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oh i. love and respect. this d.w. newsline from birth plan what is next for the are wrong nuclear deal at the u.s. announces it won't allow to iranian lawmakers have been reacting angrily what's changed ron insisting on new conditions or else threatening to restart its reactors france's foreign minister says the deal is not dead and as european countries work
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to salvage the agreement also coming up in asia has seen the emergence of a new power block to rival the united states the leaders of china japan and south korea gather for trilateral talks in tokyo. a military parade in moscow commemorates the red army's victory over nazi germany in world war two we'll go live to the actual show of russian national pride. now we're going to begin with european countries which are some rambling to the iran nuclear deal after u.s. president donald trump and now says his decision to quit the pact and reimpose u.s. sanctions france insisting that the deal is quote not dead warning there is a real risk of confrontation in the region european signatories are to meet with iranian representatives next week to discuss the way forward iran's supreme leader
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has accused of lying with other officials suggesting that tehran is no longer bound by the terms of the agreement. outrage in tehran and parliament iranian politicians wasted no time condemning the u.s. for violating a deal signed only three years ago. i. on the streets iranians read the news that their economy is once again to face u.s. sanctions. and. this means more pressure will be exerted on the people of iran and the country will go back to the days of resorting to smuggling goods into the country and bypassing sanctions. which means you will be as it says your division as an iranian citizen i expect our president to withdraw from the nuclear deal just like the american president who pulled out of it. on tuesday u.s. president donald trump signed
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a memorandum to reinstate harsh economic sanctions on iran most notably in the oil and energy sectors. all efforts by european allies to dissuade him had been in vain the european union's foreign policy chief federica mug rini couldn't hide her regret as she urged unity. the utopian union will remain committed to the continued full and effective implementation of the nuclear deal we fully trust the war the competence and the autonomy of the international atomic energy agency that's published ten reports certify that it on has fully complied with its commitments. even if europe remains firm many fear that trump's move will prompt a backlash in iran president hassan rouhani said his country might resume nuclear activities if a deal without the u.s. will not guarantee its interests. i tried to reach out
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tonight we've witnessed an important historical experience. kish friday you have what we've been saying and repeating for the pos forty years has now happened once more iran is a country that is low to its commitments and the united states is a country that has never stuck to its commitments to hold. us without us backing the e.u. russia and china must prove that the deal is still worth while for iran much will depend on the next few weeks as european leaders urging iran to remain optimistic. and must have more now with correspondent eric roundoff who is standing by with the very latest from tehran so we know eric that trumps hope ultimately was that this move would force iran back to the negotiating table from your perspective any chance you could see iran agreeing to do that well i think short term it is impossible. to show that it's not just going to lie down and take. trump
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sons that it's already very difficult for president rouhani to convince conservatives and has to go through the nuclear deal in the first many years of persuasion so the idea now that those kinds of historic strains been decades within the military to say we should never trust it you know it's in state so that they can get back to the negotiating table in any kind of show seems very unlikely and in the meantime europe trying to salvage the deal how much does iran trust in that after. well actually just in the last few minutes we've had the supremes they've come and they say that he does think it will be very difficult for europe to provide the kind of solid guarantees that are needed for a sustained and they could do the idea that europeans can resist pressure economic pressure from washington seems unlikely to many iranian officials but president
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rouhani says he will give them a few weeks so show what they can do to try them that something can be so we know meantime the iranian parliament wants to vote on a motion calling for proportional and reciprocal action by the government how could that play out. but i think that's mostly just a symbolic gesture will serve out the classic move in the rain the opponents of conservatives burning a paper version of the american flag burning a copy of the prevent everybody here wants to show that they are showing results of . going to be able to stand up to trump in some way at the moment it's very unclear what they can do wrong has to tread a delicate line between standing up to trump but also trying to keep the europeans on board we heard also in the report that some are fearing that it will be back to the old times of smuggling goods into the country but will iranian people ultimately will they really suffer because of the position of the sanctions. sure
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those actions certainly are going to help and i've spoken to some one business lady in particular who's been in tears this morning because she is the. best small investor and it's a small company. collapse a lot of people will be in that position. to sales are restricted or you could see an exacerbation of the problems that we've how the recent months of the current collapsing it's lost its value but we don't want to overestimate how much the nuclear deal actually brought to iran it's been a long how criticism that many of the benefits never showed up rouhani had promised fifty billion a year in investments after the nuclear deal it was more like two or three billion in the end so should overestimate how much iran is actually benefiting from this eric roundoff and tehran thank you. and of course
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germany was one of the european countries that hammered out the iran nuclear deal and is now pushing to keep it alive the foreign minister heikal mosse has urged tehran to stick to its commitments while european negotiators mol a joint response much is at stake for berlin which is now trying to protect both its business interests in iran and trade with the u.s. if underline that goal was upset about the u.s. withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal she didn't show it at the government's wednesday cabinet meeting. the chancellor offered no immediate official reaction. but her foreign minister did make the german position clear. the avoid injuries and we want to stay in the agreement with the first word from iran and that is that the country will continue to fulfill its obligations under the deal so we're going to stay calm and discuss the situation rationally in the coming days.
