of the economic benefits that they depart from the deal with the europeans even if that has been fairly limited as a result of the pressure of the u.s. and the difficulties of doing trade with iran even after you know. that they're trying to go a very fine line you need you know they're very keen particularly to carry on having oil sales with the other signatories to the deal in the rest of the world
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but they also can't be seen to just be lying down trying to press ron he will have to to play a delicate balancing act between showing you know some resolve. and keeping some dignity while also trying to keep some of the benefits of the do just you mentioned there about the economic benefits the recruiter irradiance explain to us how life changed in the country because so very well let's talk about high level politics but in the end of the day this is about people how did life change. well in the end not very much sadly i think at the moment when the deal was signed there was great euphoria in the streets people came out people now horns dancing in the street saying this is a great run town of iran to the international stage people were elated people sort of rouhani was promising that there could be as much as fifty billion dollars
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a year in investment or going into iran there was even i was speaking to one businessman today who had several trips in the united states even where he had very productive towards. people people really developed and this could be a turnaround for the iranian economy which had been in extremely dire straits the sanctions the route posed by obama had really put pressure on but over the last year and a half especially since trump came in and did pretty clear those benefits are not accruing and actually reigning dong it really pretty much given up on the nuclear deal a lot of the focus now is on the entire no vision issues like civil liberties and. the problems with the economy which are not just related to america in the sanctions the final word claire richardson and tell us about the fault lines in washington how much support does the president actually have for this among lawmakers. well not so much in terms of public opinion we saw some polling saying
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first of all that there's not a big understanding of the deal among the american public more americans disapprove of it than are approved however the majority do not want to see withdrawal from the deal now what we're seeing in trump's new administration is a triad of iran hawks we have course have the new national security advisor john bolton and the even newer secretary of state. who have both been hardliners on iran and so with these men whispering in his ear it's not so surprising that we're seeing the president take a tough line on iran certainly he doesn't have support from his european allies on this you there are member last month we saw chancellor merkel and french president and the new american home both come to washington d.c. desperately trying to convince donald trump not to withdraw from the deal however it's looking increasingly like they did not have success clear richard in washington and. in brussels and regrown both winter thank you as well.
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i will bring you that i didn't from washington as soon as it is made you and you can watch that live here on the w.b. let's turn for the moment though to some of the other stories making news around the world north korea supremely decade and china's president xi jinping held a two day meeting in the north the chinese city of downey on my second such meeting in recent weeks as in she reportedly voiced support for a planned summit between mr kerry and donald trump that subject is expected to focus on north korea's nuclear program. are going to be russia's lawmakers have overwhelmingly voted to approve dmitri medvedev for any further russian prime minister this after the reelected president nominated his a long time ally for the job on the monday. previous to brown from twenty twelve. a bus has burst into flames in central rome leaving one woman slightly injured the driver stopped near the famous trevi fountain where he noticed smoke coming from the back police say a short circuit in the electrical system is to blame it's
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a ninety six place to affect the city's aging bus fleet this year. my dear is military says it has helped rescue more than a thousand people being held by the islamist militant group boko haram the hostages were rescued from villages in the northeastern state of borno most of them are women and children as well as our young men who were forced to fight. geologists in the united states say it is impossible to predict when hawaii is going away oh a volcano will stop erupting love erupted on the big island last thursday as you can see behind me there's very little but can hold it back about thirty five buildings have been destroyed and more than seventeen hundred people moved to safety the police have issued warnings to other residents to be ready to move at a moment's notice. where when why resident keith brought crittenton his home on sunday he was not expecting to see
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this in his backyard. like others in his neighborhood he was allowed to go back briefly to pick up belongings up to being evacuated last week. he later said the sound was as loud as one hundred trains and that the ground was bouncing up and down beneath his feet. this most recent activity of hawaii's kilauea way who've ok now began last week. a new fish opened up and began spewing hot lava and poisonous gases. scientists say that i'm able to predict how long the current eruption will go on well i think what we can say is this is not over. the seismicity continues. there are still magma within the river song and so i think in the foreseeable future this
