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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2018 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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the germans starting may thirteenth on g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin president dahlan from the united states out of the iran nuclear deal. we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction and we will not allow regimes the chance death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapon. in iran's parliament
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scenes of anger over the president's move we'll have analysis of what the u.s. withdrawal means for the region and for key u.s. allies also coming up. is asia seen the emergence of a new power block to rival the u.s. leaders of china japan south korea gather for trilateral talks in tokyo. pedophiles are afraid in moscow commemorates the red army is victory over nazi germany in world war two we'll go live to the annual show on russian national product. and glitz and glamour on the french riviera the countdown festival opens with stars out on the red carpet but it's europe's most prestigious film festival at risk of becoming passe.
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i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us on there have been scenes of anger in the iranian parliament after president trump pulled the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal the top parliamentarian saying taran no longer has an obligation to honor that agreement france says there's now a real risk of confrontation in the region and has announced european signatories will meet with iranian representatives next week to discuss the new situation president trump has also signed a memorandum reinstating u.s. sanctions against iran. the world watched as donald trump scrapped a deal that took over a decade to achieve. service it is clear to me that we cannot prevent an iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement. therefore i am announcing today that the united
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states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. trump signed a memorandum to reinstate harsh economic sanctions on iran most notably in the oil and energy sectors. oh efforts by european allies to dissuade him had been in vain the european union's foreign policy chief it did he come again he couldn't hide her gret as she urged for unity the european union will remain committed to the continued and effective implementation of the nuclear. we fully trust the war the competence and the autonomy of the international atomic energy agency that has published reports certify that it on has fully complied with its commitments. even if europe remains many fear that trumps move or will
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prompt a backlash by iran president a son rouhani said his country might resume nuclear activities if a deal without the us will not guarantee its interests. or. tech try to reach out to not we've witnessed an important historical experience cish fadi what we've been saying and repeating for the pos forty years has now happened once more iran is a country that is low to its commitments and the united states is a country that has never stuck to its commitments to hold. us back in washington donald trump said he wants to work with the u.s. allies to find what he called a real solution to the iranian nuclear threat but his decision has left many of those allies facing uncertainty as they try to avoid an escalation that's hardly in anybody's interests. and let's get more on this story now what did have you
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correspondent in brussels and eric randolph in tehran good morning to both of you eric if we could start with you there are reports of iranian members of parliament burning an american flag in response to this news that sounds a lot like a return to the bad old days of us arain relations what do you make of it. oh right in it officials like to do things like burning american flags and they love the death to america chant largely because they know how much it riles up the americans in washington and it. is pretty standard fare. but there is a very sharp this division at the moment between everybody condemns trump's moves but what the response should be whether they should abandon their quote entire they show results. or whether they should try to salvage what they can there's not a lot of faith that the europeans have despite the european statements that they want to stay in the deal that they can resist washington pressure ok let's get
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a go now in brussels europe has been trying to hold this deal together it couldn't convince the president not to bailout what's the plan now from the e.u. has really gone into damage control mode here the french foreign minister this morning made clear again that the deal for him is not sadat and that the french president will talk to his counterpart rouhani today that on monday foreign ministers from france from germany from the u.k. will meet with iranian representatives to find out how to move forward the objective at the moment really being that iranian radical forces are prevented from exploiting the situations and that the cause of diplomacy that this store remains open in iran. what about this development in terms of a dangerous escalation in this region is very volatile what are people saying to rant about that. in terms of the region there's not much discussion on that
