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climate change. pollution. isn't it time for good news. at africa people and projects that are changing fire meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire each other. going to be a fireman magazine. on d w. i will and welcome to drive in the need of the motor magazine coming up and gyal encourage the toyota yaris g.r. man. practical for daily living a noble saffir a with a built in bike rack. and auto china the latest and greatest from the beijing motor
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show. below why him alone zone is our current estimate is correct one is at the of enjoying some great weather he says not here in beijing sun and blue skies are rare there are way too many cars here making too much smog and a couple of plants on the grounds that can't make up for it. in this method to live with me. but there is a glimmer of hope that chinese authorities are pushing electric cars harder than any other government on the planet there aren't many on the street yet but there are plenty on display at the show. a friend of mine but this is the most of the chinese car makers have at least one electric car and they're lined up ready for launch or already in the showrooms and other producers only focus on electric drive it in team will be tats. along with
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its id family of electric drive cars folks wagon introduced another new brand at the event it's a joint venture with chinese manufacturer g a c. its first model be twenty x. is due on the market there in the third quarter this year. the job elect will be w.'s new c.e.o. says electric cars make sense in china because cities desperately need to improve their air quality people are committed to the concept here and that's an opportunity for a car maker has a very good market share in dealership network he says and can sell a lot of electric cars quickly upsets and could in v.n. . alongside its classy gasoline powered nine eleven g t three r.s. poor ship also showcased an electric model at first glance the mission he crossed to respond resembles a panamera sports or a small but it rides higher puts out four hundred forty kilowatts of power and has
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a five hundred kilometer range on a single charge. of the same a porsche as head of marketing says electra mobility is really taking off and developing very fast not just because of support from the government here but also because porsche has shown the technology to be a great fit to the brand the emotional element is untouched in fact in performance improves it and that resonates very positively what chinese customers that name the much as says that along with the mobility another letter is important for car sales in china the l. as in long version. so only has brought the longest car it makes to beijing the eight l. the five metre thirty lecture a sedan offers all the comfort in the says systems of its shorter age sibling and even the tallest of passengers will find plenty of leg room and back.
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competitor mercedes has arrived with its a class very emphatic shorter but still plenty long enough and initially only the long version will be offered in china the four meter sixty sedan as he will be six centimeters longer than the hatchback model that has four hundred twenty leaders or cargo space and the do a clutch of seven here transmission is standard. the world premiere at the lexus stand isn't exclusively for the chinese market the seventh generation has tops out at four meters ninety and is one of the few front wheel drive sedans in the class in europe it's already replacing the g.s. so in the future lexus will only offer one model in the luxury segment. if you like it even longer though you'll have to go for
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a bentley the move extended wheelbase draws it out to five meters eighty two. compared to that the lecturer he has been taking is five meters for team seemed almost dainty the smaller version of the off road or with aviator engine is out now in china the roads here aren't built for serious speed anyway and the smaller engine brings huge tax savings. the s.u.v. concept strikes a chord with customers all over the world designers of the mercedes my box ultimate luxury are trying to tap into that with their uber s.u.v. which also has some traits more commonly associated with us finance. the latest offering from skoda in the class the coming week. comes with
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a much more reasonable price tag and a more traditional business i. guess is if the brands c.e.o. says the s.u.v. market in china has a special dynamic sales in the segment is doubled over the last three years he comments and experts expect demand to remain i. become eke rounds outscored his portfolio with a more economical option than the kodiak or car rock. many might this says at the motor show he noticed that compared to last year chinese manufacturers have cut up a lot and terms of design technology quality and especially innovation in the electro mobility if that trend for innovation continues in china he says then he sees a chance that sunny days like this one could really become a more common occurrence in beijing. and i want him in on the on the side and so when it does it.