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eruption is likely to continue. the site of lava moving slowly down the street makes a curiously compelling viewing. this speeded up video shows a car being almost entirely gulf. but it's also a disaster in the making for the eruption and the flow. complying to the small and i am who i speak i live. a place where homes in relativity because of the engine of the third report the american president has now taken the stage and that is listen to what is being said about iran your to steal to prevent iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon the iranian regime is the leading state sponsor of terror it exports dangerous missiles fuels conflicts across the middle east and supports terrorist proxies and militias such as hezbollah hamas the
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taliban and al-qaeda over the years uren and its proxies have bombed american embassies and military installations and murdered hundreds of american service members and kidnapped imprisoned and tortured american citizens the iranian regime has funded its long reign of chaos and terror by plundering the wealth of its own people no action taken by the regime has been more dangerous than its pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them. in twenty fifteen the previous administration joined with other nations in a deal regarding iran's nuclear program this agreement was known as the joint comprehensive plan of action or j c p o a. in theory the so-called iran
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deal was supposed to protect the united states and our allies from the lunacy of a rainy a nuclear bomb a weapon that will only endanger the survival of the arraigning in regime. in fact the deal allowed iran to continue enriching uranium and over time reach the brink of a nuclear breakout the deal lifted crippling economic sanctions on or in exchange for very weak limits on the regimes nuclear activity and no limits at all on its other malign behavior including its sinister activities in syria yemen and other places all around the world in other words at the point when the united states had maximum leverage this disastrous
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deal gave this regime and its a regime of great terror many billions of dollars some of it in actual cash a great embarrassment to me as a citizen and to all citizens of the united states a constructive deal could easily have been struck at the time but it was it at the heart of the iran deal was a giant fiction that a murder's regime desired only a peaceful nuclear energy program today we have definitive proof that this arabian promise was a lie last week israel published intelligence documents long concealed by iran conclusively showing the iranians regime and its history of pursuing nuclear weapons the fact is this was
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a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made. it didn't bring calm it didn't bring peace and it never will in the years since the deal was reached iran's military budget has grown by almost forty percent while its economy is doing very badly after the sanctions were lifted the dictatorship used its new funds to build nuclear capable missiles support terrorism and cause havoc throughout the middle east and beyond the agreement was so poorly negotiated that even if iran fully complies the regime can still be on the verge of a nuclear breakout in just a short period of time the deal sunset provisions are totally unacceptable if i allowed this deal to stand there would soon be
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a nuclear arms race in the middle east everyone would want their weapons ready by the time iran have their us making matters worse the deal's inspection provisions lacked adequate mechanisms to prevent detect and punish cheating and don't even have the unqualified right to inspect many important locations including military facilities not only does the deal fail to halt iran's nuclear ambitions but it also fails to address the regimes development of ballistic missiles that could deliver nuclear warheads finally the deal does nothing to constrain iran's destabilizing activities including its support for terrorism. since the agreement iran's bloody ambitions have grown
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only more brazen in a lot of these larynx flaws i announced last october that the iran deal must either be renegotiated or terminated three months later on january twelfth i repeated these conditions i made clear that if the deal could not be fixed the united states would no longer be a party to the agreement over the past few months we have engaged extensively with our allies and partners around the world including france germany and the united kingdom we have also consulted with our friends from across the middle east we are unified in our understanding of the threat and in our conviction that iran must never acquire a nuclear weapon after these consultations it is clear to me that we
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cannot prevent an iranian nuclear bomb on to the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement the iran deal is defective at its core if we do nothing we know exactly what will happen in just a short period of time the world's leading state sponsor of terror will be on the cusp of acquiring the world's most dangerous weapons therefore i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal in a few moments i will sign a presidential memorandum to begin reinstating u.s. nuclear sanctions on the uranian regime. we will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction any nation that helps iran in its quest
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for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the united states america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction and we will not allow a regime that chance death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth today's action sends a critical message the united states no longer makes empty threats when i make promises i keep them in fact at this very moment secretary pompei o is on his way to north career in preparation for my upcoming meeting with kim jong un plans are being made relationships are building hopefully