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the head of machall coalition partners the social democrats also reaffirmed her party's support for the deal. the american decision is a major mistake that has the entire world worried. america's ambassador to germany richard grinnell had barely assumed his official duties when he fired off a blunt warning and a trump esque tweet. as donald trump said u.s. sanctions will target critical sectors of iran's economy german companies doing business in iran should wind down operations immediately. one of the german government's main concerns is to prevent the conflict over the iran nuclear agreement from damaging trade both with the u.s. and iran that may depend on whether german companies face u.s. sanctions for now the attitude is wait and see. and as we
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wait and see monica jones has a deeper look at the economic aspects of this yes and you can imagine sara that this current situation puts european business in a difficult situation how to pursue their business interests in iran and keep the u.s. markets happy but german companies for one had great hopes for the opening off the iranian market business relations between the two countries go back decades new sanctions could jeopardize existing deals and that would hurt both sides. iran is urging caution it hopes economic interests will keep other countries from following washington's lead it says there's a lot of money to be made in rebuilding its crumbling infrastructure that's music to germany ears before the nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution iran was one of west germany biggest trading partners it's a relationship german companies would like to pick up again it's an uneven balance
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of trade last year iran exported only zero point four billion dollars worth of goods to germany almost all of it all while german firms delivered goods worth three billion dollars a third of that was machinery photon meisner technology says one of the german companies looking to iran its produces components for railway tracks and trains a delegation from tehran came to see what they had to offer. iran is a promising market for the railway industry it's similar to turkey and russia because in the near future it will need new infrastructure networks including railways. on. that's why we're very focused on breaking into the uranium market. in. the nuclear treaty in two thousand and fifteen big hopes in german business one delegation after another went to tehran in two thousand and sixteen the economics minister at the time. traveled there with one
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hundred top executives and those ties have been paying off since sanctions were lifted german companies revenue in iran has climbed by forty five percent but trump's announcement could mean the end of this burgeoning relationship keeping many german companies out of a growing market. well for the latest let's cross to our financial correspondent daniel cope in frankfurt danielle so much time and effort to increase business relations with iran how would you make companies going to handle this new challenging situation what i can tell you they are frustrated we have to remember that many european companies saw this big potential in iran after sanctions were lifted and many companies from germany and europe are heavily invested in the country airbus for example wanted to sell more than one hundred planes to iran's national carrier volkswagen here the german carmaker also saw a big potential to do business with the country and now the u.s.
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is threatening also other countries with sanctions if they continue doing business with iran a little bit earlier i asked klaus freeplay of the german mechanical engineering association what he's making of the latest comments by the u.s. u.s. ambassador to germany that german companies should be leaving iran as soon as possible let's listen in well the legal framework for doing business with iran by european companies going to be set by the european union and germany so we take the opinion of the us ambassador into consideration that. they're speaking to us a little bit earlier so we just heard from him that for the moment at least nothing in his opinion is going to change but the question is how long because certainly there could be a conflict of interest because of all those companies they even have bigger deals and bigger business with the united states they might have to fear that their
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business in the u.s. could suffer at the end so even though up to now at least europe wants to stay in the iran deal it's very likely that also european companies might have to reconsider because of course they don't want to ruin their u.s. business as well right it's not getting easier that much is clear now daniel don't go away because there's another very interesting deal that i would like to discuss with you devote. spending more than eighteen billion euros to buy large parts of u.s. based cable t.v. operator liberty global the british telecoms giant will be buying liberty's cable and broadband internet operations in hungary the czech republic and remain as well as its unity media subsidiary in germany the two already have a joint venture in the netherlands vodafone was once known for its aggressive expansion into new countries but the liberty deal suggests it's sticking to its current strategy of deepening operations in existing markets it's likely to face strong scrutiny from regulators and that is where danielle corp is coming in again
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in frankfurt denny what can you tell us about that deal. well with this deal monica vodafone will be becoming the leading next generation network owner in europe with a total reach and that's a lot of a hundred and ten million homes and also businesses that's the reason you're mentioning that many are fearing that prices that with as big a vodafone dominance are maybe set to go up to see you all vodafone stated that he believes this transaction will create the first truly european champion of competition vodafone also stated that combining the company's operation cost could be safer for at least the five hundred thirty five million euros shareholders of vodafone were appreciating this news their share price was going up by daughter telecom those shares have been suffering today they're the biggest competitors and are down here at the blue chip index dax with about one point two percent that you put in frankfurt thank you so much.