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for you go to yonkers g.r. him and around the curve from a racing vehicle to one that's street legal the inspiration for this little city car came from the w r c version that carried toyota back to the world rally championship in two thousand and seventeen for the first time in seventeen years. the amount o'shea for says g r m and stands for guys who are racing masters of nerve are going the track where they are a sport was developed the g r m and is toyota's high performance model of what an am is to b.m.w. and am jeter mercedes. the g.r. m. and a has been tuned to outperform the most powerful series production jarosz by one hundred horsepower or seventy four kilowatts one point eight leader supercharged engine puts out a one hundred fifty six k. . watts and propels the car to electronically kept top speed of two hundred thirty
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kilometers an hour the addition is limited to just six hundred worldwide built in france two hundred are destined for japan with the other four hundred remaining in europe. has no complaints about handling he takes it swiftly around the curves and says it cruises sweetly down country roads a new suspension is nice and tight he can till the engineers put a lots of work into it to you in a bank it is. better to amanda a can test the g.r. a man's limits on public roads without breaking the law so he heads to an older field to see how it handles when pushed as hard as it will go. without. me i think it is but i. but first he takes a quick look at what's says that she are in and apart from it's more domestic rather there's the sportier suspension and stronger brakes of course as well as
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striking racing colors on the black and red decals. are sizable roof spoiler enhanced as aerodynamics. and of the same i know i would never try these zero to one hundred sprinted maximum acceleration on public roads but here there is nothing to stop it like a. one of them all the irish reached one hundred kilometers per hour in under six and a half seconds he's impressed. now he moves on to the new. test
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slaloming through the cones in mine all wants to find out how dynamic the steering issues their reinforced chassis with that visual bracing and the shocks were especially two shorter springs keep the car writing low. and i know i was having fun rounding the pylons in the hours but knows you can't take full advantage of its possibilities so he asked for some help from rally driver he's older. than you go to. the multiple women's rally world champion knows her way around cars besides that as she knows that especially when slowing through the course and she or him in stays extremely stable even as its weight shifts. and it corners fabulously as it should so it's very easy to keep under control would be a. bus that makes it fun
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for result it drives the one hundred extra horsepower and great response when she hits the gas especially with a more aggressive driving style is not. yet. finally the amount of all sizes of the interior the seats were made exclusively for the g r m and the steering wheel has the centerline typical of motor sports only one thing deference his enthusiasm often even if almost all the g.r. a man's are already sold a manual says it was interesting to see what the guys who are reaching did with the bog standard jarosz and he looks forward to future toyota models and bear the same letters. b.m.w. has rolled out an open version i would see new plug in. i hate the i hate roadster
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unlike the closed version it's only available as a two seater the roadster has a fully automatic soft top that folds down within fifteen seconds and speeds up to fifty kilometers per hour b.m.w. says the model has a fifty three kilometer range on all electric power. said twenty has worked over its c four cactus compact s.u.v. crossover and now sports a more mature design and a new suspension and the infamous air bombs have been foreshortened and said much lower than on its predecessor also new is the advance comfort suspension it's noticeably gentler unable to smooth over charcoals said twenty four cactus starts at just under seventeen thousand five hundred euros in germany.
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three generations of the opus of fear i have set a standard for family vance we set out to discover what exactly makes it so practical for everyday driving. opening car testimony let's take things opals description of this affair and as a lounge on four wheels is a bit overblown does it offer really maximum comfort and flexibility checking out the claim. is test car is a true leader diesel with a six speed automatic transmission it puts out one hundred twenty five kilowatts of power and makes the leap from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in ten point one seconds all four rates average fuel consumption at six point one liters per one hundred kilometers in germany the sephira with the innovation trim starts in just over thirty six thousand five hundred euros because of a similar lecture is this test car was for almost forty five thousand euro.