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it's a slightly you subject to ron at the moment is trying to tread a line between wanting to show the result of also wanting to try and maintain as much as possible so it doesn't want to make any direct threats it doesn't want to play into the israeli hands by saying that it will attack israel will cause trouble in other parts of the region. rather stood on the topic of the bundle but certainly it has the potential and the influence across the middle east to cause trouble for western interests and the americans ok israel's very concerned about that what about tehran reportedly building up its north terry forces on the border till that israel in terms of its forces like the iranian guards well that's certainly been israel's concern as the syrian conflict evolves that
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iran which has built up considerable influence on forces in syria can now turn those forces against israel but iran has always maintained that whilst it does want to resist israel and it doesn't recognize israel's right to exist that it is not interested in a direct military attack that it simply wants to support the palestinians in whatever they decide that's been the line that they've stuck to you throughout and i think we'll see them maintaining the position at least in the short term while they try to salvage what they can of the nuclear do ok how would europe respond should iran as it has threatened start resuming work to become a nuclear power. at the moment the position of brussels is as long as iran sticks to the deal so will the e.u. and there's no reason to believe from the european side with the european the tom international atomic energy agency basically certified ten times now
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that iran is in full compliance with its obligations that this is a scenario but but let's be clear the european position is even if there are lies even if there is or has been what misconduct the only way forward is to keep diplomatic channels open and not go down the road of isolation and further sanctions but to keep diplomatic channels open and for that the iran deal is a key objective eric let's talk about the people of iran right now how would they re imposition of sanctions on iran affect the everyday people of iran. well there's already an economic crisis happening in this country we've seen the currency these a third of its value in the last six months a lot of both iranians of moving their cash out of the country tis a patient of the truck decision and we were already had serious problems of
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joblessness. mismanagement and bending costs. nuclear do not really brought many of the benefits that president rouhani had promised. last it's not going to have a huge impact in some senses but it will just further reduce the confidence people have been here on to me and it's going to bite specially if we see prices starting to rise so much drove protests just a few months ago. and could do so again ok but again you know it's not just iranian business interests at stake european businesses are under threat as well the u.s. ambassador richard grinnell said that german companies quote doing business in iran should wind down their operations immediately is that a direct threat from the u.s. aimed at europe stephanie quite a statement there in germany look at the it is
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a substantial threat of course because it could take things from from bad to worse it's already bad enough from the european perspective here that the all the key efforts all the diplomatic efforts of the e.u. all of member states of the e.u. of of two security council a members it drew to convince the u.s. that dropping this deal is the wrong option has let's do nothing but it would be much worse if we match in a scenario where a counter sanctions are put in place against a key european ally from the u.s. so clearly it's a threat that creates big concerns here in europe because a lot of concerns out there this morning derek madison brussels and eric randolph and tehran thanks very much. we have some breaking news coming at this hour several huge explosions have gone off in kabul gunfire is also been reported afghan police are saying at least one of the explosions targeted
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a police station there fearing casualties the afghan capital israel recently seen an upsurge in violence after the taliban began a spring offensive against the government no one's claimed responsibility at this point we'll bring you more information as it comes in it's to moscow now where victory day celebrations are taking place right now to commemorate the defeat of nazi germany in world war two the parade at red square moscow is the highlight it draws massive crowds every year it's also a show of military might with tanks and flame flyovers displaying the country's very latest military hardware israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in attendance at this parade and he is expected to be holding talks with the russian president. u.s. secretary of state might bump ayos travel to pyongyang ahead of an historic summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un impale is said to
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finalize plans for the meeting they're going yang is also at the top of the agenda in tokyo where the chinese prime minister because shome is meeting his japanese counterparts shinzo abbay and south korean leader. in no it is the first time in nearly three years that these countries have met for talks they're aiming to come up with a common position ahead of those american north korean discussions japan's abbay says that his country is ready to settle its decades old dispute with north korea. that's the cut. on the seeks to settle the unfortunate wartime past with the north and normalize if north korea takes concrete steps to abandon nuclear and missile programs. of course it will call three leaders today how to frank exchange of opinions regarding how to get north korea to change its current policy and start walking a right path to build a bright future he meets your i me at how the media your guy. they