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a deal will happen and with the help of china south korea and japan a future of great prosperity and security can be achieved for everyone as we exit the iran deal we will be working with our allies to find a real comprehensive and lasting solution to the iranian nuclear threat this will include efforts to eliminate the threat of iran's ballistic missile program to stop its terrorist activities worldwide and to block its menacing activity across the middle east in the meantime powerful sanctions will go into full effect. if the regime continues its nuclear aspirations it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before finally i
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want to deliver a message to the long suffering people of iran the people of america stand with you it is now been almost forty years since this dictatorship seized power and took a proud nation hostage most of iran's eighty million citizens have sadly never known an iran that prospered in peace with its neighbors and commanded the admiration of the world but the future of the ran along to its people they are the rightful heirs to a rich culture and an ancient land and they deserve a nation that does justice to their dreams honor to their history and glory to god iran's leaders will naturally say that they refused to negotiate a new deal they refuse and that's fine i'd probably say the same thing if i
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was in their position but the fact is they are going to want to make a new and lasting deal one that benefits all of iran and the iranian people when they do i am ready willing and able great things can happen for ran and great things can happen for the peace and stability that we all want in the middle east there has been enough suffering death and destruction let it end now thank you god bless you thank you. so i was president donald trump that announcing the reform leader of the united states has withdrawn from the iran nuclear deal he said they had but the u.s. would work with its allies on eliminating iranian nuclear threats and he said that
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powerful sanctions will now come into full effect let's get analysis of this that of mr trump's speech there is signing the presidential order we will go to washington brussels and teheran for reaction to this. let's start let's start in washington with claire richards and welcome cliff so what stood out for you. mostly that this is a monumental foreign policy decision for both president trump's administration and in the history of the united states we've just heard him announcing a long expected as long expected intentions of paul of the united states out of the iran deal to reinstate sanctions we heard him call it a horrible one sided deal the same kind of language that he's used in the past to say that it was poorly negotiated and he said that he keeps his promises this is of course in reference to the fact that this was one of his key campaign pledges that
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he was going to do it and he's now standing before the american public and his supporters saying that he pulled the united states out of what was a bad deal now we also heard him say that mike pale is going to be setting up his meeting in north korea his suppose at upcoming meeting with the north korean leader kim jong un and this is really interesting because this comes at a moment just as the united states has withdrawn from the iran nuclear deal there's a lot of questions of whether it will make the u.s. look like a bad faith act or other nations that are looking at their own nuclear programs and how they could negotiate with the united states could see this as meaning that the united states is not good for its word when it signs on to an agreement like the iran nuclear deal and it's interesting that it's coming right before trump is going to north korea to achieve what he says is to achieve full denuclearization which he says is cold there let's go to to. be correspondent run cold. water we like you to respond. present.
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is to respond to you don't trump in the next hour or so on state television it's very unclear what he's going to say exactly. on what how they would respond to pulling out the house that they were staying in the deal if they can get guarantees from the europeans and russia or china or the other signatories to the deal there are also been threats that maybe they might scrap the or withdraw from the nonproliferation treaty they might ramp up uranium enrichment iran is going to have to tread a very delicate line between not being seen to simply lie down to mr trump but also was trying to sound as much as you can from the to your boy mind maintaining its relationships with the europeans and the others so that at least some of the trade
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and investment in benefiting from can continue. for. a few technical problems percentage i know you want to know and you've got to get a feel for tactical problems with you enter let's go to brussels to say we can sort those out first of all bent in brussels a us foreign policy chief federico mockery and he's due to speak in response to mr trump's and i spent in the next few minutes what i think we're going to hear. as she's in rome today and she reiterated what the european said in the last month the europe the you three great britain germany and france stick for the moment with this agreement as long as iran is fulfilling its commitment and despite donald trump the europeans say iran is indeed fulfilling its commitment and they don't believe what the israeli prime minister netanyahu. presented in the beginning of
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the week there is in the european i no evidence that the iran does not stick to the deal so there's a certain misunderstanding going misconception between washington and brussels c.-a and also the promise that mr trump of work with the allies well in brussels they hear that but they don't believe it because in the last few months there was no cooperation on this you know that really acted on this he didn't convince either mr mccollum the french press the president nor the german chancellor angela merkel who were both in washington to talk about that still and the question in brussels is also and mrs mcgreevey both of us this question as well what is the alternative how will you force iran to negotiate the u.s. and the allies have negotiated for eight years with iran to come to this point to come to this the what is the new leverage right now the u.s.