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that's a test ronnie points out of three driving those from the make a tronic suspension also known as flex write their normal tour and sport for taking fast curves with the majority unusual for this segment sport is the way to go he says tour mode moves out bombs without making the driver view he's lost contact with the pavement . in front this affair is grille has grown wider and gained a chrome bar that connects with more aggressive looking headlights. one thousand and shallowly wheels are included with the special extras package. the design and back has been freshened up a bit as well. opal has largely dispensed with the panels of buttons in the interior making it look a little cloudy here and more modern along with a seven inch monitor there's
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a fear of features a full range of drivers assists including a front camera plane keeping assistants and forward collision warning. seats both in front and banneker quite comfortable. incarnations of the sephira have been on the road for nearly twenty years now soldiering on right through the s.u.v. boom even as many other car makers sacrifice their family vans to the trend. ronnie says drivers need flexibility they might want to take the whole family along or a bike or two but there's no trailer hitch so all designed a system for the sephira called flex fit well it can accommodate up to four bicycles it's all packaged neatly and always on board at the time to see how it works he sets the puck well miss wilson it. ronnie observes that
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a bike rack would normally be too booky to carry around all the time but on the severe or the flex that deploys at the pull of a lever. on public. if it's to get you security here and start loading up. the next question is how do you shut the trunk will be no problem the entire rack can be back so the hatch closes easily. because. then the bicycles can be fitted into the rack and secured. the second bicycle is loaded the same way i'm optional adaptor kids will take a third and fourth bike as well. to open after is dr
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rani guess what opal means by a lounge on four wheels in the performance you don't have to avoid the fast lane he says and the car's flexibility has something for everyone or their five or seven seats to bicycles are for he thinks the severest worth taking into consideration. but flexibility isn't free and germany buyers opting for the practical flex fix bike racks have to pay an extra eight hundred forty euros. taking a classic brazilian sports car out for a spin today our car expert could stop power is driving in one nine hundred seventy six well it's wagon and speed to from one nine hundred sixty four to one thousand nine hundred five brazil was under military rule and the generals didn't want to see any foreign vehicles on the roads so they imposed extremely high import duties which made it virtually impossible to buy cars from abroad it's not the first time
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says they're going to brazil was established in one nine hundred fifty three as one of the v.w. groups for some serious and it's still an important one today. in the late one nine hundred sixty s. for the good over lighting was the boss but later he became chairman of outing in the most wagon group he wanted to market a prestigious project and began developing his own sports car project x. was born into x. . the technology was borrowed from the brazilian version of the most wagon to a three a compact sedan closely related to the good old v.w. beetle. but how did they manage to turn a practical and functional german model into one without firing a latin temperament. and they got the first out says a team of designers and engineers got the car ready for serious production in record time just two years ago it was hardly mass production it is that the car was never
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destined for export when i first just three a day world off the assembly line up to twenty thousand people times and the new sports car that was christened s.p. for sell paolo and where v.w. don't bristle has its headquarters and works as well to put up one step in front of the. total development costs for the most wagon s.-p. amounted to sixteen million dollars for march relatively low but that's because most of the parts came from other models and the creative minds had v.w. no brazil simply designed the rest themselves they shapely sheet metal body was formed and welded up the carman plant in brazil. cut out of the cigar they got krista knows that the s.p. two was advertised as a gun she got out of
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a grand arrival eyes the brazilians quickly realized the car's performance failed to live up to would support a looks that soon wags redefined as p. to mean the ensample ten c.f.b. . or no power and i it's sixty five horsepower engine take seventeen seconds to push the car from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour at the end reaching the top speed of one hundred sixty one kilometers per hour takes the patience of job at the braking distance is also long for a sports car from a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour the rear drum in front just breaks only bring the car to a complete stop after a full sixty meters. cockpit christo says the s p two is cockpit would catch any sports car fans i think huge handcrafted dash features six instruments a small sports steering wheel
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a shorter gear stick and extremely low mounted leather seats that make don't provide much lateral support that no matter and the steering straight east luggage but so what if that and the gears are extremely close together but who cares when you look at this let's get the first sketches for the s.p. two were made by me that we had all resumed boston lighting himself who showed them who was why vogue editor to get her approval because with its long wide shaved french and rounded rear the sporty brazilian was supposed to capture the women's hearts two hearts and better recently in designer marcio pianka stephanie provided the finishing touches to be this long close snout with a twin headlights would later be used in the german v.w. for twelve like the s.p. two itself never made it across the atlantic because it's the front headlights and sat through the low to comply with european and us normal scottish norms it's been fun trying to tif the clique shot at.