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didn't film it isn't it there that i thought i knew on this so it took me. to my sins are there we're going back to our story from moscow about the commemoration day parade now underway in red square we're joined from our there by our moscow correspondent emily sure when emily can you fill us in first of all on why victory day remains such an immensely important holiday for so many russians. yes absolutely it's one of the most important holidays here in russia in fact the most important holiday for russians and for russia now surveys say that the soviet victory over nazi germany is actually the main source of national pride here in russia people here refer to it to the war as the great patriotic war in many ways it provides the foundations of national identity here and post soviet russia but
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it's not just a day of victory people are also commemorating the great suffering that took place here after all nearly thirty million soviet soldiers and civilians were killed during fighting during the war and this is very much a people's holiday as well as you can see people here behind me in the center of moscow have gathered to see the military equipment which is filing off of red square and being paraded here along this street and people have gathered to see that people are carrying flags wearing military uniforms there are cakes being sold here themes for victory day so it's very much a government holiday and a people's holiday here in russia we're getting a large pictures as we talk we're seeing of president putin there honoring some of the nation's military veterans now this parade converses russia's relations with the west are many ways worse than they were during the cold war you know how
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important is it for moscow this year to display its military market. when you will absolutely this is not just a national holiday but also a nationalistic holiday as well it is certainly an opportunity for russia to show off its military might today in the parade we saw twelve thousand five hundred servicemen and women parading through red square one hundred twenty pieces of military equipment seventy three planes and helicopters flew over the capital and also some. equipment filed here behind me and it's also an opportunity for russia to show off its its newest military equipment to the world there were. supersonic missiles which the defense ministry described as invincible after all it's worth remembering that russia is the second biggest arms dealer the second biggest arms seller in the world after the u.s. twenty percent of arms sales worldwide come from russia so this is not just an
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opportunity for russia to show off its military might to the world but also to show it off to potential buyers of its arms and military equipment you know those are for sonic missiles are causing a lot of concern in the west right now israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is at the parade today will be holding talks with the russian president now in light of our big story today the u.s. pulling out of the rare deal of that meeting must be taking on a completely new significance considering that russia strongly supported the around . the reasons that. we well absolutely as you say this meeting was planned before and it had always been on the agenda to talk about the the iran nuclear deal and of course now this is taken on a completely new urgency now that the u.s. has left the deal and the world will certainly be watching closely after all israel and russia are on different sides of the issue when it comes to this deal israel
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has always been strongly against it and russia has always been in favorite of it and of course russia is a very important ally to iran russia and iran have been fighting on the same side in syria on the side of government forces so perhaps israel is hoping to influence iran through russia and of course this is is kind of convenient timing for putin as well on this important national holiday to have the israeli prime minister up there on the podium with. him on red square it's certainly an opportunity for putin to shots that russia is an important player on the world stage after this decision of the u.s. to root to leave the nuclear deal and an important player in the middle east that no one can ignore ok live images there from red square and live with emily sure when you're in the russian capital thanks very much.
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or to monica now in the u.s. of course re-imposing sanctions on iran that will not only damage severely potentially the iranian economy it's also going to have some impact on other countries as well european countries in particular brined european business leaders suddenly say they regret washington's decision to pull the u.s. out of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear agreement and then look to the e.u. for a clear signal about its continued commitment to the deal german companies for one hundred great hopes for the opening off the iranian market but with donald trump threatening to impose sanctions on any country that supports iran these hopes have now been different from the german state of saxony to iran that's me child pronto stream his company photo in my snow technologies produces components for railway tracks and trains nine months ago a delegation from iran came to visit to see if they could feasibly do business.