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mr trump is going back to square one putting sanctions in place on iran but what now. every randolph and let's give you the final word on this i wonder all that any actions any factions within the leadership that are going to welcome the u.s. withdrawal from that dale and the u.s. being seen as a bad faith that. show of the conservatives and the hardliners who always said this deal was a bad move that the americans cannot be trusted they're going to feel very indicated tonight they will point to the fact the president rouhani should never have done this deal that his entire policy of opening up to the world was misguided and they were for use that against him to also push back against his near liberal economic policies against this effort to improve civil liberties and human rights
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and so on and so it's going to put trayvon isn't ministration in a very difficult spot there is a very shocked between the moderates and the reformist someone hand on the conservative hardliners who despite what mr trump says there is still a very large percentage of this country that are very firmly behind the revolutionary idea. who do follow the revolutionary opposition and i'm mostly towards america in the election last year the hardline candidate took almost forty percent of the vote so quite a sizable chunk of the country a new leadership will see this as a indication for for. you should never trust america a good talk to you thank you so much for joining us a.f.p. correspondent eric randolph bent rigorous in brussels as well thank you claire richardson in washington thank you. so let us now go to how to hunt for the
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business to ask for the end for the economic impact of that decision fail thank you very much concerns now growing over to sleep just a bit se of the iranian economy off to president announced in that press conference that iran is to face the highest level of u.s. sanctions adding those sanctions would extend to any country that helps the country and what it calls a wrong and mission to produce nuclear weapons well ahead of trump's announcement european union said it was concerned that toughest sanctions could well push iran's economy to the point of collapse. the streets of tehran are in a sorry state the government only repairs the very worst sections of road and to do that they need machinery from abroad including cranes excavators and bulldozers when sanctions against iran with eastern twenty fifteen many western companies seize the opportunity to do business including many german companies back in the nineteen seventies iran was germany's second most important export market outside
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europe after the usa. last year iranian firms delivered goods worth four hundred million euros to germany above all oil according to the german chamber of industry and commerce germany for its part exported three billion euros worth of goods to iran. the easing of sanctions brought more than just machinery to iran they were also food products and over goods that created jobs to a total of six hundred thousand per year since twenty fifteen. but there isn't anywhere near enough a total of half of all females under thirty with high school diplomas and a third of all males in the same demographic are unemployed a return to economic sanctions against iran will only make the situation worse european countries don't want to risk contravening you. yes sanctions should they be resumed in the coming months but the european union which supports the iran
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nuclear deal has already made it clear it would take measures to protect its companies doing business there should say actions be reimposed. well let's bring in all financial correspondent in school to new york now who's been following this in jens what's the reaction where you was that on wall street well you know we are still short of detail and we do know that the u.s. is pulling out of the iran nuclear deal but to we don't know all the details of what will happen precisely when and then it also does cause some confusion down here on the floor of wall street we do see stocks trading a bit of a lower it has been a rather shaky trading session here but it was in a rather narrow trading and spend so that reaction right now is slightly to the downside but no dramatic reaction in stock prices yet no dramatic reaction just yet for really digesting the news but how could this potentially affect u.s.