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u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe has traveled to pyongyang ahead of a planned summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un pump aoe is there to finalize plans for the meeting and press for the release of three detained american citizens young is also at the top of the agenda in tokyo where the chinese prime minister between young is needing with his japanese counterparts in zoabi and south korea's leader bluejay ng it is the first time in nearly three years at the country's have met for talks. and for more on these talks in pyongyang and in tokyo let's bring in our correspondent josh smith who is standing by with the latest from seoul so first let's turn to pyongyang because we know that it is pump a second visit there in just a few weeks much more do we know about what he hopes to achieve. so we understand from the white house and state department that at the top of those
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agenda finalizing hills for this planned summit between north korean leader kim jong un and president donald trump yet to be announced are the exact date as well as the location for that meeting also something that pompeo is expected to raise is the fate of three american prisoners held in north korea officials here in south korea going so far as to say they expect them to possibly be released when pompeo leave north korea noontime in tokyo the governments of china japan and south korea they're also making what's at stake there well this is a trio of countries that have not always seen eye to eye and despite all these pledges of unity in recent months there has been friction for example south korea and china had a bit of a falling out over the placement of a u.s.
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ballistic introduced missile system in south korea japan and south korea have also had their differences recently and while north korean leader kim jong un has met leads chinese leaders as well as now south korean leaders and he is planning to meet with trump that has left japan feeling somewhat left out so these were some of the issues that the three leaders were trying to iron out at this meeting we have to talk also about the news in the past twenty four hours that's of course the nuclear deal with iran collapsing at least from the u.s. side how is that likely and does that have any impact on the developments with regard to north korea and perhaps the approach that they will have going into talks with the u.s. . it's certainly something that has raised the stakes perhaps even higher four times meeting with kim the trump administration seems to see this as in fact a move there to strengthen its hands going into these talks by underlining you know
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the fact that the united states will not settle for any kind of deal that it sees as incomplete many observers however have said that by backing out of this arrangement the united states is merely confirming cummings worst fears and made me things even more difficult for it as well as possibly giving the north koreans just another reason not to engage with the united states. in seoul thank you thank you all let's get a quick check now some other stories that have been making news around the world you are hearing right here are. several large explosions like the one that you just heard there have hit the afghan capital kabul the country's interior ministry says that at least six people were injured when suicide bombers targeted a police station and a security checkpoint the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility. yemen's who the rebels say that they have fired ballistic missiles at targets in
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neighboring saudi arabia saudi safe media is reporting that the missiles have been intercepted by saudi air defenses over the capital riyadh saudi arabia is leading a coalition fighting the goofy's who control much of yemen including the capital sanaa. and syria is blaming israel for a rocket attack on pro-government positions near the capital damascus human rights observers say that nine people died in the attack syrian opposition sources say that the rockets hit weapons storage sites and missile launchers believed to belong to iran's revolutionary guards iranian fighters are playing a key role in the defense of the syrian regime. well now to moscow where victory day celebrations are taking place to commemorate the defeat of nazi germany in world war two the highlight was a colorful parade in red square in moscow which as in previous years drew massive crowds it was also a chance for moscow to show off its military might with tanks fly over displays the
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country's latest hardware israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in moscow to attend the festivities scheduled to hold talks with president vladimir putin a little later today. and correspondent emily sherwin is standing by in moscow and emily you were at the parade actually earlier why does victory day remains such an important day for russians. well victory day is absolutely an important day for russia and for russians and you can see that by the annual the huge annual parade that takes place here in moscow there are also smaller phrase across the country and in fact you might even say that that the day is the most important holiday for russians and for russia after all surveys show that the main source of pride for people in russia is the soviet