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with iran is a country with a lot of prospects for the railway industry similar to turkey or russia because in the near future they will need new infrastructure networks including railways. that's why we're very focused on breaking into the iranian market because. the nuclear treaty in two thousand and fifteen opened doors german business began work straight away to reestablish old contacts with one delegation after another traveling to tear. in two thousand and sixteen the economy minister at the time gap will travel to tampon with around a hundred german captains of industry since sanctions were lifted german companies revenue in iran has climbed by forty five percent. but now the new u.s. ambassador to berlin richard grinnell is urging german companies to pull out of iran at the same time germany france and britain said in
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a joint declaration they feel mutually obliged to stick to the terms of the nuclear treaty experts predict tough times ahead. the european union appears to be in a very difficult position. there was no tone of compromise in the president's arguments for exiting the treaty he also said the sanctions would once again be fully implemented that could mean that it will be impossible for european companies to deal with iran without running the risk of attracting u.s. sanctions. so for now companies looking to iran face new uncertainty. time to cross over to daniel at the front that stock exchange daniel what does all this mean for gen companies doing business in the region. well we have to remember of that many european companies saw a big portentious in iran after the sanctions were lifted and many companies from
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germany and europe are heavily invested in the country air bus wanted to sell more than one hundred planes to iran's national carrier george signed a four hundred million u.s. dollar deal in their joint venture to even manufacture cars in iran for expired the german carmaker also saw a big potential to do business with the country now the u.s. is threatening other countries with sanctions if they continue doing business with iran a little bit earlier i asked clowes prefigure of the german mechanical engineering association what he is making off the latest comments by the u.s. ambassador to germany that german companies should be leaving iran as soon as possible here's what he had to say. well the legal framework for doing business with iran by european companies going to be set by the european union and germany so we take the opinion of the us ambassador into consideration that. if i was interested in speaking to us yeah interesting interesting daniel thanks
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for sharing that and of course there is i mean iran is a big story but especially talking to you at the franklin stock exchange there's another very interesting then one that i would like to discuss with you namely vodafone saying it's spending more than eighty billion euros to buy large parts of u.s. based cable t.v. operator liberty global and the british telecoms giants will be buying liberty's cable and to broadband internet operations in hungary the czech republic and remain here as well as its unity media subsidiary in germany the two already have a joint venture in the netherlands vodafone was once known for its aggressive expansion into new countries but the liberty deal suggests it's sticking to its current strategy of deepening operations in existing markets and it's likely to face strong scrutiny from regulators daniel cole and frank that if you're still here with us what more can you tell us about that deal well with is the of what our
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form will become the next the leading next generation network owner and you're with a total reach of a total amount of one hundred and tell million homes and businesses that's the reason you mention it is that many are fearing that prices with this big vodafone dominance are actually set to go up to see all of vodafone stated that he believes this transaction will create the first truly european champion of competition vodafone also stated that combining the company's operation would generate cost savings of about five hundred thirty five million euros a year before the integration by the fifth year after the deal completes the shareholders of vodafone group appreciate the possible merger shares off the group are up this morning with a quarter percent write down your quote there in frankfurt thank you so much. i'm bryant's time to whether smoking and even in doubt he says i'm your monica they can't film festivals got under way in the french riviera there's no shortage of
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controversy this year but that isn't stopping fans from turning out for the show. it's bumper to bumper outside cannes famous film festival palace from up here. jostle with fans straining to glimpse the stars on the red carpet film buff martine is chuffed to be here again second. i've been coming here for more than twenty years because i love actors and the cinema right now i'm waiting for penelope cruz and of. course. and soon enough the star emerges on opening night cruises flanked by oscar winning iranian director a star for hardy and her husband javier bardem. and her husband star in everybody knows the spanish film has opened this year's festival in the film bardem plays cruise's old flame. everybody knows is a riveting family thriller packed with dark twists.
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australian actress cate blanchett is heading up the jury this year amidst the me too movement gender in the film industry is a huge issue here most of the festivals jers are women this year but the filmmakers are still overwhelmingly men. also causing controversy and can the clash between the traditional spend and the online film industry can has banned netflix from competing this year netflix wants to debut its films online the festival insists the films have to be released in france first and then online three years later critics saying the festival stand seems old fashioned people to fill industry needs netflix and other platforms they're not in competition you can make good films released them first at the cinema and then on netflix or even at
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the same time. but controversy has not over. all the glamour on the red carpet fanned martini leaves opening night wowed city is going out of the great i saw the hugest star couple tonight they were amazing. and the glittering festival on the shores of the mediterranean will last another two weeks. get your minder now for our top stories this hour president. stays out of the run in circles he's also signed a presidential memorandum reinstating sanctions against iran for a law makers now say tehran no longer has any obligation to honor that agree. this is the view news live from berlin don't forget there's more on these and other stories on our website that's w dot com for now though for me brian thomas and the entire news team thanks so much for being with us.
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