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buyers could order various p two n one zero forty i pop in one nine hundred seventy s. colors this one was called gunshot. or autumn orange. reflecting pinstripes provided a nice contrast to the brightly colored paint. but inside the color palette was limited to beige or black leather seats in a radio or optional luggage could be stored in either the rear or the trunk of the front. the hottest air that's the first stuff tells us the chassis came from the brazilian v.w. six hundred which was based on the beetle so the air cooled engines right at the back and breeze through these air intake deals on the size and here it is the flat for boxer engine and this case for the one point seven leaders at capacity and
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sixty five horsepower and first they also produce the s.p. one with a fifty three horsepower engine off but demand was so low that just one hundred sixty two were ever made either way the boxer could have used it in a bit more power though thanks to a special exhaust system it sounds rather throughout a lot of civic fitness so. unfortunately seals of the coop you go brazil were limited and almost entirely to his homeland just six hundred eighty one were exported to africa the middle east and the dominican republic and that likely had something to do with its high price tag the s.p. to cost twenty nine thousand seven hundred present was brazil's currency at the time back then that was more than sixteen thousand dollars for march a rough week eight thousand euros. common here christiane
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says in one nine hundred seventy want to karmann ghia sold for some eight thousand dortch marks while in a speed to cost twice that much. so not only was it not fast it was not cheap and its timing wasn't very good either because in one nine hundred seventy one the car's creator would overnighting left to join the most wagon board and wall sport there he initiated a radical change of direction instead of air cooled rear engine he advocated the use of water cooled front engines and body on kramer had to make way for anybody construction. in one nine hundred seventy four v.w. introduced the shirakawa in germany the sporty compact was far more of today and technically sophisticated than the s.v. due we've shared serious weaknesses its fuel tank for instance held just twenty eight leadership the car goes from twelve leaders per one hundred kilometers so despite its lovely design the s.p. two remain united christo says that the s p two was anything but
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a well engineered series production car more of an exotic d.i.y. model but it still enjoyed great success between one nine hundred seventy two and one nine hundred seventy six over ten thousand were built and three w.'s new boss rudolph lighting brought one to germany as a birthday present for his wife elle got it would help to develop their designs and of if they kept it and to this day many car experts think e.s.p. two is the most beautiful clear engine volkswagen ever made. so for christophe it's an absolute cement a clock that they espied to is a milestone and automotive history. there were plans for a successor the s p three it was to have a water cooled engine but it never made it past the prototype stage if you asked me to research still around today rush has eaten away at the legacy of this presumably and dream car. coming
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soon to drive it we test the new mercedes a classic whip with speech control technology. and small but big on luxury the ford fiesta vinyasa c.n.n. . paul.
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the but. it was the summer troopers and the nine two seven. the band they split up and fans told her union for over three decades. move now they've recorded a couple of new songs but. clinton. an
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exclusive interview with the french president. abbas and hamas stirring up france europe and the world the beneath the rising star of global politics the interview going to make sunday w. . the ball. closing for the white house. round is shaking now but the so much about who is your favorite team. in the gym is not going to win and that's a good kid in europe to come up against the entire country champion for free and fearless for the last sixty years to do it for mines.
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israel seventy. two displaced nations at odds over one home loans featured in our program. when robin and professor agreed on peace but an assassin put an end to that train. to returning peace with the news to the displaced peoples to fight for their homeland israel seventeen years may twelfth on t.w. of all broadcast times online. wants to see what's going on the knowledge of the emergence of that you know what you have to do to fight it. the sharp microscope of that big bend the fall there will come better and better and better over the years we will end the ten dollars for a golf ball a third of the firewood in fact of the molecular did though and therefore it would also be possible to find it much more easily by word to speculate about what's
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going on in the fifty i can't imagine that you will understand the cause of god much better and then to do with the number of cancer cases there is still for good the lives of much more fulfilling life because many could see this shortcomings called the faith thing can't be called correct at the large degree yet because they had to for a long appeared adult life. i've . u.s. president donald trump has withdrawn the united states from the iran nuclear deal he signed a memorandum reinstating sanctions against iran after pointing the accord horrible and one sided in an address before siding trump described iran as the leading state sponsor of terror don't trump had previously resisted lobbying from the signatories
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to the deal inspect. armenia's parliament has elected opposition leader in a competition in as prime week minister last.


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