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victory over nazi germany in the second world war in many ways that it lays the foundations for national identity in post soviet russia and here in russia that war is known as the great patriotic war and what people here are commemorating with this parade this huge parade is not only the victory that took place during the second world war but also the suffering of many after all i'm nearly thirty million soldiers and civilians soviet civilians were killed during the war and this is really not just a government holiday it's also a people's holiday now people huge clock crowds gathered to see the parade and to see the military equipment leaving red square as well they were lining the road people were carrying flags wearing uniforms as well and people really have come out today to celebrate the victory and to commemorate the many victims that also fell
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during during the war as well and i mean we're looking at pictures there it is really a very intense just play there of military might give us a sense of how important that display is especially given the sense relations between russia and the. well this isn't just a national holiday it's also a nationalistic holiday you might say and it's certainly also an opportunity for russia to show off its military might to the world now in today's parade we saw it twice. thousand five hundred servicemen and women parading through red square we saw hundred twenty pieces of military equipment over seventy planes and helicopters flying over red square and it's also an opportunity for russia to show off its newest military equipment as well including new fighter jets we saw today also a ballistic missile a sonic missile called which the defense ministry has referred to as invincible
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now you have to remember russia is the second biggest arms seller in the world it sells around twenty percent of the arms sold around the world in total so this is not only an opportunity for russia to show off its military might but also to show off its whereas as it were to potential buyers and really just briefly before we go we heard israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the parade today has talked to president putin plans in light of the u.s. pulling out of iran deal does this meeting now take on a new significance are they going to address the topic. well the topic was on the agenda anyway they were going to discuss the iran nuclear deal anyway and also syria but of course in light of the u.s. pulling out of the deal this is taking on a much bigger significance and since russia is a close ally of iran in syria they've been fighting on the same side in the war
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it's likely that israel will be will be looking to these talks and placing great significance on the. family sure when in moscow thank you. bill. byron munich coach has ruled man will neuer out of the club's last two games of the season casting further doubt on the goalkeepers fitness for the upcoming world cup in russia neuer is considered one of the world's best goalkeepers and is the germany captain but he hasn't played since fracturing his foot last september speaking at last night's fire and kit launch neuer admitted time was running out for him to recover before the showpiece tournament gets underway in june as another german goalkeeper liverpool's a loris carrying us has been named as the german football ambassador for twenty eighteen coaches auto fister and gareth engels were also recognised for their
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sporting and social commitments abroad at the ceremony in berlin last night. in germany he's known by only a handful of football fanatics. but in japan he's a big name get angles assistant coach at japanese club. he's been coaching at japan's biggest club since the early eighty's. he also enjoyed a spell as the coach of the mozambique national team always on the move taking german football to the farthest reaches of the globe he's just been named german football ambassador for twenty eight team. discipline professionalism a strong mentality i think that's what i bring to the table. you have to be electable in other countries but these are the qualities the japanese love about germany. for. the fans award went to a man that's been through testing times liverpool goalkeeper loris caris the former
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mines man had a difficult start to life in england but a short performances since have helped his team reach the final of this season's champions league. football has the power to bring people and cultures together i am proud to represent germany in the best possible way it was the. tendency to unite people in a manner that goes beyond sport is an attribute not lost on germany's foreign minister. would be the sport opens doors of prominent footballers and athletes can help open those doors will require a little extra push. prize money from the awards goes the social projects around the world further strengthening the bond between people and sports. and with that you're up to date now on sarah kelly and it's her watch. the.
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as pretty as a picture. it is a must see for. only twelve. movies have already formed the spell of the city on the move joining us as we explore move michael ballack movie sixty minutes on. an exclusive interview with the french president. i am and when my stirring up france europe and the world we meet the rising star of global politics the interview may not. don't d.w. . global inequality and see.
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what equality mean in a globally connected well. when different things become disadvantages. come into english it seems running close to the media to join the discussion and have your say on the i'm going to venice global media forum twenty one thousand complaints made from nine percent. either welcome to europe max we've got plenty of music fees a day here's what's coming up. have a talk act pop legend's album prepare for
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