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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from perth glenn what is next for the iran nuclear deal after the u.s. announces it is pulling out around the lawmakers have been reacting angrily with tehran demanding new guarantees or else threatening to restart its reactors german chancellor angela merkel vallance european partners will do all they can to keep iran on board the nuclear agreement. also coming up is asia seeing the emergence of a new power block to rival the united states the leaders of china japan and south
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korea gather for trilateral talks in tokyo. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program and we will have more on those stories in just a moment but first we begin with breaking news because the u.s. president donald trump has tweeted that north korea is releasing three american citizens in captivity he said that the three detainees appear to be in good health trump said that the men are returning home with secretary of state my pompei o who is wrapping up a visit in yang and we're going to get some more on that now we're going to head to correspondent josh smith who is standing by with the very latest he is located currently in seoul welcome to you josh what more do we know who are the americans who have reportedly been freed here. so there are three korean american
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man two were taken prisoner last year and another one was detained by the north koreans in twenty fifteen they were in north korea going to university another was a missionary. a christian missionary and as you mentioned trump does say that they appear to be good how little has been known from till now about the condition they were in obviously another fourth american detainees out of warm beer died last year just a few days after being released by the north koreans so it's obviously going to be a major release of relief to these men and family if they come home safely ok and josh i also want to talk about one other aspect of donald trump's trade because he talked not only about these individuals who were detained and have apparently been released now he also said that the meeting with kim jong un that the date and the place is set what are we to read into that now because i mean pompei o obviously
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going to pyongyang with a number of preconditions what were they and have they all been met. well this release of the prisoners was widely expected because of pompeii was agenda going there in trying to finalize as you mentioned the location and date along with other issues related to this meeting with between trump and kim jong un and now while trump has alluded to the fact that those details have been confirmed they have not been publicly released yet and so that is something that we're still waiting for that is something that will obviously determine exactly what and where trump and kim meet now at the top of their agenda will be north korea's missile and nuclear program which was something that come peo reportedly wanted to be ongoing to discuss ok i'm and i want to just talk briefly about how those negotiations might
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proceed because we've seen for example in the past twenty four hours the u.s. pulling out of the iran nuclear deal does that have any impact now on the developments with north korea and perhaps the approach that the north koreans will have going into these talks with the united states it was certainly noted in the region south korean government has said that they are going to try to work to minimize any fallout from that decision on north korean negotiations that are ongoing trying to ministration seems to see this move and so control a way to strengthen their hand going into these talks with kenyan underlying underlining the fact that they are not interested in any kind of feel that they see is incomplete many other observers however say that this is a disastrous me a miscalculation and one that will only. make youngling realize its worst fears
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about washington going into these talks josh smith in seoul thank you you thank. well now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world several large explosions have hit the afghan capital kabul the country's interior ministry says that at least two police were killed and several people injured when suicide bombers targeted a police station and a security checkpoint the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for the lead in the polls have closed in what is likely to be one of malaysia's closest ever election and scandal hit prime minister. is facing a resurgent opposition led by his one time mentor former prime minister mahathir mohamad definitive results aren't expected until late in the evening due to the tightness of the race. and in moscow victory day celebrations have taken place to commemorate the defeat of nazi germany in world war two russian president vladimir
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putin was on hand for the highlight a huge parade in red square that displayed the country's latest military hardware as always the event through large crowds. european countries have reasserted their commitment to the iran nuclear deal after u.s. president donald trump and now it's his decision to quit the pact and reimpose u.s. sanctions france and germany have stressed that they remain committed to the pact with berlin criticizing the u.s. for not offering an alternative for monitoring iran's nuclear compliance european signatories are to meet with iranian representatives next week to discuss the way forward iran's supreme leader has accused of lying with other officials suggesting that tehran is no longer bound by the terms of the agreement. outrage in tehran in parliament iranian politicians wasted no time condemning the u.s. for violating a deal signed only three years ago. i.