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companies. well i mean one of the companies that is most exposed to iran is sexually boeing they have pending deals for about one hundred ten airplanes and a value of four billion dollars so that deal certainly isn't a japanese jeopardy are pretty unlikely to happen at all any time soon so the boeing stock is under a bit of pressure and also if you look at the oil industry overall the u.s. is not really importing any oil from iran but some of the u.s. allies like south korea or japan specifically are and the question is how will they react so with the new sanctions will they stop importing oil from iran and if so will that drive oil prices longer in the long term so we could see some impact on this site interestedly enough oil prices are losing. two percent into a day's trading session all right yes cortez for us on wall street thank you very much indeed. and it's back over that now to phil
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thanks for that we're going to talk more than about a president trump said decision to withdraw the united states from the iran nuclear deal joining me from london is that they got on my own who is senior policy fellow at the european council of foreign relations is a think tank a suit she was an advisor on the negotiations of the iran deal welcome to day w. so you'll have heard the news from the united states what does it feel like to see your work sort of torn up like this. well the question to you. you know i think this is being really you know in the works for a number of months really since october when president obama decided to set it he said to fly to congress that iran was a client and you could you know i do not was a wakeup call for many european capitals and those who have been working on the
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patients of the nuclear deal and so we have been getting the pair to be for this moment for some for some months but i think that it is certainly deep regret for many european capitals that the u.s. has decided to take such suits and decisive destroy action when this multinational it meant that it only took over ten years to achieve so here's the thing i'm every one of the right for the detail to emerge but america's withdrawal and and its imposition of sanctions on iran does not necessarily kill the deal. we know what it does. actually it does amount to a us why lation or possibly us cheating but it's a big ations under the nuclear deal. and a commitment from the united states to wait us economic sanctions in particular while one of the main pillars and components of this nuclear it green and now it
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remains to be seen if the european governments were part of this deal together with russia and china and iran to find a way eighty thousand feet remained in a way that incentivizes iran to carry on commuting its obligations to restraining contain its nuclear program absent u.s. participation and i think we're going to see some movement on that from from the europeans in the coming days etc you raise a really interesting point because we save and this wedge perhaps being driven between the united states and europe because how do the rest of the coast signatories incentivize iran to keep to the deal with ours present time saying this is look back they give bettering mall good money after bad well like china russia and europeans have to think very carefully not just by the way because i think the nuclear security aspects of this deal but also
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wider issue particularly for the europeans and the chinese care about trade policy with the united states and to what extent they aren't willing to essentially extract and overreach of the u.s. secondly sanctions that completely undermine their own foreign policy strategic initiatives and goals good talking to you thank you so much for joining us and they got on my from the european council of foreign relations. so you're watching the d.w.i. news let me recap about said news for you president trump of america has pulled the united states out of the iran nuclear accord he's also signed a document reinstating sanctions against iran and he described the agreement in a sigh horrible one sided deal that didn't bring peace and never will and i want to other news the news of video from the u.s. is going viral globally you may have already seen it is called this is america by us rapper childish gambino i did include some scenes are hard to watch one big
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question for you is what's the message behind some of what it shows well this show from d w social media joins us to walk us through the discussion a welcome liz let's start with the clip itself what's getting attention well phil first of all it is a very it creative but also provocative and pretty vile and at times we can take a look at some parts of that video. that we're not. going to have been on. the. look. you know. of any.
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so you see there phil it starts out pretty cheerful yeah but then it goes on to address issues like gun violence in the u.s. and this has really taken off on social media it is trending worldwide take a look at this map all the red dots that you see this is people on twitter who are using the hash tag this is america and also mentioning the childish gambino his name everybody is talking about him and the video right now and now many might know a child him you know as a musician his real name is doll glover he's also a u.s. actor and he did receive an anime a letter not an emmy sorry a grammy last year for his song redbone but he has never managed to create as much buzz as he did with this video and this video is what was it two and a half or three minutes long but loads of different interpretations of it.
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absolutely it's four minutes and everybody tells us that they know what childish gambino is trying to a say in of the video the message that he is trying to convey one user for example says the video is about how we easily forget about the shootings and tragedies and get distracted by silly dances means and viral videos he says the video to him was very powerful we have a social logis from the us she said as the today's the second day of her thinking about this is america i find it interesting that so many said that they watched it forty thousand times the fact that the masses have be appetite to watch black people being ironically murdered again and again is itself a devastating commentary on the country oh lots of activists also giving their opinions here for example shaun king who is with the black lives matter he says i
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think i've watched this is america ten times now it has so many layers and layers and layers college courses could be taught on this video it's art of the highest degree and we even have the group that organized national school walkouts in the us to protest against the mass shootings at schools they're praising this video they say it is bold it is gripping and it's masterful the stats are horrifying they say black children are ten times more likely to be killed by guns than their white counterparts for you i'm yielding commitments to the transformative power of art thank you mr glover and now there are also people a lot of activists that we have seen with said they will not be sharing this on social media because they find it very disturbing and they don't want to also show gun violence on the social media and we would really like our viewers to tell us what they think about this video they can tweet us at the news. show thank you so much for that. i bowl and
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played host to the german football ambassador awards tonight with a legendary german player and coach taking one of the top honors the w. is a media partner for the shoes event and ed mcmahon bridge from the sports desk is here to tell us what happened welcome had so let's start by telling us first of all more about the awards themselves so these these awards basically an opportunity to reward players and coaches german players and coaches working abroad and conveying the country in a positive light to people around the world now it's an incredibly prestigious event the foreign minister heiko mauls was on hand to dish out one of the awards past winners include the likes of the best in china miroslav klose thomas hitzlsperger i mean is it earlier also incipience this year or in foreign company ok some big names on that list which players and coaches were awarded this year or joining the last cost of names this year was laura scariest the liverpool goalkeeper he started out his little pool career you know it wasn't easy for him at
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first but he's now the number one choice heading towards the champions league final which is actually fantastic to him but also get angles on the other big award of the knights the coaching award he spent thirty years as an educator and a coach in japan either side of a stint as the mozambique coach he's also set up a number of schools and basically encourage an exchange program between german and japanese footballers so incredibly colorful career and a worthy party worthy recipient well the it sounds like a character the other half and let's speak to the man himself or get angles with of the coaching ambassador awards yeah it's true to be with us so. so while we wait for that to happen ed you could tell us more about some of the other recipients well the honorary award this year went to. just an absolutely incredible career he's now the afghan national team coach he spent fifty seven. he is in his
8:46 pm
coaching career nineteen countries three different continents so i mean you can't think of anyone more worthy of an ornery award than an autumn fister and so this this this is what sort of level within the within football german football well it's basically just like you say a reward for the whole you know all the football is around the world bringing together social you know the social side of life the full sort of bring it all together its way. through the lives of people all over the world and these recipients have been real ambassadors for germany let us speak about her through it one of those recipients that get angles who won the coaching ambassador award has joined us so welcome mr engels congratulations tell us what it means to receive an award like this thank you very much thank you for having me there yes it's a big honor for me to be presented represent from from germany to to
8:47 pm
receive this award thank you very much and you clearly live and breathe the game what is it about football that brings people from all over the world together i think football as a very simple game idea. brings people together everybody loves it and sometimes easier to communicate by football then to have to talk in different languages. well congratulations again thank you so much for joining us to get angles. and we can preserve thank you for joining us as well mccambridge from d w sports now let us move on people are calling it one of the biggest mismatches in the history of sports and for good reason a tiny club from western fronts will take on european powerhouse perry sondra in the french cup final tonight the underdogs have never played such
8:48 pm
a big guy. a giant wellcome for a small club perhaps the biggest ever this was after they reached the dizzying heights of the french cup final. now have a david versus goliath battle ahead of them the third division club will take on the big boys french giant amman in a stadium sixteen times bigger than their own. situation i think it's a spectacular final honestly because it brings together all of the football the amateurs side the professional side so often we have the tendency to separate as in this final there will be football with a capital as. if to put the gap between these two cups into perspective take a look at their finances. annual budget is two million euros and you can barely see it it's just a sliver compared to p.s.g.