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on the streets iranians read the news that their economy is once again to face u.s. sanctions. this means more pressure will be exerted on the people of iran and the country will go back to the days of resorting to smuggling goods into the country and bypassing sanctions. will be as involved. as an iranian citizen i expect our president to withdraw from the nuclear deal just like the american president who pulled out of it. on tuesday u.s. president donald trump signed a memorandum to reinstate harsh economic sanctions on iran most notably in the oil and energy sectors all efforts by european allies to dissuade him had been in vain the european union's foreign policy chief federica mugger rini couldn't hide her regret as she urged unity. utopian union will remain committed to the continued
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full and effective implementation of the nuclear deal. we fully trust the work the competence and the autonomy of the international atomic energy agency that's published reports certify that it on has fully complied with its commitments. even if europe remains firm many fear that trump's move will prompt a backlash in iran president hassan rouhani said his country might resume nuclear activities if a deal without the u.s. will not guarantee its interests. i tried to reach out tonight we've witnessed an important historical experience. kish friday you have what we've been saying and repeating for the pos forty years has now happened once more iran is a country that is low to its commitments and the united states is a country that has never stuck to its commitments to hold. us without us
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backing the e.u. russia and china must prove that the deal is still worth while for iran much will depend on the next few weeks as european leaders urge a run to remain optimistic. and germany was one of the european countries that hammered out the iran nuclear deal and has much at stake with its business interests in iran and the u.s. chancellor angela merkel has expressed regret over trump's decision and vowed european partners will do everything possible to preserve the agreement with tehran . on what i'm really gonna support the u.s. president decided yesterday to withdraw from the nuclear deal with iran. so we've seen the route and germany france and the u.k. have decided that we remain committed to the agreement that these up and for more let's bring in dave thomas sparrow who is following the very latest from berlin for us so we heard a calm chance so there however very determined reiterating many of the words that
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we have heard before from her european counterparts how is this message being received thomas. well it is being received in that way that you specifically say obviously with concern here in germany this is a decision that is not necessarily welcome however if you ask german politicians if you ask them to put it in not only now after the decision but also before their decision for example when i'm going to call went to washington to visit mr mr trump the expectations were not necessarily very high that i'm going to call french president mccrone could actually sway mr trump to changing his opinion so expectations were not necessarily high i don't think the decision came as a as a very big surprise however it did come as a decision that has been regretted and that has been met with concern by doing politicians in particular by chance of unlimited so thomas what's the plan then well the plan obviously now is to try and preserve the agreement as much as they
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can in particular into reasons obviously on the one hand trying to talk again to to iran to some of the other parties involved there's already a meeting planned for next week with iran with the u.k. with france and germany on the other hand from a german perspective obviously there's the big question of what will happen to german companies that are operating in iran that's a big concern here when those sanctions that are being imposed by the u.s. will actually germany and if you will it has been decided described here with one word what german politicians want regarding the second aspect is clarity clarity when german right businesses will be affected so let's talk a little bit more about those german businesses that are operating within iran because we already have a bit of an inkling as to how the u.s. might react to that business in fact the new u.s. ambassador to germany just being installed this week tweeted this shortly after the announcement and i'd like to show it to our viewers he wrote the following as donald trump said u.s. sanctions will target critical sectors of iran's economy german companies doing
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business in iran should wind down operations immediately. this is a threat here isn't it thomas i mean these german companies are likely going to face sanctions well obviously that message by mr grinnell the new u.s. ambassador to germany was not well received he has been criticized it has been seen as a rather harsh start to his work here in berlin but again what german politicians what german businesses are interested in is trying to get some clarity there is a lot of uncertainty here in germany as to what implications what concrete implications that decision by donald trump will have on that is something that will have to be hammered out in the next few days in the next few weeks if you can create really read out of what common statement by the u.k. france and germany stress they were specifically asking the united states not to up struct the implementation of the agreement by all the parties that are still in it
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so that is going to be one of the key elements that european leaders will be trying to discuss in the next few days and weeks ok so they're asking for a bit of a pass there from the united states meantime the german foreign minister i would like to play also for our viewers what he said a short while ago because he also explicitly mentioned german companies. what's needed over the next few days is a cool headed approach to discuss the next steps in doing so we will also have to analyze what are the knock on effects for european companies of the u.s. decision to exit the agreement and in europe can react to that in a unified manner. and to his point thomas i mean so far there has been a unified approach from europe so i mean who's holding the cards here would you say . well that's precisely the key element i wouldn't say that one particular country is playing a more important role than another it is all about trying to have this unified approach that is something that will be decided in an upcoming european summit due
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to something that's going to be also discussed when the members of those three countries that i mentioned meet with representatives from iran it's all about trying to show unity at least from a european perspective and trying to show with strength also as european partners because i don't think any specific european country on its own can be powerful enough to sway this in one direction or another it's all about trying to work together absolutely so yet another issue to deal with when we talk about the transatlantic relationship here is thomas sparrow with the latest thank you and just a quick reminder now the top stories that we have been following for you here at e.w. u.s. president donald trump has tweeted that north korea is releasing three american citizens from captivity he said that the three detainees appeared to be in good health also adding that the men are returning home with the secretary of state by pompei o is wrapping up a visit to pyongyang. and with that you're up to date on i'm sara kelly and
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president after a short break monica jones will be here with the very latest business news she's talking about america's decision to back out of the iraq's nuclear pact that it's not only a blow to the iranian economy she will look at the many german businesses who have been developing close ties with the country so to keep it here she is back in a few minutes i'm sara kelly thanks for watching. i'm not proud of and they will not succeed in dividing us not succeeded in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of these dictatorships. taking the stand global leaders that matters d. w. make some minds.


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