8:49 pm
spike hundred forty million now try to wrap your head around this. two million would only cover the salary of the world's most expensive payout may ma for sixteen days anything less than a victory for p.s.g. superstars would cause huge embarrassment. is what. you have the responsibility to win if you draw it's a catastrophe if you lose it's even worse so we have a responsibility but we're confident we'll play well. it's as if a lazy a.b.a. didn't have enough on a plate in the team a fighting relegation from the third division but for now there's plenty of optimism in the air and why not. have sold fifteen thousand tickets for the final and that's practically the entire population of the town. if you did a billion years the live from the lead so quite a momentous evening we had today let me just read a recap what has happened in the course of the last half an hour also a present to trump has that taken the united states out of the iran nuclear accord
8:50 pm
it's also signed a presidential memorandum reinstating sanctions against iran it described the iran nuclear deal as a horrible one sided affair that didn't bring peace and never will. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is an outspoken opponent of the iran nuclear deal and now he's been one of the first politicians one of the politicians across the world to react to the trump statement here's some of what he had to say. israel fully supports president trump's board decision today to reject the disastrous nuclear deal with the terrorist regime into a run israel is opposed the nuclear deal from the start because we said that rather than blocking the iran's path to a bomb the deal actually paves the runs to an entire arsenal of nuclear bombs and this within a few years time the removal of sanctions under the deal has already produced
8:51 pm
disastrous results the deal didn't push war further away it actually brought it closer to the deal didn't reduce iran's aggression it dramatically increased. its prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu now one of the signatures to the iran deal of the european union then top diplomat federico ma greeny has called on the international community to stick to the iran deal despite u.s. withdrawal despite u.s. withdrawal and the reimposition of sanctions on tehran is some of what federica money had to say. and union will remain committed to the continued full and effective implementation of the nuclear. we fully trust the war the competence and the autonomy of the international atomic energy agency that's published reports certify that it on has fully complied with its commitments. the lifting of nuclear
8:52 pm
related sanctions is an essential part of the agreement the european union has repeatedly stressed that the lifting of nuclear related sanctions has a positive impact not only on trade and economic relations with iran but also on mainly crucial benefits for the iranian people the european union is fully committed to ensuring that this continues to be delivered on. so federica more green than a u. foreign policy chief saying that the e.u. will soldier on with this deal i speak to brussels correspondent and really get welcome at that so the e.u. determines that this deal will stick how can it when one of the major players is now withdrawn. if it ever become agreed is deeply disappointed with the assessment on a trend just gave and this is basically disapproving with everything he said she said
8:53 pm
this deal is crucial for the security not only in the region also for europe and for the rest of the world and she's she even spoke directly to the uranian people in said let nobody tear apart this deal. but she also says she she wants to consult of course. and she wants to protect the economic interests of the european union this is a clear signal that a confrontation between brussels and washington is in the making and it's not clear at this point how these interests can be put together again this that there's a big rift between washington and brussels across across the atlantic because of course the a you and the u.s. are already fighting over they say u.s. steel and a medium a tariffs what happens when the united states starts pain allies in a u. countries for dealing with iran. they use also trying to protect its own companies
8:54 pm
now because the sanctions. unilaterally imposed by the united states and trump also threaten that other countries would be affected by this know that you would come up with some measures to work around this and some models you can apply it to protect your own companies from this and the last weeks and months we will see that that you words to try to do that so that the u.s. sanctions will not be as fit as effective as they have been when they've applied internationally let's go to washington where we join correspondent declare richest and pledge just to flesh out some of that sound bite that we heard from donald trump what is the u.s. proposing. clever sorry if i didn't hear that question all right so we have just heard donald trump say that the united states is going to be withdrawing from the iran deal
8:55 pm
which is a momentous decision in u.s. foreign policy the treasury's going to start implementing ninety and one hundred eighty day wind down periods as part of reinstating sanctions it's a complicated process but we were also expecting that perhaps this would happen as a way to sort of buy time in which iran could potentially come back to the negotiating table during that period or whether when the united states could find some kind of agreement with europe during it as those go into place i clarity in washington thank you ben we get to brussels as well thank you. so this is the doubly news life from just time to recap our top story this hour and present to trump house withdrawal of the united states from the iran nuclear deal he's also signed the presidential memorandum reinstating sanctions against iraq he described this as a horrible one sided deal that didn't bring peace and never will no forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download out from google player from the apple store i'll give
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you know. this is g.w. news live from berlin a campaign promise kept a move trying to prevent us president pulls the united states out of the iran's nuclear deal. in just a short period of time the world's leading state sponsor of terror will be on the cusp of acquiring the world's most dangerous weapons. therefore i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal.


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